the proposition (2006)

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  1. Lee Van McQueen

    Lee Van McQueen ♣aka. Steve Cleef

    May 26, 2006
    wtf?!? @ the proposition dropping to 84% overall! a couple of misguided critics!

    it's sitting @ 90% in the 'cream of the crop' column though


    i found a couple of the new negative quotes:

    "By the end, it all pays off exactly the way a hundred earlier Westerns did."

    - oh, so i guess every one of those hundred earlier Westerns deserved a negative rating too then? there aren't many "original" westerns out there in terms of story anyway, so i struggle to find validity in this conclusion

    "It never becomes more than a mood piece. The characters are so overdrawn and exaggerated that I never believed any of them. And, when you don't believe, you don't care."

    - fair enough. don't agree, but one of the fairest criticisms i've seen.
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