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  1. EliteProducer

    EliteProducer New Member

    Feb 19, 2006


    The Worst GM Ever
    Written By Robert Bonnette

    Warning: What you are about to read is based on facts, but is full of vitriol and bad
    feelings. If you are a fan of Isaiah Thomas, you may want to stop reading now.

    The NBA trade deadline has passed, and the NBA season is about to hit the home stretch.
    From here on out, it’s all about playoff positioning for some and getting the young bucks some
    burn for others. This year, things were surprisingly slow; only a few teams made any deals, and
    there weren’t any huge last minute deals involving big name players. The past two seasons
    saw Chris Webber and Rasheed Wallace get moved in last minute deals that shocked
    everyone; no such luck this year. This year it was all about spare parts being exchanged
    between teams in the second tier of the playoff chase, like Denver, Cleveland, and New

    One team, however, did manage to stray away from the pack and make some bold moves, the
    likes of which will alter its fortunes for the next several seasons. That team is the New York
    Knicks, currently being run (into the ground) by Hall of Famer Isaiah Thomas. Thomas has
    made a series of acquisitions that have resulted in the Knicks roster being filled with several big
    name, high profile players. Unfortunately for Knicks fans like me, these players also happen to
    be vastly overpaid and vastly overrated. The names read like a who’s who of guys who are
    getting way too much money for way too many years. But that’s not all; many of these players
    were traded for players with contracts that were expiring after this season. So not only did
    Thomas add a bunch of bloated salaries, he got rid of contracts that he could have let expire so
    the Knicks could have some space under the salary cap next season. But wait, it gets worse.
    He’s also committed the cardinal sin of giving out contracts that were more lucrative than any
    other offers people were receiving. For committing these transgressions, I’m officially giving
    Zeke the title of worst GM ever. The case is open shut after last week’s Steve Francis trade,
    and I’ll show you why.

    The primary responsibility of a general manger in any sport is to acquire players for the team,
    preferably good ones who don’t cost too much. There are three ways to do this: the draft,
    trades, and free agency. While Thomas has been very good at drafting players for both of the
    teams he has run (as GM in Toronto he picked Damon Stoudamire, Marcus Camby, and Tracy
    McGrady), when it comes to trades and free agency he is downright awful. And seeing as how
    those two parts of the job are the least dependent on luck, unlike the draft where a ping pong
    ball in a hopper can be the difference between you getting to pick a no-brainer like Tim Duncan
    and getting stuck with Austin Croshere, they are a bigger real gauge on whether or not you
    know what you’re doing. And after further review, it’s clear that Thomas has no clue how to run
    a team. He has repeatedly swapped who made good economic sense to keep around for ones
    that don’t, and hasn’t improved the quality of the team in the process. It’s one thing to
    overspend on top notch players that will get you to the promised land of the NBA Finals, but
    Thomas has done no such thing. His fiscal insanity has been resulted in a slew of me-first
    players more concerned with their individual stat line that with the final score of the game. The
    results have been disastrous; the Knicks often get blown out, even at home, by teams of
    varying quality. They currently have the second worst record in the league despite having the
    highest payroll by far, and have nothing that seems like any kind of real plan in place. Fans are
    willing to sit through one or several seasons of losing if there is some method to the madness,
    like breaking young players in or getting under the salary cap to sign some big time free agents
    in a year or two. But that’s clearly not the case here; Thomas has ruined any chances of
    financial flexibility over the next several years and hindered any chances of a real youth
    movement beyond the three rookies they brought in this year by trading away their next two first
    round picks. So they’re screwed today, and screwed tomorrow as well. Nice job, Zeke.

    The financial ineptitude this man displays is downright awful. Rule number one in acquiring
    players is that you must avoid high overpaid players at all cost, unless their contracts are in up
    within a year or two. Zeke has broken that rule in embarrassing fashion. Right now he has six
    players who will be making over $8 million a year through 2009, including two who will be doing
    so until 2011. And to make matter worse, these are guys who aren’t winners, who won’t get you
    the big game let alone win one. No one else is going to want to these guys until the last year of
    their respective contracts, which means the Knicks are going to be stuck with all of them until
    2008 at the earliest. What’s really stupid about the whole thing is that many of these guys are
    all players who had been correctly labeled as overpaid years ago. Stephon Marbury, Jalen
    Rose, Maurice Taylor, Steve Francis, and Quentin Richardson all signed huge six and seven
    year contracts with their previous teams only to reveal a year or two in that they weren’t as
    good as their names or stat lines would have you believe. This was not top secret information;
    everybody knew this, so how on earth do you acquire not one or two, but all five of these guys?

    And if that wasn’t bad enough, Zeke added to the problem by giving big contracts to guys who
    hadn’t cashed in yet, but had proven their mediocrity as players.........

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  2. Hardkore

    Hardkore Blunts@TheBeach

    Nov 18, 2003
    i agree 100%.

    the only thing close to a true leader he has on that team is starbury, and after that, it's all downhill...

    it's not even like they're bad players; they're slightly above average, highly overpaid players who have 4-to-5 year contracts that means the knicks have to pay them until their contracts are up or trade them.

    oh well. the knicks can hopefully get a guy in the draft who is willing to get next-to-nothing as far as money on a contract goes for his first few years in the league.
  3. Ur_Boy_Pos

    Ur_Boy_Pos New Member

    Dec 5, 2004
    damn, dat article was about as real as it gets....da sad part is dat isaiah problably sits at home and thinks dat he's right and dat da world just doesnt get it.....and maybe even worse is dat somehow james dolan has taken enough drugs to believe all this mess.
  4. Bash

    Bash New Member

    Jul 24, 2003
    the knicks gon file for bankruptcy
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