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  1. CinemA

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    Nov 12, 2002
    wow. lol, you've just said completely the same thing i said, minus any evidence, you're a terrible debater yourself, yet you like to attempt them frequently. anyway you're really that much of a sheep? you'd be the loser that joined the black panther party just because all the people he thought his friends did, but be in love with a white woman. i'm starting to believe you don't have any idea, or at least do not believe anything you say. i'm starting to think you can't read lol. However, you did just what was expected of you. to have a degree, you're quite lacking in the collegiate department! bravo nimrod. bravo! encore, encore!
  2. again. Just because I don't know about politics makes me a failure at life?? fuck you

    i have a recording engineering and production degree.. i have money in my pockets at all time...buying chronic doesn't affect my money situation.. its part of my lifestyles.. im fully educated never failed shit in my im sorry I don't pay attention to debates im wrong and my life is ruined for it ha

    my whole ambition at life is recording music and tryin to get rich.. not followin boring ass debates on tv..

    your comments are stupid... because I don't know about politics or this debate means my goal at life is to live with my parents... you sound dumb as fuck you realize that?

    its amazing how people assume shit on the internet but have absolutely no idea what there talking about and should stick to fuckin with they own lives instead of ASSUMING whats going on in another persons life.
  3. CinemA

    CinemA Direct Connection/No DSL

    Nov 12, 2002
    I've got no beef with barack...however i know the deal with biden.

    what kind of person is he?

    Joe Biden, Delaware Destroyer: The three best and the three worst things about Obama's VP pick - Reason Magazine
    Devvy Kidd -- Joseph Biden: Liar, cheat, traitor
    Motormouth Joe Biden - Warmonger, Wordmonger And Political Hit Man
    Jackson Williams: Joe Biden: No True Friend of Working Men and Women
    Senator Joe Biden: Proven Liar, Coward, and Bully | Grizzly Groundswell
    TPF: Joe Biden - Warmonger

    how's he really feel about a black president?
    The Jawa Report: Is Joe Biden A Racist? (with Audio)
    Biden Blames Mexico for Immigration and Drug Problems VivirLatino
    The Razor Blog Archive Illegal Immigrant Teens Die In Delaware Crash - Biden Silent On License Issue

    is he honest, does he follow through?

    Biden At Convention Gives Heartfelt Speech To Delaware Delegation
    The wacky plagiarisms of Joe Biden. - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine
    Heh...Look up "Plagiarised" on and ya find Joe Biden's name - alt.politics.usa.congress | Google Groups

    how's his experience?

    Biden's Military Credentials | BLOGS FOR JOHN McCAIN

    what are his policies?

    Biden & Iraqi partition to control their oil | 10/01/2008 | Fact check: Biden spins a helicopter taleUn-Constitutional VAWA Law Helped by a Propaganda Ploy
    Joe Biden's pro-RIAA, pro-FBI tech voting record (CNET) by CNET: Yahoo! Tech
    Election 2008: Joe Biden and Abortion
    Israpundit Blog Archive Biden: Zero for Five on Foreign Policy

    overall, how will he help the country?

    Joseph Biden Bad Pick For Obama
    OBAMA's BIGGEST GAMBLE TO DATE ... Why Joe Biden as his running mate is a "roll of the dice"
    On Bankruptcy: Biden vs. Obama - Campaign Stops - 2008 Elections - Opinion - New York Times Blog
    The Weekly Standard
    STEVE LACKNER: McCain Ad: Biden Vs. Obama On Funding Troops
    Michelle Malkin Biden on Obama: He’s a Johnny-come-lately copycat
    International Society of Supervillains: Palin or Biden: Who's the Supervillain Running Mate?

    NIMROD...this is your VP? SERIOUSLY?!?!
  4. BlaZeDemBeaTz

    BlaZeDemBeaTz 5 Letters - YMCMB

    Sep 1, 2005
    u mad @ me for trying to give you advice while everyone else just laughs @ you.

    its more than the polotics its my view after reading 100s of your posts.

    keep rubbing together nickles for bags of weed then...
  5. ^where did you give me any advice??

    you can watch debates on TV while im out gettin money.
  6. MeSko

    MeSko I love Fat Chicks

    Dec 28, 1999
    he's kind of right though invy, you stay coming up in these threads like "this shit is stupid, i dont understand it how people watch it", "i smoke my trees and laugh at this crap"... etc etc etc

    you live in your parents basement and deliver pizzas my brother

    you need to understand it more then anyone else.. especially when you say you dont want to do that for the rest of your life... guess what? you may be forced too.. lol..

    your a grown man now doggy, believe it or not this effects you too.. your taxes, gas, parents well being, etc

    obviously we discuss this cuz we are amongst our peer group and realize that its more important and has a lasting impact on our lives not only today, but in the future, then some dude posting another run of the mill song..

    you clearly stated you have goals beyond what anyone can assume of you, dont you think your goals are effected by this stuff?

    while he shouldnt butt in your personal life, it kind fo seems you get mad threads like these pop up, when these are critical issues people need to be aware of.. your on some "yall ar stupid for following this shit when im blazing els and doing my thang thang"... if your aware of the issues you can defend yourself against the effects.. and yes, you are effected
  7. cus this is the internet..

    I love coming in the political threads and making my mark as the "person who doesn't give a fuck" and see the reactions and comments from people who are butt hurt about it.

    I understand this shit affects my life and my future but I choose on here to bull shit and fuck around with everyone who takes it seriously.

    and yes.. regardless of the debate being beneficial or whatever and can decide shit for the future you can't tell me that shit isnt boring.. you can't tell me you rather watch the debate than some NFL football..

    I was mad cus they didn't air the new episode of the office because this boring debate was on.. even though the debate is a hell of a lot more important its still not better to watch than the office lol

    and yes I still live @ home with my parents. Im only 21 and to live on your own in New Jersey you need some paper.. especially in the suburbs..

    and I choose to deliver pizza because Its the easiest job in the fuckin world. Easiest hours. Easy money and I can do whatever I want.

    Only reason I haven't gotten a better job or tried to get into a career is because im moving to either NC or FL next year so I don't want to get into something and then have to bail out on it.

    people act like im stupid just because what I type on here when I intentionally do it to see the reaction of other people posting
  8. Id rather have everyone on here think im retarded than people hitting me up asking me questions. making threads asking my opinion on topics... gettin PMed about shit.. AIMED about shit.. and annoyed all day long like people do to nimrod lol
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    Feb 14, 2001
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    May 6, 2003

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