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Discussion in '420Lounge' started by Drugged Jesus, Jun 6, 2004.

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  1. Drugged Jesus

    Drugged Jesus Is better than you.

    Apr 14, 2004
    One of my friends was telling me this... He is a non-smoker;

    JerichoholicxXx: how about you just smoke some oregano or something
    JerichoholicxXx: it will probably have the same effects
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Nah.
    GeeOhDrugs Says: I can't find any of it.
    JerichoholicxXx: lol
    JerichoholicxXx: marijuana was invented by hippies in the 60s to try and make people join in on their culture because they couldn't pull people in on their shitty taste in music and clothing, marijuana is really just a placebo invented by a bunch of gay hipsters
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Why does it make me high?
    JerichoholicxXx: its all in your mind
    JerichoholicxXx: if you truly believed that you were high then you would be
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Hey, damnit. I really am High.
    JerichoholicxXx: see
    GeeOhDrugs Says: I'm eating viccodin.
    JerichoholicxXx: yea but you see that you have trained your mind to experience the same high from taking an actual medication to experience a similar, yet false, feeling when you smoke
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Whoa, what the fuck?
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Slow down.
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Explain it in idiot's terms.
    JerichoholicxXx: smoking is unhealthy for your lungs, do you agree?
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Yea, I agree.
    JerichoholicxXx: smoking was the cool thing to do, when beatniks and other fags of that nature back before hippies
    JerichoholicxXx: it destroys your lungs
    GeeOhDrugs Says: I smoke cigs, tho, too.
    GeeOhDrugs Says: I know they aren't worse than weed.
    GeeOhDrugs Says: But, I love the weed feeling.
    JerichoholicxXx: hippies couldnt make up their own placebo, so they took a plant and made it into a cigarette
    GeeOhDrugs Says: what's a placebo?
    JerichoholicxXx: you could experiencd the weed feeling from anything if you trained your body to get that high
    JerichoholicxXx: a false drug
    JerichoholicxXx: doctors give them out all the time
    GeeOhDrugs Says: So, these viccodins aren't real?
    JerichoholicxXx: you say that you are sick when you really arent, and they give you placebos and you think that you feel better therefore you do feel better
    JerichoholicxXx: not all drugs are placebos
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Why is marijuana a placebo?
    GeeOhDrugs Says: It hought the THC was the fucker uper.
    JerichoholicxXx: the hippies made it that way
    JerichoholicxXx: its not really
    GeeOhDrugs Says: So, what is THC?
    JerichoholicxXx: the hippies said it was, and young impressionable people who werent satisfied with themselves decided to play along and it led to millions of people believing the lie
    JerichoholicxXx: who knows, its just a name for something that isnt giving you the effects you think it does
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Well, damnit...
    GeeOhDrugs Says: I'mma keep smokin this damn placebo, until I find something that gives me the feeling.
    JerichoholicxXx: well, you could find other things like, masterbation, or food, thats what fat people use
    GeeOhDrugs Says: masterbation is a lot of work.
    GeeOhDrugs Says: And, it doesn't work well with viccodins.
    JerichoholicxXx: its a lot healthier and isnt illegal
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Yea, but the work, man.
    GeeOhDrugs Says: The work...
    JerichoholicxXx: the government made marijuana illegal because it was cutting in on their business (cigarettes) so they had to try and get the money back that is going to the purchasing of marijuana
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Why don't they just do with marijuana what they do with cigarettes?
    JerichoholicxXx: why have two have the same thing when one works just as well
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Because, the other would work better.
    JerichoholicxXx: they didnt realize when they made it illegal that so many people would start to do it anyway because they are so ignoratn and impressionalbe
    GeeOhDrugs Says: I like being ignorant and impressionable.
    JerichoholicxXx: thats why you have been caught up in a lie that is close to 50 years old
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Ehh... write a book.
    JerichoholicxXx: that would be pointless because the majority of people like you would never see it or have read 3 books in their entire lives
    GeeOhDrugs Says: LMFAO!
    JerichoholicxXx: books are archaic, old, and almost completely useless in today's society
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Make a movie.
    JerichoholicxXx: that movie has already been made, its called reefer madness
  2. Offbeat

    Offbeat New Member

    Nov 2, 2001
  3. Dunpeal

    Dunpeal Graying men, mmm

    Aug 12, 2002
    your friuend is a fucking idiot....

    sounds like the type of simpleton i love making look stupid in a debate....

    kid obviously has no clue what he is talking about and pullin shit out his mouth....
  4. Complete Chaos

    Complete Chaos I'm Drugs.

    Nov 2, 2001

    That's what he's good at.... He just doesn't know much about drugs, period.

    But, if you get him on a different platform of debate... kid is a genius.
  5. Dunpeal

    Dunpeal Graying men, mmm

    Aug 12, 2002
    I'd still punish him...i debate with my life on the line!!!

    Viva la MARY JANE!!!
  6. Complete Chaos

    Complete Chaos I'm Drugs.

    Nov 2, 2001

    Get at me on aim... I have a question about Mary Jane, and I figured you'd know the answer.
  7. Blemickis

    Blemickis I get computers puting

    Feb 28, 2002
    as fucked as I was last week there is no way that is true
  8. Dunpeal

    Dunpeal Graying men, mmm

    Aug 12, 2002
    you ain't on right time i'm on and see you i'll get atcha
  9. zyclon B gas

    zyclon B gas sososerious

    Apr 23, 2002
    yeah, invented in the 60's by hippies. what an imagination
  10. swiss-

    swiss- a.k.a emperikal

    Aug 19, 2002
    hhaha thats fuckin bullshit

    im takin a 3rd year psych course called Drugs and Behavior and its been proven that it may have placebo effects with some people but thats the same case for anything.. liquor, caffiene or whatever have u
  11. Cigma

    Cigma Maxwell's Demon

    Apr 5, 2002
    You're friend is ignorant. His bullshit is only believable by fools.

    All you have to do to refute his hypothesis is let someone who doesn't know what Marijuanna is and let them smoke a joint. According to your friend, if its a placebo it should have no affect on them since they would not know that marijuanna makes you high. I guarantee they will feel some affect that would fall under the terms of being 'high.'

    Marijuanna has been used for thousands of years, both as a medicine and for its intoxicating effects. The reason why Marijuanna was viewed negatively and prohibited in the U.S. was because it was introduced by the mexican migrant workers during the 1920's and became popular with minorities and musicians, both seen as threats to the white population.

    They tried to portray marijuanna as a drug that incited violence in the users and was more addictive than heroine... when in fact marijuanna actually does the opposite and creates a sense of well being in individuals. They passed the Marijuanna Tax Law before the 60's even occured.... which was a Law that said that you had to posess a permit in order to transport weed, but in order to obtain said permit, you had to produce the weed, so basically you were already breaking the law. This was later found unconstitutional... go figure.

    Your friends conjectures are silly and do not even come close to rational logic. I hope you are not so easily misled.
  12. PotHead

    PotHead average brilliance

    Mar 7, 2000
    all TRUTH.

    your friend is rather.... too confident in himself. Weed has been around for a lot longer than the hippie era.

    "Reefer Madness" is a propoganda tape - although I've never seen it myself. If you want a nice overview on the history of Marijuana I suggest watching:

    GRASS - narriated(sp?) by Woody Harrelson.
  13. DjRemedy

    DjRemedy New Member

    Jan 28, 2004
    not true i know someone who tried it
  14. PotHead

    PotHead average brilliance

    Mar 7, 2000

  15. 0C04

    0C04 New Member

    Sep 1, 2003

    listen to this kid... he knows what hes talking about!!
  16. UAReStupid

    UAReStupid New Member

    Aug 8, 2002
    WTF you people need to leave me alone

    Please don't message me on AOL and annoy the shit out of me. I don't believe any of the shit i said, I was just trying to see how gullible my friend is. I don't care about weed, or alcohol or any other drugs and i don't want to debate with any of you. Go back to making "tight rhymes with good flow" on your messageboard until you can "go record you underground records." Or you can go back to working at McDonalds and living in your parent's basement in reality.

    Here is the dumbass convo I had with someone who read this thread

    BlaqNWyte420: are you tha dude who says weed doesnt get you high?
    JerichoholicxXx: .........yes
    BlaqNWyte420: ur an idiot
    JerichoholicxXx: do you smoke weed?
    BlaqNWyte420 signed on at 5:30:43 PM.
    BlaqNWyte420: im high right now
    JerichoholicxXx: i think this is really sad that i made up a lie and you dumbasses want to argue about it
    JerichoholicxXx: the sad thing is i think people believe me
    BlaqNWyte420: If marijuana was a placebo, than why didnt i get high tha first time i smoked it
    BlaqNWyte420: Now your tryna save face
    BlaqNWyte420: i bet you were serious...ur friend believed you
    JerichoholicxXx: i dont want to save face with you guys, you all are fags who are caught up in a world of retardedness and faggotry
    BlaqNWyte420: ....
    JerichoholicxXx: i know my friend believed
    BlaqNWyte420: lmao
    JerichoholicxXx: he is very impressionable
    JerichoholicxXx: why do you think he is in to drugs and message board rapping
    BlaqNWyte420: Why do you think smoking weed is a world of "retardeness an faggotry"?
    JerichoholicxXx: whats so great about it?
    JerichoholicxXx: nothing
    JerichoholicxXx: people who smoke it just do it cause they want to be cool dudes
    BlaqNWyte420: Have you ever been high before?
    JerichoholicxXx: no....i dont feel a need to fit in with a bunch of people who like eminem or godsmack or whoever the flavor of the month is
    BlaqNWyte420: I agree that alot of ppl smoke weed to be cool , but that doesnt mean everyone does
    BlaqNWyte420: shit, i smoke by myself alot
    JerichoholicxXx: i think they do, but they just refuse to accept that they have to rely on it to be "cool"
    JerichoholicxXx: its something that most people mature out of....hopefully, some dont, some see past the idiocy and dont even try it
    BlaqNWyte420: So if you started smokin weed and liked it, then continued to smoke it then you'd just be doin it to be "cool"?
    JerichoholicxXx: its how you started
    BlaqNWyte420: lol
    JerichoholicxXx: you dont just wake up and go i dont want to be cool but ill smoke weed
    BlaqNWyte420: i know loners who smoke pot
    BlaqNWyte420: Band geeks
    BlaqNWyte420: etc
    JerichoholicxXx: see
    JerichoholicxXx: they want to be cool
    BlaqNWyte420: lol
    BlaqNWyte420: not everyone smokes to be cool dog
    JerichoholicxXx: they use the weed to try and get people to see past that they play in the marching band
    BlaqNWyte420: i do it cus it gets me high
    JerichoholicxXx: you think thats cool though, right?
    BlaqNWyte420: What is "cool" exactly?
    BlaqNWyte420: Is it what you see on T.V?
    JerichoholicxXx: its what you see on tv
    JerichoholicxXx: or you wouldnt be smoking weed
    BlaqNWyte420: I barely watch tv
    BlaqNWyte420: i hate mtv
    BlaqNWyte420: an i listen to underground rap, not mainstream
    JerichoholicxXx: you let movies, television, and music dictate what you like
    JerichoholicxXx: thats the saddes thing i have ever heard
    BlaqNWyte420: lol
    JerichoholicxXx: just because its underground doesnt make it any better than anything else
    BlaqNWyte420: i didnt say it was better, I like it more...that doesnt justify tha whole genre being any better than another...
    JerichoholicxXx: just because you listened to crazy town and realized how fruity you are and had to resort to listening to aesop rock or some other rapper no on has heard of so that you wont be judged as a fag by your peers
    JerichoholicxXx: underground isnt a genre of music
    JerichoholicxXx: its jsut music that hasnt become popular
    BlaqNWyte420: I dont listen to im tha only one in my crew that even listens to underground....i dont do it to fit in.
    BlaqNWyte420: If you think that than your an idiot
    JerichoholicxXx: you do it so that your friends think there is something more to you than just your superficiality
    BlaqNWyte420: lol
    BlaqNWyte420: Superficiality?
    BlaqNWyte420: Because i smoke weed?
    JerichoholicxXx: yes
    BlaqNWyte420: Now thats tha dumbest thing ive ever heard
    JerichoholicxXx: i dont know a single person that isnt a hipster or into some kind of lame scene that smokes weed
    JerichoholicxXx: whether its punk, goth, rap, or whatever
    BlaqNWyte420: Sooo, beacuse someone is into sumthin that your not into, they automatically are just tryna "fit in" an be cool?
    JerichoholicxXx: clothes are specifically manufactured for your taste in music movies and anything else thats for that scene
    JerichoholicxXx: im not into a scene
    JerichoholicxXx: but yes
    BlaqNWyte420: what if YOU started smokin weed....would you be doin it to fit in?
    JerichoholicxXx: if i were smoking it
    JerichoholicxXx: i would be
    BlaqNWyte420: lol
    JerichoholicxXx: but i dont want to fit in with the people that do smoke it
    BlaqNWyte420: why you wouldnt be into any "lame scene"
    BlaqNWyte420: youd jus be gettin high
    JerichoholicxXx: whats the point?
    BlaqNWyte420: you feel good
    BlaqNWyte420: thats tha point
    JerichoholicxXx: you might liek the feeling but that still doesnt mean that its not because you like eminem or snoop dogg or whoever
    JerichoholicxXx: and that you are going to drop it like its hot
    BlaqNWyte420: LOL
    JerichoholicxXx: or whatever you say
    BlaqNWyte420: I think your just tryna be cool, by "rebelling" against everything you think is cool.
    BlaqNWyte420: You think unique an better than everyone else.
    JerichoholicxXx: i dont care if you think one is going to think im cool becuase its the FUCKIN INTERNET
    BlaqNWyte420: I wasnt talkin about jes tha internet. dumass.
    JerichoholicxXx: i dont even talk about smoking weed to anyone outside of these dumbasss conversations i have with internet rappers
    BlaqNWyte420: Im talkin about tha way you think. I know ppl like you, If you dont agree with something its automatically called stupid. You are exactly whats wrong with this world, if oyu cant understand something you hate it an try to degrade it when you dont know SHIT about it. There was once this German leader who falls under tha "category" you fall under...
    JerichoholicxXx: OMG IM LIKE HITLER
    BlaqNWyte420: OMG i smoke weed to be cool!
    BlaqNWyte420: NOOOOOOOOO
    JerichoholicxXx: youre right
    JerichoholicxXx: i dont give a shit if the world is a better palce
    BlaqNWyte420: see, i can act jes like you.
    JerichoholicxXx: its not going to get any better from dumbass convos with people like you
    JerichoholicxXx: NO DONT ACT LIKE ME
    JerichoholicxXx: FUCK ME
    JerichoholicxXx: LETS RECYCLE:)
    BlaqNWyte420: U tell seem to know everything..
    JerichoholicxXx: i only seem to know everything to you because you are a dumbass
    JerichoholicxXx: im jsut a little fuckin kid
    BlaqNWyte420: ....
    BlaqNWyte420: ill leave you to wallow in your ignorance.
    JerichoholicxXx: thanks i appreciate it
    BlaqNWyte420 signed off at 5:57:32 PM.

  17. Mr ExZ

    Mr ExZ evolved

    Jan 1, 2002
    lmao.. tell your dickhead friend its a proven fact it releases some cerotonium in your brain which is what makes you feel happy.. e releases a shit load of it-- thats why when your coming down from rollin your all pissed and shit

    also its a proven fact that weed nulls most of your senses and impairs your thinking..

    yeh tell that dumbass that i guess drinking doesn't get you drunk neither.. your body is just thinking your drunk and causing you to throw up when you've had to much..

    but yeh, its all in your head :rollseyes:

    i hate n1ggas who try to talk about somethin they don't even do or no of..
  18. sinista6150

    sinista6150 New Member

    Feb 14, 2004

    This is an Example of how the unintelligent are led around by the ignorant,slightly more intellegent person. In this example Gee is tha gullable fool an Jeri is tha ignorant person who thinks everything can be classified.
  19. Complete Chaos

    Complete Chaos I'm Drugs.

    Nov 2, 2001
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Yea, shut the fuck up, now.
    BlaqNWyte420: "Weed doesnt get you high? its all in my mind" hahahahahaha
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Wait, I thought I told you to shut the fuck up, you annoying bitch.
    BlaqNWyte420: LMMFAO
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Wait, I thought I told you to shut the fuck up, you annoying bitch.
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Read.
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Shut the fuck up.
    GeeOhDrugs Says: Thank you, my little bitch.
  20. Complete Chaos

    Complete Chaos I'm Drugs.

    Nov 2, 2001
    Jokes are something you try to avoid..?

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