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  1. Quriosity

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    Nov 24, 2001

    Issue 5, Week 11


    I. Introduction
    II. No-Show Shine
    III. The RSTL Spotlight
    IV. Q’s Championship Review
    V. Got Life’s Breakdowns
    VI. The Five Fan Favorites
    VII. Q’s Top 3 Verses
    VIII. The Shit List
    IX. The Cover Story
    X. Headliners
    XI. The Official Rankings
    XII. Q’s Predictions
    XIII. Q’s Top 5 Competitors
    XIV. Jook’s Corner
    XV. Conclusion


    No-Shine | II
    The best of the best of the worst matches of the week. Once a week the best verse of the one-sided no-show battles will be showcased for your enjoyment

    The RSTL Spotlight | III
    Quite possibly the most enjoyable match that I've read all week. And definately the most surprising match of the bunch to actually leave a smile on my face. Two writers are showcased here for producing a quality match very low in the rankings.

    The Cover Story | IX
    Are voters becoming too critical, or are spelling and grammatical errors fair game for discrimination. A discussion on the problem of such grade school errors and their place in our league.


    Decentish week (and yes, that is now a word).

    Show up rate was eh.

    Even the people that did show up to battle seemed as if they gave less than half the effort to actually impress the voters. Oh well, just a slow week in general with an abundance of no shows and probably more sign outs than sign ins. But don't think for a minute that the RSTL is plummeting. That is beyond our realm of function.

    I would like to thank those of you that showed up and also those of you that were no showed against, I know that it is rough to gain momentum and motivation from a match against yourself. Nevertheless, please continue to support this league and our efforts to offer you the best creative writing forum on the face of the world wide web.

    Again, I appreciate the efforts of all of you and will continue to do so. As long as J o o k and I are moderators of this league, we will continue to be precise in our efforts while striving to provide a source of outlet for all of you writers. We do this for you and no other. Please remember that and take into consideration that when you shit on this league by not showing up for a battle, you are also shitting on us. I know that most of you probably do not care who you're shitting on, but for those that do, just remember that.

    Sooner than later there will be a rule enforced wherein two no shows will result in some sort of banishment from this league for an x amount of time. Of course, this is just an outline of what me and J o o k have yet to discuss, but I would just like to plant that into your heads so that those of you who actually take this serious and enjoy the art of creative writing will know that as easily as the opportunity is given to you, it can be taken away.

    At this time, I would like to extend a warm invitation to those who disagree with the way I write my magazines, or to those who may disagree with my views or the way I express my opinions, or simply to those whom may just want to help out and have a sincere concern for the future of this league. Please feel free to email me at usadesigns1@gmail.com. I am always open to suggestions and help from those who are truly interested.
  2. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    "Santa Claus Is Coming!"
    By Horud Sky AKA Baron Mynd

    I stared out the living room window,
    With a consummate awe to my eyes ..
    As I gazed through the frosty glass pane at the stark, silver, orb in the sky.
    It hung low amid our trees twisted branches,
    Which sprawled and flapped ..
    In the presence of a biting winter wind -
    As the nights sky grew all but black!
    My weary eyes were peering widely,
    While waiting for his senescent sledge to come ..
    And I was ready for Santa –
    But I was only seven, and staying up past ten was easier said than done!
    This was a stake-out.
    But the arduous wait made it hard to remain imparched and awake,
    As the jukebox of Christmas jingles in my mind started to play…

    You better watch out!
    You better not cry!
    You better not pout!
    And it’s best if you hide…
    ’Cause Santa Claus is coming… TONIGHT!

    I drifted off into a tangent of sleep.


    I awoke with a start, only to be given a fright ..
    When I found someone was seated –
    On the sofa by the fireplace, hidden from sight.
    The soft crackle of our open fire roared,
    As its flames flickered and flared erratically ..
    And I peered at the large shadow,
    Only to find two sharp, hungry, glints staring back at me.
    The fear crawled through my hair -
    As my eyes traced the wrinkles he’d wear on his tired face ..
    “Come, my dear boy, sit next to me,” said the man,
    Indicating the other chair by the fireplace.
    There was a table sat between us,
    With a glass of milk stationed at the end ..
    And so the man leaned forward, into the light,
    Clutching a piece of paper and a pen!
    His joyful face lit up brightly,
    And those radiant cheeks would emit a said glow ..
    Until he was everything as I had imagined,
    A fat, happy, man - A Buddha with gifts and red clothes.
    Except the eyes, the wild, petrified and desperate look in them,
    Detracted from his wistful essence ..
    “Santa?” I asked him, unsurely.
    “Bingo!” He chuckled. “I’m here to give you your Christmas present!”
    This seemed to eliminate my mistrust for now,
    “My roller-blades?” I piped up with a mild lisp ..
    But Santa shook his head with a snide grin and said: “Better.”
    Instantly my smile slipped.
    “Does that mean no roller skates?”
    Santa enjoyed a hearty laugh at my blathersome whining ..
    Before interlocking his stubby fingers,
    And sinking deeply into the tremulous shadows behind him.
    The two perverted glints stared out once more,
    And he warned with a stern, devout, determined clout -
    “I’m here to give you what you really want.”
    While I frowned, trying to work it out.
    And as I did so, Santa crept forward again with sinister leisure,
    Holding me there with his eyes ..
    He entered the light, but the darkness on his face lingered,
    From which his gaunt gaze stared into mine.
    I was entranced,
    I fell deep into his clasp of contemplation and mindless scruples ..
    While reaching for something in that hungry look,
    When the fire flickered – And something moved inside his pupils.
    “MITCH!” I let gasp as, horrified, I leapt back,
    While managing to suppress a yell ..
    And felt my pyjama bottoms grow hot and drenched,
    Then slowly cold, realising I’d wet myself. – 32
    “Ah…” was all he said while straightening up,
    And crossing my name from this years very wishlist ..
    “Well as promised…” he reached behind him to procure the present,
    “…here you are, Ben - Merry Christmas!”
    I gradually took the gift into my trembling hands,
    But what I’d seen was filling me with despair ..
    And Santa’s eyes never left me -
    So I decided to break the eerie tranquillity of the air…
    “I think I have to go to sleep now,” I stammered,
    Hoping he’d believe the assumption was true ..
    “Of course,” he said plainly, adding before I could turn to leave,
    “But… before you go… I need something from you.”
    He placed his palms down delicately,
    Atop the paper I’d forgot he’d been holding some time ..
    And with an unnaturally wide grin,
    He menacingly told me to sign. 40
    So with the most woeful of sighs -
    “Sign that for what?” I asked him, nervy,
    And Santa’s happy disposition seemed to flicker, for just the moment,
    As “Do it,” he blasted firmly.
    Then, in a much mellower tone,
    “Think of it as… a pact.“ he implied ..
    “Just sign here,” “You do want your gift, don’t you?”
    “Sure,” I flatly replied.
    I grasped for the sides of his pen,
    And thought hard about the huge present I could tinker with later ..
    Before signing in a blood-red ink,
    That instantly seeped into the paper.
    “Now you may go to sleep!”
    Santa thundered into a raucous laugh til he choked ..
    Throwing his head back wildly, with his face convulsing,
    Before he screamed at me to “GO!”
    Instantly I dropped the present,
    And then darted past the golden baubles nestling on the tree ..
    Clambering up to my room, into bed,
    Then clenching my eyes shut, and falling restively to sleep...

    ”I’ll see you again, Benjamin…”


    The day after Christmas,
    I was still every bit surprised –
    To find the local media now asking who had killed Mitch or why.
    As only I then knew the truth to this militants guise ..
    For it was me who had seen -
    What had moved in Santa’s sinister eyes!
    And the nights grew longer, more terrifying,
    Soon no escape was left.
    Darker, heavier, shadows obtruded upon my bed -
    Almost like giant drapes of death.
    And the tabloid newspapers were full of ramshackle reports and lies,
    But a quote from poor Mitch’s mother,
    Was what really caught my eye…

    My blood turned cold and I froze as I read it.
    The wind outside suddenly swooned and sped ..
    Through its soft, distant, howl I heard a voice,
    But it seemed only to be passing through my head.
    Then it spoke to me!
    And the words it whispered stunned me with fright -
    Benjamin. I’m here. I’m waiting.
    I gave you what you wanted.
    Your soul is mine…

    …Santa Claus is coming tonight!

  3. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    This week was rather unimpressive in its result, raking in a numerous amount of no shows along with a lackluster show of talent from those that actually did show up for their matches.

    I was dissapointed in many matches that I read, and due to the rules set in motion and my being a moderator and therefore being expected to not only enforce, but abide by those very same rules, I was forced to vote on them. Many battles left me wishing that I could say F the rules and live above these laws that J o o k and myself try so hard to instill.

    Before I move any further, let me first point out that as of this moment, I have yet to read my opponent's verse as well as Got Life? and iLLweezy's match. Therefore my findings may be perpendicular with that of my readers'.

    Nevertheless, the contendership was a bust. Standard Issue posted quite possibly the worst of the best verses of the week, making my narrations seem stellar in comparion. His verse was composed of three seemingly decent ideas that were badly written and pathetically connected and struggled to tie into a topic. This verse was a bore of a read due to damn near terrible flow with stretched rhyming that dragged as a result of a mostly one syllabic rhythmic pattern accompanied by intelligent and somewhat redundant word usage. All in all, this was a big let down for a contendership verse, let alone an S. Issue verse.

    Lucifa wasn't much better, posting a somewhat twisted and equally corny story line married to a slightly better flow and story progression than the opposition. But as a whole, this was only decently written with flow that was off and on and a story line that was neither entertaining nor intriguing. Yet, he did more than enough to take this win with ease and force S. Issue to leave running with his pants around his ankles.


    Another dissapointment was a somewhat anticipated match between Vada, otherwise known as the RSTL's great Vern Acular, and Lord Drama, otherwise known as L Dogg.

    Vada's verse failed in comparison to Vern Acular's potential this week, taking a risky route in posting the lyrics to a recorded audio in a text story telling league. Needless to say it worked in his favor here, being that his opponent posted a weak verse.

    J o o k found this battle to be fire, or flames (I can't quite remember the specific word). But whichever adjective he chose, neither apply to the two verses presented to the public.

    Vern's consisted of a cliche' storyline pitted with good emotion and decent story progression and somewhat good flow. However its good hit a brick wall with bad when you take into account the abundance of spelling and grammatical errors, even in the second to last line, which really threw off the impact of the verse. Besides that, the actual plot also played a part in the verse's dissapointment, with Vern opting to take a rather easy route and post an overused concept wherein he offered nothing new to the reader but an audio link.

    This would have been the easiest week since that three way champ match with GL, Vern, and Lok, to tackle the likes of Vern Acular and add an impressive win to the signature. Too bad Drama didn't take advantage, posting the worst of the two verses with a better concept and idea that was badly written and connected. The progression seemed forced with not much to talk about leading up to an unrealistic and equally unsatisfying climax that was too abrupt with no reasoning to back it. Vada prevails here.

    Two seemingly dope match ups ending in two big let downs. And the one match up that I DID NOT intend to vote on ended up being my pick of the week for most enjoyable read.

    Maybe it was the realistic attribute of the story, or the human emotion and imagery offered to the reader. Or maybe it was simply the writing style and flow that captured my attention. Either way, Poetickz vs. condescending was easily the biggest surprise of the week for anyone who decided to even bother reading it.

    Poetickz posted a nice verse packed with opportunities of human connectivity. You really felt the presence of the character while reading this story. His verse also offered good story/character progression alond with a flow that started off better than it ended. Sadly enough, he did misspell TREKKING throughout the entirety of the verse, which pretty much made for somewhat of a chorus to help carry the reader through each stanza or chain of events. Overall, this story/verse is rated higher in my opinion than any other broken down in this post, landing Poetickz in the RSTL Spotlight, with condescending by default.

    Don't get me wrong, condescending showed much potential in his attempt to take down Poe, but his verse failed in comparison.

    Great showing from both of you guys though. Keep it up and both of you may soon be a contender for the title, or at least for a good read.

    This has been another edition of the RSTL Spotlight.

    -Over and out.
  4. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


    A grave disapointment in my opinion. But solely on my behalf.

    For one, I made the mistake of trying to connect a prewritten idea to a topic and failed in execution. Secondly, I made the mistake of trying to transform a prewritten short story into an RSTL verse. Thirdly, I made the mistake in doing all of this while competing in a Championship match that could have been much closer had I posted the traditional verse.

    But due to lack of time while trying to catch up in school from time missed for a cruise, I made minor mistakes which produced major results. All negative, of course.

    TheReturn kept it rolling with just that, a shorter but sweeter verse with less going on, allowing him to capture human emotion and focus and certain descriptions that aided in carrying along the progression of the story. I, however, opted for non-rhyming and at times redundant narration for my character development.

    Even as it stands, I still believe that had I erased the entire beginning of narration and all of the pictures except one, it would have been a much closer match.

    But I will not continue to make excuses for my misfortunes. TheReturn seized the opportunity and took advantage a verse that he knew would get more hatred than love, posting a solidly written story about suicide that served as a breath of fresh air after reading my long and drawn out narrative about the end of the world, or so it seemed.

    Still, a good match up, but the better man won here. Hopefully we will meet again so that I may have a chance of redemption.

    Good luck this week to Lucifa and the reigning Champion and fellow crew mate, TheReturn. [I guess they're both crew for that matter, TMU 4 Lyfe is the code that I live by!]
  5. Quriosity

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    Nov 24, 2001
    [font="Microsoft Sans Serif]

    First and foremost I'd like to thank everyone who no-showed for making my job a whole lot easier when it comes to writing breakdowns. I'll be singing all of ya'll praises in the Shit List to come. Mmk, thanks!

    Championship: 1. TheReturn (7-0) vs. 2. Eye-Rime (7-1)

    God damn I feel re-fucking-petitive...the champ match was a fucking joke yet again, as TheReturn continues to look like the New England Patriots facing the Jets or Dolphins, pick your poison. This week TheReturn put forward a cleverly crafted piece from a psychiatrists point of view about a girl lost to the world with a lot of clever metaphorical value and a piece that just fit together well capped off by very strong mechanics. McQ, otherwise known as the mod most likely to win most hated mod of the year continued on his rampage of "doing things differently" although I don't think many people have him on their list of most creative, indeed when he wasn't forcing his flow he stuck a whole lot of repetitive and useless narration and pictures throughout his piece that made the flow even more jagged and irritating. At the end of the day TheReturn stood his ground looking rather unphased while Q was dropped back to the depths of the league where Baron Mynd can be seen singing sonnets to Bonnie Bathory who's to numbed out on Heron to pay him any mind, but that story is for another hour.

    Contendership: 3. S. Issue (4-2) vs. 4. Lucifa (6-2)

    The Contendership was more of a letdown than the Championship. S.Issue took a page out of the "Insert Unrhyming Narration" handbook, and while it was all fancy and professional looking, it really took away from his overall verse in that it further separated the three topics he chose to write on. He ended up with a verse comprised of three short and undeveloped stories written to each of the different topics he chose. It ended up not being nearly enough to come out on top of Lucifa, who brought a complicated, and somewhat unclear storyline with a bad tie in the picture that he chose. However, the verse overall was more enjoyable, as it offered some nice description of the private investigator and the developing of the photographs. The Jamaican accent was a nice touch, but personally, it really slowed the pace down as I had to go back and read it a few times to actually understand what he was trying to tell me, but definitely gave the character some personality. In the end, Lucifa came out on top and snagged his opportunity at the Champ match against TheReturn. [/FONT]
  6. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    5.ILLweezy (2-0) vs. 6. Got Life (7-3)

    In my book this was the match of the week, I say this only because at least this match didn't disappoint, the only thing I didn't like about it is that I'd have much rather faced Weezy back when he was killing all you faggots. Instead this was a match where Weezy brought some interesting elements to the table about a verse that in essence to me embodied teen depression in search of the ever evasive passion of summer ending in suicide. I stayed on my latest gore rampage depicting a mortician that rapes the victim of a DWI and then cleans up the evidence tucking everything away as everything goes unnoticed, the verse toying with the idea that humans are sick and twisted individuals and we can't possibly be the best thing that God has to offer.

    9. Bonnie Bathory (1-1) vs. 10. .ApoGee. (1-1)

    Apogee had been given a chance to redeem himself last week, for those of you that have taken a look at the ranks you can already piece together what the kid ended up doing. Apogee wrote a piece that had the idea been done by me and given my touch it would have put Bonnine out of the water, but being that the imagery and reasoning were lacking from the sick twisted character he brought forward his piece really had no weight, especially against Bonnie's emotionally charged piece that dwelled upon everyone's seemingly favorite subject, dear summer, in which she evoked emotions towards cancer and how life crumbles around us, in effect her piece had the potential to be quite moving although it also felt rather lackluster throughout most of it.

    17. Vada (4-1) vs. 18. Lord Drama (2-1)

    If someone told you a few years ago Vern and LDogg from the elite are battling you'd get the popcorn ready and be in for a treat to two of the better writers in the league's history going head to head and putting one down for the archives. Move forward full circle to last week and you got quite possibly the most uninspired and weak match between two people with such raw capabilities. Vern was clearly uninspired after his plummet in the ranks and posted a song that did not show off any of his real talents as a writer minus the flow. LDogg having seen the weakness that Vern presented almost didn't want to outwrite him and posted something that seemingly ended up being just enough for the two of them to tie. Vern's piece being about a chick he loved and his realization as to her impending demise. LDogg writing about a man leaving everything for a mistress who in turn decides to decapitate him, once again, pick your poison, but it seems these days you need a cup of coffee and a 4 pack of red bull to get through voting.

    25. Poetickz (0-0) vs. 26. condescending (0-0)

    What more can be said about this match than what Q already said about this, to me this match wasn't even worth reading honestly, so that's that one.
  7. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    These are not necessarily the best verses of the week; neither do they represent the views of the league as a whole. This list is compiled as a result of the responses noticed throughout the week from participants directed at these particular verses.

    Five: Eye-Rime

    Four: Lord Drama

    Three: Vada

    Two: Got Life?

    One: TheReturn
  8. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    These are not necessarily the best verses of the week; neither do they represent the views of the league as a whole. This list is solely dedicated to the opinion of its writer. These are the three verses that I enjoyed to read the most.

    Three: Poetickz

    I think I've praised your verse far too much by now. My previous reasons and statements stand true. Quite simply, I enjoyed reading this verse, but there is still room for improvement, hence why I stated that you were the most surprising, but not the best. Keep it up though, you've definately shown potential and possibility to have what it takes.

    Two: Got Life?

    Again, you remain good enough to defeat the opposition. However, this time was definately a treat. You stepped your game up in nearly all aspects writing a seemingly gory piece which as been overused by yourself and others recently, however this turned out well with a pathetic yet good tie into the topic. I thoroughly enjoyed this verse. The flow was slightly better than normal, the progression of the story was good, and what stood out most to me was the descriptive details which gave the story a nice vibe to it. It really held the attention of the reader with short bars that made for a shorter and faster read. Good drop homie.

    One: TheReturn

    Obviously a fan favorite by now, with voters exclaiming that he is the epitome of an RSTL verse. Overrated in my opinion, but you are still one of the best in the league at the moment, and definately the most successful. I should have waited until later to experiment, and actually given you a run for your money. However, as you and I both know, you saw the opportunity and knew that my verse would not go over easily with the voters, and therefore you took advantage of this and posted a decent verse in order to take the win and save the good stuff for later. Nevertheless, this was still a good verse.

    How as our population grows, the forests diminish
    But it's the grass that splits the stones of a city's former existence.
    So what if we're just a small part of a grand design,
    A forever moving cycle of the hands of time?"

    I enjoyed that segment. Strong writing with a nice tie into the topic. The flow was somewhat inconsistent in format and sometimes was off an on but never really distracted the reader from the actual story which was gripping with good details and emotion. The ending was good, however I think some people misunderstood your verse, because I seem to remember someone saying the girl was killed. Maybe I'm mistaken, but this was a good take on a suicidal piece and overall a good drop. I thought about putting you at number two and GL and number one, but you beat me so i think its best for me that you be ranked the best verse of the week in order to help sustain my pride. LOL.
  9. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


    The Shit List

    There's always plenty of space here, infact I wouldn't mind putting the entire league on blast if necessary, but there are some truly standout castrated rejects in the league and they are as follows.

    Baysick, you get a special mention, normally no-showers are automatically shit listed, but you actually deserve praise you spared us from having to read your bullshit and didn't even show up, thank you, genuinely I appreciate you not showing face.

    Mound10, Headless, Godfather, and Autocramatic...the four of you are complete fucking homosexual pieces of shit and I hope you get picked apart by an olive fork and fed to rats...hold off on that idea, i'll use that in my verse against Nah Son this week, but seriously ya'll are complete fucking trash and a bunch of faggots.

    Headless gets his own special place though because the captain of the special olympics debate squad then posted a call out thread calling out any good writers in the RSTL although he couldn't manage to show up for his own match in the league, well done dimwit...well done.

    I'll round it off with putting vern on the shit list for clearly not reading any of the matches and having just voted based off of reading other people's votes...you're better then that and I will hold you to a higher standard Vern.

    Until next week bitches...
  10. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


    It has become increasingly evident that we, as writers, are incapable of proof reading our verses.

    I am unsure as to whether you, as participants, share the same opinions as I do on this particular subject. But I will discuss it regardless.

    My stand on the topic is that there is no room for such elementary mistakes. Sure, there will most likely be a typo in nearly every verse each week, and that much is understandable. Even a bad use of punctuation, although this can be very distracting as punctuation is meant to guide the reader, can even be understandable. But when errors are repetitive, and sometimes easly avoidable, is when it gets irritating.

    How many of you can spell Vietnamese? I mean really. Or who all can comprehend that SHOULD OF CARED makes absolutely no sense? Or that TREKKING is not spelled TRECKING.

    This simple mistakes add up in the end can be very distracting and even overpowering at times. Baron Mynd, I assume, is the youngest of posters here. I'm sure that the majority of us are at least twenty and have graduated high school by now, as most of you posted here when I began posting back in 8th grade and I am now 21, married, and expecting a child. Therefore, there should be little to no room for errors in our writing. It is enforced throughout every English class that I have ever been a part of, and should be enforced here, in a writing league, as well.

    An easy way to avoid simple mistakes is to construct your verse in Microsoft Word, which has an automatic spelling and grammar checker. Even when writing here, in this text box, there is a spell check button. And there is even a spell check option on most current and up to date browsers.

    A second effective way to eliminate, or at least minimize, these problems is to re-read your work. If you have a good command of the english language, then you should be able to catch mistakes in grammar and spelling as you read along. If you have to, you can even read the verse aloud which will help with wording and grammar.

    Now, some mistakes are overlooked. Even I sometimes do not capitalize my I's or I may spell disapointment with two S's without noticting. But these are minor and can easily be interpreted. It's mainly when the grammar or wording is off that causes the kind of distractions that can be counted against a verse.

    So please, please try harder to make this an adult writing league. I just find it ridiculous that I even have to say this, which is why I will cut it short. I do not wish to be your English teachers. I know that most of you claim to not take this league seriously, but its just so annoying to read narration with slang or incomplete thoughts and sentence fragments and to see titles mispelled. It has become a problem that needs to be addressed before reading these verses becomes a chore.

    In short, please make it a habit to proof read your verses. That is all I ask. And if you notice something later on, VB has invented a wonderful and equally helpful tool called the EDIT BUTTON where you can fix mistakes that you may have previously overlooked.

    I thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  11. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    Based On Completed Matches


    Got Life?


    S. Issue


    Got Life?



    Got Life? vs. iLLweezy

    TheReturn vs. Eye-Rime
    Poetickz vs. Condescending

    S. Issue vs. Lucifa
    The abundance of non-rhyming narrations/excerpts within the league
    The numerous amount of no shows
    Headless Verseman being allowed back into the league, only to no show the competition with a string of excuses to back up his absence
  12. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


    The Top 4:

    Championship Match: 1. TheReturn (8-0)(4 defenses!!) vs. 2. Lucifa (7-2)

    Contership Match: 3. Got Life? (8-3) vs. 4. Nah Son (5-1)

    The Bottom:

    5. Bonnie Bathory (2-1) vs. 6. Dic Gets Gully (2-0)

    7. Horud Sky (2-0) vs. 8. Trybz (2-0)

    9. Vada (5-1) vs. 10. Rocket (1-0)

    11. Lord Drama (3-1) vs. 12. Defcon 5 (1-0)

    13. Dougie G (1-1) vs. 14. Poetickz (1-0)

    15. Eye-Rime (7-2) vs. 16. ILLweezy (2-1)

    17. .ApoGee. (1-2) vs. 18. RICO (1-5)

    19. condescending (0-1) vs. 20. Sicksth*Cents (0-0)

    No show KING match: 21. Infinite Truth (0-0) vs. 22. TeKneeK (0-0)
  13. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


    The Top 4:

    Championship Match: 1. TheReturn (8-0)(4 defenses!!) vs. 2. Lucifa (7-2)
    TheReturn -5

    To be honest, I think this match will be a lot closer than some may predict. However, I refuse to give Luc the upper hand in anything, because he tends to let me down whenever I predict him to win. This will hopefully be an enjoyable read on both parts, but as is TR is definately the fan favorite and crowd pleaser and clearly possesses the edge in this one. Becaue of that, and the fact that Luc comes half assed more times than not, I'm predicting a landslide in TheReturn's favor. But both are fam and I honestly hope Luc takes this serious and gives TR a run for his money.

    Contership Match: 3. Got Life? (8-3) vs. 4. Nah Son (5-1)

    This has potential to definately be match of the week. Got Life?'s worst enemy is his ability to manage his time and his tendency to under/overestimate his opponents. But when he is good, he is good. Hopefully he realizes the potential of his opponent and posts another crowd pleasing story, whether it be gory or fantasy. He is proven to be good enough to win this. Nah Son on the other hand is somewhat off and on, most likely due to effort. However, he has also proven to be a good writer, but his consistency is still in question. I'll go with Got Life? because I think he really wants it.

    The Bottom:

    5. Bonnie Bathory (2-1) vs. 6. Dic Gets Gully (2-0)
    Dic Gets Gully -2

    Hmmm, another seemingly dope match up. Both are proven and both are veterans in the game. I think Bonnie's only set back, however sad it may be, will be her format/structure. But please, do not let me motivate you to change your style of writing, I just think that writer's who tend to conform to the norm and write for the votes rather than the art tend to win in matches nowadays, no matter the genre. With that said, she definately has the ability to topple the opposition, but I'll go with Dic Gets Gully here by at least 2 votes.

    7. Horud Sky (2-0) vs. 8. Trybz (2-0)
    Horud Sky -3

    Trybz surprised the world when he battled Got Life?, and proved to either have a good ghost writer, or true hidden talent. Either way, he has yet to prove that he can sustain this level of skill and therefore I'll go with the more consistent writer who has been begging for a real battle for weeks. Baron Mynd by at least 3 votes.

    9. Vada (5-1) vs. 10. Rocket (1-0)
    Vada -5

    Rocket has yet to impress me, but I've also yet to actually read a rocket verse that I can remember. Vada on the other hand is a personal favorite most of the time and has proven to be consistent and able to obliterate his opponents. Therefore, I predict Vada to take this in a bit of a landslide by at least 5 votes.

    11. Lord Drama (3-1) vs. 12. Defcon 5 (1-0)
    Lord Drama -3

    I didn't read Def last week, but I read LD. He has the potential and supposedly the credibility and clout of a great writer, but I fear his consistency is off and on. Hopefully this will be a great match up in the end, but due to a lack of knowledge in Def's storytelling talents, I'll have to go with Lord Drama here. I think he'll post a slightly better piece than last week, with a story good enough to take the W.

    13. Dougie G (1-1) vs. 14. Poetickz (1-0)
    Poetickz -5

    Please, correct me if I am wrong, but Dougie has yet to impress anyone in this league. Not to be rude, but he hasn't really had the opportunity either. I didn't read his no show verse, but I read his verse from two weeks ago and Poe's verse last week would blow it out the water. With that said, I'm going with Poetickz in a landslide.

    15. Eye-Rime (7-2) vs. 16. ILLweezy (2-1)

    I don't usually call my battles, and I won't this time either. It will come down to the better story I suppose. Good luck weez.

    17. .ApoGee. (1-2) vs. 18. RICO (1-5)

    The battle of losing records. The only question is if Apo was in the league for 6 weeks, would his record reflect the same accomplishment? Regardless, I've yet to actually read a RICO verse, or one that has left an imprint in my brain. Apo showed little improvement/potential last week and if he keeps it up he should be able to come off with his second win. .ApoGee. by a hair.

    19. condescending (0-1) vs. 20. Sicksth*Cents (0-0)

    What a terrible way to spell sixth sense, lol. Wow, on that note, condescending in a landslide. No, but really, I've never heard of this other character and con proved to have a bit of talent this past week, so I'll go with him in a close one.

    No show KING match: 21. Infinite Truth (0-0) vs. 22. TeKneeK (0-0)
    Infinite Truth -3

    I agree with J o o k on this one. Both will no show. If not, then IT will wipe his ass with TeKneeK. Should be a decent match if both actually post a verse, but yea, Tek has too many haters and for too many reasons. He's also too animated for my taste and I enjoy IT for the most part. So, Infinite Truth by at least 3 votes.
  14. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


    Three: Horud Sky, because he deserves to be a top contender and hopefully he will finally have an opponent that actually shows up and gives him a run for his money. His a good writer and respected by most as such and will be hungry for a REAL win. Good luck fam, hopefully the string of no shows will end here.

    Two: TheReturn, well, because he is Champion for like the 4th or 5th week in a row and will try to continue as such. He has really found his knack in writing with a formula that's guaranteed for votes. He's a great writer and delivers just what the doctor ordered in most cases. Good Luck fam.

    One: Got Life?, because again he is one of the most consistent writers to ever grace this forum. Not consistently great, but always consistently good enough. He also possesses the potential to be great when he has to, coming through in the clutch and delivering solidly written verses with by the book mechanics. But recently, I feel like he's been picking up steam and working on the flow that people tend to criticize over and over, and yet he has never sacrificed his story line. Also, he faces good competition with a chance to take his title back, so i'm looking for him to post a banger. Good luck sugar tits.
  15. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


  16. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


    ***** MAG Interview /w The Return named after the Sarah Michelle Gellar movie *****

    Return(3:49:09 PM): rofl
    Got Life (3:49:08 PM): so what's going on kid
    Return(3:49:33 PM): sittin here, readin threads, talkin shit
    Got Life (3:50:01 PM): Yea, you've been on a roll with that as of late, hell you've been on a roll in the league as well...to what do you attribute your recent success?
    Return: Well, I had to get back in my groove. I came in with a more poetic type style than I had last year and it wasn't taken very well. I think I'm just now getting back up to speed.
    Return: That, and Baron.
    Got Life: Right, the ongoing comparison to the kid that got so busy writing for 12 aliases and e-dating Bonnie Bathory that he broke his thumb...how far does your relationship with him extend?
    Return: Lol, an internet crew. That's about it. I respect him as a writer and all and I don't have a problem with jokes and such about ghostwriting, as long as people know it's just jokes. I'm all for jokes, they keep me entertained and interested in the league. If it wasn't for the shit talking that circulates I probably would have been signed out awhile ago.
    Got Life (3:56:23 PM): Who talks shit in the RSTL...I mean seriously I was running through my head, who's got good beef going on right now...and it's not there...and the year end awards are coming up...outside of maybe me and LokStok, but I wouldn't consider that a worthy of a beef of the year award...so what do you think is a good fued going on and I noticed you have some beef of your own with King Grimet, tell the folks what you think of him as well.
    Return: That's interesting, because alot of the shit that is said isn't taken seriously by anyone really. It's more of a back and forth who can get the best comeback in, rather than the personal vendetta of you and DiC a year ago. Speaking of DiC, I'd like to see him extend his shit talking to the sticky threads. As for beef of the year, I don't really know what happened in the first half of the year as I've only been back on the site since like September, but I'd say you and Lok is as close as it gets. Grimet is just a weird kid. I have no idea why he went on an ego trip and closed like half the fucking threads in open mics and cypher, then disappeared when I called him out in his own feedback thread. Just wackness.
    Got Life: yea, I have to agree with you about Grimet, the kid called me out in the emcee hookups and when I responded to the post he told me that nobody wants to hear what I have to say here...I'm still trying to figure that one out...
    Return: Yeah, I didn't even bother responding to that one. Some people just don't get it.
    Got Life: so you're 8-0 now with 2 title defenses, 5 weeks left in the league, Tali's record becomes out of the question, but what about Claushouse?
    Return: What's his record?
    Got Life: 6 Title Defenses
    Got Life: you can also chase Sac and Thau for 11 straight wins
    Return: Hmm, it all depends on my inspiration. As long as shit comes to me write about, I'll keep going. I really bitched out and put up a half verse to defend my first title, so I hope to keep this one going and give the people something good to read every week. As for records though, I don't really know what kind of competition there is going to be coming back up in the weeks ahead. I'm sure Vern and Q will be back up there, nah son signed back in, you might can squeak by some heads, it all just depends on who shows up the best on any given week.
    Got Life: Word, well next week should be an easy breather for you as you get LokStok and well, he has yet to bring anything to the table that should challenge someone of your talent...but then the week after you get me or nah son...who would you rather face and why?
    Return: I want to face you, because last time we faced you brought some weak shit to the table and have been hiding behind it ever since. I'd like to write a longer answer to this question but that's essentially what it comes down to haha.
    Got Life: Yea, I definitely didn't come proper to the table the last time we clashed and I've been waiting for my chance to get at you again, last time I came close to it I got stumbled up by Vern because I fell asleep, but rest assured I don't plan on that happening again this week, so aside from that...how do you feel about the "new" rstl?
    Return: I'm kind of mixed on it. It's nice being able to be one of the guys at the start that people know and look up to, where as last year I always felt like I was chasing the vets and having to constantly fight comparisons to them when it came to records and numbers of titles and things like that. There's alot more recognition which is good, because most of the vets that were held in such high regard don't even visit the site anymore, so to keep inflating egos so that people wet themselves when they sign in and no show was stupid, but at the same time, history is history and it's there for a reason. It won't be forgotten, but at the same time, it's nice to move in a new direction. Or the same direction in a new way I guess.
    Got Life: I don't know...personally I've been championing the fact that outside of fresh records, there's nothing new about the RSTL right now...the rules are the same, votes are the same, really it's all the same shit...a few fresh faces and some old ones in the mix...but I think that straying to far from the vets isn't a good idea as it's the vets that make this place interesting and worth frequenting...we want to see what Vern will do, no one cares with ~Top!calPr!nc3~ will bring to the table, you know?
  17. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    Return: Yeah, but at the same time you look at guys like Tekneek, who are all over the archives with 70 wins and shit, but couldn't beat some of the bottom feeders in the league today. It works both ways, people are still going to see the same leauge, and names will always be just names. The only thing I really miss is the hidden votes. There so many examples where people read votes and not verses and alot of times it's painfully obvious to spot. It would really help to bring that back in my opinion.
    Got Life: Yea, hidden voting was probably the best feature of the league because it forced votes to be genuine, but yea...that's the perpetaul plague of online leagues, voting and no-shows...it happens everywhere all the time...so in light of tek and the bottom feeding reference, who would you say are the 5 worst writers in the league right now and the 5 best.
    Return: Haha, let me go check the rankings and see who all is signed in.
    Got Life: Fair enough
    Return: 5 best signed in as of last week I would give to myself, Vern, DiC, Baron, and a toss up between you and Q, hes the better with flow, you got imagery. And because I know it's killing you to be put equal to him haha.
    Return: 5 worst I would give to Unavailable, Dougie G, Apogee, Autocratimatic, and godfather. I don't know who godfather really is, and he no-showed so he didn't prove me otherwise, therefore he gets the last spot.
    Got Life: he was seen repping that linxz is his fam
    Got Life: so i think it's a safe bet
    Return: haha, then my statement definitely stands.
    Got Life: so who do you think is the most missing in action as far as the RSTL these days goes?
    Return: What do you mean? Disappeared off the face of the earth, or just fell off somehow but is still signed in?
    Got Life: the first
    Return: I'd give that to Thaumaturge. He was sick with it, joined Keg Party, and I haven't heard from him since. That was like a year ago. Him and Pent uP, although he's not really missing he just packed his bags.
    Got Life: yea, Pent just jumped off to where he could actually win a battle...Thau vanished the moment he joined KP
    Got Life: who do you wish would disappear?
    Return: Headless. Epitome of overrated, overinflated ego, and a whiny bitch.
    Got Life: haha, what do you think of his callout of me or anyone else in the hookups?
    Return: Whoever accepts it should watch him sweat over his verse, put his entire heart into winning, and then laugh at him as they no show and the thread gets zero responses.
    Got Life: lol @ you broadcasting in the mag my plans for the match /w headless
    Got Life: speaking of grudge matches though, what's your take on that joke of a match between q and dad
    Return: I don't know, I didn't even read it. Nothing against the two of them, but this week was so bad that I doubt I'll even finish my voting on the matches of those that actually count, much less some grudge match that, in my opinion, wasn't even taken seriously by the people writing the verses.
    Got Life: lol
    Got Life: i voted for q based on the fact that i didn't read either
    Got Life: lol
    Got Life: so anything else you'd like to add
    Return: Hmm..
    Return: Headless and Grimet are wack, league is looking good, shit talking makes the world go around, TR is a boss...nope, I think we pretty much covered it.
    Return: I'd add some shit about Chase Murda but currently I'm in a legal battle with him over some shots fired in the streets and my lawyer wants me to keep a tight lip.
    Got Life: word, i guess lets wind this down with a word association
    Got Life: before I pull up in an ice cream truck and rob chase for his last nickle
    Got Life: you ready?
    Return: Yes.
    Got Life: hip hop
    Return: backpack
    Got Life: tali
    Return: kweli
    Got Life: beef
    Return: dic
    Got Life: Q
    Return: dedicated
    Got Life: ps3
    Return: nasty ass games coming out
    Got Life: audio
    Return: naw
    Got Life: gimmic's
    Return: obie trice, real name no
    Got Life: kanye west's mother
    Return: RIP
    Got Life: magic johnson
    Return: can i sell that cure you got?
    Got Life: bonnie
    Return: clyde?
    Got Life: aids
    Return: queers
    Got Life: flowers
    Return: ?
    Return: lol
    Got Life: i dunno...worked with queers...
    Got Life: christmas
    Return: hahaha
    Return: santa
    Got Life: hitman
    Return: overrated
    Got Life: prostitution
    Return: unfortunate
    Got Life: ghettos
    Return: slums
    Return: and chase murda
    Got Life: hop skotch
    Return: chalk
    Got Life: screaming
    Return: attention
    Got Life: rape
    Return: gore
    Got Life: Gory
    Return: you
    Got Life: haters
    Return: me, because this word association is too long and im hawngry
    Got Life: last one
    Got Life: Joe Budden
    Return: BAMF
    Got Life: lol bet...i'm out brotha
    Got Life: i'll see you in a weeks time...
    Return: Peace.
    Return: If you're lucky.
  18. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


    A Note From Your Journalist:

    It has been brought to my attention that a particular someone does not like/appreciate the way I write my magazine.

    I'll make this as brief as humanly possible:

    For someone to say that one is too critical in critiquing is a contradictory statement. An oxymoron. One can only assume that the origin of this quote would be a fucking idiot, for lack of a better time.

    Quite frankly, I am very open to suggestions. But for this nigga Lord motherfucking Drama to say that I am on his dick is outrageously stupid. Kid, I don't even know you or your past glory. I tell it how I see it, hence everything is titled "Q's Blank".

    So for the soft hearted and small balled who catch feelings when reading my votes/magazines, first you have to grow a fucking dick for a nigga to be on it. I'm a grown ass man just like the rest of you should be.

    I'm tired of all of these soft ass niggas acting like I'm supposed to be some sort of humanitarian for the wack. A vote is a vote, a breakdown of a motherfucking verse. It's not a chance for me to uplift or motivate someone, it's a chance for me to tell you what I did/did not like and why I felt that you did/did not win. In a motherfuckin nutshell. It's not for me to stroke your ego or tell you something other than what I perceived.

    We, as voters, participants, and/or humans have are entitled to our own opinions and share a right to voice it. I feel for those that are scared to voice their opinions and opt to preserve the ego's of others.

    But you got the wrong one, nigga.

    Now cock ya hat to the front and quit fronting, faggot.

    I write this magazine on my time, not yours. Therefore I write what I want to write, not what you want to read. It cost you nothing to pay me no mind.

    You seem to have this whole fabrication of you sonning me in hookups and me being on your dick. And yet Baysick is still wack and my opinions still stand, as does this magazine. And I continue to accumulate at least 200-300 posts per mag. So obviously your opinion is overshadowed by the majority of the league.

    Stick to the script, know your role. And never step to me outside of your character again. I see right through your bitch ass, I've seen your pictures. You're the type of white boy to still rock FUBU jerseys and ECKO watches with LUGZ of PHATFARM shoes, 3 wristbands, a headband, du-rag, and a hat cocked to the side with a FIRST DOWN bubble jacket on. Please, just stay in your box and never come at me like that again. You're nothing special.

    And for the record, I am the first to be critical upon myself. I never act like I'm better than anyone, and have never insinuated such. I only attempt to discuss and share my opinions since I am the author/editor of this magazine.

    But never think for a second that I don't respect you ALL as WRITERS, because I do. And I understand that people have on and off days, and that some are just simply better than others. But I refuse to sugar coat my opinions because someone feels as if they deserve clout. Period.

    With that said, last week was a fairly good week, and good luck to you all in your upcoming matches.

    This is Q, being the only thing I can be... real.

    At this time, I would like to, again, extend a warm invitation to those who disagree with the way I write my magazines, or to those who may disagree with my views or the way I express my opinions, or simply to those whom may just want to help out and have a sincere concern for the future of this league. Please feel free to email me at usadesigns1@gmail.com. I am always open to suggestions and help from those who are truly interested.
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    Aug 3, 2005
    not bad, read most of it...skimmed the rest, my parts are sent...
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