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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by TeKneeK, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    Each verse is related to the number ur assigned to ....

    I rap about the number.. then u rap about the next number...

    i go first:

    1 is the singular of any in comparison
    1 is the only which leads to ur embarrassment
    1 way... 1 time... 1 presents first
    1 is the digit in which you dial first
    1 could be an option but to be number one
    You gotta work to put hurt in any other that gets it done
    They attempt to be the one as the number affiliate..
    Any other than one and I just won't be seein it...

    NEXT is you ... do #2!
  2. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007

    They say that 2 heads are better than one...
    and being by yourself is lonely but together its fun
    Its day or night with the rising of the moon or the sun
    & with a partner helping out, you can get twice as much done
    who would like living alone, inside of a bubble?
    walking lifes path with only one shoe is double the trouble
    its a cold world outside... without any socks on ya feet
    its a bad idea only lookin one way before crossin a street
    2 thumbs up to porn! but it just isn't the same tho..
    I love Fuckin hoes.. but it takes two to tango
    But if theres a chance to fuck some twins in the showers..
    You better knock em both to the ground like the twin towers
    & thaz my 2 cents theres no mistakin it,
    All I got is my balls & my word & theres no breakin it

    Next # is... 10

    no #3
  3. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    Is the next number 10? or is that shit 3?
    if its 10 its the age i started to smoke tree'
    and if it just so happens im supposed to rap about the tre'
    tre' is the number of blunts i hit the otha day
    so lets get back and suppose its the 10th number
    10" is the size of my dick when i wake from my slumber
    my #10 is represented by adding the pre-fix "mills"
    but it dont reffer to money, im talking bout my mad skills
    i dont mean to be brash son, dont go accusing Moi
    if you lost your bitch to another man in a menage et trois
    cuz 3 is my number, specially when it come to sex
    ill put it in all 3 holes, and the sex penalty is death

    next up #4
  4. ST_UC

    ST_UC Please Try Me

    Dec 5, 2000
    that was hot

    number four is how many times my football team lost
    the gators lost to some michigan ass cream puffs
    fours the number golfers yell whenever they tee off
    MY dick is four inches long, but beneath is some beach balls
    4 niggas tried to front, so 4 niggas i broke'em off
    i been fuckoin this bitch wit 4 sisters named rosy palm

  5. Killa Bars

    Killa Bars New Member

    Dec 24, 2007
    Killa Bars

    5 is the number of mic's eminem shoulda received fom the Sourse,
    5 is the number of bitches i pulled live, with no remorse,
    from mouth fuckin, ta intercoruse! 5 bitches 5 orgasms,
    cuz i am hung like a horse, 3 before 4 then from 4 ta
    5, i got 5 on it like the luniz... so its time for 6 to arrive...

    6... step up!
  6. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    The number of the beast, and many are superstitious
    With 6 grams of fat they say its very nutritious
    With 6 times the meals given in 6 days surpassed
    Then its 6 upside down to get you head and lickin azz
    If its marked 3x on the hand or your head
    Then its a ticket to the death where this number is led
    If you add two digits that equal something times six
    You get the sum of it appearing everytime u make a fix

  7. Soopz.

    Soopz. Blaow!

    Jan 1, 2008

    .. The glorified number of fortune!
    The days it took the Lord to mold the cumbersome, scorching
    surface into the land and sea that have come to support us.
    The symbol that'll make your gamble everyone of your quarters.
    .. A fearsome digit known to break lines,
    and got 6 shitting it's pants because it ate 9!
    The seconds it takes for me to murk through the mic cord -
    not to mention the total number of Snow White's dwarfs.


    # 8
  8. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
  9. 1nfluent

    1nfluent New Member

    Jan 4, 2008
  10. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    8 Is the next Number.
  11. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    Think'n 8 bodies, 1 apartment, 2 garages, 3 shorties, 5 nyggaz no tippers/
    still drink'n to morning, until i'm yawning wit a bitch wearing slippers/
    tell her i'm thug'n i'm dip'n, Dip Set but that aint what i'm rep'n/
    still testing the waters, i'm fresh off the border something like a epic/
    show em what I do, just to see how smooth they move/
    gave the streets a peek, got it jump'n like a freak neat, wooo/
    got ya open like avenues, but i'm just passing through/
    i'm bout to get right to, money stay optional/
    you lose dollars & sense, I make sense make dollars, MY obstacles/
    thats why you optional, my schemes and plot to go/
    Now you holla yo...
    8 bodies for ten Gz each, that lick sound sweet/
    i'll do it, than flip to next week/

  12. C Weezy

    C Weezy New Member

    Jan 25, 2008

    Nine... de nine problems and a bitch aint one
    My flow hard so its fuckin the bitch in you son
    Yo bitch a nine, mine a dime in the passenger of the car
    My nine bars so large whenn spit I got stretch marks
    Like number nine plus fourteen my fader always hit the mark
    That's comes from me beinng nine and practicin in the park
    I got my full licence dog, your curfew is nine o' clock
    Fuck rappin, I'm just goin give you the whole nine yards
    I'm so fresh and so clean, you lookin like you got sars
    I'm new to this forum yo, but Imma get mines
    Got my laptop, gat, and a partly smoked dime
    Wit all of that shit in mind I guess you'd call me tech nine
  13. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    The Mac 10 clips inserted, any stunt that I pull...
    any score that I get... its simply 10 point 0 full...
    10's a 2-digit number.. the first after 9...
    and then 10 resets 0 until the right number's 9...
    If there's 10 ways to do this... then there's 10 and then none...
    itll stop there and then... its a 0 and 1...
    but reverse it in numbers.. and there u have it to shine...
    10's the number that rips when it comes after 9...

    11 is NEXT!!!
  14. .:Pain:.

    .:Pain:. Futurely J. Keeper

    Dec 4, 2005
    11 is two ones, or six plus five,
    11 is two sons, me and the kid that rides,
    The day 1-1 loses, I slumber in heaven,
    Cuz I stay rollin' that lucky number eleven,
    I am two ones, cuz I'm better than uno,
    I am number eleven, I am better than two hov's...
  15. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    I put the 1 with the 2 and together it's twelve
    You got the first and the second with nobody else...
    You got the first two numbers individually in grasp
    So to put the first two you gotta make it real fast
    To put em together.. and however you can do it to thrive
    12 o clock is the median of day and of night
    So when you think about half... 1 and 2 come in play
    Ask RKelly his favorite album and he'll tell u 12 play
  16. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    13 is an unlucky number,
    You fucks need slumber.
  17. *J-BIG's*

    *J-BIG's* New Member

    Aug 6, 2008
    look at me im the 1
    drop the 4 in the twenty ounce an have some fun
    14 grams in a qwarter sack
    A.J. feely number 14 the qwarterback
    14 divided by two is big ben from pitts team
    14 bars quriosity fell short of a sixteen
    so i give ya 14 to make up for the lame
    14 the age i started out wit mary jane
    14 the age i started sippin the drank
    14 the age i started gettin insane
    14 days till i turn eightteen
    14 days ill have the burgh tatted on my sleavve
    its hard to rap alot about one number
    at least i didnt do what he did an leave you wit a bummer
  18. MC-Panther

    MC-Panther New Member

    Jul 10, 2006
    im the number equal to a life of sadness and pain,
    15, and emotional, smashed and insane
    i want a 12 pack, plus 3, because i like my beer cold,
    and Dr.Dre said, "This girls only fifteen years old!"
    but i'll still take advantage of her, cause her bush is shaved
    i'll trap her in abusive waste, and make her cook and slave,
    and if she doesn't clean the house, then she gets 15...
    lashes to the back and the ass, i treat my bitch mean,
    15 is the number of brain cells i have left
    15 % is what i got... on my math test..
    15 deadly strokes, when the machete whacks,
    im 15, thats 5 less then a 20 sack.
  19. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    I could write 16 bars in 16 seconds..
    & have 16 weapons for use to battle 16 veterns..
    I stay hard, bitch.. mean, & spray sharp clips keen..
    With an AR-16.. I'm like a Mako Shark rippin' spleens..
    Even a great white, couldn't give me great fright..
    I'm what fate might call a great sight, 16 on a scale of ten.. i'ma heavyweight knight..
    I know you'll hate, quite the reason why i'll kill you bitch, scream & weap
    So i can have a reason to bury you 16 damn feet
  20. |-paragon-|

    |-paragon-| The Phoenix

    Mar 28, 2006
    17 nigga? i got 17 niggaz that do dirt
    Squirt on your daughter
    lika pop can.. and explode on her shit
    17 squeezes.. no main bitch, just hold my dick chickz
    and the 17 bitchez thatz sucking me off
    are fighting to rotate on my "on" switch
    i got 17 brickz
    im building a house with my barehandz
    thiz verse aint even legal yet, thatz why itz 17 man
    fuck clipz and gatz talk, my wrist alone'll flick niggaz
    if 17z strong arming the game, than 18z peyton manning or bigger
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