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Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by J o o k, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    The North Hype
    Written By: J o o k

    Welcome to the 22nd week of Rapmusics North Battle League Mag. This week was pretty slow, in terms of verses, and no shows. We have a blazing new array of talent though in the league this week. I mean literally everyone from #13 - #20 has the potential of being champ. Another situation at hand is the amount of votes we are getting. Shit is ridiculous I mean nigguhs is losing battles cos they aren't posting links. Come on fellas don't get hustled by the system. Any ways lets get on to this weeks No Show Shine.

    No Show Shine:
    Written By: The Post Offfice


    “He was eh” ”shouldn’t have showed” ”least we know that he tried”
    ^^^^^sorry, just wanted u to get ready for the voters replies
    never pat teammates on the rear, nothing I ever tried in the past
    but they say its common Courtesy…to slap other guys on the ass
    I heard theres no I in team, but what does THAT suggest when…
    theres no U in homo…but still THATS ur preference
    not worried about ur violence, so just stop your yappin
    Cuz if u ever DID go Postal…youd have a lot more talent
    Since ur not an alias, i got something to show to u dawg
    *peep the predictions*
    u been here since 01, how come no one knows who u are??
    He just doesn’t get it, I guess I’m supposed to explain him this
    When it comes to the Court…they say The Posts games the most dangerous
    records perfect cuz u just started spttin, but later...
    imma have ur record to owe-one, like I did it a favor
    Ur ranked higher but got smoked..i’m tryna be blunted
    I’d say I just dropped 16, but that’s kinda redundant

    Top 8 Punches

    This dude is just hatin…I know I’ll have rook on the pavement
    And I aim for Perfeksion…ah fuck, that’s who I shoulda been facin - John Nash

    i'm fed.. ya shit's confusin, u have no chance & it's amusin
    but i'll help u get in touch with ya feelings, sensual be losin - Odin

    ya rep decreases.. i get violent, i'll leave u crushed inside a camper
    ya lifes a judgement call.. & it would be over justified answer - Odin

    Shook up? I'm leavin ya're only succeedin to fail
    When it comes to bitin its All That, Everytime like Marathons of Keenan and Kel- D Omen

    Named after a midget, 9x RSTL champ, stay with the topicals
    You a man above all? Cuz theres never been a girl on top of ya - Alien

    i just left this damn man the fag scene
    cause while im pulling princesses he's attempting to drag queen - Vern Acular

    Kid never gets women, use to be weak...this nerd worsened
    Only time he talks about a bitch is when he speaks in 3rd person - Young Philly

    Ill spill your guts, the filler sucks, my tongue's explosive
    Philly get put under the Ax like the members of Guns n Roses,- Ribonuclease
  2. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Mod Predictions

    RBL North Championship: 1. Odin. 8-0 vs. 2. $1.50 10-4

    Odin wins 70%

    RBL North Contendership: 3. Ribonuclease 13-5 vs. 4. Purfeksion 11-4

    Ribonuclease wins 63%

    5. Vern Acular 2-0 vs. 6. D. Omen 3-2

    Vern wins 56%

    7. The Post Office 1-0 vs. 8. E Tha Real 1-1

    The Post Office wins 51 %

    9. John Nash 9-5 vs. 10. .Young Philly. 3-1

    John Nash wins 62%

    11. Sonz1 2-0 vs. 12. ALIEN0888 1-1

    Alien wins 71%

    13. Jersey Emcee 0-0 vs. 14. Castro 0-0

    Castro wins 77%

    15. Synthesis 0-0 vs. 16. Jacent 0-0

    Jacent wins 55%

    17. Headless Verseman 0-0 vs. 18. AlphaOmni 0-0

    Headless Verseman wins 58%

    19. Worst Enemy 0-0 vs. 20. PhairEnglish 0-0

    Worst Enemy wins 72%
  3. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Throw Back Battle

    RBL Contendership Match: 3. Inkwell 21-3 Vs 4. Headless Verseman 11-3

    Headless Verseman

    Please, I aint stoppin to talk man-
    he went from ink to christ..maybe it was gods plan,
    cuz u the only other man w/ hair that long NOT in a rock band/
    and i aint poppin the glocks fam-
    he sees my text an dude is smittin,
    now watch as I use that van hellsing gun an perform an express crucifixion/
    seriously, you got personal problems?-
    or are ya shook from personals?,
    I guess being in 6th grades tough as hell, u got all them book reports to do/
    and 6th grade is funny-
    with you mickey mouse rappers sayin the bad words,
    get ya name on the blackboard, think u can rap, an get ya name on the blackboard/

    haha, get it? black board, rap is for blacks, haha...eehh..u suck

    and you aint doin nothin-
    this punk bitch aint gonna damage mah flare,
    plus my bars arent stretched, just the length of a strand of ya hair/

    hold up, wait a minute, let us bring some DRUMMMS in it

    who u fuckin with C-
    ya crew aint hard an u aint nuthin to me,
    Kids so bad couldnt pull status: Superstar on the WB/
    no show and move along-
    dude aint strong so kids needin a smack,
    cuz its obvious that The Passion of Christ definitely isnt rap/


    headlessverseman: damn u , i wanted a no show

    Whore, leaving ya corpse gored on the floor
    & After 11, who the fuck WOULDN'T want more?
    Pop shit. Tryina be champ again? Just stop, kid.
    Drop it. You're never seein' a 2x like Aloe's closet
    Dunce, you'll get eaten for lunch. Spine crunched
    Been in all PBA seasons & ain't made playoffs once
    - Me bangin' my head on the keyboard, & it hurts, kid
    & It looks like the same technique ya wrote ya verse with
    That last shit was garbage. But you know what's worse
    Is the fact that I'd ever use it, but have ya read ya verse?
    & It's over, you see when I'm scrappin, I win
    TJ tried to use "innovative" shit against me




    And you seen what happened to him.

    Lackluster shit, but I'm tired as shit.

    Winner - Headless Verseman
  4. J o o k

    J o o k Guest


    RBL North Championship: 1. Odin. 7-0 vs. 2. John Nash 9-4

    All I have to say is whoa. This kid Odin is an upcoming phenomenon in the league. This is the second time these two have met in the league and boy do they go at it. Nash dropped first with a verse that was nothing less then nice. Accumulated witiness and rhyme led him to an almost victory over Odin. But Odin had other things in mind. He dropped a verse for the EIGHT week in a row that showed he wanted to win. So the outcome of this battle is YEAP YOU GUUESSSED it odin comes out on top and remains champ of the rbl.

    RBL North Contendership: 3. $1.50 9-4 vs. 4. Lay Doubt. 5-1

    This battle was a travesty definitely. I mean Lay Doubt dropped first, 50 dropped second but Lay Doubt edited his verse out. Dilly gave them both new deadlines to post but Lay Doubts power went out and 50 took advantage of that. All in all I feel Lay Doubt on being mad this shit would have angered me too.

    5. Ribonuclease 12-5 vs. 6. .Young Philly. 3-0

    Now this was the closest fucking battle in the RBL undoubtedly. Both contestants brought different aspects to the table and also contended well. The ending factor was both ended up with 2 votes. But when Ribo posted links and YP didn't it disabled his vote status and caused him to lose. Ribo the ex champ moves up to 13-5 having the most wins in the league besides me of course while YP moves down to a 3-1 record.

    9. Spit That 4-2 vs. 10. Endquote 3-1 11. D. Omen 2-2

    Well well well, Spit That gets banned mid battle, While End Quote and D. Omen go head to head in what turned out to be a pretty good battle. In the end it all came down to creativity which D Omen absolutely took over the competition. EndQuote drops to a 3-2 record but don't sleep on him the kid is lethal.

    12. ALIEN0888 1-0 vs. 13. Vern Acular 1-0

    This was by far my favorite battle to peep last week. These dudes went head to head in a good old text competition that left no sore losers. Alien dropped some fire that definitely will make the top 10 while Vern did the same and even came a little harder. In the end the battle was took by Vern by an astounding 4 votes. Alien gets his first loss in the league but he is no easy cookie. Congrats for making 2-0 Vern.


    So like I said this week went by pretty slow. OH SHIT one thing I wanted to address really quick was not to get hustled. If you think your opponent is going to no show post a real verse anyway because if he posts your fucked. There will be no more editing after a verse is in. SO DONT GET HUSTLED. Anyways have a nice week and I'll see you guys back here in 7 days. Peace love and tranquility. This is J o o k signing out. Peace
  5. Nebz

    Nebz R.I.P. Point Game

    Nov 21, 2002
    Good shit....
  6. Hells Angel

    Hells Angel New Member

    Feb 7, 2001
    that young philly line was dope
  7. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Young philly had the hottest line of the week imo.
  8. Allah.

    Allah. nice with the hands

    Nov 15, 2004
    good shit.

    but damn, it seems like its the same people battling each other over and over again... *****s need to sign up.

    JOEY HOFFA always proper.

    Jun 22, 2005
    77% and shit, haha.
  10. Young Philly

    Young Philly Broad Street Bully

    May 9, 2005
    Thanks fellas.
    Were those punches in random order?
  11. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    word up. I might sign up.
  12. Worst Enemy

    Worst Enemy ex-rbl champ, so?

    Apr 26, 2001
    72% ?

    That kid couldnt see me with [fill in gay punchline].

    Bite me.
  13. john hensley

    john hensley 7xRBL

    Mar 21, 2004
    cool mag pimp.
  14. Oliver_Thenet

    Oliver_Thenet New Member

    Aug 13, 2004
    old...but why didnt i get my match?
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