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  1. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    The North Hype
    Written By: J o o k

    Welcome to the 21st week of Rapmusics North Battle League. We have
    some dope topics to discuss this week and also some nice battles to
    review. What we don't have is a lot of active voting in the league. We
    need to change this once more I will stress the points for votes link
    at the top of the page. In other news we have a champ who just matched
    my record with 3 title defences and he is on his way to his fourth.
    Lets see how it comes out. On to this weeks No Show Shine.

    No Show Shine
    Written By Doyen:

    your focus is bleek...ima leave a hole in this geek
    and leave a stake in dude's throat, like he choking on beef
    i noticed your weak, hope has been leaked, kon has gonorrhea
    dick beater, i'd call you wack, but that's an onomatopoeia
    stop or see the heater, yea im the type to diss a punk
    and son you so bad...
    you see a tan line under your swimming trunks
    listen up, ima punish you and make you stay at home
    cause if i swing, you'll kiss my new bat man like katie holmes
    Kon!... the case is closed, vern's climbing the ranks
    you going through withdrawls...standing in the line at the bank
    goodbye you've been ate, never should you doubt a winner
    cause im always in front of Vikt like the falcons center

    Punchline Pandemonium - Top 10

    1. I beat you once… no need for bein hesitant.
    But fuck history repeatin itself..
    .. I'll beat you enough to give it a speech impediment. -john hensley vs. $1.50

    2. dope, sick, tight, ill, great, nice, hard, good, fresh, hot

    why am i typin these words ya askin
    it's cuz ya found not guilty in all 10.. like michael jackson -Odin.
    vs. Purfeksion

    3. you ain't tight bitch? never stole ya lines, ya know i'm right, shit
    Lorena Bobbit used scissors, cuz not even SHE would bite dick -Lay
    Doubt. vs. Dick In Ur Mom

    4. the hypes tainted, facing odin will make you hit rock bottom
    then be treated like an immigrant the way i put a foreign ya loss
    collumn -Odin. vs. Purfektion

    5. we laugh at this clown… this dike bitch, just a faggot in doubt
    I'd put my Mark on this fool, but he'd just be askin him out -John
    Nash vs. Spit That

    6. Dropping a verse ya know is wack, shit was displayed lightly
    Now ya doubting The Post, man
    ..Like Kevin Costner in the late 90's -Dick In Ur Mom vs. Lay Doubt.

    7. You wack son, trust that I'm the best, this fuckers done
    Cuz my life's a bitch, u just spend yours dressin up as one -.Young
    Philly. vs. Retulen Reactus

    8. Guns burst with shells bitch, thatll hurt ya pelvis
    & Give you some fuckin 'side burns' worse than Elvis -Oz vs. Unexplainable

    9. I may use ebonics, but u're wording just sucks in ya text...
    However, I'll encourage u to stretch this time,
    since u'll be a runner up in this thread -Purfeksion vs. Odin.

    10. Bored with ya writtens, fag, u must admit that ya stink
    Cuz ill crush E up, like i was finna slip him into a drink -ALIEN0888
  2. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Interview with Endquote

    quoteendquote: *bugs you for interview

    ima hustluh son: Tell the Rbl who and what
    endquote is and about.

    quoteendquote: First, you gotta promise me that
    you wont use any annoying colors for this... because I
    hate that shit. but also find a way to differentiate
    by color or font who is speaking. Shit makes me not
    want to read interviews.

    ima hustluh son: i aint doin shit

    quoteendquote: Oh so you're just humoring me?

    ima hustluh son: u type

    quoteendquote: I can do that.

    quoteendquote: The RBL is that important to me.

    ima hustluh son: use the color after everything

    quoteendquote: ill just reformat it

    ima hustluh son: na just do the color shit

    quoteendquote: Whatever, fuck it, no one's
    going to read it anyway.

    ima hustluh son: lmfao

    quoteendquote: Leave this part in though.
    quoteendquote: Secondly, sir, no dumb
    questions. Or lots of them. It doesn't matter to me,
    or anyone else.

    ima hustluh son: wtf

    quoteendquote: What was the question again?

    ima hustluh son: im given u the inty less go
    ima hustluh son: i gotta leave in 11 minutes

    quoteendquote: What's the question?

    ima hustluh son: Who is Endquote and what is he

    quoteendquote: I am Endquote. I am lazy, and
    rusty. I thought this league would be a good way to
    brush up on my skills.

    ima hustluh son: Why did you join the rbl

    quoteendquote: Because I'm rusty, I needed to
    get back into shape.

    ima hustluh son: word If you could change one
    thing about the rbl what would it be

    quoteendquote: Also, to tell people about
    Jesus... He's a zombie... That is not
    quoteendquote: Oh...
    quoteendquote: I'd make more people sign up.
    quoteendquote: Pickins are slim.

    ima hustluh son: Who do you think does not
    belong in the north

    quoteendquote: I really don't know, I don't pay
    much attention to things... Let's go with...
    quoteendquote: Endquote.
    quoteendquote: He's a fuckin jerk.

    ima hustluh son: word

    quoteendquote: I also heard he plans to use a

    ima hustluh son: who is your biggest threat in
    the league

    quoteendquote: I am. I am a lazy bastard.
    quoteendquote: Also, wack newbies.
    quoteendquote: Which i think I am.

    ima hustluh son: What do you think about the
    current champ odin

    quoteendquote: He seems okay. I don't see him
    talking alot of shit, and that's something I can
    respect. Quietly kicking the ass of whoever wants
    next. *peeps last week's verse*...
    quoteendquote: He's got a nice crisp style, I
    like that. However I think he had some played
    lines/concepts last week. That doesn't sit well with
    me. But he won, so, good for him.

    ima hustluh son: good
    ima hustluh son: do u think u will be champ

    quoteendquote: I can't say really. I don't like
    to think of those things. My main deal is kicking my
    own ass, stomping the fuck out of my last verse. This
    way one will always ensure progress.

    ima hustluh son: good shit

    quoteendquote: I should have voted for
    Purfektion [sic?]

    ima hustluh son: I am going to throw out names
    and you give letter grades to em

    quoteendquote: Okay, but I really don't pay
    attention to much, but let's go.

    ima hustluh son: endauote
    ima hustluh son: dam
    ima hustluh son: endquote

    quoteendquote: Running a B, with a 3.5 GPA

    ima hustluh son: Oz

    quoteendquote: B?

    ima hustluh son: Super

    quoteendquote: B?

    ima hustluh son: Purfeksion

    quoteendquote: A-

    ima hustluh son: $1.50

    quoteendquote: Academic probation.

    ima hustluh son: which is

    quoteendquote: I told you I don't pay much

    ima hustluh son: lay doubt

    quoteendquote: B

    ima hustluh son: Eternal Path

    quoteendquote: Late withdrawal.
    quoteendquote: Passing.

    ima hustluh son: lol wtf
    ima hustluh son: Odin

    quoteendquote: Are you in college?

    ima hustluh son: yes
    ima hustluh son: jr

    quoteendquote: A-

    ima hustluh son: indeed

    quoteendquote: Then you should know what I'm
    talking about.

    ima hustluh son: i do but i simply asked a
    letter grade
    ima hustluh son: a - f

    quoteendquote: It shows up on reports.

    ima hustluh son: lmfao k man

    quoteendquote: Dont confine me to your little

    ima hustluh son: its simple shit
    ima hustluh son: a-f
    ima hustluh son: but i respect creativity
    ima hustluh son: so go ahead

    quoteendquote: Endquote is not a simple man.

    ima hustluh son: E for effort
    ima hustluh son: S satisfactory

    quoteendquote: That's for you!

    ima hustluh son: lol
    ima hustluh son: John Hensley

    quoteendquote: But I'll tell you what...
    quoteendquote: Oh, umm... A-

    ima hustluh son: Who do you think the best in
    the league is at this point

    quoteendquote: That will take a moment for
    quoteendquote: Me. I'm hungry to defeat myself.
    Everyone else seems caught up in ego. They won't excel
    this way. Once you beat everyone, that's it. And if
    everyone is so wack, as evryone seems to think these
    days, then their victory is pointless, as well as
    their loss.

    ima hustluh son: word
    ima hustluh son: So where do you see yourself
    in 5 weeks

    quoteendquote: I don't know.
    quoteendquote: Looking at a verse from this
    week and going, "damn, that was horrible, I'm 5x
    better now."

    ima hustluh son: lol good answer

    quoteendquote: Even though I won ;-)

    ima hustluh son: What or who inspires you

    quoteendquote: I hate assly music. I don't
    watch alot of TV, refuse to listen to the radio other
    than NPR and my local college station. Simple music
    drives me insane. I will kill somebody. But, why sit
    and bitch when I can try to do something about it.

    ima hustluh son: wword
    ima hustluh son: so what or who inspires u

    quoteendquote: My hatred for crap.

    ima hustluh son: lol good deal
    ima hustluh son: iight man this wraps it up ..
    this is your time to shout out or diss who ever you

    quoteendquote: Felonious Rap, join the god damn

    Mods, keep doing your things.

    Everyone join the god damn league.

    If you want to leave because everyone is wack and blah
    blah blah, quit bitching and do something about it.
    Mentor a kid. Quit tossin kids in the dojo without a
    sensei. Vote on their battles and give constructive
    quoteendquote: If someone wants to mentor me,
    get at me. I feel like learning.

    ima hustluh son: Good shit man thanks for the

    quoteendquote: What?
    quoteendquote: What kind of question is that?

    ima hustluh son: lol

    quoteendquote: This interview is over. Good
    day, sir.

    ima hustluh son: lol pz
  3. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Throw Back Battle


    Words couldn't describe, his mom's feelings when she fed it
    Um, "YOU FAT FUCKING GROSS FUCK"..well there I said it
    You're just a weak bitch, no one's left readin your shit
    Cuz you ain't just wack as a mother, you're breast feedin your kids
    Look at the Dough battle, you tried to leave a rapper torn
    ..but you chin-checked bout as much as you do in faggot porn
    I've called you fat before, guess that's why you act so bitter to me
    But when God made you, he broke the mold, literally
    You're just a joke on the net while I'm on a higher plateau, check
    You should throw in the towel, try the one round Aloe's neck
    Cuz you really don't do shit, I'd dispute ya got no such life
    ..sayin you've got girls that thought you were cute at an open mic?
    Everybody know it's lies, you weren't born perfectly
    Lookin like a Lunatic, need to cover ya face with a mask like Murphy Lee
    And Rhymeageddon you're boring, ya style and ya name sucks
    Forget fresh concepts, cuz you can't even think of a played punch
    You'll spit the same stuff as last time, so I don't give a fuck
    While I'm spittin fire off the dome like User's hair if it's cut
    Pussy I'm tearin ya up, but if that’s not doubt in minds
    Ya punches like they’re misbehaving, cuz they "step out of line"
    You're about to find out it don't matter if you rhyme plenty
    You'll discover the HARDAWAY, like when Orlando signed PENNY
    So, I'm rapin ya moms but who cares? call the cops bitches
    ..her ass like that Sadam statue when it fell, half the block hit it



    aura the convulsing bitch, is deadly to no-1, but loves the shit
    cuz when i post people dont 'hold their breath', they fucking hug it
    c'mon kid's, u call them verses last week? u must be talkin shit
    cuz we've seen more ooooohze in a below average horror flick
    whooping these kid's, aura's been killed, i'm on route for the rest
    rhyme brought the recipe for disaster, that user could'nt resist
    acting harder, you idiot... time & time again i hafta scar them
    aura had a brush with death.. & rhymeageddon was the barber
    & who would fake an audio? yeh'll suck & lose
    only track's in aura's arm's ..were from years of drug abuse
    quit text, infact fuck it, just die, but faggot i'm wrecking aura still
    say adios/audios muthafucker, because island your text is horrible
    turn the table's, user, VA's never had a quake, it's fuck'n stable
    s'why the voter's dont want him to fall off, -the fuckin table
    whos feelin em? cuz rhyme is text killing, & they say you're serial
    while voter's 'gassen em with trash' like back to the future's vehicle
    i can see auras here? it's stupid he must be keeping my hand
    saying he could'nt 'desert' us for now... in fear of island
    wrecking the worst, rhyme'll cripple these two heading the list
    island win? there's no way in hell, without exiting first
    stumble an all, as your verses read blank -something will fall
    it's tru tho, if you have nothing good, ...-to say, say nothing at all
    so i'll add another line of bullshit for the twit's to sit & read
    cuz auras chance has gone'a begging, with his mom, dad, sister, aunt, gran,user's family and nasif



    Im doin some rapin tonight…bets is off, n im sayin it like…
    Island stays with the hookup…yall stay with ladies delight
    get it yet?..ill hit a vet, n ya still wont see me brother,
    toppling Island?, when you faggots couldn’t beat each other…


    Island and Aura…were different, n screw it ya worthless
    but were alike too, cuz each week someone else is doin our verses
    See its my job to win...and you can tell theres losses
    Your only line of work is waitin for a check at the welfare office
    User this....User that....overused the topic and played it out
    ...hes just mad i got more pounds than his UK bank account
    this bitch gets bullied at school, n at lunch he pities the moment..
    when he's going thru Hall's running more than Kansas City opponents
    go ahead and reach for the title, you wont get it in time..
    cuz ya style is lending to wackness, more than the ppl givin you lines


    rhyme’s got ghoster’s too…he needs lines, so the bastard flips em..
    Cuz each week he’s prayin for Angels…more than disaster victims*
    U wont lose like a man, u'll say i got dickrode instead
    They say misery loves company, ..u must have a shit load of friends
    fags fall in the watch this guy get dropped
    cuz this week is Island Time…….like Hawaiin clocks
    Poor bastard, im gonna burry you deep in sediment
    If money talks, then yours got a broke jaw n a speach impediment
    Rhymes wack as fuck…and this fag aint clownin on me
    Cuz the only time we’re proud of 2.5…is when nasifs countin to 3

  4. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Mod Predictions

    RBL North Championship: 1. Odin. 7-0 vs. 2. John Nash 9-4

    Odin wins 73%

    RBL North Contendership: 3. $1.50 9-4 vs. 4. Lay Doubt. 5-1

    Lay Doubt wins 56%

    5. Ribonuclease 12-5 vs. 6. .Young Philly. 3-0

    Young Philly wins 50.1%

    7. Purfeksion 10-4 vs. 8. Oz 4-1

    Oz wins 53%

    9. Spit That 4-2 vs. 10. Endquote 3-1 11. D. Omen 2-2

    Endquote wins 62%

    12. ALIEN0888 1-0 vs. 13. Vern Acular 1-0

    Wow close here hmm 50-50 split

    14. Retulen Reactus 1-1 vs. 15. E Tha Real 0-1

    Ret wins 70%

    16. Courtesy 0-0 vs. 17. The Post Office 0-0

    Dont know these guys 50-50

    Brought to you by Allah


    Spit That you my homey, and we been tight for a while.. but please tell me you aint bite these lines.

    both I seen before on bboys.

    the first one I remember from Butler vs Fracture in the WBL like 6 months back

    *****. ya hypes all a joke to me
    butler gonna sweep the votes.... so they aint dirty when they go to me
    - Fracture


    and the alpha male is from Loot vs Raw Scientz

    It's all greek to you, but I need a lambda slaughter when I smack this hater
    Cuz I'm an alpha male...Raw Scientz is just a master Beta
    - Loot


    nothing personal spit, just wanna know if you did or you didnt. (I asked a couple of respected heads from bboys before accusing you and they also thought it was a bite).. so I had to say something.
  5. J o o k

    J o o k Guest


    RBL North Championship: 1. Odin. 6-0 vs. 2. Purfeksion 10-3

    This was a very decent championship. It did not turn out to be one
    sided like all of the previous weeks but in fact it was neck and neck
    for the majority of the time. Purfeksion dropped first with a nice "at
    your neck" kind of verse that was straight forward yet humorous. Odin
    came on some wordplay/punchline combination that just blew Pur out of
    the water. The end result was Odin coming out on top to retain the
    belt for the 3rd week in a row while Purfeksion drops to a 10-4
    record. Very solid battle fellas.

    9. .Young Philly 2-0 vs. 10. Retulen Reactus 1-0

    I enjoyed this battle personally. Ret is a vet of Rapmusic while Young
    is a new emetging textcee trying to make a name for himself. Both
    dropped a nice verse I thought Ret was a bit more creative and
    original while Young dropped some nice punches and wordplay. So all in
    all the battle turned out to go to Young who improved the flawless
    record to 3-0 while Ret dropped even with a 1-1 record. Dope battle

    5. Lay Doubt. 4-1 vs. 6. Dick In Ur Mom 3-1

    This battle was hilarious due to all the extra curricular posting. It
    definitely had a high entertainment value nonetheless. So on with the
    show. DIUM dropped that nice wordplay first but the verse just wasn't
    consistant with some of his nice lines he had. Lay Doubt dropped a
    more solid concrete verse that pretty much had fewer flaws in it then
    DIUMS. The outcome of this battle is LAY DOUBT wins and increases his
    record to 5-1 while DIUM pushes to remove south voters from the North
    he signs out.

    7. John Hensley 8-2 vs. 8. $1.50 8-4

    This battle was definitely one of the upsets of the league. My
    prediction was that Hensley would sweep the votes but 50 had something
    else in mind. Not checking in promoted the thought of a no show which
    John dropped a subpar verse and 50 probably took 4 weeks to write
    something good enough to contend. None the less it came down to the
    fucking votes. Literally by 50 posting his voting links he took the
    win it was a dead even tie. Hensley falls to a 8-3 record while 50
    pushes up to a 9-4. Good battle fellas

    9. .Young Philly 2-0 vs. 10. Retulen Reactus 1-0

    I enjoyed this battle personally. Ret is a vet of Rapmusic while Young
    is a new emetging textcee trying to make a name for himself. Both
    dropped a nice verse I thought Ret was a bit more creative and
    original while Young dropped some nice punches and wordplay. So all in
    all the battle turned out to go to Young who improved the flawless
    record to 3-0 while Ret dropped even with a 1-1 record. Dope battle

    11. Oz 3-1 vs. 12. Unexplainable 3-2 vs. 13. MC Solar 2-1

    This battle was pretty decent. Oz is definitely gaining some momentum
    here in the league and may in fact be on his way to a championship
    match soon. On the other side of the fence we have Unexplainable. He
    is fairly new to the league and definitely has what it takes to be
    successful. MC Solar is a gay bitch for no showing after I went back
    in the mag just to give the nigguh some props. Anyways the outcome of
    this battle was a KO by Oz over Unexplainable which dropped Unex to an
    even 3-3 record and pushed Oz up to a 4-1 record. Good battle fellas.

    14. Phryme 4-3 vs. 15. D. Omen 1-2

    This battle was the shocker of the week. I definitely had my token on
    phryme to win this one hands down but the kid D.Omen was just to much
    to handle this week. Phryme dropping a below par verse just didn't
    seem motivated to win this week and D definitely took advantage by
    sweeping em up and taking the victory unchallenged. D knocks his
    record up to even with 2 wins 2 loss while Phyme falls to even with a
    4-4 record.

    18. ALIEN0888 0-0 vs. 19. E Tha Real 0-0

    My predictions were true in fact Alien took the battle as I
    proclaimed. E did come nicely though with some good original content
    and a nice worded verse. But all in all it was just no match for the
    emerging alien who has shown the league he is a not a force to
    reckoned with. Undoubtedly the victory goes to Alien who improves his
    record to 1-0 and gets his first North win, while E falls to a 0-1
    record and loses his first North battle.


    This is ya boy J o o k signing out peace love and happiness to all. 1​
  6. Lay Doubt.

    Lay Doubt. .

    Feb 16, 2005
    nice shit jook. thanks for taking the time to do this week's mag. very consistent and on time as usual. word to your predictions. don't doubt me son. holla
  7. Huey Fig Newton

    Huey Fig Newton Rebel-He-Is

    Oct 17, 2003
    wow @ not getting quoted
  8. Chann3l 5ive

    Chann3l 5ive New Member

    Mar 12, 2005
    BLAHAHHAHA @ the white font
  9. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    This weeks top 10 was brought to you by Eyedill.

    Chea white font is gankstuh nigguh!
  10. Huey Fig Newton

    Huey Fig Newton Rebel-He-Is

    Oct 17, 2003
    ^o okay nvm then...*dereps Eyedill*

    JOEY HOFFA always proper.

    Jun 22, 2005
    this was really really well done, looks like you took a lot of time... daps on that

    the interview was pointless as fuck though
  12. Eternalpath

    Eternalpath I am FEMALE!!!!

    Mar 9, 2004
    2. dope, sick, tight, ill, great, nice, hard, good, fresh, hot

    why am i typin these words ya askin
    it's cuz ya found not guilty in all 10.. like michael jackson -Odin.
    vs. Purfeksion

    I thought that lpunch was humorous....should of been # 1.....

    cool read...
  13. purfeksion

    purfeksion dohpe

    Dec 24, 2004
  14. Allah.

    Allah. nice with the hands

    Nov 15, 2004
    woah thanks for qouting me in the mag.. :)

    nice shit man.
  15. onblast

    onblast New Member

    Oct 10, 2004

    Word. You all should at least pay attention and seriously consider what I said in my shouts though.
  16. Lay Doubt.

    Lay Doubt. .

    Feb 16, 2005
    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? this dude no showed the battle originally. there should have never been an extension until midnight. i said until noon saturday. what the fuck? and, my power went out ALL NIGHT so i couldn't post. i've had 20 lines ready to drop since thursday. how you gonna give him the win? fuck. this is some sheisty bullshit.
  17. Huey Fig Newton

    Huey Fig Newton Rebel-He-Is

    Oct 17, 2003
    I can vouche for Lay, he did have his verse up for a couple minutes then I told him to edit out so $1.50 couldnt play off his shit....NOTICE: how $1.50 was so hesistant to drop with no verse to feed off? but yeah this is some bull...Lay originally won if you look at it...

    eyedill is fuckin up
  18. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    there's nothin i can do.. i dont care who can vouche for who
    i.. me.. as in the head mod.. never seen ya verse posted lay
  19. Huey Fig Newton

    Huey Fig Newton Rebel-He-Is

    Oct 17, 2003
    I think Jook did thats why he gave Lay Doubt the win the first time cuz 1.50 no showed and Doubt had his verse.

    eyedill is fuckin up
  20. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Stop using me as ammo against Eyedill.

    The fact is he gave TWO emcees a NEW deadline and one never posted a verse.

    Eyedill aint no bitch kid, lol he'll have your ass on that banned list in a minute.
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