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  1. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    The RSTL United is a publication made for the audio and the text
    division of the Rapmusic Story/Topic League. This first ever
    unification of both the audio and text will package itself into one
    big magazine to provide a lengthier but more interesting type of
    information to the readers. All stories, columns, articles are
    reported in the actions, exploits and events happening in the league.
    If you are interested in writing and submitting a story, you can
    contact TEK on AIM @ tekneek2000. You can also contact by e-mail at

    What is up, you are now tuned in to RSTL UNITED, the first ever
    magazine that features both the audio and text leagues in the RSTL.
    It's been a week of interest from both divisions---most notably on the
    text side where RSTL champ Nique will go down as the first ever
    woman's RSTL Champion. With power rankings from both the text and
    audio divisions featured, we also have some interviews from a
    well-known product from the audio side Taiyamo Denku and a further
    discussion with Lucifer Leviathan on women in text.

    OUR NEW MODERATOR – Text/Audio

    I would like to announce to everyone that we are still looking for
    one more mod to help us hold down the league. Our newest moderator
    that we picked up is a vet to the game and is beneficially a product
    of both text and audio. He will help with both leagues and will also
    oversee everything that goes down as well…… so without further adue ….
    I give you…….

  2. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999


    I AM… – Text/Audio

    The names MC4SIGHT, I'm 19, have golden brown eyes, sexy thighs and
    love long walks on white sand beaches. I'm also your new RSTL
    TEXT/AUDIO MOD. You may remember me or you may not. If not you soon
    will, if not from the sexy thighs than most definitely what I will do
    for this league. I'm here to help TeKneeK out and stay on top of
    getting everyday things crackin throughout the league.

    I've been around this league for some time, and been lucky enough to
    see some of the greats. Vern-acular, Jowelz, Tha Talent, Infinite
    Truth, Richard Corey, Peril Eyes, L-Dogg and more. I've faced all of
    those named and more. I've been around. I've seen the league ran
    differently many times. Now I'm back, like that outbreak you've been
    getting once every few weeks since that night you got drunk as hell
    and thought the gay bar was full of asian hookers. Okay, I need better
    jokes, but you get the point.

    It's nice to see all the things going on, our first female title
    holder congrats to Nique, Doyen/Vern etching ever so closely to the
    magical number hundo win, and new faces as always bringing new styles
    and dope stories to the text side.

    Not only that one thing I always hope to see, and that's an AUDIO
    side. What an incredible idea I must say, If only it would've been
    done sooner. Already doing well we got kids like Orange407County and
    The Source ripping it up and trying to get their names in the RSTL
    audio history real quick. Vern is signed in, plus TeK our very own
    mod, and soon myself soon as my new mic gets in my hands.

    THE RSTL is poppin off, and I'm here now bitches. Get ready. I'm here
    to make this league hotter than it already it is, TEXT and AUDIO. RBL
    what's that? RSTL kids. MC4SIGHT aka your newest addition to the
    modding family… so like I said get ready! Get set, and for goodness
    sake use protection next time you plan on a drunken adventure to a
    supposed asian hooker club, and pray my next article has better jokes.


    On account of LUCIFER LEVIATHAN'S claim that she was rightfully the
    first female ever to win a championship (tag team) against two
    individuals and be known as 1st female textcee champ, all those past
    and present should come to attention not also for LL but also to
    NIQUE, who became recently the noted lady to gain in RMC history as
    the first woman to win the RSTL crown.
  3. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    And to make things even more interesting, this week's contention at
    the top spot is composed of three women and probably the best RSTL
    champion ever in VERN-ACULAR. How major is that? Despite the
    horrific number of only 18 people in the league, the possibilities of
    the once run-of-the-mill competitors can savor the scarcity of
    heavyweights and find themselves in looking to reach championship
    status. But wait. No MAC FLOW? No TALENT? No DICINYAEYES or
    JOWELZ? The one question that we may raise right now is--- would
    NIQUE be where she's at today if champions of the past had been also
    included in the league? What if MALOSOVICH, or PENT-UP or other
    textcees had remained and moseyed about in the top ten. Would it been
    different to see the outcome if NIQUE had confronted any of them?

    The answer is NO. NIQUE as of late has been delighting many readers
    with her writing—most notably her wordplay. From the three weeks
    previous, her consistency has been well-maintained and her keen skills
    have yet to falter. And that she will need especially when facing the
    likes of what some will say the greatest RSTL champ ever.
    VERN-ACULAR, a seasoned heavyweight, who possesses the most number of
    wins compared to anyone in history, who has won the RSTL crown 9 times
    on the verge to 10. NIQUE, a woman above all in the past, the ERYKAH
    CAINE'S, the A.N.G.E.L.I.C.'s, the DIOSA'S, the ETERNALPATH'S has
    placed herself queen amongst ladies, faces her most ultimate
    challenge—a challenge that many heavyweights have lost to de••••ably.
    What will happen this week? What will be the outcome? --- Put it this
    way, if NIQUE beats VERN-ACULAR, not only will that be a women's first
    ever title defense succeded, but also the biggest win ever that she's

    This win will also raise the likely question, Are Females ready to
    take over? Are the ladies finally getting their edge? Are they
    getting exposed finally?

    RSTL UNITED had a talk with LUCIFER LEVIATHAN and came up with some
    words from the first ever women's text champion:

    RSTL UNITED: What is your feeling now that you have mentioned that you
    are legitimately the 1st female champ --- but also the fact that Nique
    is the first RSTL woman's champion?

    LUCI LEVIATHAN: I feel great about it. I'm extremely happy for her.
    Keep holdin' it down Nique. If we want to get into semantics, yes I am
    the first female champ, but at the time I had only revealed my true
    gender to a select few, who kept it a secret. So interpret it how you
    want. Again, nice job, Nique.

    RSTL UNITED: What is your feeling about being the first RSTL woman in
    the audio division? - Does this have any sense of empowerment being
    the lone female? --- Or is it just something you do despite the male
    dominated league surrounding you?

    LUCI LEVIATHAN: It's not a big deal to me, simply being the first
    female in the league. Alot of the heads know me as the good old LL,
    when everyone thought I was a guy. Those guys know what's up, and
    don't bring in my gender as a factor. Thanks to them, I don't see it
    as male dominated- in that sense. It's about respect and skill.

    RSTL UNITED: Nique has felt that politics within a male-dominated
    league can actually make it difficult for females to really make noise
    or impact whether if its audio or text. Are u agreeing to what she
    says? Do you sympathize from a female perspective - or do you just
    think that women aren't applying their maximum effort?

    LUCI LEVIATHAN: I agree. That's why when I signed up, I said I was a
    guy. I wanted to fight through all of that without the sexist
    politics. Guys can be really whiny when they get beat by a girl. They
    can also tend to "go easy" on a female due to primitive instincts- the
    need to protect and so forth. Both are unfair: going easy on a girl in
    votes or in battle doesn't help her to reach her fullest poterntial.
    The fear of bieng defeated by what is commonly referred to as "the
    weaker" sex feels threatening to their manhood. Sometimes, maybe
    subconciously or conciously males may use a sexist bias when voting.
    Also, the whole "bitch" and "period etc. jokes get old. I mean... Come
    the fuck on. Grow the fuck up. Get some fucking skill.
  4. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    RSTL UNITED: Do you think one day women regularly will be fitted into
    the top 10?

    LUCI LEVIATHAN: Think about the male to female ratio on the site.
    Think about the average skill of active females vs active males. If
    you crunch the numbers, actually we are whoopin that ass. I mean, as
    far as rankings per gender.

    We will see what transpires come end of this week. As for NIQUE,
    another win can make things even bigger for her—far bigger.
    Seemingly, there's no real pressure in accordance to her writing. If
    she applies to just be the way she's been, I don't think VERN-ACULAR
    can find himself to get his 10th title. To be continued.


    It's been a month headed into a month in the audio division, and to
    everyone's surprise and happiness, the audio league is flourishing
    despite the no-shows and is moving forward. Our first ever champ,
    ORANGE407COUNTY aka SYN, is still holding it down, but barely. With
    his tie against one of the league's up and comers THE SOURCE, a win
    from KLUTCH previous will make this first ever three-way title match
    SYN'S biggest challenge.

    Is SYN prepared to face his first loss? Or is SYN on the verge of his
    second successful title defense? From a musical perspective, SYN has
    fared well and has kept consistent with his tracks. The week before,
    he brought his best piece ever utilizing the elements that make him
    what he is, a champ.

    THE SOURCE on the other hand has exposed more of what he's capable of
    doing. Now for some voters, they might view SOURCE as best in his
    one-dimensional style rather than exploring and exposing the other
    things he's able to do. His singing ability on the hooks is new and
    original in this league, and is something voters will relish.
    Personally, if he contends to utilize his flow and singing to a top
    product track, we might see ourselves a new champ.

    This brings pressure to SYN. Not from SOURCE alone, but also from
    KLUTCH, who as of late, has been able to conserve himself to dropping
    short timed songs. But if there's ever a time when we'll see a true
    champion dropping their hottest, its this time for KLUTCH. And SYN
    will see himself either at the top or out of the #1 spot this
    week---indeed SYN'S greatest challenge. And if I know him, he won't
    feel no pressure but will bring his hottest ish.
  5. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    A special column by TEKNEEK.

    If this magazine ever needed anything to laugh at—it's this moment in
    time. Our ever-so-famous GOT LIFE, former moderator, former magazine
    writer, former ironman, and so-called audio king, has something to say
    to all the TEXT peeps and the AUDIO peeps… and …. We'll let's go to
    the interview:

    BEAR IN MIND: GOT LIFE asked to be signed out during this
    conversation---and then recently he claimed he didn't want to sign out
    and wanted to be back in with a match this week. Why???

    GOT LIFE: i'm no longer at a point in my writing where the league is
    developing me
    GOT LIFE: i'm a polished writer
    GOT LIFE: and my verse this week was far better than Nique's

    RSTL UNITED: good u can join the audio league :p

    GOT LIFE: 3 votes against me were cast because they didn't catch how
    it fit the topic
    GOT LIFE: that's the only reason they were cast against me
    GOT LIFE: that's just dumb people who don't know how to be creative with things
    GOT LIFE: lol @ audio RSTL
    GOT LIFE: that shit is worse than anything i've seen

    TEK: say what?!
    TEK: what are u talkin about

    GOT LIFE: i'm far to talented an emcee to waste my time /w that
    GOT LIFE: there's no 1 good in the league

    TEK: !??!?!?!?!?!??!?!
    TEK: im gonna take this quote down.
    TEK: i cant belive u jus said that.

    GOT LIFE: NO GOOD! is my boy
    GOT LIFE: but he needs work
    GOT LIFE: i've showed him what he needs to do
    GOT LIFE: he didn't listen, but that's that

    TEK: well u do u and he does him

    GOT LIFE: you're semi-decent, but def not anywhere on my level
    GOT LIFE: it's not about me doing me

    TEK: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TEK: omg no u didnt!

    GOT LIFE: if he wrote his shit properly
    GOT LIFE: and that ORANGECOUNTY clown...
    GOT LIFE: just wow...
    GOT LIFE: since when is it arite for niggas from the OC to spit
    GOT LIFE: kid needs to go back to the beach and hop off the mic
    GOT LIFE: i'd shatter him

    TEK: LMAO omg im so laughing at this conversation
    TEK: anything else you wanna add?

    GOT LIFE: i don't even pay attention to who's in that league
    GOT LIFE: but i'll tell you what
    GOT LIFE: you get the topics up and when i'm in the studio on Wed
    GOT LIFE: i'll drop a verse
    GOT LIFE: if I get a shot at the title

    TEK: dogg the topics are already up

    GOT LIFE: I lose...i'm eternally embarrassed and you can mock me forever

    TEK: LMAO!

    GOT LIFE: I win and i'll be your lil champ

    TEK: are u serious?

    GOT LIFE: yea
    GOT LIFE: create some buzz

    TEK: OMG - this is hilarious.

    GOT LIFE: throw this crazy nigga into the champ match

    TEK: sorry dude - i got a 3-way riding already - you got to earn your
    keep and climb on up.

    GOT LIFE: lol @ earn my keep
    GOT LIFE: you know i'm doper than everyone in the league

    TEK: no i dont know.


    Let me just make my first ever criticism on GOT LIFE:

    Dogg, you are NOT in ANYWAY better than the folks we got rockin on the
    audio division. You tell me to tag up your myspace music page number
    of times and listen to your new songs that you flood on the bulletin
    boards with. I listened to each of them once and never went back to
    hear it again. You are undoubtedly NOT the greatest, and I'd bet my
    100 points that you'd lose your first match if you did signed in to
    the league—LOL.

    2ndly, you prove you're an ironman in the text
    division---whoop-dee-do. As of late, your ego has taken you to crazy
    heights. I read your myspace bulletin posts about how you rocked this
    show and that show and your big 4th of July jam you got comin up… whooooa…. All praises
    to the crew-cut juggernaut!!! (bows down… bows down) Anybody with no
    life can be an ironman in a league. Me?? I'm just a special case.
    But truth be told, if I was to make the final tally on you versus
    NIQUE, I would've voted for her straight up and down. Sorry, you cool
    and all but sometimes your selfish egotism takes you to levels where I
    just wouldn't wanna speak upon.

    With that, with your big contributions to the league and your
    ever-so-wonderful writings about people in the mags, it seems clear
    now that people hate you because your ego gets in the way of your
    feelings for others. I would've thought PEOPLE NEED TO LIGHTEN UP..
    but at the same time, you have to also.

    Be real and be truthful, you are NOT the ‘standard’ that people want to read about in text and you’re also NOT the best in audio LMAO. If you
    wanted to go against the best in the audio division, I can accommodate
    a special match for you in next week's sequence, but for now, you get
    the backseat and NIQUE and ORANGE get the front seat, because theyre
    both champions and you're not.

    If anything, people will know you as the champion-who-had-to-be-a-mod-to-win-his-title, meaning your title is
    tainted no matter what. One of the newbies im'ed me and said PUT AN

    Till then, we'll just see how you react/respond to this. I've heard
    from the others, now you heard from me. It’s business, nothing personal.
  6. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    The RSTL is honored to have one of RM’s nicest representer, TAIYAMO DENKU to compete in our audio division. I sat down for an in-depth talk to DENKU about the audio side, the league, and what we should know about him.

    RSTL UNITED: What sparked your interest in wanting to join the audio league?

    TAIYAMO: Well Honestly if it was a strict battle league like just
    battling i probably wouldn't have joined but seeing as how it is
    topics I just like to do more creative stuff, And I think that random
    topics tossed out at you will just be fun and a way to drop more
    creative tracks not just for the league but one of the tracks you drop
    could possibly be used for a future project you know, I just think the
    whole structure of the audio league is interesting and innovative in
    itself, Caught my attention so I was like yea I am down.....

    RSTL UNITED: What's your feeling about this text vs audio thing here
    in RM? Do you think there's a fine line drawn with the idea of
    lyrical writing vs music in itself? - Speak on that.

    TAIYAMO: Well some text people don’t understand the concept if you
    convert from text to audio some of the lines you use you won’t be able
    to spit on a track cause the length is too short or too long or run on
    into the next bar length. Plus you could have the dopest text lines in
    the world with the worst delivery and presence dat it wouldn't matter,
    cause when you spit the lines over a beat you could sound boring or
    none of your lines would impact the listener over the beat. I remember
    back when i did text had some of the most out there creative lines but
    they ran on, when i would try to spit them they would be off a lil,
    and since I converted more to a emcee and doing real music, I have
    grown and it is not the end of the world when you have to take out a
    lil word to make the line sound better. I don't think a elite text
    person would have any to beat a elite audio person in making a song..
    just isn't feasible. As far as the dispute between audio and text on
    RM I think more-so working together would make both of the sides grow
    more as a community and for hip hop itself, nowadays people have such
    ego problems it is ridiculous, Lets all just make dope music....

    RSTL UNITED: For those in the text side who don't know, who are some
    of the top-game audio heads in RM? (battling wise and topically). Who
    would you like to see come over to the league?

    TAIYAMO: well the people I know that have true skill, well alot to
    name that have skills in both aspects. Battles you have your people
    like Warbux, Cire, Wird of Pley... and so on. As far as topic type
    emcees dat would fit into the league well i think you could have
    people like, Point Game, Nimrod, Laws, Spoonfull, Praverb, I mean the
    list could go on for ages, people need to realize I mean sure peeps
    sign up for these battles but most of the artists that sign up for the
    battles are not really even battle emcees if you check there song
    catalog you would see they have much more skill in song making or
    concepts where they would do better and probably enjoy a league with
    topics tossed at them.
  7. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    RSTL UNITED: Have you checked out any of the heads here in this league yet?
    RSTL UNITED: and if so who you feelin?

    TAIYAMO: well I have been very busy with work and music on my current
    project I havn't peeped much at all to tell the truth. I heard the
    last one ENEF did which was very creative in my eyes, but I look
    forward to hearing some of the talent this round that i am in and
    joined, should be interesting to see new talent, cause most of the
    cats that are in this as of now I havn't really heard of.....

    RSTL UNITED: Do you think the audio side should have a structured
    league like this in the future? There's been news that the audio
    battling league faltered twice. Maybe a topical league is long
    overdue perhaps?

    TAIYAMO: a battle league i don't think would work here that well
    anymore cause most of the true talent that is dope at battling
    wouldn't join due to the lack of money involvement that seems to be
    the only reason alot of people join the audio battles now is cause of
    the large battle money. It is kinda sad, Plus battling to me doesn’t
    show true skill anyway, Battling does nothing but show broke down
    boring lines that have been flipped dozens of times that add a punch
    to the opponent to try to prove your the best rapper of all time. When
    in reality the art of battling proves nothing much about a emcee at
    all, As far as tropics it is much more creative and difficult to do
    topics a lot more thought goes into it. But yea a battle league with
    straight battling I personally don't think it would work well cause
    like I said most of the good talent wouldn't join anyway. Too many
    people nowadays are in hip hop just for the money and forgot about the
    culture and life behind it all, which disturbs me as a emcee, I don't
    know call me old fashioned.

    RSTL UNITED: Battling is an element of rhyming - but moving away from
    that, who are your lyrical inspirations? Who are some groups or rappers that you
    look up to?

    TAIYAMO: I know battling is a element of rhyming I was just saying ,
    I hate when people say battling proves the greatest rapper of all
    time.... But as far as my lyrical inspirations, I would say artists
    such as Chino XL, the artist who people hate on cause he makes a bunch
    of songs with meaning verses but lines that stick out in minds, he is
    just creative with lines and says stuff people wouldn’t dare say,
    which is what I like about him, another would be Pharoah Monch, He
    inspires me most cause I remember vibing to a old Organized Confusion
    song "Bring It On" and when i heard Pharoah's verse I was like damn I
    mean he simple has a style of his own and on there probably one of the
    most creative and dopest verses in hip hop period. If you haven't heard
    it I suggest you do. As far as groups, Cannibal Ox I think have made
    one of my favorite albums of all time with Cold Vein. But I mean there
    is alot of artists I could say who have certain works that I have
    liked, As far as todays emcees, alot of people are getting boring and
    watered down I never thought I would see Talib Kweli the artists who
    brought us Reflection Eternal one of the greatest albums ever could
    have so many weak and trash albums after that. Anyway I just hope hip
    hop is on a uprise soon, cause right now with all the watered down
    artists out there doing it for just money the culture dies more each

    RSTL UNITED: This past week, the text division of the RSTL crowned its
    first ever female champ -- Nique. Females have been very scarce in
    the audio field correct? - Only one that I can name that's even
    visible is EMCEEGODDESS. What is your feeling about female text/audio

    TAIYAMO: EmceeGoddess is not a female emcee it is guy with a females
    name... HA HA HA HA , but yea female emcees are not around much I mean
    there used to be peeps like Athena back in the day but no real female
    emcees around much, You find more female emcees on Myspace then on RM
    and dats truth. I think it is good that females come compete with the
    fellas though, Me personally I like working with female artists just a
    whole different type of bond, i have worked with quite a few in my
    day. I wish there would be more of a female emcee population I know
    alot of peeps are like ohh Females suck anyway they can't compete with
    emcees, and to those peeps that think that I only say "Lauren Hill"
    she would probably shit on more them half the if not almost all emcees
    lyrically. So don;t knock female emcees.....

    RSTL UNITED: With this interview coming to a close, is there anything
    you wish to say to the readers? The mic is yours.

    TAIYAMO: Well i hope that all the growing emcees learn to know true
    hip hop soon and don't let the money that this greedy world gives to
    us control your strive to make good music. The hip hop industry today
    is plagued with people that are worried about nothing but the almight
    dollar and no skill involved just making a catchy hook with no meaning
    and the sex sells icon that portrays women as hoeish peices of eye
    candy that every great dog in a mile radius wants to fuck. I just say
    help build hip hop back to creativity peoples thats all... Ohhh And
    be on the look out for my upcoming album, with features by K the I
    (Mush Records), Alaska from Hangar 18 of Def Jux, Killasin of
    Killarmy, Mainflow of Mood, Freestyle Formerly of the arsonists, and
    production features from DJ Vadim, Cryptic One (Atoms Family), Jest
    One (Atoms Family), Dub L, and many more... be on the look out for
    some real hip hop peeps...
  8. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    The text division will celebrate. IV aka INSANEVILLIAN has returned. So let’s all give a good ole’ goodbye to the guy! I mean come on, he’s come and gone and come and gone – the boy loves attention (as I do too) and always brings a grand entrance to his return! Recently, IV has pulled a MALSOVICH by no-showing on two occasions and disappearing into thin air. The question is, ‘Is he back for good this time?’ Did he finally get himself a PC or did he rethink his ways into sneaking into his local library scrolling browser windows from gay porn into the RM message boards? (Just playin witcha).

    I will say one thing. In days of wayback, when IV was a mod, he was one productive mod. He was a great people person in the site and was enthusiastic and feverish to get some text work down. He’s had his share of victories, titles, and feats in years past here in RM, but what will it take for IV to stay and not catch the MALSOVICHITIS disease?

    Me and IV beefed and smacktalked a lot. But we know in the end, we were always knuckle-to-knuckle with one another. For a nice public holler, I just want to tell IV, ’We can make a good thing happen if a certain someone can rekindle those same days of old as a moderator revisited …’ --- Get rid of the sickness and be healthy brotha.


    The power rankings are strictly an opinionated view of what's
    happening with the people in the league currently and are voted based
    on the performance of their overall turnout in their audios. Anyone
    who wants to submit their own personal power rankings please send to
    TEK at and to submit them exactly in
    the way the following is shown: (NOTE: All those who signed in this
    week would NOT be in the rankings because we haven't heard you yet.)

    10 - CMagic – (previously debut) – Welcome to the league; now get down to some business and we’ll be seeing you higher in the rankings!

    9 - Vern-acular – (previously debut) – The greatest text division cat of all time arguably; how do you fare in audio? So far, so good!

    8 - SpuL – (previously debut) – People are dousing him with bad critiques; I think he’s capable of a higher climb.

    7 - Envizioneri – (previously #5) – I gave Envizioneri a boost in points from last week; I think once he finds his ability to explore different deliveries, he’ll be out of his one-dimensional rhyme style and moreso delving to new ones.

    6 - Junqtion – (previously #10) – I had a thing about his voice, but he’s come with two weeks of respectable turnouts; Is capable of giving problems to opponents—not bad at all.

    5 - Mathmatix – (previously Out) – A great comeback and great bring out with his recent exhibit; Can go higher when he applies his full effort in his songs.

    4 - The Source – (previously #2) – He’s not bad at all, but he’s not the greatest either; He is totally capable of it. He has only small adjustments to make, but will be something to listen for this week for sure!

    3 - Orange407County - (previously #1) – Are some of us getting tired of him at the top? Or are we just being too cruel to the guy? I know I am, I didn’t put him at #1. But this shouldn’t effect what people think of him—they have their own opinions! :p

    2 - Supa134 – (previously #12) – One of the competitors for the match of the week; In the beginning, I felt he was decent at best, but his latest song really impressed me and really had me looking forward to something again this week.

    1 - RiggsofHTI – (previously #7) – I don’t care who’s the champ right now—he is the hottest sensation in the league right now. He has that street flava and is seemingly respected most by the masses through word of mouth. His battle against Supa134 was a great match to listen to and will be a definite terror at the top spot without a doubt.
  9. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    Insense, Wise-Punchlines, Julius Caesar, Keynote

    5 – Vigil – (previously OUT) – With a 19-13 record, he’s had his shares of hi’s and low’s; If anytime, this is the greatest opportunity to get his gold before more heavyweights jump into the league.

    4 – MISSKEYdaQUEEN – (previously OUT) -- Winning the big one is what she needs to focus on as she writes; On her best day, she’s capable to win the title, but how serious is she right now?

    3 - Mirage1 – (previously OUT) – The next biggest threat to be the next women’s champ; I hope her and NIQUE will be the starting point of breeding the new and the old females to jump in and make themselves known amongst the fellas in the league.

    2 – Nique – (previously #1) – She’s had a historic week, but, winning this week will undoubtedly without question put her at #1 again and this time, with a greater feat accomplished.

    1 - Vern-acular – (previously #3) – RSTL is Vern-acular. He’s chasing a 10th title and is aiming to get 100 wins. Whether you like his writing or you think he’s boring or one-dimensional, he knows how to rack up the wins and he knows how to get the job done. Nobody will take #1 from VERN until VERN loses, period.


    At this time, I am sitting down with JEFF and looking to discuss the things that could happen in the future with this division. There could be a possibility of the text division returning back to its independent state as a text league purely and then the audio division moving over to the audio side. I have written a proposal on discussing the things to happen after GRB is done. If JEFF agreeably tries what I propose, the audio side of RM may keep itself as is in the battling department however the RSTL AUDIO DIVISION may be transformed into a league of its own and may be a collaborated team of former textcees and audio mods. It is being talked of at this point but very slowly. Anything else brought up will be exposed at a later time.


    We have 24 people currently in this week. If one of us took time to get 1 person to join our league, it would double to 48. If we each grab 2 people, there would be enough to pack all our threads in the first page of our forum.

    I ask that each of you find someone in the boards or from another site or whoever to join our league. Think of the activity and more of what you wanna hear to be found!

    Take time to keep this league stable and going and later, we may find ourselves going to bigger and better things. – Peace.

    Thanks so much for those interviewed -- I do would like to ask if
    you're interested in posting an article for next week - please do so.
    You know where to find me. AIM - TeKneeK2000 and on email:

    Thanks - and good luck this week.

  10. UneekTestimony

    UneekTestimony New Member

    Feb 16, 2003
    Cool, thanks LL and Got Life you're pathetic.
  11. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    i wouldve given nique run for her money

    not saying i woulda won
    but i woulda made it close
  12. Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar Born with Pain

    May 14, 2006
    Dope mag.....
  13. HellRzah

    HellRzah PurE EviL

    Mar 20, 2001
    werd to that
  14. mirage1

    mirage1 The One and Only

    Aug 7, 2005
    Great read in the mag this week. Thanks Tek.. Got Life I feel sorta of bad for you, but do you care to expalin how your story had anything to do with parents just don't understand? I wasn't against you I liked it but the people that voted weren't dumb we were confused so maybe you could clear it up. thanks sorry you lost but I'm happy for Nique u could at least be supportive of her.
  15. MC4SiGHT


    Apr 25, 2003
    The mag came out great. Good Luck to everybody on both sides this week.
  16. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    I dont need luck
    ive got NS on my side
  17. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    I dunno where this cornball Pent got the idea that i'm going to no-show...I haven't noshowed ever...anyway...

    Tek you're a real cool kid man...real cool's arite though...I left you out to dry a bit so it's all gravy...'s all about how I tied it into the end...the father never understood why it all transpired...I just didn't want to be cookie cutter with the topic...but even though I don't like Nique she does her thing and it was a close match...hell the votes were 5 to's not like it was a crazy blow out or whatever...

    As far as RSTL audio goes...I haven't heard a single one of them dudes as being nice...and Tek stop acting like I blow up bulletins and do this and that on myspace...there are a buncha dudes in the league who i'm friends /w on myspace and all of them can vouch...i'll throw up a bulletin as an update on what's going on or if there's somethin new going on once maybe in a 3 day span...I don't sit there asking people to be my friends or bump my music or w/e the fuck else you have in your twisted little head nigga...beyond that...I never said I was the greatest...but i'm better then the cats in the RSTL audio...

    You don't like my ego?'s all gravy...I stay real to me and I stay voicing myself...i'm not going to tuck my dick between my legs and abide by what you think is's cool though...ya'll motherfuckers need someone like me...ya'll need a fuckin bad guy...

    And i'm still the ironman herb...something you were like earlier this year talkin to me on some buddy boy shit tellin me you were goin 52 weeks and you were going to win a few couldn't even hack it to get 1 more win to get to're washed up homes and the only way you could get that 70th win is against someone whack as fuck like blackwell who's 0 - 9...

    On a different note...I seen Pain sign in, Vigil's in the league, Vern is still here...I seen IV sign in, ole boy Pent is here...and some other real familiar mugs...should be interesting...there are a lot of champs in the league and a lot of people with the skills to put on a real talented performance...

    *RSTLs Scarface*
  18. mirage1

    mirage1 The One and Only

    Aug 7, 2005
    Thanks I kind of see it now I guess I just had my own idea on how things tied in but that was an ok explanation
  19. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    put ur nuts where ur mouf is...

    ill post a special matchup with u vs ORANGE in audio side nex week...

    quit yappin and do what u say u could do.
  20. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    I told you...give me a title shot at the RSTL audio crown and i'll show...
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