The Message (part two)

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Clarksvegas_Dan, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. Clarksvegas_Dan

    Clarksvegas_Dan Registered Voter

    Apr 13, 2004
    Tommorrow will be here to soon
    Jesus got played

    Just keystyling part two to my previous post.

    So I sat in disbelief
    with my tears on the brink of branding me
    as one who was too afraid of the truth
    for what the truth would imply
    or oblige
    me to do or we to do
    So I implored the board for more
    It was asked,
    "Do you have something specific to say?"
    To the Yes, it went right away.
    "What is the message?"
    Well that seems a bit too broad.
    I mean I know I can synchronize
    the hemispheres of my brain
    So that they work in unison
    And that there is this silly tune I hum
    And I couldn't tell you where it came from
    But I don't see how that quite qualifies myself
    Isn't there someone else?
    Someone in better health
    someone with more or less wealth
    What quality is it that made this force
    Pick me up off the shelf?
    I'm not prepared to teach the world
    I'm too caught up in my self.
    On a quest for glory
    there's only one path that proves true
    The path of honor and integrity
    It's a path that does bear fruits.
    Tell the truth
    And become the Zeus
    With a lightning bolt by my side
    Invoking the spirit of gravitons and photons alike
    To make it look like a spike through the sky
    But it will only go where it's called to come
    And it will necessarily be hated by some
    They said it to Rock
    And they said it to me
    You ain't nothin but a bum
    But they don't know where I come from
    Or what I might have
    The Witches of Whereville will watch my back
    And I'll thank them by smoking some green.
    Marijuana is the name of an Aztec Demon.
    But the Aztec God required Human Sacrifice
    On an unsurpassed scale
    So if God requires murder to live
    then I'd rather live in Hell.
    Peace be still.
  2. allnakey

    allnakey Sex is no fun by yourself

    Mar 30, 2003
    This was kind of all over the place, more of self embrace as a theme, but kind of all over. I think it was a good key tho, nothing really stuck out to me, but nothing was bad.

    Stay Up, Much Love, Peace
  3. Black Liquid

    Black Liquid New Member

    Sep 12, 2003
    word i agree with homey above, sort of like a self rationalizing they way the thoughts jump around. check me out if you get a chance
  4. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    Pretty good piece. I kinda like the sudden turns within the piece. You have unique style. Keep it up...

    one luv
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