The Warlord (unfinished topical)

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    Apr 18, 2001
    Just some ideas I was running with for a topical that went unfinished due to a family emergency. I might finish this yet.


    Just his presence could curse the dirt, sun and the flowers
    spreading fear that can circle the earth in under an hour.
    Whats worse, you'll never quench his thirst.....

    because of his hunger for power.

    These are my accounts of a manical rise of a beast.
    A tyrant who hides in the streets, and thrives on lies and deceipt.
    A war-torn warlord adorned with hoards of horses,
    plenty of swordsmen to forfeit. Evil? He's morbid.
    He scours the land for battle, overpowering man and cattle.
    Rise against him? Face death or wind up bound with hands in shackles.
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