'The Proposition'...and a big 'fuck you' to Brahman

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  1. il Librahman

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    Nov 1, 2006
    i like what the jeus had to say about this film... he really grasped a lot of themes and concepts and took more time and effort than i was willing to to articulate it well:

    ^ i love his last two paragraphs there

    there are a lot of themes and things to think about from the film if you don't focus so much on "not much happening".

    plus, it's just a very well-made and starkly beautiful looking film, and yes... films can be watched as art and more for than imagery than traditional beginning-to-end narratives. we all watch films for different reasons, and some of us have more variety in our tastes.

    i don't know what else needs to be said from either side... konscious, just stop. there's no point in continuing this. we liked it, he didn't. end of story. i stopped calling people "wrong" and "misguided" for not liking what i like a long time ago, so i am not going to do that here with rippy.
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