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    Feb 14, 2013
    Understated idealism flogged into action by your minds creation
    your-ever-benevolent surrealism could lead this girl to fall in love with the very ideation
    that one of us and one alone could finish the battle between us whether we choose to be lovers or build on our friendship
    I've been around the idea of us as a pair and a thousand times my emotions turn into time without tenses

    But if I were to lose this battle my heart would break because it was all your doing
    because you had me ready- so open to the very notion that I was the image the battle construed
    but it was neither you nor me nor what should and was meant to be
    It was your impenetrable idealism with a task that I call "me"
    Was I so benign to your furious makings a nonexistent task ready for the undertaking-
    That you had to refuse me...
    An exit strategy?
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