The mind of a serial killer feat. Raw Clown & Shock... Sickness..

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by LilRhyminghood, Jun 6, 2003.

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  1. LilRhyminghood

    LilRhyminghood They luv tha Steez.

    May 7, 2003
    Raw Clown

    mind of a serial killa, and persona of thug//
    run up in ya house,wet up an drama ya rug//
    make u suck on a barrell for a eatable slug//
    got u fucked up like a incredable drug//(whoa_)
    mothafucka's, it's raw and we got hood//
    u dont want step to us if you know whats good//
    hittin jacks, shootin macks, comes wit the ego//
    we out for blood like sharks an ya'll lil fish like nemo//
    burn the heat so, u dont want this killa's glocks//
    get hit with shells like I smacked u with a velvetta box//
    the type to kidnap ya preg wife an beat her then//
    slice her fetus out and dump her in a lake like laci petersen//
    I dropped WW cuz they were useless so Im crewless//
    but Im back murderin a track makin solo movements//
    mos ya'll call urself killaz but are just sweet like cupcakes//
    splatter ur brain on the fuckin spike of my dub-plates//
    grab a weapon an start steppin against me sunny?..//
    aint no half reppin when u bleedin in sections dummy//
    take care of the body by cuttin u into 5 pieces, ass fag//
    cut 2 arms,2legs, and ya hed, an put u in a glad trash-bag//


    I despise these beings, so I stick knives in spleens..
    Ppl who live there lives supreme, I make sure there demise is clean..
    The mind of a serial killer

    Only me eyes are seen when I attack, so make a prayer within..
    Even my stares a sin, fixed on tearin limbs..
    Snappin vertabraes..when I snap I hurt my preys..
    I cause obsurd dismay, jus a shame these ppl had to learn this way..
    I disturb and play evil games..then victims bodies are planted in holes..
    Left to rot, when I damage there souls..
    My evil grin is smiling forever, as I inflict violence and terror..
    As I silence ya errors, the outcome is that my science is clever..
    Defiance is never..i was born evil, killin is apart of me..
    As thrillin as an art to me, is drillin thru ya arteries..
    I rip apart ya spinal chord n' this is final warnin..
    My mind works sickly, so vile and morbid..
    These plans lie in mah brain ofcourse, its mah train of thought..
    But really this is jus the man, who I was portrayed in court..

    Rhymin Hood

    I'll Crucify Ya Abdomen Structure... then start Dicein ya Stomach..
    Slice Ya Spinal Chord then leave the knife.... tight in ya Buttock..
    ...Cry till ya plumet... Throw away my gloves 'n Hold the Dagger in..
    Get away wit murder then still slice ya neck... wit a javelin..
    I'm Batterin... Throw ya body in the sea.. You'll need medical quartets..
    Get my shotgun to your brain... the gats in ya cerebal cortex...
    Smackin ya lips.. till ya got a bloody face 'n bloods drippin..
    come back to the thread..wit an axe to ya head.. this thugs rippin...
    I'm posin a threat.. Roastin ya heads.. Till I rip foes..
    Mah bitch knowes.. My killings are quiet.. On Tip toes...
    You kids speak weak... My guns'll rip fleets deep..
    ..I've got ya body in a garbage bag.. but now its 6 feet deep..
    I'll split ya mind see... When I strip ya spine B...
    When I'm done with you the fuckin cops will never find me...
    Open the curtains in mah lobby.. then kill you.. Cuz Hurtin is a hobby..
    ..I'll have a search team all over my block fuckin searchin fah ya body..
  2. L-M-INT

    L-M-INT New Member

    Apr 7, 2003
    didnt really feel it. didnt show much skill seen better posts by u red clown but keep it up
  3. Da ExCLuSiVe

    Da ExCLuSiVe You Made Me Do This

    Jul 28, 2000
    wrong forum
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