The North Hype! Week 14

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by J o o k, May 4, 2005.

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  1. J o o k

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    North Hype:
    By J o o k

    Welcome to week 14 !!! Chea its been a little over 3 months since the new league started and things are starting to pick up massively. We got some more new talent and had an all around solid week in the RBL NORTH this week. We have a dope interview with hensley coming up and also a nice top 10 with some controversial reviews. Also congrats to me for being the first to hold down the title back to back in the 3 months of existence. I want to address voting for a second because their was a couple matches with less the 5 votes. That is not fair to the battlers or fair to the league. So please vote as much as you can. Now lets get into the good stuff!

    No Show Shine
    By: Ribonuclease

    think you'll win this? theres no stoppin me faggot,
    thats harder to pull off than the popes offering basket!
    he never goes out in public, your all the same, damn.
    cuz when your in line for the club... im the cave man
    this primate rhyme aint an established rapper,
    when I swing a knife atom, its no laughin matter,
    ya casket shatters, cuz ya next in the line,
    easy, i just think of a punch.. let it connect to a rhyme,
    destined to die, son ya way less than intelligent,
    and your creativy is still in arrested development,
    low blows suck, do the deed to recieve whats mine
    ya punches like blind people, easy to leave behind
    Kill him.. NO question, got foes stressing,
    your style SUCKS, needs to fixed like pro wrestling,
    so take a close line, break ya legs from both sides,
    Fuck it, im switchin to haiku.. or any place with no rhyme!

    Top 10

    punk nig. My guns big. Lace the curves on ya sides.
    Turn ya wingspand to one, straight, vertical line...... - Butler

    Your a poor gay, no wonder that rap career hasnt flourished
    Its sad that ya saw money in the champ match & got discouraged - Super

    U dont get concepts, u simply can't figure this shit
    While I rose to the top, ur just considered a prick - LM

    I dare u to diss who i lost to, dog u should be selective
    How u dissin my loss when u lost to 4 people who aint even respected - Opshins

    Life sucks and so does Guile…well at least the brother tries
    So picture me winnin, since u love postin pictures of other guys - John Nash

    WACK BITCH!!!! I'ma kill you, face it thug..
    $$ doesn't equal happiness,
    But in your boyfriends case it does... - J o o k

    Seriously, 4-3?! You drop shitty and you’re so weak.
    I mean, that record wouldn’t crack the top 50 in the old league - John Hensley

    lame just cant keep a dame, they want a dude wit balls
    but most girls wanna give ya headscissors....
    wit no wrestling moves involved - HotdogVendorMan

    check me there's no competition between you an me fool
    your moms such a slut
    your genes are more like a community pool - $1.50

    Dope. Ill. Nice. Real. Top. Hottest and you can't knock it
    now we can mention you Nash, if you wanna get off topic.- Guile
  2. J o o k

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    Interview with John Hensley

    get off the blok [8:13 P.M.]: Tell everyone who JH is and what he's about
    johnrussell20 [8:14 P.M.]: hmmm, aight, i'm john hensley originally john hensley. i've been around RM and b,boys, places like that for only about 7/8 months....buuuuuuuut i've battled alot and i'm tryin to see the RBL go back where it used to be.
    get off the blok [8:15 P.M.]: So what do you think the biggest problem is in the rbl
    johnrussell20 [8:19 P.M.]: well #1, it's the negative outlook the vets have on it, basically. Cats sayin that the league is shit, and that it ain't ever gonna be good again is just pointless. Especially cuz they say the reason the league sucks is cuz of lack of vets and talent....but who wants to see the same old heads who battled 3 years ago keep battling. I mean ya, no shit the league isn't THAT great right's got a shitload of new heads i've never even seen, nor heard of ever...some are wack, and alot of them i ain't feelin. But there's always gonna be new heads, so you jus' gotta be patient.
    get off the blok [9:49 P.M.]: who do u really want to battle in the league and why
    johnrussell20 [9:50 P.M.]: um, nobody really in particular. i'm down for all challenges really, i wanted to battle butler again, and super too. obviously i wanna battle you again since ur the champ....but nobody really in particular
    johnrussell20 [9:50 P.M.]: allah maybe cuz he's a fag
    johnrussell20 [9:50 P.M.]: ;)
    get off the blok [9:50 P.M.]: haha
    johnrussell20 [9:50 P.M.]: wtf
    get off the blok [9:51 P.M.]: who do you feel should not be in the north right now
    johnrussell20 [9:51 P.M.]: oo man
    johnrussell20 [9:52 P.M.]: well i look at it likes this man.... when i was in the league, even then it was criticized but you still couldn't get in the top 30 unless you had at least like a 3-0 record. And i see some cats in here with like 4-3, 4-4 records and i'm like fuck that,i mean me and Alpha are cool, and he's improving alot, but i think the north puts too much prestige on cats who don't deserve to be there yet. That's mainly the concept of the leagues fault though, not the battlers.
    get off the blok [9:53 P.M.]: Definitely.
    get off the blok [9:53 P.M.]: What made you come back to the league
    johnrussell20 [9:53 P.M.]: i was kinda surprised to see mic booth up there too
    johnrussell20 [9:54 P.M.]: welll, basically i just been wanting to go to every site and win lately. After i won here and retired that RBL title shit, i battled for like a month then some shit happened with Booga and i was like man i'm out to b,boys for awhile now...and now that that's over with i wanna come back and win here again.
    johnrussell20 [9:54 P.M.]: and i always was feelin RM u know, cuz i started here, and i DO want it to be considered nice again.
    get off the blok [9:55 P.M.]: word i feel you on that.
    get off the blok [9:55 P.M.]: What do you think about ghost writing
    johnrussell20 [9:56 P.M.]: um...i think it's kinda gay for the most part. i can see exceptions but i look at it like this...why battle under a certain name if you're not the one really battling ya know? ghostwriting to me is just a prime example of some kids taking this too seriously.
    johnrussell20 [9:56 P.M.]: if someone can't post, or some shit like that and they don't wanna no show, sure, that's fine.
    get off the blok [9:56 P.M.]: I like that
    johnrussell20 [9:57 P.M.]: yea
    get off the blok [9:57 P.M.]: so what do you think about that kid jook being the first to to take it 2 weeks in a row
    johnrussell20 [9:58 P.M.]: lol, man me and you talked about that awhile back, about no champ winnin consecutive weeks, so i give you props on breaking the mold. i figured you'd get the title sooner or later, you prolly been the most dedicated to battling lately, i mean, of course i'll dominate you win we battle, but beside that congrats
    johnrussell20 [9:58 P.M.]: you fucker
    get off the blok [9:59 P.M.]: lmfao
    get off the blok [9:59 P.M.]: word about thatttt....
    johnrussell20 [9:59 P.M.]: lol
    get off the blok [10:00 P.M.]: so i slipped a win in when u werent to developed in battles... and you slipped a win in when I was trying to get out of a slump... what are u thinking going into the battle if u infact get pass john and i super
    johnrussell20 [10:01 P.M.]: i dunno, nothin really, i mean obviously i think it's gonna be a good battle cuz you been droppin real nice lately. but i don't really think about it, i know if we both drop nice it'll be one of the better battles the league seen since the north ish started....
    johnrussell20 [10:02 P.M.]: and who is john nash
    get off the blok [10:02 P.M.]: Lol john nash = allah = minfinity = alpha prime
    johnrussell20 [10:03 P.M.]: haha OHHH shit...that figures man
    johnrussell20 [10:03 P.M.]: lmao
    get off the blok [10:04 P.M.]: Whats the difference between the wbl and the rbl or the boards in general
    johnrussell20 [10:05 P.M.]: well lately the rbl been filled with wbl heads as you can see, guile, spit, butler, allah, mic booth...alot of them are comin over here to try and get a feel for this place and to try and be successful. i think u can trace the differences in styles kinda back to Namix when he was here. I mean....namix is a dope writer
    johnrussell20 [10:05 P.M.]: but cats here thought he was too wordplay oriented, and it's true to an extent
    johnrussell20 [10:05 P.M.]: and that's kinda how bboys is, or was, now it's meshing and cats aren't as biasaed toward one style
    get off the blok [10:06 P.M.]: Indeed
    johnrussell20 [10:06 P.M.]: but even u know
    johnrussell20 [10:06 P.M.]: cuz u battled there, cats love ur shit here, cats there are like ''ehh it's aight''... so there is definately a difference
    get off the blok [10:06 P.M.]: indeed
    johnrussell20 [10:07 P.M.]: yes, indeed
    get off the blok [10:07 P.M.]: whos the best textcee is ever
    get off the blok [10:07 P.M.]: in your opinion and why
    johnrussell20 [10:07 P.M.]: oh man
    johnrussell20 [10:09 P.M.]: there's so many diff. angles to look at that from. cats will say fracture and rightly so, he formed alot of peoples styles today. but i really don't know who is THEE best. I feel Oneduh's shit alot from here, i like Scientz and Tang. Namix on bboys. Resin is who i formed my style after. alot of cats...rudge was tight too
    johnrussell20 [10:09 P.M.]: i don't know really, it's all preference
    get off the blok [10:09 P.M.]: word
    get off the blok [10:09 P.M.]: iight its ya time to shine
    get off the blok [10:10 P.M.]: shouts... talk shit.. bada bing bada boom
    johnrussell20 [10:10 P.M.]: what the fuck does that mean
    johnrussell20 [10:10 P.M.]: oh
    johnrussell20 [10:10 P.M.]: haha
    johnrussell20 [10:11 P.M.]: aight number 1....there shouldn't be any bitch moves in this league. the posting late shit obviously shouldn't go on but the league is a 'battle' league not a 'get a cheap w' league, there should be battles of a cat is gonna post, even if it's late. I give shouts to all the heads from b,boys, to jook...faceless i'm not an alias......and john nash, good luck
    johnrussell20 [10:11 P.M.]: beside that fuck ya'll and step it up
    johnrussell20 [10:11 P.M.]: pz
    get off the blok [10:11 P.M.]: lmfao
    get off the blok [10:11 P.M.]: good deal j be easy duke
    johnrussell20 [10:11 P.M.]: lol gangsterrr
    johnrussell20 [10:11 P.M.]: pz man
  3. J o o k

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    15. HotDogVendorMan 5-4 vs. 16. Opshins 0-1

    This battle was extremely under voted on. With a total of 3 votes the win was decided by less then 1 vote because even the votes given were so half assed. Also it would have ended in a tie if Oz would have stated he was voting but that was a no go. So in the end HotDog gets dicked out of another victory, not saying he won but we definitely can not come to an accountable decision with just 3 votes in the battle. Opshins slips away with the victory and pulls his record up to the .500 mark with a 1-1 record. Good battle fellas.

    9. .LM. 4-2 vs. 10. Phryme 2-0

    With phryme making his first appearance in the North he was a hungry competitor who in a sense had something to prove to the North. LM a vet from back in the old league also had a bone to pick, and prove that he still has what it takes to deliver a nice verse. So LM dropped first and to my surprise he had a very well rounded verse. Phryme dropped next and also dropped decent but just couldn't contend punch for punch with LM. The ending factor is LM coming out on top with his first win in the north and phryme losing his first match in the north. Good battle fellas.

    7. John Hensley 4-0 vs. 8. Alpha Prime 4-3

    This battle is what some would call a landslide. John Hensley posted first with a pretty nice verse, and some material definitely worthy of making the top 10. Next Alpha dropped with a very sub-par, rushed verse. He stated it was keyed and we could definitely tell this time around. Alpha accounting for his second or third loss in a row may in fact be headed to the south within the next week. John on the other hand is off to the contendership where he faces john nash. Good battle fellas and good luck to both of you this week in the league.

    RBL North Championship: 1. J o o k 9-3 vs. 2. $1.50 5-0

    Now this is a battle that I can honestly say came out nicer then ANYONE expected. I know I slept on 50 because of how he got to the champ match. Nonetheless he brought some good material to the table and I definitely respect him more as an mc. Kid got skills yall, and I am very much looking out for the battle with him and butler it should be very nice. So with that said yes I am the first champ to retain the title for 2 weeks in a row so I am happy about that. Next week be on the look out for jook vs super in the championship, it should be fairly decent.

    5. Guile 5-2 vs. 6. John Nash 5-2

    John nash is a new name to me, the kid has been catching a nice look though. He's beaten a couple mentionable people and now he has Guile in this bout. Guile a know head from b _ boys is still hungry and witty as ever. What it came down to was a decision by 2 votes, in a battle that only had 4 votes in all. This was another case of a battle not reaching full potential clearly. Nonetheless at the end of the match John nash had came out victorious. He moves on to the contendership to face Johh Hensley. Guile drops to a 5-3 record, but don't sleep, the kid is thorough. Good battle fellas.

    17. Allah 0-0 vs. 18. NoShit Sherlock 0-0

    Whether this battle was even legit or not is no longer at question. The question now is why did Sherlock post 6 lines when the minimum is 10? I have to stress reading the rules, because you can actually lose by not meeting the requirements. On the other hand Allah brought a cool verse to the table that clearly outshine Sherlock. Allah is another b _ boy trying to make a name for himself here too. Which he is off to a good start with an 1-0 record. Good battle fellas, Sherlock read the rules fam and good luck next week.

    RBL North Contendership: 3. Butler 3-1 vs. 4. Super 3-0

    Well you guessed it, Butler posted late and Super took the win. Not much to write on this subject because it can get really diverse. Nonetheless Butler won in votes but Super won on a technicality. So with that being said Super moves on to the championship and Butler falls to a 3-1 record.

    In Conclusion: This week was pretty good in the rbl north. Just try to vote more. Read the rules. Yes and please post on time! This is j o o k signing out. Peace love and respect.
  4. J Dot C

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    Apr 22, 2003
    good mag...ehh @ most of tha punches tho...
  5. FaceLess

    FaceLess jook is my dad..

    Nov 22, 2000
    lmao@ faceless i am not a alias
  6. Phryme

    Phryme lets get it.

    Mar 14, 2005
    my longhorn punch shoulda been top 10 :)

    good mag.
  7. .LM.

    .LM. minds better than urs

    May 18, 2003
    nice mag...good to see u put effort into it
  8. Minfinity

    Minfinity aka bobbyfischerman

    May 18, 2002
    lol @ Minfinity= Alpha

  9. QuicK SyllaBle

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    Oct 27, 2003
  10. HotDogVendorMan

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    Jan 22, 2005
    word@ being dicked

    its sad yo

    coo mag
  11. Mahatma.

    Mahatma. Sophia's World

    May 7, 2005
    this mag is gay

    and thats just how i like it
  12. J o o k

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    Lets get fresh to def.
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