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    Jun 8, 2012
    The Deep Thought.
    (A story on depersonalization and derealization.)

    The rose that grows from concrete is the one that prevails
    The heart, The soul, twilight becomes the dawns shell.
    Earths oceans are metaphorical so raise the sails.
    When humanity realizes life has no death we shed our veils.
    And existence becomes futile like the echo of a bell.
    Whats the point of hate and the ideology of hell.
    especially since life's an uplifting hammer. Minus the nail.
    Thats harder then smashing words with an iconic brick.
    Your the conception, a product of social manipulation.
    A freak that has a lower compensation.
    Yet my species tends to have the lowest contemplations.
    How can I be the suffering of your prostrations.
    Especially when the rose, my soul is now on the outskirts of rotation.
    Flocational arts, The rain man holds the trophy and the ground starts to spark.
    Hypnotic flames approach the art. Cant stop Shocked by the stop of your heart.
    As I dart from castle to storm. My velvet sheds and out from my head grows horns.
    I am scorned by devils and rejected by angels.
    Because it's simply business we have different angles.
    From the rooftops my reflection dangles.
    I killed my shadow's carcass it's now mangled.
    Tied to my feet he's now tangled.
    double knot noose he tied it for me.
    I just recently picked out the nicest tree.
    Burnt the nicest body for the victory over the defeat.
    On my calender Every year I have a score to beat.
    because it seems like i am the one causing his ability to compete.
    I didn't even want beef, But at this same moment my mind started bothering me.
    Go to sleep...

    apparently i am the only cat who doesn't count sheep.

    It's been 3 weeks now, Im pretty sure someone is watching me.
    Or maybe it's just my shadow caught up in the beat.
    Standing in the corner floating high above my feet.
    A monster glares deep into my eyes waiting for retreat.
    So I slip backwards and fall into an Alice hole.
    Spiraling downward I end up where I started.
    Back in my bed it appears the demon departed.
    So I stand up and realize im still asleep
    Staring down at me I almost appear as sheep.
    Yet im a wolf without the ability to eat.
    settle in the corner and do your best not to speak.
    Float above his body so no other demons are fed.
    He opens his eyes and he starts tearing bloody rose red.

    This is a song of sickness. it goes over the major effects of derealization/depersonalization. It means a lot to me personally not for the effort but for the truth that is behind it, I suffer from this pain daily and I have never really bothered writing about it directly.

    If you would like a bar for bar breakdown or explanation let me know! I love expressing song through speech.
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