**The Week In Wrestling Issue #2**

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  1. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    The Week In Wrestling Issue #2
    May 24-30th

    This is basically a week in review for anyone who missed any results and wanted to quickly get updated. there is also a news section that is a summary of news provided mostly by rajahwwf.com and other great websited like theddt.com... This is will be a weekly post posted on Thursday Night/Friday Mornings. It took awhile to write up so at least view it over and leave your opinions of it thanks for reading. Also if anyone has any suggestions to improve this forum just reply in here with your thoughts thank you- Ragu

    + Quick Results
    + Cane's PPV Standings
    + Top News Of The Week
    + Other Results

    ** Quick Results**


    - Rikishi Def. Phil Brown
    - Funaki Def. Kanyon
    - Bill DeMott Def. Brad Hunter
    - Rhyno Def. A-Train

    Sunday Night Heat

    - Ivory and Jacqueline def. Jazz (w/Theodore R. Long) and Molly Holly
    - Goldust def. Damian DeNucci
    - The Hurricane def. Christopher Nowinski

    Monday Night Raw

    - Booker T Def. Test
    - Val Venis Def. Steven Richards
    - Goldust Def. Christian (non title match)
    - Rodeny Mack Def. Bubba Ray Dudley
    - Sylvain Grenier Def. Rob Van Dam
    - Triple H Def. Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair
    (handicap match, Flair turned on Michaels)

    Thursday Night Smackdown!

    - Nidia w/ Jamie Noble def. Torrie Wilson
    - Tajiri and Eddie Guerrero def. Team Angle by DQ.
    - Sean O'Haire w/ Roddy Piper def. Chris Benoit
    - Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny) def. Spanky and Rikishi
    - The FBI and Big Show beat Brock Lesnar def. The Undertaker

    Cane's PPV Standings

    1. kispider: 69
    2. EveryonelovesRagu: 61
    3. Tha Top Dawg: 60
    4. Phenom87: 57
    5. Corey Feldman: 56
    6. Abstract Vizionz: 51
    * These rankings are after one ppv and are subject to change
    ** Be on the look out for Bad Blood's PPV questionaire
    Official Judgement Day Prediction Rankings

    News this week
    from oldest to newest
    most information got from rajahwwf.com go to there site its great

    A) Chavo Guerrero is expected to miss as much as four months of action after recovering from the recent torn bicep injury that he sustained at the SmackDown taping two weeks ago that caused him to miss Judgment Day.
    B) Rocky Johnson (the father of The Rock) was released from his training duties in Ohio Valley. This did not come as a surprise as Johnson stopped going to OVW shortly after his contract was signed.
    C) The buzz continues about Legion of Doom and WWE. As most have stated, they do not see a reason why WWE would bring them back, however, are not ruling it out either.
    D) The original plan backstage in WWE was to have Kurt Angle return at the May 27th SmackDown Tapings, however, Angle is not expected to make his return until the week after at the June 3rd SmackDown tapings. Following his medical clearance, Angle has said that he is physically ready to return, however wants to wait a little longer.
    E) Following his outrageous behavior on a recent overseas SmackDown tour, Arn Anderson has been placed on a leave of absence from WWE in order to seek treatment for some kind of chemical dependency.
    F) Christian has actually been asked several times to cut his hair in the past but has been against it. Many backstage in WWE feel that the superstar did it after being able to hold the Intercontinental Title, which he has looked at as an incentive.
    G) Nathan Jones recently got so angry backstage in WWE that he reportedly threatened to quit the company and return to Australia. WWE road agent John Lauranitis was able to settle Jones down and was said to have persuaded him to stay with the company by giving him a pay raise, however that has not been confirmed.
    H) Six weeks after surgery on his left elbow, the Undertaker is back in action. The American Badass says he feels much better after his personal physician, Dr. Thomas Byrd of Nashville, Tenn., performed arthroscopic surgery on him on April 10.
    I) There is a commercial airing on the In Demand barker channel and in Canada during the Afterburn show this weekend for Bad Blood listing Goldberg vs. Triple H as the main event of the show. As most know by now, there was talk of feuding Goldberg with Triple H for the title at Bad Blood, but plans were changed and are said to be held off until at least SummerSlam.
    J) There was controversy last night at a RAW brand house show in New Orleans because Kevin Nash got the planned finish of him losing to Triple H to doing a 1980s Dusty finish, where he was first announced as the new champion, but was later revoked due to him using a belt shot to seal the win.
    K) Frustrations continue in the United Kingdom markets with WWE, due to recent “strange” editing decisions. During Sunday Night Heat, that airs at 11 am on Sky One, they aired the Trish Stratus bump from Judgment Day uncut when it was edited out of RAW, even on the later airings of the show.
    L) There was some concern amongst some members of the WWE office that Zach Gowen (a/k/a Tenacious Z) actually came off looking like a heel after appearing over confident while standing in the corner of Mr. America Hogan at Judgment Day. WWE currently has Gowen scheduled to train in Ohio Valley for six weeks in between his SmackDown appearances. There have been some jokes going around backstage as to what Jim Cornette’s reaction will be to working with a one-legged wrestler.
    M) As most know, Triple H and Stephanie are scheduled to marry in real life in October. There has been speculation amongst some sources that their brief exchange backstage before H’s match at Judgment Day could be to reunite the two in a future wedding angle on WWE television this fall.
    N) For those who have not heard, Ultimo Dragon worked a dark match last night before RAW against Rico. The general feeling was that he looked impressive and is said to be in great shape. Ultimo was given a pop from the crowd in attendance. He is scheduled to work another dark match tonight at the SmackDown tapings, as the current plan is still for him to join the SmackDown roster to either team with or go against Rey Mysterio.
    O) The Rock was announced last night to be Chris Jericho’s guest on his “Highlight Reel” on RAW next week live in San Diego. It should be interesting if Rock actually does make a return live on RAW.
    P) Add Kane and Rob Van Dam vs. La Resistance for the World Tag Team Titles to take place at Bad Blood. The match was made last night at RAW after RVD lost unfairly in a flag match against Sylvain Grenier.
    Q) The reason Steve Austin had a black eye last night on RAW last night was due to a car accident that he was involved in over the weekend. Apparently the accident was fairly serious, however, only involved one car. Austin has stitches around his eye and on his nose. He was in such bad shape at RAW last night, he required make up before making his first appearance.
    R) Lita has re-joined the WWE talent roster and has began working down at Ohio Valley Wrestling to complete her rehabilitation process from her injuries. She is close to retuning to work for WWE. It should be noted that Al Snow has filled her announcing position on Heat.
  2. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    S) Bad Blood on June 15th will not be the first ever RAW only PPV. Actually, the honor will go to the Insurrextion show in Newcastle, England on June 7th. To everyone’s surprise Bill Goldberg is not booked for the event, which is causing a certain degree of resentment from members of the RAW roster, claiming that the company is allowing for there to be two sets of standards of talent. Wrestlers confirmed for Insurrextion include Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Booker T, Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho, according to Sky Box Office promos airing in the United Kingdom.
    T) The latest on the WWE financial cuts is that they are no longer bringing all of the members of the writing team to the television events, in attempt to cut costs. In the past, WWE would bring all of the members of the creative team to the events, however that changed last night. Brian Gewirtz, who heads the RAW team was there to handle any last minute changes as well as Stephanie McMahon for administration purposes.
    U) WWE has finally opened the official Insurrextion website, which is the official website of the upcoming UK pay per view. You can visit the site by accessing <http://insurrextion.wwe.com>
    V) Goldberg’s name came up on last night’s episode of the Jimmie Kimmel show. Cousin Sal was a guest and clips of his pillow fight with Goldberg were shown. Sal told the audience that after the pillow fight went offstage he fell on a desk and needed 15 stitches to close a cut on his head. He referred to Goldberg and wrestlers in general as “idiots.”
    W) Spike Dudley has a commentary now online over at WWE.com. The article is titled “Thank you, Nature Boy” and features his opinions on the Ric Flair celebration after RAW went off the air two weeks ago. To read the column in its entirely, click here <http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1207801>.
    X) Expect Kurt Angle to be hyped big throughout SmackDown tonight, as his debut is only one week away. On a side note, APA is also scheduled to return with WWE next Tuesday at the SmackDown taping in Anaheim. I’m not sure if this means that they are joining the SmackDown roster or if they are just working a dark match.
    Y) The Edge interview that aired last night on TSN’s “Off the Record” is now available on the official TSN website at TSN.com/Wrestling in the audio/video section.


    A) The RAW rating is finally in after being delayed due to the Memorial Day holiday. This week’s edition of the show did a 3.7 cable rating, with a 5.8 share. That number is up .2 from last week’s 3.5 coming off Judgment Day. This is definitely a good sign leading into the first brand only PPV. The show did hours of 3.6 and 3.8.
    WWE Weekend Ratings
    - Velocity on 5/24 did a 0.8 cable rating, with a 1.5 share.
    - Confidential on 5/24 did a 0.7 rating, with a 1.5 share.
    -Heat on 5/25 did a 0.8 cable rating, with a 1.7 share.

    B)Last week’s edition of SmackDown during the first week of mainly reruns for the next few months finished at No. 67 in the prime time network rankings. The show will climb the charts throughout the summer months, even if the rating itself does not change.

    ** Other Matches**
    Quick Results

    WWA - The Reckoning PPV
    25/05/03 Auckland, New Zealand
    - Rick Steiner def. Mark Mercedes
    - TEO def Puppet & Meatballs (midget match)
    - Devon Storm def. Konnan
    WWA Cruiserweight/NWA:TNA X Division
    championship unification match
    - Chris Sabin def. Jerry Lynn, Frankie Kazarian & Johnny Swinger
    - Sabu def. Joe E Legend
    WWA World Heavyweight/ NWA:TNA World title unification match
    - Jeff Jarrett def. Sting

    WWE House Show Results
    Ft. Meyers Florida
    - Spanky, Bill Demott, and Rikishi def. FBI
    - Crash def. Orlando Jordan.
    - A-train and Kanyon def. Danny Holle and Doug Basham.
    - Rhyno def. Sean O Haire
    Triple threat cruiserweight match
    - Rey Mysterio Def(by dq) Jaime Noble, and Matt Hardy
    Tag Team Championship
    - Eddie and Tajiri def.(by dq) Team Angle
    - Chris Benoit def. John Cena
    - Torrie def. Nidia
    - Brock Lesner Def. Big Show

    WWE House Show Results
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    - Val Venis, Goldust & Lance Cade def. Lance Storm, Steven Richards & Mark
    Fatal Fourway Elimination Match for the Women's Championship
    - Jazz def. Trish Stratus, Molly Holly & Victoria w/ Steven Richards
    - Christopher Nowinski & Rodney Mack w/ Theodore Long def. Spike Dudley & Maven
    - Dudley Boyz def.. 3 Minute Warning
    Intercontinental Championship
    - Christian def. Hurricane
    - Scott Steiner w/ Stacy def. Rico
    World Tag Team Championship
    - Rob Van Dam & Kane def. La Resistance
    World Heavyweight Championship
    - Triple H def. (by dq) Kevin Nash
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    Sep 18, 2000

    good, it's bout time, not only can she wrestle pretty good... but she ain't that bad lookin either...
  4. masterragu

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    Dec 11, 1999
    it's weird sometimes i look at her and i'm like damn she's hot then other times i'm like wtf she's ugly lol...
  5. Rukahs96

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    Sep 18, 2000

    yeah... it's her face... sometimes it looks manly... but for the most part she's hot
  6. Corey Feldman

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    May 25, 2002
    She's got a pretty bad case of stripper face. And her tattoo is way too big. It's tacky.
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    Oct 4, 2001
  8. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    yeah its kind of weird lol...
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