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  1. MANchyld

    MANchyld Guest


    CONTENTS: MANchyld
    Top 10 Matche Report of the previous Insense
    Top 5 Pent Up
    Rules and Regulation Rikoshay (add it in when ur ready)
    MANchyld Interviews Pent Up for his view on the current membership in the league…


    As a lot of old members return, the RSTL has climbed to normal status of diverse and developed writing styles. Ex-champs are making themselves targets for the new comers that are gaining recognition and it makes for some great entertainment for us all. With Mac Flow, AKA Awdishin, L Dogg, Insane Villian, Vern, Yo Momma, Madpoet, Pestilence and yeah even Atreyu in the league after a break, I’m sure this week will be a memorable one if they all give some effort in their personal presentations to us. I’m actually a lil excited to read what everyone will bring for us and I hope that all these old heads can shake off the rust and bring us the dope shit we’re used to seeing from them because the leagues newbs are nothing to take lightly. With Pent Up, Libra, Cogzwell and Mindscape on the climb, they will up their game to get their chances at titles and stir up the league with a newly gained respect from the wins if they can manage to stay consistent with their verse content…… so either way, it’s gonna be a great week of writing. Have some fucking fun everybody and put a healthy dose of effort in because that’s what we all want to read. Feel it and do it…… pz


    Championship Match

    1. Seyance 9-0 vs. 2. Converse 6-1​

    When past competitors of the RSTL look at the champ match, surely they don't think of names like Seyance or Converse (still awaiting alias confirmation). But with the material these two have been dropping lately, people better start thinking and looking a little closer at these two. Seyance has been in the league for nine weeks now, and has yet to be defeated. His writing combines deep thoughts, witty lines, and strong mechanics all into one. His style is very smooth and he always seems to word things just write. Converse may be one of the best all round writers in the RSTL. Looking over his last few verses I have yet to see any real weakness. He has a great perception of his own style, and he will only continue to grow into a very though force.

    #1 Contender Match
    3. Insense 17-4 vs. 4. Noib tha Mutt 26-10​

    "With time, one can only learn and get better from their past mistakes"-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that was the theme of this match. Both Insense and Noib are some of the older talent here in the RSTL, and both have taken separate paths to perfect their crafts since the old Writers Block crew days. Both have also gained RSTL titles as well. Insense is probably one of the best RSTL writers in terms of capturing emotion form his readers. He always puts the reader into the character’s shoes, and make them feel like they are actually going through whats happening in the story. Noib is a very strong writer that can be the best when he really wants to be. Over his career in RSTL, he has gone from a threat to almost a guaranteed weekly win. Every competitor that has or will ever beat Noib will have definitely earned the W. This match should be very very interesting if both come out in full force.

    5. IV 37-5 vs. 6.Madpoet 18-6

    BOOM!!!!, thats right folks IV has made his return to the RSTL. If his 37-5 record doesn't put fear in your soul, then his resume will. But Madpoet is nobody to sleep on at all, Madpoet has gone from the role of student to teacher. Once again we have a match that pairs two former RSTL champs together. Also, what most don't know is....IV actually mentored Madpoet during his early RSTL years. IV's style is classic, varying from the boom or the always dependable 3 chapter structure. He obviously is very comfortable with his writing and will definitely be a heavily favored contender for another RSTL title. Madpoet should change his name to "Masuki", the flow master of multis. Whenever you read a verse with constant multis and a horrific end, you know you just read a Madpoet verse. This match will also be very interesting....

    7. Nique 9-1 vs. 8.Godfather 4-0

    Looking at this match might make you stop and wonder, hmmmmm where have these two been at the whole time. When it comes down to Nique, you only can question her ability to stay signed into the league. She had a damn good tourney run, and made it to the final four....and even though many people dislike and doubt her writing skills..she has continued to write ill stories and make pushes for the top. Godfather is the person in the RSTL that has flew below the radar and snuck into 8th in our ranks. I myself don't know much about godfather, but after peeping one of his verses I'll say that he has the makings of a good writer. I might smell an upset in this match...

    9. Athiest 33-11 vs. 10. Pent up 6-2

    This match right here could possible be the most underrated battle this week. Both writers have had a pretty good run in the RSTL, and as of late both seem to be getting hungrier and hungrier. Athiest is a seasoned vet when it comes to writing stories, one of the few that are left from the so called "Golden Era" of the RSTL. Athiest has the drive and unquestionable skills to make another run at the RSTL him very closely everyone. Now to Pent up, he has been one of those writers that have taken advantage of his past situations. Coming off a loss in the champ match, it will be interesting to see how he turns out these next few weeks. It's a big blow to the heart when you lose in the champ match and it will take determination as well as almost perfect stories with the people that are coming in the RSTL now. Will Pent up be able to prove he can write with the big boys or will he fade away into obscurity...congrats on winning Poet Tree championship too.
  2. MANchyld

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    Top Five Stanza's

    And she
    Crumbles behind her shaking hands, behind the eyes that cannot see
    Mind is blurred by all these tears, and all she wants is to be free
    These days just seem to fall apart, it all happens at once and now
    She's falling away from this darkness…
    …she'd escape if she knew how
    Another sleepless night she'll go through, another tear falls from her face
    She doesn't cry, so what is this…
    …how is she lost in this silent, lonely place
    Afraid to trust what she's believed in, been let down once more tonight
    All she wants is to forget this, she needs the promise that she's alright
    The difference now is that she crumbles…
    …behind the walls that would not break
    Wonders how to stop this, how much more that she can take
    Pressure building in her heart, a tiny bit starts to die
    She'll lay alone and bleed tonight, and she won't wonder why
    Somewhere she might get through this, if she can believe she must hold on
    Melting clocks will mark her way, their hands have turned to dust
    She’s running away from the eternity, she’s decided not to trust
    Cannot crumble into dust, senses she must be strong
    Crumbles behind her shaking hands, behind the smiles they can't see
    Hopes one day she can piece back, the brave young girl she used to be

    In the shadows of her footsteps,
    Mine are the hands sweeping away debris in the paths she hasn’t took yet.
    I’m existing as her platform, appointed for suspension,
    Allowing her to infinitely stand tall for boisterous pirouetting,
    Without her care or worry. I was there in the midst,
    When every suitor dared to dismiss her. I’d stare as she kissed them,
    Then moved stealthily behind the veil of her vision,
    Into her subconscious where “He’s not the right male.” I would whisper.
    Her name’s Amy…..the sun spites me astounded,
    Because as my center, since she was born I’ve run cycles around her.
    A divine right of power fuses my motives,
    She’s not stupid, she’s known the supernatural confuses her notions.
    But all she can rely on is the clue in the voice of,
    An old black man who tells her what to do when she’s coasting.
    An old black man who’s purpose was blurred, figuring,
    He’d cause a tug at her neck, when she heard the word “n-gger”…

    and I roam the dark as a stranger,
    Making sure she’s hardly in danger,
    It’s my job to encase her heart...

    …I’m her guardian angel…”

    3.Black Beard
    Her name was Natasha, we all new her because she dated our roster
    Passed through the click, but the last foo to hit was licked and made to a
    We made the promise then to never again circum to her vices
    And I’m trying to figure out how I transformed into the dummy on night-shift
    Somehow I'm suspected as the dirty mac of the crew
    Find out this bitch is yelling rape when she made the pass at a foo
    She refuses to press charges is what I'm told by Jason
    After he's made replacement best-man to marry my folks to Satan
    Extreme hatred and to no surprise the word traveled around
    With store owners kicking me out as I get hassled through town
    I try to call Pete, the mothafucka that plans to get with this liar
    She answers his phone yelling and screaming like I set her on fire
    Her performance was nice, more than enough to have me tortured for life
    Pete tells me if I bother them police will enforce all her lies
    A devious plan has my best friend not wanting to see me again
    He won't believe what I've said even though I've known him since we were 10
    I call up his parents, but they've already heard it all from that parrot
    I quickly tell them their son is entering a fraudulent marriage

    Merily, merily, merily, merily, life is but a dream.
    Do you dare to dream?
    I do.
    Incidentally, I dole idyls for idle eyes to idolize simultaneously.
    Aparently I'm prepared to seem like a champion of extraneous heresy.
    Is there such thing as a hanous parody?
    I'd say it's just plain disparity.
    I do dare to dream, but there it seems I do so carelessly.
    Either I don't have the right fare, or dreams don't fight fair,
    because nightmares take advantage of my temerity
    to the point where I'm too scared to scream.
    I can't take it.
    Save the coffee, spare the cream.
    Make it sacred for the sake of forsaking
    and place it somewhere between a pair of green eggs and ham.
    I will not eat it,
    but I will make it,
    on a stage,
    in a cage.
    Would that become all the rage, or would it be simply embarrassing.
    I gotta step up my presentation, but there's a stair missing.
    Now chew on this disparaging remark beyond wrath...
    Your bark is bombast!
    I embark upon paths in starkest contrast to your bite.

    1. Libra
    at last dusk casts it's enchantment over the trees
    and the fragrance of rain plays afloat on the breeze
    filling my soul with the peace sought since I lost you
    how could misery realy be a tool of my Gods truth?
    I got used to ya smilin face n sense of findin my place
    the only consolation's sayin pain's a wound time'll erase
    since you died that day I've tried to escape from dispair
    but my hand still craves the sensation made by your hair
    I came to this place for the air n a reminder of beauty
    cuz at home alone I don't cry but the silence gets to me
    tears all consuming now as the horizon stirs to life
    clouds surging high over the mountains to obscure the sky
    the hurt inside releases as a burst of lightning freezes above
    replaced by clarity of reason to appreciate our season of love
    I've grieved enough!
    arms raised to the rain, emancipated from agony
    not a slave to the pain I cast away the chains trappin me
    won't fade the scars of tragedy but these open cuts'll close
    won't break my heart to scattered pieces if the glue'll fuckin hold!
    I Love You So! but that side of me has to die to be free
    give me a sign to show that this is how you'd like it to be...

    RIKOSHAY New Member

    Oct 31, 1999

    1. Seyance (3-1)
    2. Insense

    3. Madpoet (5-3)
    4. Godfather

    5. Pent Up (2-1)
    6. Tremendous

    7. Mindscape (5-4)
    8. Cogzwell

    9. doYen (5-4)
    10. Insane Villian

    11. dicnyaeye (5-3)
    12. LDogg`TheLegend

    13. NinjaKid
    14. Awedishin (5-1)

    15. Cereal Killer
    16. ssenlli (4-3)

    17. TeKneeK (3-2)
    18. Libra

    19. yo momma (3-2)
    20. Runna DaMille
  4. MANchyld

    MANchyld Guest

    MANchyld interviews Pent Up for his view on the current state of the RSTL

    MANchyld: We're here with Pent Up, who although has recently lost to Seyance in a title defense, he has climbed again to try and get another shot..... and I know he's hungry for that title. how ya feeling man?

    Pent Up: Kind of upset about the fact Atheist aint show, other than that I'm hungry for some good competition, glad to see the sign ins

    MANchyld: yeah, there has been a lot of old champs that haven't been around much signing in the league. As a new member, how does it feel to know you'll have to face an established vet?

    Pent Up: I just want to steal their spotlight from em, you know? Let their popularity bring attention to me, when I battle the
    Pent Up: It doesn't feel any different man, I don't think they are better writers because they are established, don't get me wrong they aren't worse either, but I think they up for some competitions and it feels good to be part of that competition

    MANchyld: that's a great attitude to have man. It's refreshing to see that you have this outlook on the new writers. You're climbing with a current rank of 5th, so within the next two weeks you will have a champ match if u can win..... how bad do you want that title man? be honest

    Pent Up: I have mixed feelings: I want Mad to grab the title so I can get my revenge for our tourney match, but I want Sey to stay champ so I can get revenge off the champ match that I felt....cheated on...Either way I’m bringing my Penmanship the next couple of weeks
    Pent Up: It'd be my first title, so I plan not to stop until I get mentioned in the hall of champs at least once

    MANchyld: cool man, I can feel that mos defly..... As a member of the Black Hand *honorable mention, lol* and the almost triumphant return of the Elite crew, do you see any conflicts that might brew in the RSTL?

    Pent Up: I Think Dic N L Dogg are gonna start crew battles again, just from how they beef, and personally I can't wait if it does happen, crew battles were dope and a part of RM that I miss...As for the RSTL I think that it might interfere with honest voting, but on the other hand it might increase the activity in the forum. Sounds like fun times are ahead

    MANchyld: Speaking of honest voting, what are your thoughts on ex champs entering matches to vote when they're not signed in and only voting on specific matches?

    Pent Up: I Don't really mind ex-champs coming to vote, hell I’d provoke it if they came in and voted on all/most of the battles...Basically if their effort is to help the league, not a colleague I think its gravy, like last week (when I had my champ match) it would have been great to see some votes.....

    MANchyld: I feel the same way man, even though I have taken advantage of it myself.... I should have voted on at least the top 10 matches

    Pent Up: True, You bastard

    MANchyld: ok, ok.... I'll make sure to do it next time. That's my word... fa sho

    Time to play the word game, that's when say a word and you tell me the first thing that it makes you think... you ready?

    Pent Up: Yeah, I’m ready

    MANchyld: Torture

    Pent Up: Losing

    MANchyld: Serenity

    Pent Up: Poetry

    MANchyld: Justice

    Pent Up: League

    MANchyld: Water

    Pent Up: For Chocolates

    MANchyld: ok, cool.... one more game before we wrap this up. It's time for the grade game, that's when I say a league member's name and grade them and explain it as well.

    Pent Up: Lets Go

    MANchyld: Mindscape

    Pent Up: C+
    His topic approaches are Dope and I Like his insight, I think he's gotta work on his mechanics a bit more, but he's a cool read

    MANchyld: Cereal Killer

    Pent Up: B
    I think his style is a bit poetic, but wrongly so because he's not...He comes with dope lines though and crafts interesting verses

    MANchyld: ssenlli, AKA pestilence (for those that didn't peep it, it's illness backwards)

    Pent Up: I give that motherfucker an A-
    most people will come here and tell me he don't deserve it, I don’t care, I love that mans style; he's diverse comes with ill topicals, funny ass stories, he knows his mechanics, his style is kinda like mine (IMO) and I love the way his schemes/structure, good read any day

    MANchyld: you know what, I think I made a mistake.... cuz isn't Zhang Fei and Ashen Horse pestilence's rstl name... well that'll be Zhang Fei's grade then... my bad folks

    MANchyld: Insane Villain

    Pent Up: B
    He knows what he's doing, he’s creative, He's rusty right now but overall I think his style is polished; I Think he rushes his stories a bit though

    MANchyld: Godfather

    Pent Up: B/B+
    He's creative, knows what he’s doing, pretty polished, overall balanced and original, I like his shit; nice verses; big ups to him for catching AU....

    MANchyld: Libra

    Pent Up: I Don’t know him to well but from what I’ve seen I’d give this cat an A-
    he does it nice, flows constant, fresh ideas, nice way of attacking his topics, good with the imagery and diction; dope cat

    MANchyld: yo momma

    Pent Up: a B | (and half a plus)
    that cat has days when he comes DOPE, and days when he posts just to not get dq'd; he comes out with some ill stories though, enjoyable reads, has a few mechanics to still work on, but he's good, I wanna give a shout out to MOMMA! IM COMING HOME!

    MANchyld: dicnyaeye.... *a lil curious with his grading system*

    Pent Up: A-
    Cat is up there with my favorite reads; his diction is off the meter sometimes; true storyteller; he's diverse, and holds the attention span of a flying gnat..He's also not afraid to go places in his stories most won't embark on

    MANchyld: well, I gotta say I'm honored to be taken so highly...... a couple more'll make it of em

    Pent Up: Word, you a good writer

    MANchyld: Insense

    Pent Up: B-
    He comes creative but he holds his use of mechanics to a level most won't agree with; He needs to work on his structure I think, and it'd help if his diction gained a bit of fluidness (IMO); and he uses colored text sometimes (I dont particularly like colored text), BUT that’s not a part of writing so it doesn’t really count; He tends to be dope when least expected though

    MANchyld: and last, but definitely not least in my opinion... Allnakey

    Pent Up: Definitely not Least; I give him a solid B
    The verse he posted this week was more poetic than what the RSTL expected and I don't think his battle was justice; he's got skill and thinks outside the box which, as shown this week, isn’t always excepted well; he's dope though, nice view

    MANchyld: cool Pent and thanks for your time.... good luck in ur match and hopefully we'll meet at the top

    Pent Up: Don't forget to vote!

    MANchyld: fa sho, I mos defin double that motion
    MANchyld: aight yall get your verses in on time and check out the new rules.... there's been some needed changes... peace
  5. LOL

    what the fuck dude

    i go from 17th to not being in the league?

    where the hells my battle
  6. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    i dont see any future with crew battles.. not with elite atleast.. were too busy with other tasks in our life to give that much focus to text like we use to... thats my take on it anyway

    and i dont got beef with dic.. we just argue immaturly a lot.. he has the chance to shut me up this week so we'll see what no, dont go voting for him just to see me shut up like i know so many of you would like to have happen : ) if he brings his A game then he will have as honest of chance as any of beating me
  7. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    word good mag
  8. Ninja Kid

    Ninja Kid AKA Jae Keeps

    Oct 11, 2004
    5-1 underdog? time to change some minds...
  9. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    my bad i should have said bickering....
  10. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
  11. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001
    thanks for the compliment, but im not pest.

    i hope i can live up to that grading, or beat it even, gl all
  12. Mr. Mynd

    Mr. Mynd The British Guy

    May 11, 2004
    Yeah, dope mag. Good read. Props to Insense and Pent Up on the top ten/ five round ups and stanzas ..
  13. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    Dope Mag Fellas...

    Good shit...
  14. Atheist

    Atheist Storyteller

    Jul 29, 2002
  15. LthGd

    LthGd Enternal Knowledge

    Apr 10, 2005
    Dope mag props to the writers..
  16. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    you were so excited, where'd you go?>
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous ....profound

    Jul 7, 1999
    Good looks.
  18. Libra

    Libra The Luminaut

    Mar 23, 2005
    damn, thanks for the recognition, I won't dissapoint this week.
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