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  1. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001

    :: INTRO ::
    ::INTERVIEW 1::
    :: TOPICS ::
    :: TALENTS TOP 10 ::
    :: INTERVIEW 2 ::
    :: OUTRO ::

    :: INTRO ::

    welcome back ladies and gents to another edition of the BEST DAMN MAG the internet has to offer, in this edition of TNT rapter2k talks to madpoet and tek one on one, talent gives us his ever so popular top 10, I’ll reveal to you what the rest of July offers, and im happy to say that even with the no shows last week, the league gained members, we’re up to 60 now, RBL what?, yea the RSTL is looking good, and I want to thank the mods, myself, and everyone of you for contributing to it’s success, thank you, now sit back and enjoy your mag, and fyi, im sorry to say there will be no star report this week, IV has some issues to tend to, but next week there should be one, aight now peep the mag


    WEEK 1 - 2 for 1

    2 for 1 week, which is under way, for those that don’t know this week, if you win you will be credited 2 wins rather than 1, if you lose you will only get one though, there will be no penalty for loosing, just awards for the winners


    next week will be an interesting match, I hope everyone has aim and access to e-mail, cause next week will be tag team week, with the exception of the champ match which will be the only singles match, the way it will go is depending on your rank, for example rank 3 and 5 will face 4 and 6, then below that rank 7 and 9 will face 8 and 10, and so on, each winner will again get 2 wins, losers will only get one, the # 1 contender match will lead to week 3

    WEEK 3 - 3 WAY

    leading off from week 2, the number one contender match will obviously have 2 winners due to a tag team, which will lead to 3 way week, matches will go as follow, 1 v 2 v 3, 4 v 5 v 6, etc...., winners will again get 2 wins, losers only 1, pretty cut and dry here, normal match rules, you just have 2 opponents

    WEEK 4 ????

    Well, it’s a suprise, I cant ruin all the fun, just make sure you’re around for it, it’s gonna be HOTT!!!


    LouAtBizz [19:07]: cocksuckernmotherfucker makin me all anxious and not doin it , but I understand cause ur parents are givin u problems
    Askk about me [19:08]: sup madpoet. welcome to the greaest mag with the greates interview with the not so great you !!!! so, wharts up
    LouAtBizz [19:08]: chillin whats up with you today?
    LouAtBizz [19:08]: RSTL rules
    LouAtBizz [19:08]: BTW
    LouAtBizz [19:09]: Smokin this here blunt.....gettin ready to do some audios
    Askk about me [19:10]: sounds, youre back in the league after a break ( or cos u couldnt get in). what is the league like now for you?
    LouAtBizz [19:10]: I think the league is the tightest I have seen it in a long time, RC, OMEN, Talent, IV..everyone is coming back plus we got great noobs coming up too..

    LouAtBizz [19:10]: Should be a domainting force over RBL on RM
    LouAtBizz [19:13]: The time and talent I feel it takes to write an RSTL verse in comparison to RBL is like the difference between a childrens novel and a classic...It takes mad skill to do RBL, be witty with punchlines but to craft a perfect RSTL verse takes true writing talent..
    Askk about me [19:16]: lol okay, i didnt ask that but its all good. how do you feel you stand in the league at the moment?
    LouAtBizz [19:16]: I feel I am top 10..lower half maybe tho
    LouAtBizz [19:16]: definatly
    Askk about me [19:17]: good shit. thought do you really think you can stand up with the likes of Corey and Jowelz?
    LouAtBizz [19:18]: By the time I had done polishing the changes I have made and keep growing...yes I of current I would certainly make it a match to watch and if the stars aligned right for me..maybe
    LouAtBizz [19:18]: *am not had
    Askk about me [19:19]: fair enough, Youre not one of these dudes who beleives in the stars though are you......?
    LouAtBizz [19:20]: I believe in what I can see, hear and feel...the only 1 thing I place blind faith in is GOD, and the fact one day Jennifer Aniston will leave Brad Pitt for me
  2. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    Askk about me [19:20]: well if u beleive that then youre screwed!
    LouAtBizz [19:22]: Well we all have hopes
    LouAtBizz [19:22]: It is blind faith..that means having nothing to back it up
    Askk about me [19:23]: okay dont get physological on me man, im tired. who do you think your greatest victory over is? (did that make sense?)
    LouAtBizz [19:24]: yes..I think my toughest win was against Khoi...I think my actualy best opponent may have been Harlequin or Malso..I think Trap whom I face this week will not be a walk in the park but he has fallen off a tad so I can beat him..
    Askk about me [19:25]: well spoke. i heard that harl is one sexy ass beast....?
    LouAtBizz [19:25]: Only to homosexual men and midgets..he is only 3ft tall after all
    Askk about me [19:25]: nah i think he is actaully 5 foot 6.......byt what would mario know about that?
    LouAtBizz [19:26]: Wario would know alot
    Askk about me [19:26]: ah good point.
    LouAtBizz [19:26]: and no one will understand that inside joke
    Askk about me [19:26]: so what was it like losing to me????
    LouAtBizz [19:26]: It was shameful cause you weak wit it..naw Im was you winnin by 1 vote that hurt...8-7
    Askk about me [19:27]: yeh it was.......damn good battle even though i recyleced my verse from jowles no show. lol........who was the easiet u beat?
    LouAtBizz [19:27]: Ummm......Id have to think back..cellar door I think his name was
    LouAtBizz [19:27]: something door
    LouAtBizz [19:27]: when i first jumped in the league
    LouAtBizz [19:28]: He was an RBL'er
    Askk about me [19:28]: lol...........i heard u got some good comments this week?
    LouAtBizz [19:28]: Yes from Talent especially....he said if I keep up the changes and polish mutis I could be a dominating force in the league..has gave me some advice awhile back i followed
    LouAtBizz [19:29]: I appreciate tha talent

    Askk about me [19:29]: yeh he is my nights when im lonely i think of him and it warms......ah fuck it never mind. Who would you like to face?
    LouAtBizz [19:30]: I want to face Vern or Talent.....I want to spend 4 days writing that shit..usually i do 1....last verse I did 2...for trap he will get 3 days...vern and talent I would spend about 4 days tweaking my verse...I used to and up to after facing you only spent 1 day on my verse
    LouAtBizz [19:30]: I want my name in the hall of champs
    LouAtBizz [19:31]: It could happen dont count the mad one out
    LouAtBizz [19:32]: Where do u feel i place in the league on a serious note
    LouAtBizz [19:32]: ?
    Askk about me [19:33]: seriously, lower 10. proberly 10th or 11th but i do feel you can make yourself alot more reknown
    LouAtBizz [19:33]: Good shit..Thank you for the honesty
    Askk about me [19:33]: thats fine...
    LouAtBizz [19:34]: Ask me something controversial
    LouAtBizz [19:34]: :-D
    Askk about me [19:34]: on a side note, let the readers know what they can expect form you audio wise in the future....
    Askk about me [19:34]: hold on i wil
    LouAtBizz [19:35]: Audio wise? Audio wise I intend to grow and anyone who wants to hear a very unique style should peep my sound click page in my sig.....I will be making more songs storytelling..I am a topical emcee or I try to be most of the time...Pretty self serving interview..I love it...Ok...
    Askk about me [19:35]: lol yeh.............i like being random with my questions
    LouAtBizz [19:36]: Its good that your random
    Askk about me [19:36]: so.........who do you think is over rated or is really not as good as they hyped?
    Askk about me [19:38]: :p
    LouAtBizz [19:38]: hmmm underrated is You, Cereal(this boy is sick wit it), Malsovich, overhyped hmmm dunno and i would have loved to rip anyone.....the people who get the hype are the greats right now, but mostly people get underrated
    LouAtBizz [19:38]: not overrated
    LouAtBizz [19:38]: Krooked K
    LouAtBizz [19:38]: gets added to the list above
    Askk about me [19:39]: good shit.....who dont you like. Any hate going on?
    Askk about me [19:39]: or is it all love?
    LouAtBizz [19:39]: I dont like Dmetrius, I dont like Headless Verseman..There are a few dickheads I dont like...
    LouAtBizz [19:40]: Im keepin my beef list down cause Im tryin to be low key
    LouAtBizz [19:40]: but there are more
    Askk about me [19:40]: lol speaking of dmetrius im gona knick somehting from his interview.....i say a word and you say the 1st thing u think of
    LouAtBizz [19:40]: k
    Askk about me [19:40]: Madpoet
    LouAtBizz [19:40]: Audio
    Askk about me [19:40]: Teknekk
    LouAtBizz [19:40]: Old and conceited
    Askk about me [19:40]: Omen
    LouAtBizz [19:41]: Skilled and honorable he is in active servioce
    LouAtBizz [19:41]: *service
    Askk about me [19:41]: Talent
    LouAtBizz [19:41]: My semi mentor and someone who believes in me..mad talent
    Askk about me [19:41]: I SAID ONE WORD FAGGOT
    Askk about me [19:41]: Malosvich
    LouAtBizz [19:41]: oh fuck
    LouAtBizz [19:41]: underrated
    Askk about me [19:41]: DZK
    Askk about me [19:41]: lol
    LouAtBizz [19:41]: Amazing
    Askk about me [19:41]: Harlequin
    LouAtBizz [19:42]: Bipolar
    Askk about me [19:42]: Bondage
    LouAtBizz [19:42]: Ummm
    Askk about me [19:42]:

    :: TOPICS::

    basically this is real cut and dry, submit some topics people, we are in dire need of them, if you want to keep writing to recycled topics, then don’t post any, but I don’t want to hear any complaints for the topics that are chosen, me and the other mods, do are best to keep this league running, by closing/posting matches, giving you interviews, top 10's courtesy of talent, 2 or more mags with, all we ask of you is to show, vote, and post topics, it’s not hard, if everyone in the league this week posted a topic, that’s 1 topic, there would be 60 to choose from, think about it​
  3. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    :: TALENTS TOP 10 ::
    10. MadPoet...
    ...i taught him how to really, but i did give MadPoet some advice, including humbling himself, and i feel that i really showed this week...he had a truly great plot...and he also developed his characters well...his word choice still needs a little tuning, but for the most part, MadPoet is close to being ready to take on the RSTL's best...he's got a TON of potential and the ability to hit on that potential well...this week his verse was just so creative, and his narrator was so well developed, that it is hard not to imagine him in the top 10...more people need this guy's creativity, and more people need this guys willingness to improve.

    9. Tekneek...
    ...i wonder where tekneek gets off saying he dislikes poetry...because his verses are poetic...he brings a very serene writer's voice to the table, that allows for a simplistic word choice to still be very effective and beautifying...this week he spoke through what i call a visual topical, painting a picture while releasing his thoughts on multiple issues dealing with the ghetto all at once...very well done...he brings insight whenever he wants to, and those are the verses that impress me most from tek...maybe it's not a fantastically creative concept...actually, it's not really creative at all...and maybe his word choice isn't up on the Richard Corey level...but tek can writer enjoyable and insightful verses with the best of them.

    8. MC4Sight...
    ...4Sight's a guy that finally started turning heads with his rise to the championship of the last topical tournament, which he lost to Omen one can say that losing to Omen is a bad thing, because pretty much everyone's done it...add 4Sight to that list, but don't take him off the list of dope writers...this week, he chose a strange topic and an even stranger approach, running with an interesting concept that he only came out and stated at the very was very original though, i give him that...and he wrote the verse well...just a polished verse, with enough creativity to give it this spot...not his best work, but impressive nonetheless.

    7. Doyen...
    ...this is an interesting pick...Doyen is a great writer...his writing was even more so on point this week than last...he uses multis effortlessly, and tells his story with detail and precision, while keeping it moving nicely...however, this week was the second part of a three part story, that he plans to finish off this far, i must say, the story is going very, very nicely, but this being the middle, it was hard for obvious reasons for him to make the ending seem complete...his week one verse left me in suspence yet at the same time allowed for closure, while this verse leads into the future a little more...however, it does give some closure, enough at least...i'm judging this as it's own verse, and if i were to take into account the whole trilogy it would probably be up a few spots...still, Doyen is one to watch out for.

    6. Headless Verseman... boy Verseman is a cocky motherfucker, but who really cares about ego?...this man can write...battle-wise, he's dope, but i feel he's best in the ring of topical writing, even more so than straight storytelling...consider him the RSTL's Guru, he's got the cockiness, but he's very intelligent and always has a thought to offer if you're willing to hear it...this is a guy that i would guarentee is a Michael Moore fan...his verse this week was, as he has done other times in the past, a commentary on the government and the status quo of the country itself...he brought in the fuck Bush attitude, but he also brought in some very intelligent thoughts on the current pop culture...he has wit and a polished word choice/writer's voice...and he allows himself a chance in any battle he choses to try on.

    5. TRAP....
    ...if i've said it once, i've said it twenty times, trap is quite possibly the most creative writer the RSTL has to offer...what amazes me most about trap is that he choses the topic that i look at and say "no way i'm doing that," and he makes me wonder why i couldn't think of anything for that, because he comes up with a genius idea...exactly the case this week...trap did a verse that looked to be a complete cliche, and instead brought in a totally new look into the world of love, the lesbian...i really felt his verse...great concept, well written.

    4. Young gawd...
    ...three weeks into his RSTL career, and i must say, i feel like i know Young Gawd's writing as well as Jowelz's...he can rip into any story simply through his heavily detailed and well worded imagery, that has carried him to a 3-0 record...and that's not the typical 3-0 record...Type Writer is now known to have been Vern ghostwriting for his cousin, who was considering joining the league, and Freedom hung in against DahLohner during his first week, only to be shut out by Young, and Status Qu0 was a former top 10 verses member, who really knows how to i said before, Young's style is typically dealing with imagery, but this week i really felt his verse was something special...he chose supernatural as his topic, and executed it greatly, showing the struggles of a young child who just wanted his mother to forgive brought a chill to my spine at the end...and he really brought alive the character well...great verse.

    3. Richard Corey...
    ...after a week of taking off the rust, Richard Corey seemed back at full strength again this past week...he brought to the table his standards: incredible writer's voice, seemless word choice despite incredible rhyme scheme, and high doses of creativity...the creativity he brought this week was in the form of a metaphor...he used the topic "supernatural," and his verse fit that topic...the surreal feel of his words is brought together by the concrete imagery and deep plot, all tied together with incredible character development, which is what i feel was strongest in this verse...he allowed you to feel like you knew the woman, knew her struggles...just a wonderful verse.

    2. Infinite Truth...
    ...the average writer will try to make a revelation of identity as their twist, and fail to make an impact on me...but you'd be downgrading Infinite Truth terribly if you dared to call him an average writer...he's an excellent writer, a true legend...despite the no show from Beat-move, Truth brought pure heat this week...he told the story of how the Phantom of the Opera was originated...and he brought with him his standard poetic lyricism ability, highly developed and complex rhyme scheme that somehow always works, and a great plot...Truth can really bring alive images, and he did so this week...i'm very much looking forward to facing him this week.
  4. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    1. Awedishin... general, i've found it rare to find people declaring in their votes that they felt a verse was "Verse of the Week"...let me tell you, this week i noticed several do it, and they were all right...why were they right? because Mac Flow wrote what might be the best verse of his RSTL career...he brought so much into this verse...a dynamic plot with an incredible twist that allowed for so much understanding...detailed and perfectly worded imagery...flawless writers voice...pure perfection in a verse...tough to find a negative here, only picky people would point out the rhyme scheme being slightly simplistic, because it was certainly servicable...splendid...superb verse my friend...the teddy bear of the RSTL delivers.​


    Askk about me [22:09]: would u be interested in an interview for the RSTL mag?
    Verbatimental [22:09]: yes
    Askk about me [22:10]: now
    Verbatimental [22:10]: yes
    Askk about me [22:10]: or is incovneinat
    Verbatimental [22:10]: right now
    Askk about me [22:11]: hello Tek. WElcome to the best mag ever, and the damn best interview as well. How are you?
    Verbatimental [22:11]: Im doing good.
    Askk about me [22:12]: thats nice to here. Lol, im sounding too professional. Now first of all. Why the idea of contrevarsy, just to clear it up and ask why you decided to do it?
    Askk about me [22:15]: hello, has the phone rang?
    Verbatimental [22:15]: The RSTL is correlated to story writing and compositions based on topics. The idea of the Controversy was created in a sense to present a 3rd eye view of what the regular RSTL magazine doesn't show. It goes deeper into an opinionated perspective and was created for the reader to see this in a much different focus.
    Verbatimental [22:17]: I felt that readers should be given details of the RSTL from a more personal perspective to allow not just more news of other things that goes on but to also exhibit a much more different critique on a more personal level.
    Askk about me [22:19]: wow, now thats indepth. you sure created alot of hype around it, but truthfully do you think this mag is causing the reaction u expected?
    Verbatimental [22:22]: The Controversy was conceptualized to arouse... not just to see the obvious all the time, but to bring it into a more deeper level at what the reader should be focus on. The magazine is not built to always give the positives about every topic or subject researched, but to also expose the flipside of things... with CONTROVERSY, even details and content that are sometimes harshly stated are to be seen. The purpose of this magazine is to give fully the honest candid exposure of what the story presents from the observations that were made.
    Askk about me [22:23]: okay dude. but you dont have to write essays, u been typing for 10 minutes. do you everr go clubbing?
    Verbatimental [22:24]: I use to club every single weekend during college years constantly, but all that is now behind me.
    Askk about me [22:25]: aww sad to here it man. so still on topic.....who do you think could cayse some contrevarsy in the next few weeks? maybe cause an upset along the line?
    Verbatimental [22:28]: An upset where a newbie beats a vet would also be newsworthy. Controversy comes in many levels... sometimes however, without that I would dwell on doing close-ups and focuses on particular storytellers... But having certain matches where the favored falls or seeing never-heard-of newbies coming up making noise... as with some that are doing that noticeably as I look around the league.
    Askk about me [22:29]: and may i ask who do you think is the best of these up coming newbies? there seems to be a few all getting regontion and praise. But if you had to pick one, which writer and style are u appreciating?
    Askk about me [22:29]: hold on keep typing, while i go grap a crumpet and a cup of tea
    Verbatimental [22:31]: At this time, I have yet to really dig deep and take a closer look at the newbies... I will however have a feature next week on those who I feel should be credited so be on the watch for that.
    Askk about me [22:32]: lol okay. i heard youre applying to be mod you have your eye set on the RSTL?
    Verbatimental [22:33]: No. Last I mentioned, I would never mod the RSTL ever again... and I hold to that promise. Besides, the MODS now are doing well in keeping it stable so I have no intentions of replacing anyone at this time.
    Askk about me [22:34]: fair enough......okay, im gona delve a bit deeper. I was wondering if you rember the conversation u had with me and omen about the current champion, Talent. At the time u seemed heatever over him and called him your adversary. where does this situation stand now???
    Askk about me [22:39]: hello
    Verbatimental [22:40]: The Talent is credited as one of the best in the league no doubt. He knows what he needs to wow the readers with his rhymes... and while I do NOT agree with his ways of writing a rhyme... the style and all that, I do NOT say much about it because so many others in the league have too similar of a style like him. He likes to be duplicated and with this particular POETIC style that he excels with, it becomes too redundant for me to keep focus on. I think our seclusion from one another stems from our different views in what we feel is a good rhyme. I have my ways and he has is. He is usually discrediting me for the type of rhymes that I write... and while he uses his top 10 as a barometer of what he feels about everyone... I feel that he is as opinionated of what he thinks of my rhymes as I am with what I say in my mag. Right now, we talk from time to time, but I keep my distance.
    Askk about me [22:43]: well at least its not this beef shit, ure keeping it cool. u a cool guy?
    Verbatimental [22:43]: I am whatever you see me as.
    Askk about me [22:43]: i see you as the dad i never had....
    Verbatimental [22:44]: There you are then.
    Askk about me [22:45]: okay bout the league. any thing u think its missing or is it running perfectly?
    Verbatimental [22:45]: With the upcoming events happening and how Vern has magistrated everything... its good.
    Askk about me [22:46]: yeh verns the big daddy. im kinda scared of him though. What do you think of a'quotes of the week' being introduced?
    Verbatimental [22:46]: Anything that's new and fresh... go for it.
    Askk about me [22:48]: cool cool. im afriad im going to have to bring this to a close, cos my tea just scaled my lip and cos you type fuck loads.
    Askk about me [22:48]: any last words, shoutouts or anyting ud like to say?
    Verbatimental [22:48]: Oh yeah I got some last words...
    Askk about me [22:48]: hit me
    Verbatimental [22:49]: Vern ain the GOAT.... I still hate Peril-Eyes.... Jowelz still excels.... Im focused right now.... Controversy sells.... and I know drama.
    Verbatimental [22:49]: Thank you.
    Askk about me [22:49]: hahaha thank you very much for your time.
    Askk about me [22:50]: -done-
    Askk about me [22:50]: cheers dun
    Verbatimental [22:50]: word to your mama [/center]
  5. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    :: OUTRO::

    ok, there you have it folks, if you read this and tek’s mag, between the 2 you can clearly see the RSLT is the league to be in right now, people coming back, stars rising, vets dominating, the only thing we now are a few upsets, but July is on fire, the Hottest month of the year, and that’s how the RSTL will be, stick around, tell your freinds, and basically worship Vern, he’s your ggod, nothing else matters, pz my RSTLians​
  6. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    RSTLians = the new Outkast CD?
  7. LiL KeKe

    LiL KeKe New Member

    Jan 18, 2002
    lol @ talent...

    nice mag

    would've been better with me in it
  8. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    Wow....I appreciate talent's comments and puttin me on the top 10....Peep next weeks mag...some serious shit..
  9. Dikembe Mutombo

    Dikembe Mutombo New Member

    Aug 12, 2001
    word...excellent mag yet again

    and big ups to Talent and everyone else who said I had the best verse this week, I appreciate the compliments. Lol @ RTSL's Teddy Bear

    love ya kids!
  10. 5 Starre

    5 Starre Big Jaw Entertainemnt

    Feb 26, 2003
    damn, i gotta get back in this soon
  11. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    good mag.

    and when i "fall off" it's because i wrote my shit quickly.
    pce out ya punk bitches.
  12. Atreyu

    Atreyu New Member

    Jun 29, 2003
    That top 10 list is bullshit...i should be in the top 3...Headless Verseman is Garbaje topically...
  13. Smoke Trail

    Smoke Trail Writing My Life

    Aug 20, 2003
  14. MC4SiGHT


    Apr 25, 2003
    nice mag once again

    anyone who wants to be my tag-team partner next week email me or reach me at aim.....


    aim: mc4sight

    i'll pick the best offer i

  15. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    you dont choose your tag team partner

    you will be given a partner
  16. MC4SiGHT


    Apr 25, 2003
    oh....nevermind then
  17. Dikembe Mutombo

    Dikembe Mutombo New Member

    Aug 12, 2001
    lol Atreyu really still thinks he's good
  18. MC4SiGHT


    Apr 25, 2003
    ^^^yea i know, im starting to feel bad for him.....

    nah...nm i'm not
  19. Eternalpath

    Eternalpath I am FEMALE!!!!

    Mar 9, 2004
    nice read. Tek seems to be a grown intellegent man. His words from the answers he gave sounded smart. :)

    I enjoy reading this. The tag match thing will be interesting. Even though the ranks a little messed up this week. Well just with two people that faced last week.

    But the Tribune is a worthy read :)
  20. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    well done on the mag,

    thanx for the mention mp
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