The RSTL mag for the west and eastern brackets

Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Strike2, Aug 31, 2003.

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  1. Strike2

    Strike2 Man Meets Creator

    Mar 11, 2001
    So here we are the RSTL tourney has finaly started and upset indeed were in the air…
    lets not prolong and get to it with the western brackets!


    West match 1
    IV vs Wicked

    Well I dont know about yall but I had IV takin a dump on this nicca…and jus whipe his ass with wicked’s verse…however wicked turned out to be an alias and he dropped a blazin ass verse with not only a dope ass flow and a good storyline but a sharp insult on IV’s part too…IV wasnt impressed tho..I mean he dont care if yer the alias to nas escobar IV will be IV and his piece wuz standing as strong as a house with a nice flow a wicked ass plot twist and somethin only IV can think of…this is one of those matches that leaves you in the hands of the mood of yer voters the size of yer buddlist and the amount of cockjockeys you can muster up…every factor counts..and in the end IV pulled it in a dope ass match…

    West match 2
    Hellrzah vs L dogg

    Well both have quite the reputation in the rstl…and this had potential to be a very good match…and so it wuz…rzah came with a straight story no bshit no twist jus that imagery and a solid storyline…however L dogg came with a similar effort and a slightly I say slightly more polished verse..and the end made it better too…wich cost rzah the win..the difference wuznt big but apparent…and the votes show it…-0 L dogg but I have to give props to rzah cuz he damn sure dropped a nice verse…

    West match 3
    Underdogg vs vulkan xl

    This wuz a let down becuz vulk couldnt drop more then 6 lines or summin..iono if he counted on a no show or summin but when underdogg showed with exactly 16 lines he dropped the minimum and vulk dropped too little and wuz dq’d so underdogg advanced with an even so nice verse…

    West match 4
    Illweeman vs MisterEthought

    Well MET no showed so a short story it wouldnt have mattered prolly tho weeman dropped a story that would have left MET in fairyland anyway so props to weezy good luck in next round

    West match 5
    I am drunk vs formal logic

    ANOTHER no got tiring buuuut it made my work that much easier..whos complaining  formal showed with a funny opener on the rewind thingy and showed he wasnt as rusty as most would expected him too

    West match 6
    Cigma vs Vybe

    Well another no show I wont waste space on sayin how great cigma is..I take it you know…

    West match 7
    Atheist vs unavailable

    Two of rstl’s known competitors had to duke it out…bay brought one his stronger verses but atheist brought a practicly flawless verse and that natural type flow I thinkt graphics reply said it best “wooooweeeeeeee......atheists shit was crazy, just insane, imagery was whoa, wordplay, flow, it played out like a movie script” yessiry a good effort by bay but ath could do in the best.

    West match 8
    Vadik vs Mr cause

    Well another no show vadik jus said his sexlife wuz more important then rstl can you believe this guy [look] dr cause well I kinda skimmed trough and if vadik would have showed he woulda been blown out of the water…reup and bring heat next round or you might be wise not show against atheist who will bring flames again…so good luck yell need it

    Summing it up for the western brackets we had a LOT of no shows wich is really fucked up but we had one match that came in way to way to soon and should have been saved for later we saw a baysick and a hellrzah who are better then some of the cats who will make it to the next round in this tourney gettin unfortunate with dope opponents and we missed calefactions smart mouth who claimed he wuz gonna win it all and decided to no show..too bad but there are somethings that people jus considder more important…

    It will now look summin like this

    IV vs Ldogg
    Illweeman vs underdogg

    Formal vs cigma
    Atheist vs dr cause

    All I can say is daaamn homie my personal predicts will be Ldogg takes a dive his stories are goed but when stories are pretty equaly style technique and things start to count and IV jus got that shit on lock belee that.
    good luck to both

    Illweezy vs underdogg well its clear neither has shown his full potential wich could result in a huge surprise but for now I think weezy has it..but I wont be surprised if I am wrong here…
    good luck to both

    formal vs cigma damn son thass not coo to of ma boys…the old vs new…the real question here is can formal regain his prime in time cuz he will need it anything less will render him defenseless.. but I am warnin cig not to bring anything less then his best
    good luck to both

    well dr cause brought up a decent effort but I think atheist has em by the nuts and will sail trough to round 3 quite easily..then again..whut do I know…maybe dr cause jus bshitted becuz he could withholdin his true potential..time will…
    good luck to both

    wich brings us to…​
  2. Strike2

    Strike2 Man Meets Creator

    Mar 11, 2001

    East match 1
    Claushouse aka ww3 vs Komplexxx

    All I can say is poor komp he didnt deserve to be out in the first round at all… he came made nice with flow a solid story line everything needed for a good story…but whut can I say WW3 is a topical monster….you people know so I wont bother myself with explainin but damn…not coo at all rapery

    East match 2
    Tekneek vs calefaction

    A match from wich we had high hopes but…calefaction didnt manage to bring his and it didnt seem to bother tek at all on to the next round where he will face ww3 lets see if ole tekky is still happy then hhehehe naw all jokes aside.. I know people dont wanna see him do good but he dropped a good verse and thass real…wether he gon stand up again ww3 well iono we’ll see

    East match 3
    Konspiracy vs white eyez

    Well this wuz the match of the opinions everyone who voted seemed to think this wuz lopsided wether they voted for kon or white eyez…and when it comes to this its all about who votes and not even how many vote all you can hope here is that the people who feel yer verse vote and the others dont…in the end white got a bit more lucky I guess decent match with two nice verses

    East match 4
    Cryogenic vs trap

    Well I will leave this revieuw up yo cryogenic cause he said it best and I cant agree more
    “well I am gonna lose..but i made my mark..i believe my story was brilliant but trap you outshined me..atleast i go down in a killer battle..” cryo like others deserved another round but he got the tough luck to step up against a contender for the title daaamn at trap good shit homie

    East match 5
    Strike vs prophetional

    Yup me and proph not one of the most anticpated matches in this tourney but if people would have taken the time I think its a nice one…but however I think we dropped pretty opposing verses I dropped a short polished verse and prop dropped a rougher but longer and better story and in the end proph jus got more votes wich is what counts… good match proph.. props and shit

    East match 6
    Shock vs mic typson

    Well eeeh typson got no votes but he WILL be remembered for his eeehm graphic performance with residuals topic of..I’m gay some laughed some were appauled some were prolly jackin off but however you wanna call it he turned heads…in disgust but whutever shock brought his usual niceness backin up his words like he always does…good shit intrestin battle to say the least..

    East match 7
    Ish bish kanish vs residual

    Well people said it best..residual jus picked a stupid ass topic and fucked up… plus he dropped half to IBK…however it sounds I like I am takin away from IBK skills wich isnt my intention cuz he dropped ill flow ill style and a good story overall solid battle but due to circumstances pretty lopsided…I think res tragicly lost to himself first and then IBK

    East match 8
    Jowelz vs Poe wetic

    Well in every round we gotta have some drama and the much hyped up poe wetic changed from bein peril to vern to jus totaly fucked up by jowelzz. I mean goaty dont care who you are he jus shits shits shits on niccas and this time it appeared to be vern who said he keyed a bshit verse but then didnt..and then did..then it wuz his nicca….people got it twisted and shit and well tek got enough one vern wuz enough for the tourney and he shut the match down jowellz would have won by votes anyway..but dayum vern or whoever did bring it

    Well at least most matches were actualy battled out and we got some ill display of lyricisme…in the eastern bracket and I am pretty sure the final winner will be from this bracket this wuz jus damn..most matches went like expected but the second round will be fireworks I guarantee this no free rides here…

    WW3 vs tekneek
    White eyez vs trap

    prophetional vs shock
    IBK vs Jowelz

    Strictly fireworks…the most motivated person against one of the illest in the league this can go eitherway but I think practicly everyone will have his money on warren that guy is a fuckin monster!!!

    And the winnder of that match will be facin the winner of this one…well I think trap has jus a too ill ass style to be beaten by his opponent I could be wrong upsets happen but white eyez will have to bring his all and then some to pull trough… semi finals in this bracket WILL be off the hook

    Well for our next one shock is a monster and proph..well I’m sorry proph you passed me by by the edge of a knife but shock seems to got your number however if you work on polishin yer flow style and technique you stand a good chance…so my vote is practice…

    Well well an early banger IBK vs jowelz…I aint even gonna call this…whoever tries hardest wins..two dope ass lyricists who should have been my daddies when growin up cuz even tho I am crazy bout my mommy her storytellin sucked ​
  3. Efrum

    Efrum the great mac sabbath

    Aug 4, 2003
    good job strike
  4. jweaksfromdapike

    jweaksfromdapike The Pain and the Poetry

    Aug 15, 2001
    great job on this strike...nice breakdown of each is appreciated..but wheres the north and south breakdowns?
  5. vengeance

    vengeance shockgod

    Aug 4, 1999
    Very good

    perfect length

    well written

    i actually read thru it all

    job well done
  6. J.Christ

    J.Christ Registered User

    Jun 11, 2003
    enjoyable read

    im waiitng for the south though..
  7. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    Very nice mag, I like it...good lookin out too.
  8. Atheist

    Atheist Storyteller

    Jul 29, 2002
  9. W1CKED

    W1CKED . . of Gods & Earths

    May 4, 2003
    ^True dat.
    ^Must have been a mistake.

    Anyway, nice shit, dog. I'll be watchin the tourny all the way. Keep up the good work.

  10. Strike

    Strike packin that metal

    Aug 21, 2003
    good lookin homie I'll update that..I wrote the mag while it wuz still 6-6 between yall becuz I wanted it in asap
  11. Dr.Cause

    Dr.Cause Peep The Sig

    Jul 18, 2003
    but i didn't even try at all


    if vadik would of showed up i wouldn't of droped a wack verse :-$
  12. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    when someone dope writes quick, you can usually still tell potential just by looking at a few elements
  13. Cigma

    Cigma Maxwell's Demon

    Apr 5, 2002
    I dropped a nice lil 4 line verse heh.
  14. NAX

    NAX Bring the Pain.

    Jan 4, 2002
    cool shit. i never read mags and i read this one the whole way through.

    okay i lied, almost the whole way.
  15. Vadik

    Vadik New Member

    Jan 15, 2002
    Hey....who said I was fucking her
  16. Resilient.

    Resilient. .. . ..

    Sep 9, 2001
  17. WWIII

    WWIII It has begun...

    Oct 14, 1999
    Nice write-up, but I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea. I'm not claushouse, I just took his spot.
  18. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    good luck iv.. imma take u out though :)
  19. Art Writaz

    Art Writaz The Brokken Knukkle

    Jun 28, 2001
    where is the south and north? :-/
  20. Nebz

    Nebz R.I.P. Point Game

    Nov 21, 2002

    Look In "TEks corner" full breakdown of all four div.
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