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  1. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007


    The Battle League Week 4 Magazine
    Issue Number 2 - Written by: King Grimet

    Table of Contents

    I. Introduction
    I. Rules
    II. Roster & Rankings
    III. Week 4 Battle Recap
    IV. Week 4 Battle of The Week
    V. Punchline Pandemonium
    VI. Week 5 Preview
    VII. King Grimet's Predictions
    VIII. The Text Crew Scene
    IX. King's Section
    X. Conclusion
  2. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    I. Introduction

    Whats Up Everyone? This is King Grimet With the Week 4
    RBL Magazine. I decided to pull some weight this week, I
    Didn't ask Halloween or Anyone for any help on the Mag..
    So this is brought to you by me & I hope you enjoy it Cuz
    Ima make this weeks mag a fucking beast.

    38 People now enrolled on the RBL Roster! When we hit
    50 people We will open up the RBL Top 20 Sub-Forum
    Like it used to be, So invite some of your friends off other
    forums or from other battle leagues, were almost there!

    Had a lot of people show up this week but also had about
    10 no-shows, I feel like the league is building up for a real
    come back & Week 5 should be the best week yet. I hope
    all the people who signed in this week will show up & if they
    do that we should have the least amount of no shows yet.

    I was suppose to post the way to pronunciate the name of
    Schadenfreude but I deleted my pm's on accident & forgot
    So I'll edit that in right here or post it next week. my bad.

    Good luck to everyone, Enjoy the magazine, & also.. in the
    King Grimet's Section at the end, please visit all of the links
    That I post up for you guys, & pm me or leave feedback
    in the thread cause I just want to know who is going there
    & what you guys think about it as well. Thanks.

    I. Rules

    RBL Rules & Regulations

    -Check Ins-
    Checking In is Mandatory from now on

    -Due dates-
    All Verses Due THURSDAY night 12:00am Pacific
    All Voting Due Sunday Night @ or around 8:00pm Pacific
    (Voting is considered open until Mods close matches)​

    -Line Limit-
    Minimum 12 -- Maximum 30
    Agree with opponent on check in
    If there is no agreement, 2nd emcee to post must match 1st persons verse
    (2nd emcee can post less but not more lines then his opponent)​

    You Must Post Links to 5 Battles you Voted on
    Each Battler is required to vote on at least 5 Battles
    1 Vote deduction for each battle not voted on
    Voting is open only for those who are signed into the RBL
    If You are signed in you CANNOT vote until your first battle is up!
    Votes must be explained, No Hate Votes, Crew Votes, Revenge Votes
    Everyone Must vote on Contender, & Title matches (EVERY WEEK)

    -General Rules-
    1st emcee to post can't edit after 2nd emcee posts
    2nd emcee can't edit after the first vote is made
    No Biting or Recycling, if Caught your out of the RBL
    Bitching, Crying, Freeposting, Swaying. Whining..
    Beefing, Cursing, Spamming & other forms of Badmanner
    Is strictly to go in the Beef, Magazine, Predictions, or Hookups
    (If broken the Mod has the right to Edit & Clean Up Threads)
    New rules will be voted on by the Mods & Members of the RBL
    Mods can Adjust rules accordingly to circumstance!
    Questions, Suggestions, Ideas, Problems.. Contact the Mod!​

    -Mod AIM Contact-
    King Grimet -- King Grimet
    Halloween Jack -- HallowJack31
    Oneduh -- AnthraxSpits

    King Grimet's Email:
  3. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    II. Roster & Rankings

    1. Doc Richards 4-0
    1. Schadenfreude 4-0
    2. Chrit 3-1
    2. Servical 3-1
    3. As Seen On Tv 2-0
    4. Willie Gallo 2-0
    5. Politics 2-0
    6. alt mode 2-0
    7. -NR- 3-1
    8. Gundam 3-1
    9. ExodusIII 2-1
    10. CzarKastRophee 2-1
    11. RICO 2-2
    12. Lou CuttingEdge 2-1
    13. Force 2-0
    14. Sephiroth 1-0
    15. Resilient. 1-0
    16. Master Peace 2-2
    17. Magic Johnson 1-1
    18. King Grimet 1-1
    19. Smoke Trail 1-2
    20. Arch~Nemesiz 1-1
    21. Anarch 2-2
    22. itzconstant 1-3
    23. 4Matt 0-1
    24. BloodGang 0-3
    25. DannyC 0-1
    26. Charles 0-0
    27. Moe Green 0-0
    28. Mic'ed Up 0-0
    29. S. Fitty 0-0 30. Yung Troy 0-0
    31. Veeyo 0-0 32. Ernie Murmyn 0-0
    33. Magus via The Dark 0-0
    34. Minfinity 0-0
    35. MoneyMatters 0-0
    36. BoogaTheGreat 0-0

    Sign In's
    Moe Green
    Mic'ed Up
    S. Fitty
    Yung Troy
    Force 2-0
    Ernie Murmyn
    Magus via The Dark Minfinity MoneyMatters BoogaTheGreat

    Sign Out's (via No Show or Request)

    Future 2-2 (Request)
    Baron Mynd 2-0 (Request)
    Thoughts 2-1 (no-show)
    Linesman 2-1 (no-show)
    PHD 2-1 (no-show)
    HookNBarz 1-1 (no-show)
    Strikta 1-2 (no-show)
    RYDOGG 1-2 (no-show)
    BigBent 0-1 (no-show)
    Mr. BangOut 0-1 (no-show)
    Mathmatix 0-1 (no-show)
    Switchminded 0-2 (no-show)
    Bar-Exam 0-2 (no-show)
  4. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    III. Week 4 Battle Recap

    Contendership Match: Doc Richards 3-0 -vs- Gundam 3-0
    Winner: Doc Richards
    Loser: Gundam
    Vote Count: 9-2

    Contendership Match: -NR- 3-0 -vs- Schadenfreude 3-0
    Winner: Schadenfreude
    Loser: -NR-
    Vote Count: 7-2

    As Seen On Tv 2-0 -vs- Willie Gallo 2-0
    Winner: Neither
    Loser: Neither
    Reason: Rematching This Week, Fuck the Complications.

    Thoughts. 2-0 -vs- Linesman 2-0
    Winner: Neither
    Loser: Both
    Vote Count: Double No-Show

    RICO 2-1 -vs- Chrit 2-1
    Winner: Chrit
    Loser: Rico
    Vote Count: 4-1

    Future 2-1 -vs- Servical 2-1
    Winner: Servical
    Loser: Future
    Vote Count: 5-1

    PHD 2-0 -vs- Abn0rmal 1-0
    Winner: Abnormal
    Loser: PHD
    Vote Count: No-show

    Magic Johnson 1-0 -vs- Politics 1-0
    Winner: Politics
    Loser: Magic Johnson
    Vote Count: 8-0

    HookNBarz 1-0 -vs- alt mode 1-0
    Winner: alt-mode
    Loser: Hook
    Vote Count: No-show

    RYDOGG 1-1 -vs- ExodusIII 1-1
    Winner: Exo
    Loser: Rydogg
    Vote Count: No-show

    Smoke Trail 1-1 -vs- CzarKastRophee 1-1
    Winner: Czar
    Loser: Smoke Trail
    Vote Count: 6-1

    Strikta 1-1 -vs- Lou CuttingEdge 1-1
    Winner: Lou
    Loser: Strikta
    Vote Count: No-Show

    Arch~Nemesiz 0-1 -vs- Switchminded 0-1
    Winner: Arch
    Loser: Switch
    Vote Count: No-Show

    King Grimet 0-1 -vs- Bar Exam 0-1
    Winner: KG
    Loser: Bar
    Vote Count: No-Show

    itzconstant 1-2 -vs- Master Peace 1-2
    Winner: MP
    Loser: Constant
    Vote Count: 6-3

    BloodGang 0-2 -vs- Anarch 1-2
    Winner: Anarch
    Loser: BloodGang
    Vote Count: 3-0

    Sephiroth 0-0 -vs- 4Matt 0-0
    Winner: Sephiroth
    Loser: 4Matt
    Vote Count: 5-2

    BIGBENT 0-0 -vs- Mr. ßaÑg ØuT 0-0 -vs- Mathmatix 0-0
    Winner: Nobody
    Loser: Everybody
    Vote Count: Triple No-Show Suck My Dick Faggots

    DannyC 0-0 -vs- Resilient. 0-0
    Winner: Resilient
    Loser: DannyC
    Vote Count: 6-0

  5. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    IV. Week 4 Battle of The Week

    Servical 2-1 -vs- Future 2-1
    Servical's Verse
    where you at?

    oh well, quick key.

    your futures '8 miles' down, so listen you bitch
    last time we heard you...
    we were 'forced to listen to some individual, metaphysical' shit
    i'll rip em quick, your luke wilson, your world is idiocracy
    if you win, you'll only prove skills can lose to mediocrity
    so hoe stop it, cause beating you's no problem
    your future is bleek, like rocafella's old roster
    its like your gift is disappointing, you messing up
    we'd only look foward to future, if the 'present' sucked
    you drinking up some formula 50, thinking of gettin harder
    your not a diamond in the rough, your barely mineral water
    shits slaughter, you gets no womens digits, its kinda gay
    DMV's ? the only numbers you get, are on a lisence plate

    Future's Verse
    Naw I'm here slim, y would i no show?...

    Wasted time researchin dude, man I found no hot writtens
    Just an historian flow<-thats more old concepts than Robot CHicken
    You ain't witty, rhymes shitty, ya just a target, I'm the shooter
    Who gives a fuck how old u'll become, you'll never see Future
    He's the snitching type, all it takes is the threat of a stiff sentence
    For cops to break Serv and it won't have shit to do wit tennis
    Gets laughed outa bedrooms cuz of his half of a half cigar
    Chicks seriously squint to see his dick...just like his avatar
    Serv mad his chick know bout tatts on my belly and hands
    But the girl he loves I spread pre Serv like jelly and jam
    Fuck what Grimet talkin ya chances of winning aren't over nil
    Ya rhymes are too shaky...reading them's like watching Cloverfield
  6. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    V. Punchline Pandemonium
    "This is my dojo nigga .. if referring to me, say master please.
    & The only reason ur smoke trails is because of crash debris."
    - Czar

    "i can tell your mom was a fiend son, just read your diction
    youre the product of an 8Ball, like a weak prediction
    his repping is gay, i could list why i should win this
    but i wont take anything away from your didnt have much to begin with"
    - Doc Richards

    "might as well went with a 16, its proven your through kid
    8 battles really mean you have 8 excuses for losing
    you must be wasting your time here, i don't get it bruh
    3 weeks summed up in the mag, and you werent mentioned once"
    - Gundam

    "see I’m WhatzisName from BW using an alias though,
    you’re what’s his name from:
    ..........”Who in the fuck cares to even know?”"
    - Schadenfreude

    "and dogg,ur nameplays played,so dont be denying its old
    cuz i done 'senior shit'....just like nurses at retirement homes.
    but back and PAID to rap,im stacked and spending that cream
    while ur paid in change to drop bars...just like a vending machine."
    - N R

    "you been lame for so long its almost like your fates chosen
    you should be the campaign ad for obama's ''time for change'' slogan"
    - Sephiroth

    "dont try it bruh, i fist pussys that front like they tough
    if my punches are forced, thats cause seph likes it rough"
    - 4Matt

  7. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    VI. Week 5 Preview

    Title Match:
    Doc Richards 4-0 -vs- Schadenfreude 4-0

    Preview: This is the showdown, both of these cats are 4-0 & have
    been running through the competition so far. Now only one of them
    will go into week 6 without a loss on their record but more
    importantly one of these guys will walk away the first RBL Champ
    of the new season. Its been a rough start to the league but
    There is tons of talent recently signed in making their way to the top
    So whoever wins this belt will have their hands full in the weeks
    to follow as they try to defend their belt. Ima have to say that
    Doc Richards is the favorite to win this, but we will see if
    Schadenfreude will have anything to say about that.

    Contendership Match:
    Chrit 3-1 -vs- Servical 3-1

    Preview: Chrit has been in some controversey the first several
    weeks of the league's start up. He was caught recycling his
    entire verse from his other battles on different websites that
    he uses a different name on within their battle league. So
    it was hard to figure it out at first that he didn't bite but still
    It was rejected for having been recycled. However, he has
    bounced back & impressively made it to the top of the league.
    Servical has also been turning heads making it into the
    punchline pandemonium sections of all of the magazines so far.
    His tough win against Future last week in the Battle of the
    Week has earned him the spot in the Contender Match! This
    one should be really good, Get ya popcorn ready.

    As Seen On Tv 2-0 -vs- Willie Gallo 2-0 (Rematch)
    Preview: This was some bullshit last week, As Seen on TV
    posted & then claimed he won the battle because Willie did
    not post his verse before the deadline. Willie however, posted
    his verse only about 20 minutes later, within the same hour as
    TV & claimed he was infact plenty of time ahead of the deadline
    I think Willie was correct however, nobody voted so I chose
    to close the battle & give these guys a rematch to settle this
    the right way & not have either of you bitch about getting
    fucked over in a loss. So Fuck you if you don't agree with that,
    & goodluck this week, should be some heated beef as a result..

    Politics 2-0 -vs- alt mode 2-0
    Preview: Both of these guys have dominated their first two opponents
    So this will be the first time for either of them to face a
    worthy opponent that will actually put up some good competition.
    Only one of them will move on to the contender match next week
    & only one of them will remain undefeated! Who wants it more?
    We will see, hopefully they are both motivated to bring their best
    this week..
  8. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007


    -NR- 3-1 -vs- Gundam 3-1
    Preview: Both of these guys came up short in the contender matches
    in week 4. Suffering from their first loss each I'd be willing to bet
    that these guys are going to come back this week & drop some dope
    ass flames looking to get back on the winning track & also move up
    in the rankings to hopefully give themselves another shot at the title
    in the near future. One of them will leave with a 2 week losing streak..
    & I know neither of them want that sittin on their head..

    ExodusIII 2-1 -vs- CzarKastRophee 2-1
    Preview: Czar has been suprisingly improved this season as of yet.
    I remember in the first season he was really mediocre & didn't do
    very well against the top heads of the league. Now he has his chance
    to show everyone that he is legit this time around. Minus talking shit
    to me in the Mag & Lounge threads this week I wish em all the luck
    & I'll keep my eye out for any biting, fair warning, just because..
    Its really impressive how much he has improved, to the point its got me
    only mildly suspicious. Exodus won't be laying down for him either..
    A proven force from last season, Exo looks to reach the top of the league
    once more.. This could be a pretty good one.

    RICO 2-2 -vs- Lou CuttingEdge 2-1
    Preview: Rico comes off the loss & Lou comes off of a No-Show
    Victory so we will see if that has any effect on the battle. Rico might
    be a little bit hungrier & Lou might be a little rusty or not motivated
    So we will see who gets over the hump & puts their record into a
    better position for next week.

    Force 2-0 -vs- Sephiroth 1-0
    Preview: Sephiroth, who I accepted into my crew, is an alias
    who isn't new to Force signed back in this week
    with a 2-0 record & he looks to continue his streak of dominance
    on his road to the title match. We will see if Sephiroth will step
    up his game this week or if Force will continue to dominate
    anyone & everyone who gets in his way.
  9. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007


    Resilient. 1-0 -vs- Master Peace 2-2
    Preview: Resilient aka IllWeez is a proven veteran on
    as he showed last week with his impressive victory. Master peace
    has shown himself to be very skilled last season but this season he has
    been very unmotivated & as a result he has not been consistent.
    This week is Master Peace's chance to turn that around & really
    impress some people. Resilient wanted to join the Masterminds Undefined
    text crew but when I told him he was accepted into the crew a few
    days later he told me he had already found a different crew to join.
    He is now apart of the 'Hooligans of Cyber Rap'
    The new crew ran by Got Life? who is a long time rival & enemy of
    me King Grimet. & just that same night Master Peace was accepted to
    my text crew Masterminds Undefined. This battle is personal now..
    Hooligans of Cyber Rap (HCR) vs. Masterminds Undefined (MU)
    This is the real deal...

    Magic Johnson 1-1 -vs- King Grimet 1-1
    Preview: Fuck you Magic Johnson. =)

    Smoke Trail 1-2 -vs- Arch~Nemesiz 1-1
    Preview: Smoke coming off a loss & Arch coming off a loss
    followed by a no show victory. This one should be good
    because both of these guys are looking to turn it around & get
    back on the right track. Goodluck to both of you.

    Anarch 2-2 -vs- itzconstant 1-3
    Preview: Both of these guys off to a slow start, both have lost
    close battles & tough losses. This should be a battle of two guys
    out to prove they are legit & that they are not as bad as their
    records might indicate at first look.

    4Matt 0-1 -vs- BloodGang 0-3
    Preview: Goodluck to both of you.

    DannyC 0-1 -vs- Charles 0-0
    Preview: Goodluck to both of you.

    Moe Green 0-0 -vs- Mic'ed Up 0-0
    Preview: Goodluck to both of you.

    S. Fitty 0-0 -vs- Yung Troy 0-0
    Preview: Goodluck to both of you.

    Veeyo 0-0 -vs- Ernie Murmyn 0-0
    Preview: Goodluck to both of you.

    Magus via The Dark 0-0 -vs- Minfinity 0-0
    Preview: Oneduh, one of the best ever in Text Battling
    Told me on aim MAGUS taught him how to text battle.
    Thats good enough for me, Im excited to see this..
    Goodluck to both of you.

    MoneyMatters 0-0 -vs- BoogaTheGreat 0-0
    Preview: Goodluck to both of you.
  10. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    VII. King Grimet's Predictions

    Title Match:
    Doc Richards 4-0 -vs- Schadenfreude 4-0 -- DR

    Contendership Match:
    Chrit 3-1 -vs- Servical 3-1 -- Chrit

    As Seen On Tv 2-0 -vs- Willie Gallo 2-0 (Rematch) -- As Seen on TV
    Politics 2-0 -vs- alt mode 2-0 -- Politics
    -NR- 3-1 -vs- Gundam 3-1 -- NR
    ExodusIII 2-1 -vs- CzarKastRophee 2-1 -- Exo
    RICO 2-2 -vs- Lou CuttingEdge 2-1 -- Rico
    Force -vs- Sephiroth 1-0 -- Sephiroth
    Resilient. 1-0 -vs- Master Peace 2-2 -- Resilient
    Magic Johnson 1-1 -vs- King Grimet 1-1 -- King Grimet
    Smoke Trail 1-2 -vs- Arch~Nemesiz 1-1 -- Smoke Trail
    Anarch 2-2 -vs- itzconstant 1-3 -- Anarch
    4Matt 0-1 -vs- BloodGang 0-3 -- 4Matt
    DannyC 0-1 -vs- Charles 0-0 -- DannyC
    Moe Green 0-0 -vs- Mic'ed Up 0-0 -- Mic'ed Up
    S. Fitty 0-0 -vs- Yung Troy 0-0 -- No Clue?
    Veeyo 0-0 -vs- Ernie Murmyn 0-0 -- No Clue?
    Magus via The Dark 0-0 -vs- Minfinity 0-0 -- Magus
    MoneyMatters 0-0 -vs- BoogaTheGreat 0-0 -- No Clue
  11. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    VIII. The Text Crew Scene

    If you havn't seen yet, Text Crews are back & in full force.
    There is currently 7 active crews & about 4-5 of them are
    only like a Week or Two weeks old. So everyone is getting
    back into crews, everyone is coming back & being Active.
    The Crews will be clashing this week & more & more
    during the weeks to come in the RBL. Beef & Personal
    Drama will shoot through the roof, here we go everyone..
    Get ya popcorn ready.​

    Text Crews.

    Text Masters of the Universe:
    Members: MCQuriosity, Calefaction, Baron Mynd, The Return, Bonnie Bathory, Lucifa, SpeedyCalhoun
    Status: Active
    Leader: MCQuriosity

    Masterminds Undefined:
    Members: King Grimet, DiC GeTs Gully, -Sephiroth-, Halloween Jack, Master Peace
    Status: Active
    Leader: King Grimet
    Contact: Email -, Aim- King Grimet, Or PM

    Street Prophets:
    Members: BloodGang, Jook
    Status: Active
    Leader: BloodGang

    Hooligans of Cyber Rap:
    Members: Got Life, Infinite Truth, IllWeezy, Cereal Killer
    Status: Recruiting
    Leader: Got Life?

    Killa Thugs with Doorags:
    Members: Formal Logic, The Return, alt-mode
    Status: n/a
    Leader: n/a

    Kritikal Spittaz:
    Status: Active
    Leader: Madd Ill

    Members: Chase Murda, Lady Venom, TeKneeK, Sick Thoughtz, Zone187, Tru life, NIGHT HAWK, Mr. Redeyez, 50cal
    Status: Active
    Leader: n/a
  12. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    IX. King's Section

    Please PM me or Reply to the magazine thread & give me feedback
    About this section. I want to know who is reading it, going to the links
    Who likes it, who doesn't like it, what people like or don't like, etc. etc.
    So please take the time to write me some criticism.


    Interested in building & expanding your vocabulary?
    Specially as a writer, poet, emcee, etc.. Having a
    large vocabulary is critical to reach the next level.
    Here's some websites & What not:

    Subscribe for Word of the Day Email:

    Unusual Word Dictionaries:

    Quotation Pages:

    Want a Site to stay up with everything Hip-Hop?
    all the Hip-Hop News, Lyrics, Audios, Videos,
    Honeys, Gear, Shoes, Mixtapes & More..

    To listen to Freestyles, diss tracks, new songs way before
    they come out on a cd or on the radio, here the link.
    Hip-hop game gets all these songs first, its dope.

    & Thats all for King's Section this week. Peace.
  13. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    X. Conclusion

    This is the end of the magazine this week, hope everyone enjoyed it
    I put the whole thing together, it took several hours combined so I
    Hope it gets some good reviews cause Im honestly impressed with
    my work. This is prolly the best magazine I've done.. Ever.. as far
    as content & stuff goes. But anyways. Peace. Goodluck this week.
    Lot of Dope battles & shit going on. Very Exciting.
  14. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    & Thats the Magazine folks.
  15. BoogaTheGreat

    BoogaTheGreat yuuule!

    Oct 15, 2003
    hol up
    nobody knows who i am?

    by the way
    nice as mag
    i like the work you put into it
  16. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    Word thanks fool, It took a long time this week haha

    Im finally done posting the threads. check in & get rdy to battle!
  17. Smoke Trail

    Smoke Trail Writing My Life

    Aug 20, 2003
    good work pimpin
  18. -ion-

    -ion- Tough Guys Wear Pink

    Nov 7, 2003
    good mag

    you should think of maybe doing a POWER RANKINGS or ONES TO WATCH section

    just a friendly suggestion

    but props on this mag
  19. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    Thank you, I love suggestions, & Ill take that into consideration.
  20. Resilient.

    Resilient. .. . ..

    Sep 9, 2001
    Lol @ that bit about me. Good luck this week, Master Peace

    And cool mag man.. Good shit
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