**The Week In Wrestling Issue #3**

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  1. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    The Week In Wrestling Issue #3
    May 31st- June 6th

    This is basically a week in review for anyone who missed any results and wanted to quickly get updated. there is also a news section that is a summary of news provided mostly by rajahwwf.com and other great websited like theddt.com... This is will be a weekly post posted on Thursday Night/Friday Mornings. It took awhile to write up so at least view it over and leave your opinions of it thanks for reading. Also if anyone has any suggestions to improve this forum just reply in here with your thoughts thank you- Ragu

    + Quick Results
    + Cane's PPV Standings
    + Top News Of The Week
    + Other Results

    ** Quick Results**


    - Bill DeMott def. Shannon Moore w. Crash
    - Orlando Jordan def. Jamie Noble
    - A-Train def. Joey Matthews
    - Matt Hardy def. Funaki

    Sunday Night Heat

    - Tommy Dreamer and Maven def. Three Minute Warning
    Women's Championship Match
    - Jazz(champion w/ Theodore R. Long def. Jacqueline
    - Christopher Nowinski def. Spike Dudley
    - Scott Steiner w/ Stacy Keibler def. Lance Storm

    Monday Night Raw

    - Trish Stratus, Ivory & Jacqueline def. Jazz, Victoria & Molly
    - Scott Steiner def. Steven Richards
    - Rene Dupree def. Kane
    - Booker T & Goldust def. Christian & Chris Jericho
    - Randy Orton, Ric Flair & Triple H def. Hurricane, Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash

    Thursday Night Smackdown!

    - Undertaker def. Chuck Palumbo
    - Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri def. The Basham Brothers
    - John Cena def. Chris Benoit
    - Torrie and Rikishi def. Jamie Noble and Nidia Mixed tag match
    - Rey Mysterio (new cruiserweight champ) def. Matt Hardy for Cruiserweight Title

    Cane's PPV Standings

    1. kispider: 69
    2. EveryonelovesRagu: 61
    3. Tha Top Dawg: 60
    4. Phenom87: 57
    5. Corey Feldman: 56
    6. Abstract Vizionz: 51
    * These rankings are after one ppv and are subject to change
    ** Be on the look out for Bad Blood's PPV questionaire
    Official Judgement Day Prediction Rankings

    News this week
    from newest to oldest
    most information got from rajahwwf.com go to there site its great

    A) The early Backlash buyrate figures have come in at about 300,000 buys which translates into a 0.56 buyrate. That is considered a major disappointment as many in WWE had anticipated a much better result since it was Goldberg's first PPV match and on top of that, against the Rock.
    B) As reported before, it doesn't appear as if WWE is interested in signing the Road Warriors (Legion of Doom) to any sort of contract. Those closest to Vince McMahon believe that the one-match tryout on Raw was simply his way of getting back at them because they lost clean and basically had their gimmick destroyed.
    C) At one point there were (or maybe still are) plans for Kurt Angle to return as a face and to help turn Chris Benoit and Rhyno heel. From there, the idea was that Angle and Brock Lesnar would team up to take on the two but to continue to tease another Lesnar/Angle feud building towards next year's Wrestlemania.
    D) Chris Jericho was said to have gotten "aggressive" about his own ideas for the Highlight Reel and for the most part, the bookers have accepted his ideas and taken them seriously.
    E) Bill DeMott is reportedly going back to his "Hugh Morrus" gimmick from WCW.
    F) Dave Lagana is the man who apparently has come up with the idea of Brock Lesnar acting like a "big brother" to Rey Mysterio on Smackdown!.
    G) Because William Regal is sidelined indefinitely with his injuries, Triple H has suggested to make him a road agent. Even though it was originally feared that Regal's career could be over due to his illness, it is now believed that he will be able to resume wrestling but there is still no timetable for that return.
    H) A few weeks ago when Daffney accompanied Devon Storm for his tryout in dark matches, WWE didn't pay for her to fly in. Instead, she had to arrange for her ticket by herself and used her frequent flier miles to fly out to Philly and Baltimore.
    I) There are some rumors that Billy Graham will be brought back on TV in an attempt to re-build up his name in anticipation for his book being released next year.
    J) SmackDown this past Thursday night on UPN drew a 3.4 final rating, which is up .1 from last week’s 3.3 rating. The increase is expected with the rerun season starting on all the other major networks.
    K) WWE announced on a recent advertisement on a New York sports radio station that on the June 24th SmackDown house show will be Ultimo Dragon’s WWE debut. Of course, this will not be his debut as he has already wrestled some dark matches with the company, but is a good indication that he will be a full time superstar.
  2. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    L) For those who have asked, the Basham Brothers are not really brothers. They are longtime Ohio Valley developmental wrestlers Doug Basham and Damaja. There has been some controversy between OVW officials and WWE officials, as the latest rumor is that OVW officials were not happy with WWE debuting to the two as a team, as they were in the midst of a feud against one another on OVW television.
    M) It seems as if Jackie Gayda will be making her return to WWE this weekend. The official WWE website has Gayda as listed to be in the corner of Rico for the house shows in Portland, Oregon and Albuquerque, New Mexico against Lance Cade. The latest rumor is that Jackie will be Rico’s new valet on RAW as a part of his recent singles push away from 3 Minute Warning.
    N) Billy Gunn will be making his long awaited return to the SmackDown roster at a house show in Oakland, California this Sunday against Sean O’Haire and again on Monday in a house show in Sacramento, California.
    O) WWE has added the bios of the new tag team, Danny and Doug Basham. Apparently, the bios are a lot more informative and quite comprehensive and tell a lot more than what was said on SmackDown this past week. You can view the profiles at http://smackdown.wwe.com/superstars.html.
    P) During the 5/6 Smackdown! segment where the FBI trapped Brock Lesnar in a room with the forklift, the forklift was not supposed to actually bust through the wall. When workers tried to get the forklift out, a piece of the wall hit Bruce Prichard near the eye and broke his orbital bone. Since then, he has had some problems with his eye.
    Q) Speaking of Prichard, reportedly he made some strong comments about Lex Luger from a personal standpoint that were so uncomplimentary that they ended up being edited out of one or both of the Confidential shows recently.
    R) La Resistance is set to begin a tag team program with Rob Van Dam & Kane, while Test and Scott Steiner are ready to feud as most of us already have figured out by now.
    S) The latest on Sting is that he likely won't be signing with WWE. Talks are not ongoing and Sting apparently is once again not interested in joining the promotion.
    T) Kurt Angle is being advertised as wrestling on house shows later this month as a tag team partner of Brock Lesnar against the team of Big Show and John Cena. This would seem to indicate that he will indeed return as a face. In fact, on an interview that aired on Canada's Score network over the weekend, Angle confirmed that he'd be returning as a babyface.
    U) WWE has had discussions with Dr. Death Steve Williams to come into the company and help work with some of the younger talent behind-the-scenes.
    V) After Raw scored the surprise 4.4 rating a couple of weeks ago, some WWE officials were convinced that the Raw concept was finally getting over with the fans. However, as we found out a week later, that was not the case.
    W) Vince McMahon was responsible for the vomit segment at the Judgment Day PPV while Kevin Dunn is the one who is suggesting that TV shows should contain more backstage non-wrestling segments and less actual wrestling. Dunn also believes that Raw needs more Steve Austin segments.
    X) Before Chavo Guerrero's bicep injury (which will keep him out of action for three to six months), the plan was for Los Guerreros to win the tag team titles at Judgment Day and then for them to go on to enjoy a long title reign in an attempt to make them a high profile babyface tag team.
    Y) HBO’s “Real Sports” is working on a story about the death rate in professional wrestling. The story is its early stages right now but it has been said that it could feature some implications on WWE’s business when it airs. With the high death rate in professional wrestling over the past couple of years, it is not exactly what WWE would like to see on HBO, however, it should open some people’s eyes.
    Z) The Kurt Angle promo piece that was played on SmackDown last night was said to be a “work of art.” I myself did not see the show, due to my area not providing UPN; however, several readers sent me emails talking about the piece. Industry sources are saying that there is no going back on the decision for Angle to return as a fan favorite now.

    ** Other Matches**
    Quick Results

    WWE House Show
    6/01/03 Oakland, California

    - John Cena def Billy Gunn
    - Funaki and Spanky def Crash and Shannon Moore
    - Kanyon def Orlando Johnson
    - Matt Hardy w/ Shannon Moore def Jamie Noble
    - Rikishi, Rey Mysterio and Bill Demott def A-Train and the Basham Brothers
    - Chris Benoit def Sean O'Haire
    - Eddie Guerrerro and Tajiri def Team Angle
    - Nidia def Torrie Wilson
    - Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker def FBI (Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli)

    WWE House Show Results
    6/1/03 - Albuquerque, New Mexico

    - Christian def. Booker T - Intercontinetal Title Match
    - Goldust & Maven def. Lance Storm and Mark Jindrak
    - Jazz def. Ivory, Victoria, & Jacqueline for the Womens Title
    - Lance Cade def. Rico
    - Rodney Mack & Christopher Nowinski def. Dudley Boyz
    - Kane & RVD def. La Resistance for the Tag Team Titles
    - Val Venis def. Test w/Stacy
    - HHH w/Ric Flairv def Kevin Nash for the World Heavyweight Title

    WWE House Show Results
    5/31/03 - Portland, Oregon

    - Christian def. Booker T
    - Goldust/Maven def. Lance Storm/Mark Jindrak
    - Jazz def. Ivory, Victoria, and Jacqueline
    - Rico def. Lance Cade
    - Rodney Mack/Nowinski def. Dudley Boys
    - Kane/RVD retain tag titles def. La Resistance
    - Test def. Val Venis
    - HHH def. Nash by DQ
  3. Complete Chaos

    Complete Chaos I'm Drugs.

    Nov 2, 2001
    The latest on Sting is that he likely won't be signing with WWE. Talks are not ongoing and Sting apparently is once again not interested in joining the promotion.

  4. Nam Dekan

    Nam Dekan i got a tip in my pocket

    Mar 31, 1998
    you forgot the TNA results

    next week on TNA though

    Main Event will be a 3 way for the TNA world title

    Aj Styles Vs. Jeff Jarret Vs. Raven

    also the championship of the warped tag tournament

    david young/tracy vs americas most wanted

    the winner getting a shot at Triple X for the titles

    the Hard 10 tournament continues with

    Sandman Vs. Mystery Opponent

    also expect some insight on Vince Russo's attacking of Glen Gilbretti and costing him the title
  5. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    where did you get the TNA official website? shit i know i have to start puttin that in you should have put that in the suggestion box lol..
  6. Nam Dekan

    Nam Dekan i got a tip in my pocket

    Mar 31, 1998
    i got that from watching it this past week

    but tna's website is


    xpw's is

  7. nice n simple

    nice n simple Is Stimpy On Crack ?

    Mar 7, 2002
    word, thanks...
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