**The Week In Wrestling Issue #4**

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  1. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    The Week In Wrestling Issue #4
    June 7th - 13th

    This is basically a week in review for anyone who missed any results and wanted to quickly get updated. there is also a news section that is a summary of news provided mostly by rajahwwf.com and other great websited like theddt.com... This is will be a weekly post posted on Thursday Night/Friday Mornings. It took awhile to write up so at least view it over and leave your opinions of it thanks for reading. Also if anyone has any suggestions to improve this forum just reply in here with your thoughts thank you- Ragu

    + Quick Results
    + Cane's PPV Standings
    + Top News Of The Week

    ** Quick Results**


    Crash w/ Shannon Moore Def. Orlando Jordan
    A-Train Def. Funaki
    Bill DeMott Def. A-Train
    Sean O'Haire Def. Spanky

    Sunday Night Heat

    Val Venis Def. Rosie
    Maven Def. Mike Knox
    Lance Storm Def. Lance Cade

    Monday Night Raw

    Goldberg Def. Rosey
    Rob Van Dam Def. Rene Dupree
    Ivory & Trish Stratus Def. Jazz & Victoria
    Scott Steiner Def Lance Storm
    Randy Orton Def. Hurricane
    Booker T vs. Christian (Spinaroonie Contest) {no real winner}
    Rodney Mack Def. D-Von Dudley

    Thursday Night Smackdown!

    Rey Mysterio Def. Matt Hardy (Cruiserweight Championship)
    Billy Gunn Def. A-Train
    Undertaker Def. Johnny Stamboli
    The Basham Brothers w/ Shaniqua Def. Chris Benoit and Rhyno
    John Cena Def. Funaki
    Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show for WWE title (no contest, Ring imploded)

    NWA-TNA Live Results

    Jerry Lynn Def. Spider Nate Webb with “The Controversial” Eddie G
    Desire Def. Mercedes
    Sonny Siaki and Mike Sanders Def. Jason Knight and CB Cane
    Triple X Def. Matt Sydall and Delirious


    D-Lo Brown Def. Julio Dinero
    Chris Sabin Def. Shark Boy
    Ron Killings and Konan Def. the Harris Brothers
    Kid Kash Def. Trinity and Goldy Locks
    Sandman Def. Devon Storm in the Hard 10 tournament
    Americas Most Wanted Def. David Young and Tracy
    AJ Styles (New NWA Heavyweight Champion) Def Raven and Jeff Jarrett

    NWA:TNA Xplosion For 6-10-03

    Jerry Lynn Def. Dylan Kage:
    Triple X (Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper) Def. Kappa Tappa Kegga (Kurt Daniels and Andy Jaxx):
    Julio with Alexis Def. Abyss
    Chris Sabin Def. N-8 Mattson

    XWF- Memphis Wrestling Report

    june 7th,2003
    Doug Gilbert Def. Kevin White
    The Naturals Def. Flex and Kodiak
    Reggie Walker Def. B.A.D.
    Lawler and Dundee Def. Shock and Awe (2 out of 3 falls)


    Maven Def. Christian X
    Hurricane Def. Lance Storm
    Jazz Def. Trish to retain the Women's title
    Christian Def. Booker T to retain the IC title
    RVD and Kane Def. La Resistance
    Goldust Def. Rico
    Dudley Boyz Def. Rodney Mack
    Scott Steiner Def. Test
    HHH Def. Nash (street fight)

    Cane's PPV Standings

    1. kispider: 69
    2. EveryonelovesRagu: 61
    3. Tha Top Dawg: 60
    4. Phenom87: 57
    5. Corey Feldman: 56
    6. Abstract Vizionz: 51
    * These rankings are after one ppv and are subject to change
    ** Be on the look out for Bad Blood's PPV questionaire
    Official Judgement Day Prediction Rankings
  2. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    News this week
    from newest to oldest
    most information got from rajahwwf.com go to there site its great

    A) William Regal recently did a chat with the Lils Boys in the UK and revealed a future storyline plan for himself. Regal said that he hopes to get back to the ring soon and will begin once he is cleared by his doctors. He said that he is taking better care of himself and that the current plans are to bring him back as a commissioner on RAW to play a mediator role between Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff.
    B) If you did not catch the SmackDown spoilers, the ring that collapsed last night on SmackDown was planned. This was one of the most tremendous stunts that WWE has done in awhile.
    C) Speaking of SmackDown, the show ended up doing a 4.7 overnight rating with an 8 share. That number is reported to be on the up side of what the show usually does, however, we should have the final numbers in later today.
    D) Edge told friends at the New York Licensing Show this week that he hoped to be back in the ring in about nine months, which would be March 2004. The superstar has lost a lot of muscle tone due to not being able to do heavy workouts, however is healing as expect
    E) The theme for WrestleMania XX was announced at WWE’s licensing show exhibit and has been revealed as “A Year Long Celebration.” The booth was designed to push WrestleMania’s return to New York City and will be WWE’s biggest event next year.
    F) The decision was made to bring back the US Title when it was confirmed that the brand extension would not be ending. With the recent split brand PPVs this is considered to be a good move by WWE officials, as the belt already has some credibility and will be a great title for people such as Chris Benoit, Rhyno, Billy Gunn, and other near main event superstars.
    G) David Sahadi gave WWE executives notice today that he would be leaving the company to pursue other career opportunities. Sahadi, while being unknown to fans is a major player of WWE’s production crew and will be extremely hard to replace. He does most of the work that you see on WWE television each week as well as the work for WWE PPVs. Sahadi is one of the top 2 or 3 employees on the production team, only trailing guys such as Kevin Dunn and Chris Chambers. He has gained the reputation of a production genius and is the general go to guy. He will be deeply missed in WWE.
    H) Spike Lee intends to keep The New TNN from changing their name to Spike TV after filing a lawsuit, claiming the name violates his copyrights. Earlier today, he won a preliminary injunction that could actually keep Viacom from renaming the network as planned on Monday. Lee’s injunction was granted by Manhattan State Supreme Court Justice Walter Tolub, however ordered Lee to post a $500,000 bond and said if he did not win a permanent injunction that he would be forced to pay Viacom's legal expenses among other costs.
    I) The reason that Mick Foley did not make mention of his new book entitled, “Tietam Brown” on RAW this past Monday is because he will be making an appearance on the show this coming Monday, which I mentioned earlier here at Rajah. There have been no long term plans for Foley in WWE set and it was first believed that after Bad Blood Foley would leave, however, that does not appear to be the case as it is a possibility that Foley will continue to appear on WWE television for at least a couple of weeks.
    J) It was announced after the main event last night on NWA: TNA’s PPV that Sting will be wrestling next week in a tag team match with Jeff Jarrett as his partner taking on AJ Styles and someone of his choosing. This will of course be the main event of the show, which will be TNA’s one year anniversary show.
    K) Andy Michaels sent word that WWE has copyrighted the names WWE Retribution and WWE Divas after Dark.
    L) As I reported earlier, the Basham Brothers have had a valet added to their team. The valet is none other than Linda Miles. Expect her to play a valid role in the success of the tag team as they move their way up through the ranks of the SmackDown tag division.
    M) To follow up on the article that I posted yesterday dealing with WWE.com’s Daily Poll, I have had several emails from readers telling me that the results of the poll have been changing quote rapidly, insinuating that the poll could be fixed by WWE officials. This is not the first time that the official website has been suspected of doing this, but currently Sting is first, followed by Bret Hart, Lex Luger, Randy Savage, and Sid Vicious. I guess we will have to wait and see how the final results turn out.
    N) WWE officials were impressed with Carly Colon's dark match last month and are reportedly looking to sign him to a developmental contract at which time he would be put on the road with the Smackdown! wrestlers.
    O) Goldberg reportedly has a couple things changed in the Raw script last night. First he asked to have his segment with Chris Jericho changed because he felt the original idea made his character look too weak. Second, he requested some changes to his match with Rosey so that he could appear more than just a "whipping boy". For what it's worth, most backstage agreed with Goldberg's suggestions.
    P) Lance Storm was apparently upset last night at Raw because of the fact that the women's title match ran longer than originally planned. This cut into his match and prevented him from getting his entrance music played while also making his match with Scott Steiner seem like a squash.
    Q) Rico will be undergoing a gimmick change in the coming weeks. He will play a modern day version of the Exotic Adrian Street character while Jackie Gayda, as rumored recently, will play his "Miss Linda". Last week, Rico spent time with Street to familiarize himself with the character.
    R) There is widespread depression among many wrestlers backstage at the state of the business and the direction of the company in general. Also adding to the low morale is the fact that house show payoffs are low and the costs of being on the road are either the same or more expensive than in the past. Of course nobody will say it out loud, but a lot of wrestlers blame Stephanie McMahon and Triple H for the poor condition of the company.
  3. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    S) According to sources, it is by no means guaranteed that Booker T will be winning the Intercontinental title from Christian, even though Bad Blood will take place in his hometown.
    T) Survivor Series this year is now confirmed to be emanating from Dallas, Texas on November 16.
    U) Several wrestlers from the RAW brand are reported to be worn out due to the heavy schedule that they have been working. Last week they were on the west coast in the US then went all the way to the UK for this weekend’s PPV, before heading to Miami yesterday for tonight’s show. Despite being worn out, it is very doubtful that they will show any signs of being tired on tonight’s show.
    V) WWE recently signed independent wrestler, Aaron Stevens from Chaotic Wrestling. Stevens will work under a developmental deal and will begin training with Ohio Valley Wrestling. Stevens is not a complete stranger from WWE, as he made an appearance on HEAT last winter, while working an angle with former WWE superstar Raven.
    W) Billy Kidman has said that pending his return to the active SmackDown roster, he feels he deserves a feud with Mr. America more than anyone since he scored a pinfall over him in WCW.
    X) The plan right now is for Kurt Angle to wrestle Brock Lesnar at the Vengeance PPV in July, however, it is scheduled to be a face vs. face match.
    Y) Dr. Death” Steve Williams was contacted again by John Lauranitis to work more house show matches last weekend. Williams was offended, because Lauranitis referred to the matches as tryouts when he worked with Lauranitis in All Japan. Apparently, WWE has interest in using Williams full-time to help train younger wrestlers his very realistic style.
    Z) Scotty Too Hotty, The APA, and Lita are all working in OVW. Scotty, Lita, and Bradshaw are all working injury rehabilitation assignments, while Ron “Faarooq” Simmons is trying to work off the ring rust from his brief retirement.
    AA) Ric Flair confirmed that he nearly gave up on the wrestling business after growing very frustrated during his days with WCW. He claims that the company took him for granted. It is good to know that Flair has gotten his passion for the sport back by working for WWE and he hopes to have one of the best matches of his career against Shawn Michaels next Sunday at Bad Blood.
    BB) As you have probably read, Jackie Gayda is now managing Rico at RAW house shows and will be joining him on television soon as a part of his new push. The original plans were for Gayda to manage the returning Kanyon on SmackDown, but that plan was changed.
    CC) WWE Insurrextion is now underway and there has been non stop controversy on the event throughout the week. The main controversy amongst several sources is that the card is very close to the card that will be taking place next week at Bad Blood. This brings up the obvious question, why should UK fans buy Insurrextion when they can see the matches take place for free along with the possibility of Mick Foley and others next week at Bad Blood? Nevertheless, the card has been switched around several times now, leading into what some are calling a disappointment.
    DD) APA was scheduled to make their return to SmackDown this past week, but their return has been postponed due to Bradshaw being forced to undergo double hernia surgery. Bradshaw is very upset about the situation, as a doctor in Louisville, Kentucky miss-diagnosed his injury as a slight groin pull over a month ago.
    EE) WWE has signed Carly Colon, the son of World Wrestling Council promoter Carlos Colon to a developmental deal. There have been ongoing rumors that the Colon family may shut down the promotion due to it being on the losing side of a bitter rivalry with the IWA promotion.
    FF) Billy Kidman is currently in OVW to finish injury rehabilitation to prepare himself for his WWE return.
    GG) The forensic scientist who examined Davey Boy Smith's body for a cause of death at the requests of Smith's family found "levels of morphine and steroids in his body, but they were not high enough to kill him." according to a report in The Manchester Evening News. "The levels found suggest a history of therapeutic use of codeine and morphine, but there is no scientific evidence of abuse," said Julie Evans, who ruled Smith's death to be of natural causes stemming from an enlarged heart. The ruling backed up an initial ruling by Canadian investigators. Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Brian Pillman, and Louie Spicoli were also ruled to have an enlarged heart during investigations into their passings. In all cases, drugs factored into their deaths as well. In regards to testosterone in Smith's blood, Evans said, "There were high levels of testosterone, but many athletes can have a higher level of testosterone than the average person."
    HH) WWE held their Fiscal 2003 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results conference call today. Here are the highlights. A question was asked regarding when WWE will get their creative house in order. The caller asked why WWE is bringing in more "retreads" and turning into WCW. Linda asked if this was the same caller that asked the question last quarter, and the caller said he asks this question every quarter because he sees no movement in creative. Linda said that Bill Goldberg's run has been "disappointing". She stressed that they are bringing in new talent, pointing out the Basham Brothers and Linda Miles are being brought into Smackdown. She said they are working on the creative end, and pointed out last night's Smackdown had a dramatic ending. Linda also said that Vince McMahon would be appearing at some live events this summer, as a special attraction. Before the caller could follow-up, they had him disconnected, and never addressed his question regarding the creative problems in the company.
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