**The Week In Wrestling Issue #5**

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  1. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    The Week In Wrestling Issue #5
    June 14th - 20th

    This is basically a week in review for anyone who missed any results and wanted to quickly get updated. there is also a news section that is a summary of news provided mostly by rajahwwf.com and other great websited like theddt.com... This is will be a weekly post posted on Thursday Night/Friday Mornings. It took awhile to write up so at least view it over and leave your opinions of it thanks for reading. Also if anyone has any suggestions to improve this forum just reply in here with your thoughts thank you- Ragu

    + Quick Results
    + Cane's + Ragu's PPV Standings
    + Top News Of The Week

    ** Quick Results**


    Orlando Jordan Def. Shannon Moore
    Rikishi Def. Crash
    Spanky Def. Chad Collyer
    Bill DeMott Def. Kanyon

    Sunday Night Heat

    Ivory Def. Molly

    Monday Night Raw

    Dudley Boyz & Ivory Def. Rodney Mack, Chris Nowinski & Jazz
    Garrison Cade Def. Lance Storm
    Booker T & Goldberg Def. Chris Jericho & Christian
    Mae Young vs. Test (Test Slams her to the matt)
    Rico Def. Spike Dudley
    Randy Orton Def. Maven
    La Resistance Def. Kane & Rob Van Dam (By DQ)

    Thursday Night Smackdown!

    Undertaker Def. Nunzio
    Chris Benoit Def. Rhyno *advances in the U.S. Title Tournament
    Rey Mysterio Def. Kanyon
    Kurt Angle Def. Charlie Haas
    Billy Gunn w/Torrie Def. Jamie Noble w/Nidia
    Sean O’Hare w/Roddy Piper Def. Eddie Guerrero w/Tajiri
    Brock Lesnar (champ) Def. Big Show (By DQ)

    NWA:TNA Xplosion

    Ron Killings, Konan, & BG James Def. the Vandalz & Salvatore Rinauro
    Trinity Def. Malia Hosaka
    Julio with Alexis Def. Steve Madison
    Shark Boy Def. Delirious


    D-Lo Brown, Sandman, & Frank Kazarian Def Sonny Siaki, David Young, & Don Harris
    Chris Sabin Def. Paul London
    New Jack Def. Mike Sanders
    Justin Credible Def. Jerry Lynn
    Perry Saturn Vs Kenzo Suzuki (no contest)
    Triple X Def. AMW
    Sting & Jeff Jarrett Def. AJ Styles & Sean Waltman

    Cane's PPV Standings

    1. kispider: 69
    2. EveryonelovesRagu: 61
    3. Tha Top Dawg: 60
    4. Phenom87: 57
    5. Corey Feldman: 56
    6. Abstract Vizionz: 51
    * These rankings are after one ppv and are subject to change

    Ragu's Quick pick 8 PPV Standings

    kispider - 7
    Abstract Visionz - 6
    abztrakt - 5
    Verb - 5
    Ragu - 5
    FortiFied Killa - 2
    * These rankings are after one ppv and are subject to change

    News this week
    from newest to oldest
    most information comes from rajahwwf.com & 1wrestling.com

    A) Here is more information on Brock Lesnar's injury. Lesnar stayed with friends in San Antonio, TX this week after Smackdown because he was scheduled to see a doctor there about his injured rib, which has been bothering him for months now. He was out on the water with friends while he was there and he fell out of the boat he was in. His leg hit the propeller and sliced open a cut about three inches long and an inch deep in his leg, behind his knee. He was taken for medical attention and received numerous stitches. He woke up today and his knee was really swollen. It's not known if he will be able to wrestle at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday for Smackdown at this time. But, it should be noted that from what I heard, despite an injury that maim most people, Brock has refused pain medicine. The guy truly is a monster.
    B) This week's edition of Smackdown did a 3.2 broadcast rating, with a 5.7 share. That is down from last week's 3.7 but it should be noted that the show this week was preempted in Los Angeles for Dodgers baseball.
    C) For those wondering, Kurt Angle was said to be feeling fine after his match with Charlie Haas this week. That would be a good sign since Kurt worked very hard in the match and didn't shy away from taking bumps.
    D) Sable is said to be Vince McMahon's favorite WWE character at this point in time. He has reportedly put over her work in a big way since she has returned to the company. It's hard to believe that there was so much acrimony when she left and she has vaulted to such a high position in the company upon her return. It just goes to show that you can never say never. It's just said that her returning to WWE coincided with the split of her and husband Marc Mero. As I wrote in the Lariat, the wrestling business is not a good one if you are trying to maintain a relationship with a significant other.
    E) Ted From Independence (Caller extraordinaire on the Pro Wrestling Insider) just sent along this report of Mick Foley talking on Byte This yesterday about what WWE had planned for him at Raw at Madison Square Garden on Monday.
    I just listened to the archive - here's what they said when talking about RAW at MSG Monday - it's about 38 minutes into the show if you need to know.
    Foley - "It's going to be a big deal and Tommy (Dreamer), I don't know if you caught wind of this - there is a rumor that they're going to do something special for me, and that you might be a part of it."
    Dreamer - "Really... No I have not - well...that would be cool."
    Foley - "Hopefully I'm not ruining the surprise but - they've also discussed bringing Terry Funk in for the occasion."
    Dreamer - "Awesome... We'll have a three way hardcore dance baby."
    Foley - "Well, I don't think they were insinuating that we would get physically involved, but they might do something."
    F) Along side his appearance on TSN’s “Off the Record,” Jim Ross appeared on Edge 102 in Toronto and taped a segment for the LAW this coming Sunday night. Ross talked about numerous things including his cookbook, Sable being back, as well as Steve Austin’s walkout. One thing that I found interesting is that Ross stated that Austin was hurt far worse than anyone knew when he walked out and that he still needs two more vertebrae fused in his neck (which we all now know about).
    G) Former ECW wrestler Steve Corino was reportedly charged on May 19th with forgery and misdemeanor relating to credit card and check fraud incidents. Apparently, he forged a check in the amount of $2100 a couple years ago and then charged $10,000 to a credit card which did not belong to him. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for this Monday and Corino's bail is set at $10,000.
    H) According to Slam! Wrestling, which isn't always accurate with their news and rumors, there is a possibility that Kevin Nash will dress up as Kane and wrestle Triple H this Monday on Raw.
    I) As I reported Monday night, neither Shawn Michaels nor Kevin Nash were written into RAW this week. From what has been said, Michaels was not even in Dallas at the show and it is believed that Kevin Nash wasn’t there either. Nash is wondering the direction that WWE will give him now that his feud with Triple H is over. As for HBK, we all know that he wasn’t happy after Bad Blood and his upcoming direction with WWE is also unknown.
    J) According to various reports, Eric Bischoff did not want to do the pie eating angle with Mae Young this past Sunday at Bad Blood. Apparently, Young found out that Bischoff was less than happy to do it, so as a rib she put an anchovy in her underwear before she went out so things would be a little extra smelly for Bischoff. Although it sounds unbelievable, it is said to be true.
  2. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    K) WWE is very serious about putting a lot more emphasis on their house show business that has been declining. In addition to Vince McMahon making appearances at some house shows in the Northeast, the current plan is to have the rest of the McMahons to attend various shows to see for themselves who gets the better reaction from the fans in a non televised environment.
    L) TSN has posted highlights of the interview that Michael Landsberg taped earlier today with Jim Ross for “Off the Record” on their website. Below are some of the highlights that have been derived and re-written from the site.
    L2) J.R. commented on how hard it has been to work with Goldberg over the past two months. He said that WWE at first wanted to continue the streak that he had in WCW and their expectations were very high. Now that they have discovered that isn’t going to work, they are trying to give Goldberg the “animal” character where he talks little and works a lot.
    L3) Ross commented on the firing of Jeff Hardy by saying that he fined him, suspended him, drug tested him, and when he asked Hardy to go into rehabilitation and he declined, the company was forced to release Hardy from his agreement with the company
    L4) Jim Ross told Michael Landsberg commented on Mick Foley wrestling by saying, "I think there's a very distinct possibility that Mick will wrestle for us again on at least a part-time basis."
    L5) He also told Landsberg that he could see Steve Austin working at least one more match as somewhat of a “retirement” match.
    M) Ultimo Dragon and Billy Kidman will begin wrestling on the road over the next few weeks. Dragon is expected to debut on TV next week on Smackdown! but there is no word on when Kidman will be brought back.
    N) As reported before, Edge worked briefly as a consultant for Raw and Smackdown! while recuperating from injuries. It is believed that he was asked by Stephanie McMahon to hand in a report about his feelings on the show. The run didn't last long as Edge kept asking why things aren't making sense which people were taking the wrong way. John Laurinaitis spoke with Edge and told him to be more "positive" in his critiques but he stopped doing them.
    O) Take this with a grain of salt, but there is a rumor that Rico could be programmed into a feud with Goldust in the near future with the possibility that both Jackie Gayda and Terri will be involved as well.
    P) Shortly after his appearance on RAW next week, Mick Foley will head to the United Kingdom to begin touring for his new book. Foley is scheduled to sign copies of the book on July 2nd in Leeds at Books Music Café and July 4th at Forbidden Planet.
    Q) MTV.com still has Tough Enough listed as one of their shows. If you remember, MTV passed on renewing the show, but it has been said that TNN (Spike TV) is interested in picking up the franchise for their new all men network.
    R) Linda McMahon will have to eat her words, at least for this week as the Bill Goldberg and Booker T vs. Chris Jericho and Christian match was the highest rated segment on RAW this week, which did a 4.6 quarter segment. The overrun was the second highest rated segment at 4.5.
    S) WWE.com has published an interview with William Regal. The article confirms that Regal’s heart problems that have kept him out of the ring since late February are now over. Regal said the reason that he is still out of the ring is due to the doctors being “overcautious” another reason could be the medicine that he is on causes his blood to be thinner, which makes it extremely hard for his blood to clot and could make a bruise or cut fatal.
    T) The sale of the ECW assets to WWE was finally finalized with a court order yesterday. The major problem in the sale, Delta/Powersports in the United Kingdom finally released their license claim after money was given to them from both the trustee and WWE.
    U) WWE.com was able to catch up with Triple H this past Monday night to discuss his “Hell In A Cell” match with Kevin Nash this past Sunday night at Bad Blood. Below are some of the highlights that came from the interview.
    U1) Triple H said that he is feeling fine and when you compete in a much such as a “Hell In A Cell” you are just lucky to survive. He commented on all of the cuts and scratches that he had on his forehead but he told sources at WWE.com that he elected not to have stitches.
    U2) He confirmed that he felt that the match was a success and he was happy with the way things went.
    U3) Triple H went on to talk about what it was like going into that type of a physical match and what the days are like after the match, trying to recover from it. He did tell WWE.com that he is sure that he will be in another “Hell In A Cell” match at some point in time.
    V) Today’s New York Post features a report saying that the current court case that TNN is involved in over them changing their name to Spike TV has already cost them $16.8 million. The case was filed by feature film director Spike Lee along side his very popular attorney, Johnny Cochran.
    Among income lost includes "loss of media dollars, production costs, and advertising revenues," due to the injunction that keeps TNN from changing its name to Spike TV, after a very heavy advertising campaign to promote the new network.
    Latest words are that TNN has already spent up to $30 million advertising the network to only have viewers unable to find it.
    W) Lita has been telling those close to her that her surgically repaired neck feels “okay” or “so-so”. The latest word is that she is very anxious to get back into the ring and wants to start working with Jazz to compete for the Women’s Title.
    X) The word around the SmackDown locker room is that the Basham Brothers are considered to be decent workers, but bland characters.
    Y) “Dr. Death” Steve Williams has been telling friends that he is mulling over a WWE contract offer. Jim Ross has confirmed that he does not know if the company can give Williams enough work to make a living. If you remember, it was once thought that they would bring Williams in to help train the younger wrestlers of the company.
    Z) Here are the weekend ratings from 6/14 - 6/15:
    -WWE Velocity scored a 0.7 cable rating with a 1.3 share.
    -WWE Confidential scored a 0.8 cable rating with a 1.7 share.
    -WWE Heat scored a 0.9 cable rating with a 1.8 share.
    And here are the numbers from Raw on 6/16:
    - WWE Raw scored a 4.1 cable rating with a share of 6.6, off of hours of 3.8 and 4.3. That is up from the 3.5 the show drew the week before.
  3. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    AA) reported earlier Shawn Michaels was disappointed with WWE for only getting 18 minutes in his match with Ric Flair at Bad Blood. As some may recall, the show ended at 10:35 pm ET so they could have easily had more time to compete. Nevertheless, some higher ups from the company must have read the article on the official website as it has been pulled from the site. Notice that Michaels was also not booked for RAW last night, indicating that he must have upset some people.
    BB) Test’s powerslam on Mae Young was edited out on the RAW replay last night on TSN in Canada, according to Buck Woodward of 1Wrestling.com. As many may recall, they are very against violence against women and simply did not want that segment of the show airing. However, they actually missed editing it the first time around.
    CC) Kane vs. Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title has been confirmed for RAW next Monday night at Madison Square Garden. The stipulation that Eric Bischoff added to the match is that if Kane loses he must remove his mask. It should also be noted that Mick Foley confirmed on the air last night that he would be making an appearance on RAW as well.
    DD) Rena Mero (Sable) and Marc Mero have officially separated. Marc was against Sable's return to WWE but when she was re-hired, it was mutually agreed upon that Marc would have no involvement or input in her career whatsoever, perhaps indicating that he was the scapegoat for the initial problems between WWE and Sable.
    EE) Scott Steiner's back is in terrible shape to the point where he is in unbelievable pain just living normally. On the recent flight from England, Steiner's back bothered him so much that he only sat down in his seat for the takeoff and landing, spending the reset of the flight laying down. He also needed a lot of help getting off the flight.
    FF) The latest contract to expire was that of A-Train's, however, he was re-signed to a new deal with a much lower downside guarantee. Morale amongst the wrestlers continues to be low as road expenses have stayed the same but payoffs due to bad business are down.
    GG) Bill Goldberg was said to be on the warpath last night backstage at Bad Blood after he found out that Linda McMahon calling him “disappointing” at the investors conference. Although he was very upset about that, there were no reported problems with Chris Jericho.
    HH) WWE does have long-term plans for Mick Foley that include him wrestling.
    II) Last night marked the start of the mega push for Randy Orton. His push will continue tonight on RAW as a top performer on the roster.
    JJ) Before their match at Bad Blood last night, Kevin Nash and Triple H spent all day in a room reviewing taps of older Hell in a Cell matches.
    KK) The buzz going around the locker room last night at Bad Blood was that there are plans to unmask Kane, although there has been talk of that for years.
    LL) Rene Dupree tonight became the youngest World Tag Team Champion in WWE history at age 19. He’s believed to be the youngest Superstar to win a major WWE title of any kind.
    MM) There was also a separate incident involving Chris Jericho and Goldberg where they were discussing their upcoming match at Bad Blood. The plan all along was for Goldberg to go over clean to set up an upcoming showdown with Triple H but Jericho suggested that in exchange for putting him over, he be allowed to kick out of the spear before succumbing to a second spear/jackhammer combination. Goldberg refused.
    NN) There appears to be a plan in place to bring Mark Jindrak back on TV on Raw and give him Batista's spot in the Evolution stable with Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton.
    OO) WWE is considering bringing Shane McMahon back to television soon. Many feel that he would fit best on RAW; however, the rumor is that WWE is going to stick him on the SmackDown roster as an on-air character.
    PP) The late “Classy” Freddie Blassie’s book is the number one selling wrestling book on the market right now. His book is following by the Hardy Boys book, followed by Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and In The Pit with Piper.
    QQ) There has been some teasing remarks issued to Kevin Nash throughout the RAW locker room due to a promo that he messed up two weeks ago on RAW. Nash was hyping his match for Bad Blood against Triple H saying that it was only two weeks away, when it was actually three weeks away.
    RR) Rey Mysterio vs. Ultimo Dragon is very likely to take place at SummerSlam. It is unconfirmed as to whether or not it will be a Cruiserweight title bout, however, that is expected to be the case.
    SS) The buzz around the WWE office is that Sting officially turned down WWE’s contract offer because he did not want to be on road and away from his family every week. The general feeling is that Sting will not become a regular in NWA: TNA, but will make occasional appearances.
    TT) This week’s edition of SmackDown marks the end of Matt Hardy’s feud with Rey Mysterio. Hardy impressed WWE officials when he drew the highest rated segment on SmackDown two weeks ago when he lost the cruiserweight title to Rey Mysterio. Hardy will now go back to the heavyweight division to compete. Nevertheless, he is being praised by company officials for a job well done.
    UU) If you saw SmackDown this past week, than you probably saw that Billy Gunn has made his return to WWE. Sources are reporting that Gunn has a big opportunity now and if he can look good enough in the ring he is due a major push. It has been said that he is one of the lead runners for the US Title if he can keep it together in the ring.
    VV) Undertaker disappointed industry sources with his recent comments against the internet in an interview with BoxingInsider.com. It comes to a surprise to no one that Taker made the comments however is very disappointing to say the least.
    WW) Steven Richards was unable to make the European trip last weekend due to problems with his neck, he had quite a hard time notifying WWE officials, as he was unable to get a hold of Jim Ross or Johnny Ace in the days leading up to the tour, so he was forced to meet them in the airport terminal to explain his condition. Al Snow ended up taking his place on the house show the first night of the tour, working a match against Tough Enough student Maven.
    XX) Vince McMahon has been said to be the brains behind the recent inactive “White Boy Challenge” angle with Rodney Mack on RAW.
    YY) One wrestler in the WWE locker room recently commented on Mick Foley lashing out against WWE after leaving the company by saying that Foley has enough ‘F--- you’ money to say what he wants. Many feel that it is in Vince McMahon’s best interest to forgive Foley due to his large fan base and popularity.
    ZZ) We have now confirmed reports that Jamal has been released by WWE. This comes as a surprise to no one, with the destruction of 3 Minute Warning, both Rosey and Jamal were lucky to last as long as they have. Nevertheless, Rosey still remains with the company.
  4. FortiFied Killa

    FortiFied Killa New Member

    Aug 8, 2001
    finally billy gunn is back, I always liked him.

    when the hell did kanyon show up?

    and on a final note: goldberg is such a little bitch
  5. TheGrouch1983

    TheGrouch1983 |-Ragu2ill-|

    Mar 3, 2000
    kanyons been on heat for awhile now i believe

    the guy is some what of a charector i suppose...
  6. Phenom87

    Phenom87 Blackhanders Stand Up

    Apr 23, 2002
    what happened to Batista?
  7. Macabre

    Macabre Guest

    Why did WWE pursue the ECW buyout?
    Do they have plans of some kind?
    lol @ the making fun of Nash
  8. FortiFied Killa

    FortiFied Killa New Member

    Aug 8, 2001

    I'm pretty sure he's hurt
  9. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    well they own the rights to all their names, and the video archives...
  10. Complete Chaos

    Complete Chaos I'm Drugs.

    Nov 2, 2001
    damn sting for not going to wwe
  11. Macabre

    Macabre Guest

    I know but..
    What's the point?
    They own WCW's but they don't do anything with them.
    Kinda seems like a waste of money.
    Unless names mean that much to them..
  12. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    well they also have the right to sell the movies on vhs and dvd which is a big money maker...

    also some of their cross promotion athletes like rey mysterio who came from wcw they can you use his matches from that federation on his new dvd that just came out 619...
  13. Macabre

    Macabre Guest

    *looks forward to ECW clips and movies*
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