The Hype - The new Begining (Round 87)

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  1. Look im Gangsta

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    Mar 20, 2004


    - Intro -

    I was going to be selfish and devote the title to my return, but I took the first line instead. Riko's getting his anklet fitted and Pent uP, well if you know you know. The BEEFs dead so it's time to get serious once again. It's nice to see the league recovered so quick (or is on the road to doing so), that's really a good sign. Thank you to everyone that stuck with it. Both the mods and the other members of the league appreaciate it. 'That time of the month' seems to be getting less stressfull each time it comes and we have you to thank for that. Mods get their props (they better do) but without you, there would be no league. We are are as long as you want us baby...


    RSTL Pay Per Views

    Whats All This About..?

    Every month or so there will be a PPV (Pay Per View)....and no there will be no fee or any hidden charges in your bill or whatever. But each PPV will consist of 5 to 6 matches, but they won't be any ordinary matches based on Rankings or whatever. So anyone can be included in a PPV at any given time.

    How will matches be picked..?

    They will be based on the current events taking place in the RSTL. So lets say that Dic and L dogg were beefing again, they would face off at the next pay per view. There will also be matches made depending on who you want to see face each other, two weeks prior to the PPV a thread will be made asking for your desired matches. After that thread is closed, the RSTL MODs will gather, view the thread, discuss, and then make a thread with the actual matches.

    But what if I don't want to be invovled..?

    Clearly nobody can make you do anything, so you will not be penalized for not participating. Once the MOD meeting is over and we (RSTL MODs) have solidified the matches, I will contact each person that was chosen to verify that they will be invovled. But if that person doesn't want in, then someone will be picked to replace him/her. We will also take into consideration the persons no show record, and consistantsy in the shows will only kill the PPV idea.

    What do I get for particapating..? And what if I win..?

    Everybody that participates will get 5 points from either me or the RSTL Bank. The winners will get and additional 5 as well. However, you will only be donated your points once the matches have been decided and closed. POINTS WILL NOT BE REWARDED FOR THE NO SHOWERS!!!!

    How will this effect the RSTL matches that go up weekly..?

    The RSTL will be put on hold for the weeks of the PPVs..? The rankings and everything will remain the same. So do not worry...just think of it as a week of work if your not involved in the PPV.

    How will topics be picked for the PPVs..?

    Each PPV will have a theme and the topics will be derived from that and that alone. Currently, we aren't sure if we should let you do your own thing or if we should give about 10 to 15 topics just like any other week in the RSTL. it will all be figured out by the time it comes...

    PPV Names and Dates

    Up in Flames
    June 26, 2005

    Inde-Pencil Day
    July 31, 2005

    Back to Class
    August 28, 2005

    The Rise and The Fall
    September 25, 2005

    Studio On Haunted Hill
    October 30, 2005

    The Gift & The Curse
    November 27, 2005

    Unexpected Guest
    December 25, 2005

    The Rebirth
    January 29, 2006

    Lovers Lament
    February 26, 2006

    Green Dreams
    March 26, 2006

    Cleansing Showers
    April 23, 2006

    May 28, 2006

    *these may not all be included. There might be a few removed later on...
  2. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    by Insence

    5. Krisp

    Garbage on sidewalks, cartilage in lined chalk
    Gangstas get Heartless when nines talk
    Flashing yo flags, while grabbing yo mag
    Gashes from slashes after hacking on fags
    This is my life, guns and knives right?
    Switch to switch
    when swiss didn’t cut wrist right
    streets were quit, until this rival crew
    had rifles but for me survivals not new
    just reach for the glove, and silencer screwed
    ready, aim steady, then leave violets on tombs
    violence ain’t cool, but this is all I know
    living under privileged, balling, and doe
    hustling and robbing, running and hounded
    identify any weapon by the way the gun sounded
    dirty public housing, fuck it im bouncing
    I am the child that god is denouncing
    As his own son, on me he gave up
    I need special care just to get my Leg up
    Cause im confined to this wheel chair
    Emotion and motionless, can’t feel air
    What the fuck, I thought my mother was tuff
    5shots man figured my number was up
    just sitting by the window, watching passers by
    paralyzed for life, I would rather die

    4. Vember

    -Ridin in the lexus, violent wit a death wish dialin my exes,
    cus my pride and affection had left outta my life in a second.
    rantin insane wit a thousand rancid passages of madness and pain,
    Poundin tha gas in the rain thru absent traffic captured in the mass of my brain.
    Spastic as veins pop markin my heart wit a stain,
    Then I start talkin thru the sobbin like "stop actin soft, r u gay?"
    that moment I lost it, and prayed god would forgive me in heaven,
    instantly present was a constrictin aggression-I shifted, nibblin on breadsticks.
    That moment the tires were squeelin, fuck, i slipped on a bannana...
    ballistical principle systicol intervals gathered compressin my yellin and chatter.
    The car went fast to the side, lackin reaction I gasped and then tried
    To fasten my seatbelt's clasp jus in time if it happens I actually crash n then die.
    I asked if my ass'll survive, A voice sayin "dont you wanna Fanta" Replied,
    In a matter of time the satanical lateral impact of a avalanchin fashionable ride..
    And a tree more massive in size collided..............I shut my eyelids,
    Flyin from the windshield violent through dry winds and thighs skinned.

    -The black out came and passed-

    3. KareLess

    As I walked my obode, I strolled into the lounge. .
    . .to see the T.V blaring aloud with all my family sitting down.
    I didn't ask about the hype, I just rested and watched,
    listening to the news to refill my trivia banks stock.
    & what I read was shocking apart. .
    . .there had been a bomb, in the city's heart.
    Bulidings were shattered but the people were safe,
    I was 20 miles away but I still felt a quake.

    I won't recall each and every detail,
    As this wasn't my purpose when I started.
    The IRA killed manchesters retail. .
    . .& this was the day me and my friends parted.

    Don't ask me why, or what had gone on!
    But my life changed, along with the manchester bomb

    2. Jai- Z

    I was eager to breathe, to see what life was made of
    came 2 months too earle, and inhaled the vapors
    Prematurity gave me life through the incubator
    hosed up for 10 days..weight was saying, "Cyalater."
    But I was content to contend, my reign her on Earth
    I pushed my weight back up, and fed off life's worth
    Went home sweet home, to those I hardly knew
    met my father next to the bottles he fathered, and gre
    He left when I was 2.. Brew's love was greater than mines
    he had 2 daughters and wives, cuz Alcohol stole our time
    Never really knew him to miss, him until years had passed
    father daughter activities left me depressed with no dad
    Ma picked up the slack.. for what I was lacking, she tried
    every Cosby memory, had me wishing cliff was mine
    And it's a sad thing to feel alone when you are not..
    ..I had madd fam.. but the thing I need most was Pops

    1. DepriveD

    The days get harder, but today my pains long and persistent
    blood leaking out, im losing my brain, and my skins pigment
    paler and paler, if only my name was better distinguished
    maybe i could be saved from this grave existence
    Everday i behave and watch passerbys at a face to face distance
    they take it ima waste of space since
    im homeless, smell bad, and my ways are primative
    People just dont care, they crave selfishness
    some evade it, and in time embrace happiness
    Some blame me for their mishaps and take whats given
    Some praise my existence, but then commit basic sins
    Only a few appreciate my love in its true image
    The world is no more a safe haven
    War's are no more fought in a place that we live in
    instead we argue from our chairs
    about money as we deface everything tought to our children
    then place our fingers on a button, and blaze a million
    the standard morals and virtues...
    we keep making execptions in breaking them
    until there pushed out to a point that hitler could stay within
    The way we feel about ourselves​
  3. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    RSTL Top 20 Top 5 Stanzas
    by BlackGammon

    5. LDogg'TheLegend

    Step Two:
    You told me you loved me.. Iv been cheated before
    I believed you when you told me no one would hurt me no more
    Was it worth me feeling the feeling of suffer? we were one another
    My love smothered your breath and gave your lungs all they could muster

    Final Step:
    I tried to picture what I would say if I was to talk at all
    I’m gonna kill this bitch for making me feel like I did at school
    The laughing stock of the hall
    The gloves were on and tight I quickly turned off the light
    And from behind grabbed her blind trying to hurt her life
    All the sudden I was rushed with a pain to my chest
    The pain came on fast knocking me to the ground drained of my breath
    It was dark and all I hoped was that I wouldn’t die
    I was too weak to get away.. Couldn’t even if I tried
    The lights came on.. She stood with a knife in her hand
    “I’m not going to play the stupid wife” she claimed… Revenge is grand

    4. GodFather

    It’s like since I’ve met you.
    I’ve never been pleased as much.
    For there’s no charm in the world that could ease this touch.
    Cause it’s just perfect, and I deserved to be treated like this.
    Jesus Christ has never granted such physical bliss.
    I need a kiss. Girl, I love it. My mind had been capsuled.
    Meanwhile come over here, and take a bite of this *****.
    You see, my life had been hassled.
    We were juxtaposed.
    It’s like fate placed us here, just for jokes.
    But nevermind that chapter, lets concentrate on the present.
    Just know that I’m a Shepard, fresh out of heaven.
    There’s triple sevens in my heart
    But I’m a fan of the sixes. I wonder how planet earth would
    cope in the hands of a misfit?
    See, I’ve been gifted with such charm.
    In the arms of my queen, and she looks just like the chick
    From my wildest dreams. God’s gonna hate this shit!
    And what I did to his suite, why his hat came back in the shade of a hue.
    But I’ve been saving the news, for my chance to excel.

    3. Adrock

    I don’t even remember the initial blow, like I wasn’t around then,
    Just strings of blood with my teeth climbing down them,
    And the tiled grip as my head disappeared into the ground again,
    And again, and again, amoung the blood they could find no pain,
    I’d lost too much blood but they wanted me to suffer,
    The beatings grew rougher and breathing got tougher,
    As they were kicking It felt like my left lung was missing,
    I felt numb, it wasn’t till I opened my eyes I saw them pissing,
    Watching their urine strip the blood from my skin,
    The blood didn’t overwhelm it, it was too thin,
    ‘There you go, so you can’t touch anyone in hell…’
    They were the last words I heard before my life line fell…


    If I were God for a whole day,
    I'd grab my crotch 'n disrobe Space, my androgynous soul mate.
    And that obstinate ho, Fate, would eat my cock on a gold plate.
    In fact, I’d give all women the bodies of super models with no face,
    so we wouldn’t have to hear them bitch about the petty problems they blow way
    out of proportion and, while I’m at it, I’ll give em bodies with no legs.
    Make it easier for them to sit on a rod and just rotate.
    If I were God for a whole day,
    I’d appear on Earth and tell every slob that their soul's saved
    just by believing in me, then demand that the populace show faith.
    Tell them “In order to ‘See the light’ suicide is not only okay,
    I’ll even make you an angel for doing it the most macabre and gross way!”
    then condemn them all to hell and laugh as their confident ‘glow’ fades.


    1. Awedishin

    I'm pleading for God it's so awful I can hardly withstand
    seems every thought my mind crosses is starring the damned
    every tick that time tosses my way weighs a gram
    it stays heavy on my head like a cast iron hand
    in the past I was the man - a 4 time fucking champ
    a member of the best crew of writers that there's ever been
    and now I struggle with pens, creativity's stuck in the den
    every time I reach for it the Lions rush from within
    so I'm touched with the chance to once again be the master
    but my mind's not in touch with my hands, better take another hit of acid


    with a dependency shortage the picture's distorted
    can hardly see the three bears that are sippin my pourage
    slipped in the forest and now my vision is cordless
    there's no light in my eyes and I'm grippin at foliage
    like drumsticks in a chorus I'm out of place and I'm porous
    pus leaks from my skin like sickness from a sore and
    one minute i'm bored, the next second I score
    From a zero to the champ and now possibly, back to the scorned?
  4. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    L Dogg has some words with The Godfather

    L dogg the god: We live with tha homie Godfather today... wassup u doin

    EricstraORDINARY: im chilling, getting ready for this final. it should be a treat.

    L dogg the god: final for school?

    EricstraORDINARY: nah, i passed those. final with rikoshay

    EricstraORDINARY: done.

    EricstraORDINARY: next question

    L dogg the god: Now your both undefeated... do you see yourself being the first to knock riko off his spot and remain undefeated?

    EricstraORDINARY: I could see that happening, Rik's a great writer. I step up according to my level of competition.

    L dogg the god: ok.. so not many people know about you.. where are ya from.. how did u get involved with the rstl.. what are your goals..

    EricstraORDINARY: i been at rm since 2000. im not really a leauge guy, or any type of battle. Anyway, smo was going in the rstl. we're the best topical group, so i went along side them. since then we been running the rstl.

    EricstraORDINARY: save for that biter seyance lol

    EricstraORDINARY: *done*

    L dogg the god: how can smo be the best topical group? i never heard of them.. what is that

    EricstraORDINARY: we are not heavy boarders like the rest. usually dont participate in stuff like that. We stick at our site and do our work. But from Tali, to rikoshay, converse to God Father, smo's dominant. We're just not heavy boarders.

    L dogg the god: ok.. what do you think about the new ppv thing rstl will be putting on for special matches?

    EricstraORDINARY: great thinking, i love that idea. this will produce some very interesting battles. some dream battles.

    L dogg the god: how long do you plan on being in the league

    EricstraORDINARY: i'll be around for some time, see how long i can keep that 0.

    EricstraORDINARY: done

    L dogg the god: ok.. were gonna do a grading game.. imma give out names you grade them and give reasons why

    EricstraORDINARY: k

    L dogg the god: Mac flow

    EricstraORDINARY: B. Good writer, pretty descriptive. I'd like to see him be a little more lyrical with his approach.

    EricstraORDINARY: done

    L dogg the god: Pent up

    EricstraORDINARY: B-. Pent is getting better. He's pretty lyrical himself. He uses alot of imagery. Some time i think his lines are a lil too long though.

    L dogg the god: Adrock

    EricstraORDINARY: B. Adrock is good, I read that verse he dropped this week, it was pretty nice.

    L dogg the god: i cant think of who is in the league lol um... vizz blade

    EricstraORDINARY: Vizz Blade is good, he gets a B+. I think he's pretty well rounded, but I'd like to see him get a lil more creative with his topics.

    L dogg the god: ok and last but not least. Jook

    EricstraORDINARY: B. He's a pretty good writer as well. His rhyme scheme's are nice. He doesnt get too lengthy with his lines, he tells just enough information, but with out the novel.

    L dogg the god: ok.. who is your top 3 people in the league right now

    EricstraORDINARY: Awedishin, Ninja Kid, Rikoshay

    L dogg the god: who do you see as champ 5 weeks from now?

    EricstraORDINARY: God Father or TaLi

    EricstraORDINARY: done

    L dogg the god: is there anything you would like to add before we conclude out session?

    EricstraORDINARY: Despite all the drama that's taken place lately. With mods getting pissed, losing their job or quitting, biting and shit going on, The rstl is a good league. The talent there is unparralled. Guys like Ninja Kid, I see him doing things. I read some work from Dic, he's good. I'd like to work with him. TaLi is back, im sure he will make some noise. It'll be interesting to see how his stay plays out. L Dogg is a good writer as well, experienced and is always entertaining to read.
  5. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    The Initiation of Young ssenlli
    By: Insense

    (ssenlli stands at tention in middle of football field while RIKO, Insense, Madpoet, and L dogg stare at him intensely)

    Madpoet: Whats your name magget..?

    ssenlli: ssenlli sir...

    RIKO: what in the hell is that, how you pronoun that. Looks like your name would be sissy to me...are you a sissy magget

    ssenlli: Sir no sir...

    (Insense and L dogg walk circles around ssenlli...staring him up and down...sweat trickles down ssenlli's head)

    L dogg: Are you hot magget...? Do I make you nervous..?

    ssenlli: Sir no sir..

    Insense: So he doesn't intimidate you huh..? So do you find me intimidating..?

    ssenlli: (glances over at Madpoet) permission to speek freely sir...

    Madpoet: permission granted...speek with caution though

    ssenlli: Mr. Insense is too skinny for me to feel intimidated by him. I feel that I could take him out sir...

    (Madpoet and the others struggle to keep thier laughter inside....then RIKO breaks out in laughter...Insense gets pissed, and knees ssenlli in gut and throws him to the ground....then places ssenlli in headlock....)

    Insense: So I'm too skinny to pose a threat huh..? Bet you didn't know that I am a 3rd degree purple belt. See you can never assume anything anymore...we have people like dic out there catching feelings and lashing out at innocent people. Then you have the everyday assholes like Vember shitting on peoples better start looking beyond the beyond if you get my drift..

    (Insense chokes harder one last time and then lets ssenlli go...ssenlli gets up and stands at tention....Insense and the others line up in front of him...)

    Madpoet: Now that we have stripped your ego, we are gonna test you physically...(grins evily) RIKO sign to go get desk, pencil, and paper. Meanwhile L dogg lectures ssenlli....

    L dogg: Now what your about to do is write an RSTL verse using one of Adrocks crappy topics...we will be harassing you the whole way through.....pass this and you will move on to the final challenge....

    (RIKO and Insense set up desk...then fall back into line...Madpoet instructs ssenlli to sit down and begin....)

    (as ssenlli writes the RSTL MODs hover over him and yell diffrent insturctions...)

    Madpoet: More flow, more add internals dammit!!!! more internal rhymes!!!! (eyes become blood shot and spit flies all over ssenlli)

    Insense: I wanna see more imagry from that piece of shit you call a verse....imagry can make or break you...I repeat make or break you...are you imtimidated now ssenlli!!!!!

    RIKO: I see no emotion in your piece, where are the are you going to connect with the readers....(winks at Madpoet)....(Madpoet dumps bucket of water on ssenlli)...oh now I can see the tears flowing....good job...and no one word rhymes lines either

    L dogg: When I look at this paper I see the same thing I see in a pre school essay.....theres no creativity in this verse....I've seen that same US Iraq war bullshit week after week....give me something new...(yells in ear)

    (ssenlli hurridly finishes his story and the MODs look over it together....they applaud him and then Madpoet instructs ssenlli to stand at tention once again...)

    Madpoet: Now that you have succesfully completed the Hell verse stage, you will now attempt and I do mean ATTEMPT to complete....your final challenge...(all the RSTL MODs start to grin...ssenlli stares nervously) For your final challenge you will spend the night at Diddles apartment...*evil laugh...(Insense, RIKO, and L dogg all burst out into laughter...)

    (a yellow Jeep pulls up blaring Jessica Simpson....behind the steering wheel sits Diddles with a Hawaiian lay on...)

    Diddles: Yay!!!! a sleepover.....

    ssenlli: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    Mod's Odds

    RIKOSHAY over God Father - 70%

    Pent uP over Jersey_Emcee over NinjaKid - 42% to 37% to 21%

    Atreyu over Vizz Blade - 55%

    Lost Prophet over QUEEN ICESIKill - 56%

    Awedishin over TeKneeK - 59%

    *TaLi* over ssenlli - 61%

    DMeTRIUS over J o o K - 56%

    Insanity over Jai-Z - 61%

    Adrock even Unavailable. - 50%

    Soular Guided over Retulen Reactus - 62%

    Insense's Random Blurbs

    First of all I would just like to say thank you to Hott Chocklate for originally posting this shit in the gallery. This is by far some of the funniest shit I have come across in a long time...and its not really funny. Its just so damn retarded that it is funny, if that makes any fuckin sense, lol. What that link contains is a video of a fat white kid freestyling all types of retarded shit. All in all its pretty good, but he gets a little repeatative with the words pussy and bloodclot for some reason. Which ultimately makes me believe that he hasn't had an pussy...or maybe I'm totally wrong. But anyway, I have been showing this video to my friends, family, and girlfriend all week or when ever somebody comes over my house. And everytime we end up crackin our asses up. I've played the shit so many times over the last couple of days that I have the beggining memorized...sad isn't it..? Do any of you just be sitting around with your boys and everyone just starts freestyling some retarded shit..? I know I do with my boys and maybe thats why I have grown to love this video. And I'm sure you will too, click the damn link and watch this shit...also someone report this kid for beastality...lmao

    - Outro -

    Man, I forgot how long it takes to post this. Good sign? Better be. As you can see there are some changes about to happen or in the near future. Pent uP's some what premature absence from the league, the name of our mag (drop suggestions), Riko's being a honest man by his girl and certain events that are about unfold all up on yo asses. Please, keep it clean and come out swinging.

  7. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    1st cuz im online all the time; Dope mag, i only had to read the outro and intro though

    Good job yo
  8. Ninja Kid

    Ninja Kid AKA Jae Keeps

    Oct 11, 2004
    good lookin godfather, i appreciate the props, they're hard to come by nowadays...
  9. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001
    that shit had me rolling, way to many truths in that little section to even begin to comment on

    nighty night, i better keep my butthole tight
  10. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    Cool shit.
  11. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Dope mag I definitely will use some of these ideas when I construct the Rbl mags.

    One question though. How exactly do mod odds work? What's the percentage?
  12. Insense

    Insense take one...

    Apr 9, 2004
    you better stop biting our ideas dammit!!!

    and no RSTL MOD shall ever tell how the MOD odds work....*evil laugh...

    hit me on AIM if that shit works now....
  13. jesus christ

    how am i still losing out in the mods odds

    the mods odds are horrible

    allow me to reiterate


    stop having me on the losing end in the odds its retarded i havent lost since the first title match and i wont lose until i get tired of competing
  14. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    But you havent faced anyone all that nice either to my knowelge.

    Any half wit can come up with a clean record. More so when they sign out.
  15. Ninja Kid

    Ninja Kid AKA Jae Keeps

    Oct 11, 2004
    as long as there has been mods odds, i have been the underdog, dont worry about it vizz, mods dont know everything...
  16. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    i havent been apart of the mod odds for awhile so its not 100% accurate..






  18. There Were Alot Of People Nicer Than You Will Everrrr Know In That Tournament That I Had To Go Thru Just To Fucking Get To Peril Eyes
  19. Insense

    Insense take one...

    Apr 9, 2004
    moms has been around for a while too

    but your not all that nice Vizz...I mean your decent but not as good as you think you are. Matter of fact I think if Jahovah had showed, he would of beat you...
  20. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Lol fuck bro TELL ME how MOD ODDS work for I get out my gattlin
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