Thiago Silva ready to press the action against Machida

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    Much of the media and fan attention surrounding an upcoming light heavyweight super-fight between unbeaten Brazilians Lyoto Machida and Thiago Silva has been focused on karate prodigy Lyoto Machida - and with good reason - Machida has defeated three former UFC champions en route to a 13-0 record and being recently being proclaimed by UFC President Dana White as the future pound-for-pound champion.

    Meanwhile, Thiago Silva has flown mostly under the radar. Amassing an identical 13-0 record, Silva has arrived at his thirteen wins utilizing a much more visceral approach.

    While Machida is content to play defense and attack when an opening presents itself, Silva makes his own openings and fights with a crowd pleasing reckless abandon that has yielded just one decision in his thirteen fights compared to eight for the more cautious Machida over the same span.

    "I look at the facts," Silva told Tatame. "Lyoto is a guy that has the same record that I do, thirteen fights, but I think he has eight victories by decision. He doesn’t like to mix it up. If he does, I’ll thank God, but I believe he will run away the entire fight and I'm prepared for this. My head is good and I won't be rattled. If he runs, I’ll run after him."

    Silva also makes no bones about the fact that he's coming after the title with the same aggressive bravado that he displays in the cage. If he were to get passed Machida, Silva would love to face Rashad Evans.

    "It would be a very tough fight," said Silva. "He has a very good wrestling and improved considerably on foot. I would love to do this fight, honestly. God willing, we will have two unbeaten disputing the belt. It will be cool, huh?"

    from fightline
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