The Reign

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    Apr 18, 2013
    If you gonna battle me I suggest you be on a higher level/
    I'm a straight to the point battler/
    You niggaz is Azazel passing ideas/
    I'm Satan blazing without care/
    I guess I'm just a higher devil/
    You might approach about the metal/
    But I done watched the matrix/
    Forget dodging bullets/
    Im death at its fullest/
    Treat you niggaz like a Hooker/
    She see cock load then i pull it/
    And that was a show bar/
    Usually I don't show off/
    I sneak up in forums like this and I go off/
    Take the W and some bottles pour all/
    Smoke the Indo to doze off/
    Got ya girl taking her clothes off/
    She calling you micro and so soft/
    Started touching my chest hulk Hogan rip the shirt off/
    Bought her a Jimmy shoe and now I'm fuckin her toes off/
    She like that shit/

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