**The Week In Wrestling Issue #7**

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  1. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    The Week In Wrestling Issue #7
    June 28th - July 4th

    New and Improved next week With Pictures!

    This is basically a week in review for anyone who missed any results and wanted to quickly get updated. there is also a news section that is a summary of news provided mostly by rajahwwf.com and other great websited like theddt.com... This is will be a weekly post posted on Thursday Night/Friday Mornings. It took awhile to write up so at least view it over and leave your opinions of it thanks for reading. Also if anyone has any suggestions to improve this forum just reply in here with your thoughts thank you- Ragu

    + Quick Results
    + Top News Of The Week
    ** Quick Results**


    Matt Hardy Def. Shannon Moore
    Jamie Noble Def. Spanky
    Sean O'Haire Def. Funaki

    Sunday Night Heat

    Garrison Cade Def. Rosey
    Val Venis Def. Roman Zachako
    Rico w/ Jackie Def. Tommy Dreamer
    Stevie Richards & Victoria Def. Goldust & Trish Stratus

    Monday Night Raw

    Gail Kim wins Womens Championship
    Booker T Vs Christian (draw)
    Chris Jericho and Test Def. Scott Steiner and Stacy Keibler
    Rico Def. Maven
    Randy Orton Def. Tommy Dreamer
    La Resistance Def. The Hurricane, Spike Dudley
    HHH Def. Rob Van Dam

    Thursday Night Smackdown!

    Rey Mysterio (c) Def. Nunzio for the Cruiserweight Title
    Rhyno/Chris Benoit Def. The Basham Brothers
    Billy Gun (w/ Torrie) Def. John Cena
    Benjamin/Hass(new tag team champions) Def. Eddie Guerrero/Tajiri
    A-Train Def. Orlando Jordan
    Zach Gowen/Stephanie McMahon Def. Big Show

    NWA-TNA Results:

    BG James, Konnan, & Ron Killings Def. Delirious, Nate Webb, & Kid USA
    Alexis Laree & Julio Def. Daizee Haze & Matt Sydall.
    Harris Brothers Def. Adam Gooch & Jason P
    Elix Skipper Def. Chris Hero
    Shane Douglas Def. CM Punk
    America’s Most Wanted Def. Sonny Siaki & David Young
    Abyss Def. Erik Watts
    Jerry Lynn Def. Justin Credible
    Shark Boy Def. Mike Sanders
    Sandman Def. New Jack
    AJ Styles(heavyweight champion) Def. Frankie Kazarian

    Cane's PPV Standings

    1. kispider: 69
    2. EveryonelovesRagu: 61
    3. Tha Top Dawg: 60
    4. Phenom87: 57
    5. Corey Feldman: 56
    6. Abstract Vizionz: 51
    * These rankings are after one ppv and are subject to change

    Ragu's Quick pick 8 PPV Standings

    kispider - 7
    Abstract Visionz - 6
    abztrakt - 5
    Verb - 5
    Ragu - 5
    FortiFied Killa - 2
    * These rankings are after one ppv and are subject to change
  2. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    News this week
    from newest to oldest
    most information comes from rajahwwf.com & 1wrestling.com


    A) Goldust will not be working house shows this weekend and won’t be in Montreal Monday night for RAW due to being called in for jury duty.
    B) Eric Bischoff will miss RAW on Monday as well. His absence is storyline related, kind of like what happened with Steve Austin this past Monday. Steve Austin will be making his return to RAW Monday night.
    C) During SmackDown last night in Canada, they continued to plug the Piper’s Pits with Vince McMahon for house shows on August 2nd in Calgary and August 3rd in Edmonton.
    D) Last night’s edition of SmackDown did a 3.5 rating on the overnight ratings.


    A) This Saturday night on Velocity, Matt Hardy is giving Shannon Moore one last chance to prove that he's the No. 1 MFer, as Matt has challenged Shannon to a one-on-one match. Immediately after Velocity, Confidential takes a look at the history of the World Heavyweight Championship. And Sunday night on HEAT, the Dudley Boyz battle Rodney Mack & Rosey. All shows air on The New TNN.
    B) Even though we’re coming up on the holiday weekend, WWE still has a full schedule beginning with Friday’s RAW brand show in London, Ont. All RAW house shows will feature the Christian verses Booker T for the Intercontinental championship. In addition, Mark Jindrak, who has been rumored to be the next member of Evolution, is slated as teaming up with Steven Richards to take on Goldust and The Hurricane.
    C) The SmackDown brand will be working with a full slate this weekend as well. However, the WWE website has not advertised any of the matches this weekend.
    D) One of the stories making the rounds these days concerning WWE developmental talent is that Seven and Travis Bane will called up to the active roster soon. In his latest WWE column, Bradshaw mentioned that the two will be coming up pretty soon and said that they are big guys and capable workers that deserve a break.
    E) Hulk Hogan was a guest on the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show again today to talk about Vince McMahon. Hogan came on the show to the Mr. America theme and he told Bubba to turn it off and that he is finished with WWE (which we all know) and that he will be working in Japan.
    Hogan started the rumor back up that he is interested in starting his own company. Bubba brought up the issue with Triple H being too much of an influence in WWE as well as the low WrestleMania payoff. However, Hogan would not get into any details other than saying that he will make more working Japan than he did in his WrestleMania payoff.
    He said that Vince McMahon didn’t understand the whole Hulkamania concept, but he chose to leave on his own terms. Hogan commented that he left on good terms and could always make a return down the road. Bubba continued to talk about Triple H and Hogan said that Vince was partially behind Triple H, but he is more interested in doing what he thinks is best for the business.
    F) There have been reports that Hulk Hogan was recently seen in LA having dinner with the infamous Suge Knight in Woodland Hills, CA a few weeks ago. As to what Hogan was doing with Knight in unknown, however, it is a secret to no one that Hogan is working hard to get a recording deal for his daughter and Suge is a pretty credible person to talk with, considering he was the executive producer of the late Tupac Shakur.
  3. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999

    A) The main event for WWE Vengeance was announced last night at the SmackDown taping as Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle vs. Big Show in a three-way match for the WWE title. The finish of the match is still undecided; however, it is very likely that SummerSlam will be headlined on the SmackDown side of things by Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar in a face vs. face WrestleMania rematch. No matter who wins the match at Vengeance, it will be used as a structural build for the SummerSlam match.
    B) Look for the coming months to tell the story of whether or not Goldberg will last in WWE. It is a secret to no one that tensions have been mounting between the two parties almost since Goldberg signed on. Goldberg was extremely upset with Linda McMahon for her “disappointment” comment as she pretty much told what the rest of the WWE higher ups felt about him. Goldberg is financially well off due to his success days back with WCW and has been said to no longer have the passion for the wrestling business that most wrestlers have. Goldberg has also been unhappy for the way the company has booked him, feeling that he should be more of a special attraction than a regular wrestler. If WWE does not book Goldberg to defeat Triple H at SummerSlam for the World Title it would come as a surprise to no one if he decided to part ways with the company. This is one of those situations where only time will tell what will happen.
    C) Bringing back up the HBO “Real Sports” segment on the “Deaths in Professional Wrestling,” many who saw the piece wondered when Vince McMahon smacked the questions sheets out of the hands of reporter Armen Keteyian was a part of a work for the “Mr. McMahon” character or if he was really upset. What actually happened was Keteyian had asked the same questions over and over for about a half an hour and Vince just lost his cool. That footage never made the air and they were trying to portray McMahon as someone who is out of control.
    D) There has been talk for weeks now of Mark Jindrak joining Evolution as the fourth member of the stable. This appears to be the truth and should happen sooner than later. Rumors going around the RAW locker room indicate that the company has taped vignettes featuring Jindrak possibly to be used in the entrance video of Evolution. It should also be noted that Jindrak worked tag matches with Randy Orton at RAW house shows last weekend.
    E) While on the topic of Evolution, there has been a certain buzz going around the industry that the company is interested in bringing Kevin Nash into the stable. It is unknown at this time as to whether or not WWE has even considered the move, although Nash is very concerned about his upcoming direction with the company now that his run with Triple H is now over. You may have also noticed that Nash was not on RAW Monday.
    F) I have received a lot of email regarding the “F--CK VINCE” t-shirts that NWA: TNA is now marketing. Several people referred to me as not getting the story straight because they said the shirts were probably aimed at Vince Russo. That is indeed what TNA officials will claim the shirts mean, although, everyone should know that TNA is trying to take a shot at WWE by marketing the shirt.
    G) Among other reasons, Hulk Hogan has been telling friends that Vince McMahon has lost touch with the fans.
    H) Despite Hulk Hogan’s departure from WWE, he was written into last night’s SmackDown taping, however, was written out after the writing team learned of his departure. The general feeling was that it was better to have him written into the show and cut him out once his decision was made.
    I) Edge has updated his latest WWE.com commentary
    J) There is buzz going on throughout the industry that one of the reasons that Hulk Hogan went on hiatus from WWE was because he was upset with his payoff from WrestleMania. This does not come as a surprise, as I reported earlier that several wrestlers were upset with the low payoffs that they received for the PPV of the year.
    K) TSN edited out the segment on RAW with Test slamming Stacy last night due to Canadian Law being against violence against women on television shows.
    L) Friday was the last day for former WWE Producer David Sahadi for the company. Word going around WWE is that the hours for the remaining production staff are brutal and people are quickly beginning to burn out. It would not come as a surprise to anyone of other people start to quit due to not been able to handle the stress.
    M) WWE.com posted the following message concerning the termination of Crash Holly from the company:
    WWE and Michael Lockwood, aka Crash Holly, have come to terms on his release so that he may pursue other interests. We wish Lockwood all the best in his future endeavors.
  4. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999

    A) Last night’s Austinless edition of RAW on The New TNN scored a 3.6 cable rating, with a 6 share. That is down from last week’s 3.9 cable rating. The show did hours of 3.3 and 3.8.
    B) There have been a lot of different reports regarding Jazz from last night’s RAW. Industry sources are now reporting that her shoulder did pop out of place during the battle royal, although the injury was not as serious as it looked.
    C) WWE continued to advertise Piper’s Pit at least four different times on TSN last night in Canada for the August 2nd show in Calgary that included an interview with Vince McMahon building up the segment.
    D) Stacy Keibler was featured in TNN’s listing of the 100 Most Irresistible Women that aired after RAW. She filled the No. 81 spot and was the only WWE performer on the list. Halle Berry received the title of the Most Irresistible Woman.
    E) Jim Ross made an appearance on Brad Davies show this morning in Rochester to promote SmackDown. Ross talked a lot about football, but discussed the termination of Roddy Piper. He said that he was not sure on the status of Hulk Hogan.
    F) Now that the ECW buyout is complete, WWE has taken possession of the ECW videotape library from American Cable Productions. The tapes have been sent to WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT to be reviewed by company officials. When the examination of the tapes is complete, money will be realized to the former ECW television production team. This is also a clear indication that WWE can officially do whatever they want with the ECW brand and footage.
    G) The official WWE website has put Ultimo Dragon’s entire debut match from last week’s SmackDown online. You can download the match by accessing the Headlines section of the official website.
    H) Contradicting earlier reports, Steve Austin did not have food poisoning last night. Austin planned a day off and the RAW writing team knew that he would not be there when they put the show together. The entire “food poisoning” was simply part of the storyline.
    I) Wrestlers of worked WrestleMania this past March received their payoff checks last week. Apparently, even some of the people who were in denial about the business being down were disappointed in the amount. The overall consensus is that the checks were considerably lower than expected for the PPV of the year.
    J) There is a certain degree of concern in the WWE locker room on how Zach Gowen is going to handle the disappearance of Mr. America with the ongoing storyline, although the storyline has shifted from Hogan vs. Vince to Vince vs. Zach, so it might not be as awkward as it could have been otherwise.
    K) Hulk Hogan did unmask for the live crowd at Madison Square Garden last Tuesday night at the SmackDown taping after cameras stopped running. This was perhaps Hogan’s goodbye to WWE fans, as he wanted to do it bare face than under the mask.


    A) As I reported earlier in the day, plans have been halted for Mick Foley to take Goldberg’s spot against Triple H at SummerSlam. Foley is downplaying a return to the ring because his book tour would prevent him from doing any television and would not allow for him to get into shape before his bout. We all know that Foley does not want to return at anything less than 100%.
    B) There was talk of sending Goldberg to SmackDown to work as a heel to go against Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, however, it appears if the plans for him to wrestle Triple H at SummerSlam are back on.
    C) Steve Austin played part in the TNN special that aired last night that was taped at the Playboy Mansion. The special was originally taped to launch the new Spike TV name. It should be noted that TNN wanted Hogan to be part of the special as well.
    D) Believe it or not, Triple H actually headlined RAW house shows this weekend against Rob Van Dam. This drew a heavy amount of criticism due to the fact that it has nothing to do with any of the current storylines.
    E) There is question as to why WWE abandoned the look that they gave Kane last Monday on RAW when he first took off his mask. My best guess is that in the storyline Kane didn’t expect to be unmasked so he wasn’t properly “groomed” and therefore now works with a completely bald head.
    F) We now have an extensive update as to what happened between Hulk Hogan’s relationship with WWE. Apparently the decision was made last Thursday for the two parties to cease their working relationship citing creative differences concerning the Mr. America gimmick.
    Hogan was very concerned on how he was portrayed in the six-man tag match on SmackDown last week. He apparently expressed his frustration with Vince McMahon, however, they decided it would be best to go their separate ways.
    Do not be surprised to see Hogan return to WWE eventually, however, as Henry Walk reported, he is no longer a regular part of the SmackDown brand. Expect some kind of official announcement sometime soon.
    G) According to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, Crash Holly has been released from WWE.
    H) There has been an enormous amount of confusion concerning the Stephanie McMahon-Zach Gowen vs. The Big Show match. There was promotion for it as to taking place on SmackDown this week as well as at the Vengeance PPV next month. Apparently, there was an internal debate on where the match should take place. However, it has been said that the current verdict is to have the match on this week’s edition of SmackDown.
    H) Big Daddy Cool Kevin Nash has been taken off of the July 19th RAW brand house show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nash was scheduled to be a guest on Chris Jericho’s “Highlight Reel,” however, will now be replaced by Eric Bischoff and Steve Austin. There has yet to be a reason as to why this decision was made.
    I) WWE has updated Kane’s bio on the official WWE RAW website with his new look from last week (with the half bald head and eye make up). However, this weekend Kane debuted a new look at RAW brand house shows and is now completely bald.
  5. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999

    A) There was talk in the SmackDown locker room to hold off on Kurt Angle’s television return to the ring because it was not heavily promoted. However, Vince McMahon wanted to bring Angle back to the ring without a lot of hype to give the show a “can’t miss” feeling. McMahon of course got his way and the match was done.
    B) Mick Foley is expected to make his return to the ring this August at SummerSlam. There was talk of pairing off Foley against Triple H, knocking Goldberg out of his bout, however, the storyline is now leading towards a Mick Foley vs. Vince McMahon or Randy Orton match for SummerSlam. Foley is back in WWE, just not full time. Some sources expect him to work a schedule similar to The Rock’s.
    C) The word going around backstage is that Goldberg is growing paranoid that WWE officials are trying to ruin his run with the company. Some sources are even saying that top WWE officials are trying to push Goldberg to leave the company. The decision not to feature his debut at Madison Square Garden last Monday as a focal point on RAW is just one example.


    A) Bradshaw’s latest online commentary is now available on the official WWE website. The column is titled “Happy birthday to the Army,” and mentions UFC, Boxing, the NBA, the White House, OVW, Madison Square Garden, and of course the Army.
    B) Droz recently responded to the unmasking of Kane among other things in his latest commentary, titled “The joy of wrestling on house shows.” He takes a look at house show memories, talks about his dog, and more.
    C) Roddy Piper’s biography has been removed from the official SmackDown website. The Piper/WWE era has came to an official end.
    D) David Sahadi’s production role in WWE will be filled by Barry Bross and John “Big” Bagurick. Bross will handle the creative and promotional ends of the job, while Gaburick will handle the administration end. Sahadi will be gone from WWE at the end of this month, however, has said that he just wants some time off and will return. Many sources are saying that WWE officials are praying for only a short leave.
    E) Kevin Nash has been upset backstage as of late, due to the fact that the company does not have anything in store for him since finishing his run with Triple H. Nash has been said to trying to talk Triple H and Vince McMahon into turning him heel and becoming the next member of Evolution.
    F) Kurt Angle is still telling friends that he feels great since neck surgery and has had no bad effects from his first matches concerning his neck.
    G) As you have probably read by now, there are several rumors that Nathan Jones will be terminated from his WWE contract soon. The only thing that is saving him right now is his size that Vince McMahon is in love with. Jim Ross is also said to be against the termination of the Australian beast because he does not want to release someone that he pushed so hard.
    H) Early reports indicate that the original estimates for the buyrate of WWE’s Bad Blood PPV earlier this month were over 400,000 buys; however, one source is now saying that it is closer to 300,000 buys. Nevertheless, that source has been known for estimating too low.
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