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    Feb 5, 2006

    This is a must to either retain for knowledge or to realize whatz really going on. I have come to a conclusion, that for any system that is built for use. It is a reality that it have loop holes, that are short handed because of rainbow tape. Allowing the long arms of the law to flex, its ability to streghten the choke hold that they already have on us. I've collected data by using the loop hole, hoping that what I saw would reach others. If not reach, at least it will show the enviroment that they are in, other than the society that they wake up in everyday. Plz save the jokes, Plz dont come in this thread talk'n junk. I was a viewer like you, until i've saw the light. The light not only of life itself or knowledge, but the light of evil and distruction of man kind. I prepare these group of links as bulk, in these vids you will also see links to retain more information if needed. I am not try'n to brain wash or be a threat to any one. I say that because once a BLACK man retain a sort of knowledge like this, That is what he is consider under the U.S laws. There are things that may scare you, things that WILL lift a eye brow. I am sure this is deep information, and as I am feel'n the fear of secretivity, the people that showed this is or felt the same way. Take a seat, relax because this is mind blowing. GOT TIME?
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