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Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Tha Talent, Aug 23, 2004.

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  1. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    The New Tribune
    A Tha Talent Production

    Table of Contents
    --ONE'S TO WATCH--

    whattup, this is tha talent again, here to amuse you with another great mag...we've got tekneek, mac flow, up and comers, and a few suprises at the very top of the top 10...this'll be fun, so enjoy...i feel like Conan...i PROMISE this will be a good show, so please don't fall asleep because i know it's late, but i have red hair and i might do some funny facial expressions and awkward pauses...fuck it, just read.

    this is the part of the show where i talk a lot and you just read...mac's champ again, second this year...he has two, i have two, and vern has two, as the only multiple champions of the if mac and vern are important...pshh...anyway, i'm going to take mac's title this week, and i hope he doesn't read that...still, read that match...lithix is back with us...guy's sick with it...and richard, please stay, because we love you just enough to DQ you from a title match...but seriously, you guys need to vote...last week was terrible...corey at least had an excuse...oh, and, if you don't submit some FUCKING TOPICS, then next week expect something a little interesting...that's all i'm saying...we have serious talent coming up in the league, also known as a bunch of can read about them in the one's to watch section...anyway, have fun...big ups to Dmetrius and ASK for not helping me on Sunday...have fun with the rest of the mag, nothing else to catch you up on.

    King of Controversy
    A Look At The Career of Tekneek

    by ASK

    So?..the grandfather of the RSTL. The controversy behind the controversy. The old wise man of story telling. Yup, whatever you see him as Tekneek is a main role in the RSTL. Seeing he started it all, creating the RSTL after being a head member of the RWF. He has been one of the most influential mods ever, modding it until very recently and even then supporting it hugely. He has also been a great competitor, winning his one and only ever RSTL title against soloution in summer 2003, and just recently being the 6th member of the over 40 (no, not age) wins club. In the last few months he introduced ?the controversy?, an RSTL mag focusing on matters whihch may have touched nerves, or in the other case didn?t. This made him kinda unpopular with some people, especially Dmetrius and fellow mods when he went at them (and in the future, I wish he would stop calling me rapter. Damn annoying) I think he is a good enough writer, a vet in time not in his skill, but still a lot better than average. Recently he seems to have been aquiring more losses to his record falling victims to Anaphora, Harlequin and others. His style is usually very descriptive, see his batman piece for evidence, but sometimes dragged out and left hanging. His call for a more ?rap? oriented league however seemed to fall on deaf ears, with poetry still being a main influence with many.

    ASK: Aight man. First off, do you see Tekneek as the grandfather of the RSTl or someone who has done thier bit and should call it a day?
    Talent: he should write until he's sick of writing, just like everyone else...why call it quits?
    Askk about me: good question, ive just heard it around......what do you think of his writign style personally?
    Talent: it seems undeveloped and a little simplistic to me, but i think he's starting to realize that he needs to work on the end, he can put together some very good verses, but i'm not sure that he can go beyond "very good"
    ASK: aight good thats what i thought. How do you view tek, as his role in the league?
    Talent: he's a member right now...a member and a figurehead of sorts...not to mention one of the few members left in the league that remembers the earliest days
    ASK: ahhhhh the early days. i heard bout them. Lastly, a while ago i was told by tek himself that you and him didnt see eye to eye. he even called you his worst enemie in the RSTL! Is that over, do you know why he may feel that?
    Talent: i have no care for beef, and really i think tek and i respect eachother, even if we often don't see eye to eye
    Askk about me [20:19]: yeh well fuck beef i hate you. lol, not really i love you. anyways that will do

    Ask: how do you views teks role in the league, past and present?
    Khoi: shit, i don't even know to tell u the truth. don't know much about him at all
    Ask: wtf, man fuck dis shit i try to run one interview and shit goes all wrong..........*stares at screen* aight what you think of his style
    Khoi: i think it's dope, he's a smooth writer
    Ask: is that it?
    Khoi: yea
    Ask: okay. how did you get so ill at writing?
    Khoi]: i've always had my heart into hiphop and i felt it was time to create my own lyrics, i love goin' for the inspirational shit that'll spark minds to just go out and do something incredible. the feel good type shit. lots of cats have helped me on the way, such as talent & abolish..
    Askk: aight ill man, keep it up. 1

    Ask: what do you think of Teks style in writing and his attitude?
    Ion: I actually think tek is a bit Extreme at times, but then again he can be a little too Passive when his opinon is challenged, whcih makes his original Points lose power, Fell me?
    Ask: do you think Tek should come back to modding the RSTL?
    Ion: Hmmm... Yes in respect to his detication to Posting mags but no in terms of leadership. But then again tek has a outlook that could benifit the newer RM members who might join the RSTL, it's a toss up.
    Ion: I'd put him back in the open mic area if it was my choice.. best highlights of his membership over there
    Ask: illness. good answer. now im off. bye bitch

    So there you have it, opinions from me (ASK), your master mod (Talent), a relatively new RSTL member (Khoi), and a random RM member (Ion Metatron). Build your own, and let me know. 1​
  2. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    Talent's Top Ten

    sorry i didn't have more time to break these down, today's been hectic...anyway, this should hopefully be enough, if you want more feedback on your verse, AIM me.

    10. The Novelist...
    ...the novelist is an up and comer with a very creative mind...his verse this week showcased his creativity with one of, if not the, best plot of the week...his story telling seems a little rushed and rough, but i have a feeling that if this guy puts time into his work, he can really write...very dope verse my friend, a sick idea and a great ending.

    9. Cereal Killer...
    ...cereal's been better than this recently, although it was enough to easily beat a weak anaphora verse...he had a very disgusting ending, like always...kid is on this sick yet creative tip...i really enjoyed that aspect of it but i thought he could have used a slightly better body...still, his writing and flow are insane, and he's got some crazy ideas and deserves props.

    8. Awedishin
    ...mac's the champ, and yes, i know a lot of people were feeling this more than i was, and i don't particularly care...mac came with a somewhat tradition love story gone tragic gone eve more tragic, but he wrote it fairly well and he kept it interesting and entertaining...he rushed this verse and had no expectations of victory...i have a feeling he'll be much better this week, against me...looking forward to it.

    7. Thaumaturge...
    ...a lot of people do these father raping daughter verses, but Thau really pulled this off...his word choice was outstanding, and flow was definitely commendable...i have to question his voting but i can't question his writing...if he comes up with a slightly fresher idea, he could be a top 5 verse no question, even in a good week, which this week was not...sign back in though.

    6. Formal Logic...
    ...Formal really had an interesting verse this week...though he still needs to work on the ending a little, he really capitalized on his style...he talked about a sheltering mother...i'm not sure i really liked the wasn't well described enough, but it was alright...he got his point out...and the rest of the verse was flames...very good job.

    5. Atheist...
    ...Atheist came with the best "message" verse of the week...really powerful storytelling and a great action scene...the only flaw in this verse at all was that he kinda worked around the topic, while still staying on topic...still, his descriptions of the robot going on a mass murdering scheme and the way he presented this idea of a man hates that which he doesn't understand thing was just well done...really nice verse that, with a few minor changes, could have been verse of the week material.

    4. Richard Corey...
    ...word, so the reign is done...but anyway...the verse was dope, the third part of Travels With Cane, which was kinda like Travels With Charlie, except the dog was a demon and the story revolved around death instead of National Parks and it had a great rhyme scheme...and though this ending left us hanging, i think he did a good job bringing some closure to it...Kaylah finally understood what Cane's deal was...i liked it a lot, very well written and a very dope action scene involved that most can't pull off.

    3. MC4Sight... up the strange line breaks just to make the verse visually appealing, MC4Sight went with a straight up tragedy, dealing with a kid with cancer realizing the end is near...he brought in the neglectful parents, the kids emotions toward them, and whole deal of emotion...that's right, this was a very emotional verse and that's the easiest way to surmise it's tough to tell if Julie was an imaginary friend, but i'd have to say the story made it seem that way, so when you read this 4, could you answer me?...very dope well written.

    2. Lord of Emo... know you're special when someone makes a thread that gets 40+ responces in hookups about you, and how skilled you are for a new kid...that happened to Lord of Emo...lots of speculation, anyone from Truth to Vern to someone from another site...the verse was flooded with well used multis and great word choice that rounded out a very deep and interesting story about the man who beat love, and how his story will always end in heartbreak.

    1. Edward Lake...
    ...keep it short, you need to read this verse...such a creative idea, so well written...beautiful combination of imagery and emotion...just a great verse, i'm really looking forward to more from this cat.

    One's To Watch
    Everyone You Should Be Paying Attention To

    • Edward Lake, Lord of Emo, The Novelist - just read the top 10 verses
    • Ikue - this kid has a good grasp on writing, and is new but seems to have experience
    • Nique - how long can the undefeated streak last for the #11 verse of the week
    • Richard Corey - will he stick around or be a bitch like a lot of people who lose championships, and sign out
    • Tekneek - 40 wins, but only 1 championship...the rest of the 40 win club have 3 or more...will he win another?
    • Erykah Caine - as Nique climbs, she will need to prove to us that she is the best currently signed in female
    • Mac Flow - how long can he hold on?
  3. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    Lunch With a Big Mac
    Noib Interviews The New Champ

    Mac: sup
    Noib: yo...
    Noib: MAc man...
    Noib: just the guy I was lookin' for...
    Mac: what the dealio
    Noib: so...
    Noib: how does it feel to be champ once more?
    Mac: Ehh to be honest, I didn't expect to get it, especially not this way. I've been feeling a little guilty about the whole thing because of the circumstances.
    Noib: could you elaborate on that a little?
    Mac: Sure. Well, one of RC's close family members apparently passed away this weekend, henceforth he couldn't vote. Now, as of the last vote being Edward Lake's vote for RC, I should have lost by 1. Normally, like Jowelz, if a person doesn't vote I don't care their bad right.
    Mac: But, in this case, RC ALWAYS votes, and he couldn't do to the circumstances. It all feels a little dirty to me.
    Mac: due*
    Noib: I see...
    Noib: how do you think RC is taking all of this?
    Mac: I'm not sure. I can't really tell what type of person RC is, because his writing is so versatile and different week to week, he seems like such a balance cat. If he's human like all of us, I'm sure it's a big loss to him. The championship, I'm sure, is his least concern.
    Noib: wordness...
    Noib: so how do you feel you rank now among RM's greats?
    Mac: Well I dont think it changes anything. I've always felt like I was without a doubt top 10 of all time, and that's about the same now. There's cats like Talent, RC, Vern, Jowelz, and Omen who are strides ahead of me. I'll gladly take my spot in the top 10 though, humbly at that :)
    Noib: wordness...
    Noib: now last of all...
    Noib: who do you see as RM's most up and coming writers? Who has a chance to be the next greatest?
    Mac: Ohhhh tough. Well there's doYen, he's a remarkable writer, really holds it down week to week. Anaphora still has it, and is still looking for greatness, you and CK are both really doing your thing lately, Edward Lake has really impressed me as well. Menso does a great job...there's a lot of good cats rounding out that 15-30 rank that can, at anytime, come storming into the top 10 and throw someone off to get that title. I think of all of them, doYen, if he sticks around, has the best chance. He's incredible.
    Mac: I got a request...
    Mac: can we do word association? that's always fun
    Mac: better hurry though, I feel deuces coming!
    Noib: ok...
    Noib: here we go...
    Noib: word association...
    Noib: Vern...
    Mac: God
    Noib: vinyl...
    Mac: classic
    Noib: GOAT...
    Mac: Jowelzy
    Noib: pussy...
    Mac: *drools*
    Noib: asshole...
    Mac: Atreyu
    Noib: future...
    Mac: Michael J Fox
    Noib: LMAO
    Noib: well...
    Noib: that's about all the time I have...
    Mac: Coo, I got stomach cramps like a fat bitch on her period
    Mac: bout to hit this shitter running
    Noib: LMAO...
    Noib: just don't fall...
    Mac: haha no doubt
    Noib: ayite man...
    Noib: good luck to you in your upcoming title defense...
    Mac: good luck to the kids this week....everyone show up for God's sake, make Talent proud
    Noib: wordness to that...
    Mac: keep up the good work homie, and keep droppin those dime verses
    Noib: thanks man... you too..
    Noib: pz...
    Mac: pzzzz be easy
    Mac: *runs*

    that'll be it for this addition of The New up to your battles for God's sake...seriously...and vote...and post topics...alright?...oh, and ASK got a date...his mother enjoyed the dance...peace​
  4. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    Very nice mag Talent, almost rivals mine.
  5. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    ahhah @ ask got a date his mother enjoyed the dance

    good work fellas, as always. Fun read....
  6. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    very nice mag keep it up boys
  7. Khôi NguJin

    Khôi NguJin

    Jul 29, 2003
    very nice shit here guys...

    that michael j foxx answer for the future had me goin....

  8. Listen to what Talent said, read my verse. I posted it in Open Mic so you can drop feedback....teehee.

    Anyway, great mag, verse of the week and all that good stuff.
  9. BrEaK-PoInT

    BrEaK-PoInT New Member

    Jul 6, 2002
    great mag, keep this shit up ppl, really nice.
  10. Atheist

    Atheist Storyteller

    Jul 29, 2002
  11. A.S.K

    A.S.K ...

    Mar 11, 2003

    wtf at those comments

    damn you talent

    *looks for way to come back*
  12. UneekTestimony

    UneekTestimony New Member

    Feb 16, 2003
    I got # 11? Psh. Good Mag.
  13. Lord of Emo.

    Lord of Emo. all hail.

    Mar 7, 2004
    396 know you're special when someone makes a thread that gets 40+ responces in hookups about you, and how skilled you are for a new kid

    ^ could somebody link me to that thread?

    i never saw it.
  14. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    you told me not to write about you needing a date
    so i didn't.
  15. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    you can forget about top 10 next week.
  16. MC4SiGHT


    Apr 25, 2003
    nice mag once again talent and folk...thanks for #3

    and to answer your question talent your partway right...

    when i started the versemy plan was to make julie the child's babysitter, but then as i got writing i didn't really make any direction towards that being so, i think i hinted it a little but i didn't make anything obvious....but then as i went on writing i thought huh...what if i made julie her guardian angel? which i think i made some small hints that that could be it....and then lastly like you said while writing the 2nd two verses of the three i thought well maybe julie would be his imaginary friend like u said...lololol

    so after all that to answer your question, by the end of the verse i decided since i can't make up my mind, and the way i wrote it left hints towards each i thought i would just leave it up to the reader to wonder.....

    so it's up to the reader

    julie is either a babysitter, guardian angel, or imaginary friend

    iuno i like leaving things in my verses like that once in a while too, i think it envokes the readers thinkin or some shit like that lol

    and that's all....damn i explain too much

    nice mag...
  17. DahLohner

    DahLohner Straight Up Un-Holy

    Dec 20, 1999
    Props to the MAC Man on ANOTHER championship, the man is jus racking up the titles.

  18. Aconite

    Aconite New Member

    Jul 14, 2003
    Nice mag.
    Cheers for the mention.
  19. doYen

    doYen Man Above All

    Jun 18, 2004
    excellent read, im really impressed with how things are going
  20. Eternalpath

    Eternalpath I am FEMALE!!!!

    Mar 9, 2004
    interesting mag just enough for me to sign back in.. :)

    I don't want ms Caine to be the only lady
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