The Way Love Goes

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    Oct 4, 2005
    The Way Love Goes

    Some cats need a punch in the nose don’t have the first
    Hunch about flows, thier lunch goes uneaten the worse
    In HIPHOP while I rip blocks with verbs and words yall
    Nerds no skills and never read the writing on the wall
    Should care and be aware of your surroundings hell call
    The Grammar teacher set up a class because your corrupt
    Trash won’t fly and don’t try to hide wish yall suckers luck
    I’m a master of my location and act as ambassador in negotiations
    Rejected but healing affected by feelings of the opposite sex
    “So boo I’m filled with surprise and still want the cream complex
    Pies between your thighs, look smooth in lace can move at an
    Unhurried pace, worried about the chase doe I need a wet plan
    With love talk let me amend my life then we begin nice your hand
    In mine, tits poking will admit they smoking I must quit hoping
    For some, your groove is up I must improve my conduct it choking
    My chance for a romance, I dance with wolves and bark with dogs
    Start to fog my mind with sex boo,” “wait rhyme your great lines clog
    My thinking, a girl needs a break the world fill with fakes boys try hog
    The sex, RHYME damn you push wanna ambush my red lips with kisses
    Huh? Then I’ll be drunken while you pumping my thing and reminisces
    Going crazy knowing my baby gravy is hot may yell stop but you won’t
    At this point sex is sprung and dope and it go among folks hung don’t
    Smoke the mattress and break my headboard doe, like a TV you wanna
    Search the news and be much amused by what you find then you gonna
    Change my channel goto HBO’S Sex in the City and that’s vexed and
    Witty then suck my titty in silk just to get milk under the quilt then plan
    To cum with the cock a lot while I yell stop I’m hot oh my G spot be
    On fire think you got a fettish for my lettuce and like rabbits under a tree
    Bam bam thank you mam! Girl this stuff show is good you got boo I’ll yell
    As your cock swell you’ll be tearing it up and wearing an abrupt rubber well
    I’ll have to give you some then RHYME I remember this one boy
    Really wanted some he was shook and alone took me home just to toy
    With the hairs around my thing wearing renowned bling we were at
    The club he had fat dubs on his ride were love to a girl’s eyes he pat
    Me on the back he really occupied my attention tried not mention that
    I was hot down there juice in my panties produce candies for boys he
    Was rapping so hard
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