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Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by J o o k, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    The North Hype
    Written By J o o k

    First welcome to the RBL North HYPE and OHHH shit the 20th week has snuck up on us! Now if you haven't signed in to the RBL in a while get your asses in here. For those with negative things to say go fuck yourselves. The RBL is here to stay whether you like it or not. So on with the story. We had a no show in the Champ match what a pity. Odin is the first to defend the title since J o o k left. Will he stay on his game? We'll see this week as he tried defend for the second time in the league. Another thing I will not stop stressing is the votes. You people have to start voting more. Seriously the voting is in a ridiculous state and the league will not get better if you do not vote. This brings us to the No Show Shine.

    No Show Shine
    Written by: Odin


    alot describes ya lack of skill.. ya verses, ya personality, ya act & will
    & the name math fits u too.. since u divide the line between wack & ill
    fareal, ya lines are garbage, bitch fuck ya wack usage
    i'll choke ya neck till u turn new colors like rapmusic
    go ahead & act stupid, its a shame u're a dork
    so i'ma cut ya body in half.. like ya record when u came to the north
    it's back n forth, i usually don't bring bitches in it, but since u hatin
    i'll fuck ya ex girl, & that'll be the afterMath of the situation
    u're a broke child, lookin for handouts at god's churches
    i am a Monster .. & not where u do ya job searches
    i win on purpose ..
    i got fans so i'm ceilin this win, ya skill is too thin & recieves boos highly
    so u can either post a wack verse or bite .. i guess i'll let 'em chews wisely
    precisely clowned, bitch don't cry over losin, ya fucked why frown?
    the closest he'll come to a W is when i hang M upside down
    u claim to pimp but ya game is limp, u'll miss a breath
    this kid's so ugly the reaper won't give 'em the kiss of death
    listen .. i'll give u 3 choices that u'll love fa sure
    lose, suck a dick, no show .. at least there all things u've done before

    Top 10

    In all honesty you don't belong here poser ya finished
    What type of herb posts a no show verse 6 lines over the limit- $1.50

    techs are shootin.. once this whore sees, he's regretting i'm the boss
    you're executin.. punches poorly, that's why you beheading for a loss- Lay Doubt

    flippin' lines kid? thats weak, thats like a whole other height
    but aren't you that same niqqa..
    ......that got caught bitin' j.hen's lines on another site?!- Prhyme

    Just called ya out, literally, u dont belong here.. get to the door.....
    Fuk manners, ill have no problem leavin spit on the floor....- Unexplainable

    When ya spit game to chicks, they know ya nervous, dawg
    Cuz ya eyes dart to the walls so much
    Bitches think ya was passing time at local bars- Dick In Ur Mom

    D spits shit that'll have buck slayed and murked
    Could Beat him Til The Cows Come Home...
    ...but I Stopped cuz His Mom was On Her Way From Work- D Omen

    In fact, its no stat that tonight you'll be losin
    You think the period in ya name hides the fact you DO men?- $1.50

    When have ya killed some shit? Face it ya not skilled with spits
    Labels putting out hits for ya, not music...they tryna kill this bitch- Oz

    I'm lazy, so I admire u're persistance, Oz...
    U were ruining the league as a mod...
    and now u've come back as a battler to finish the job- Purfeksion

    get your ass beaat and get your ass stomped? to you its all the same
    if thats your last Serge of effort..
    the motherfucker would come back and whoop your ass for ruining his name- Spit That
  2. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Mod predictions

    Okay I now have a new way of doing mod predictions. It's now by percentages ( the odds I feel you have of winning).

    RBL North Championship: 1. Odin. 6-0 vs. 2. Purfeksion 10-3

    I have Odin coming out on top in a 73% favor.

    RBL North Contendership: 3. John Nash 8-4 vs. 4. Spit That 4-1

    Hmmm John Nash edges it out 51%

    5. Lay Doubt. 4-1 vs. 6. Dick In Ur Mom 3-1

    DIUM wins 63%

    7. John Hensley 8-2 vs. 8. $1.50 8-4

    Hensley wins 96%

    9. .Young Philly 2-0 vs. 10. Retulen Reactus 1-0

    Young philly wins 84 %

    11. Oz 3-1 vs. 12. Unexplainable 3-2 vs. 13. MC Solar 2-1

    I have Unex coming out 51% Oz 48% Mc 1%

    14. Phryme 4-3 vs. 15. D. Omen 1-2

    Uhhhh Prhyme wins 57%

    16. iLLweezy 0-1 vs. 17. skills.txt 0-0

    I don't know how skills went right to the north when I never heard of that name in my lift but

    IllWeez wins 100%

    18. ALIEN0888 0-0 vs. 19. E Tha Real 0-0

    Hmmm Good battle Alien wins 53%

    20. Vern Acular 0-0 vs. 21. KonviKt 0-0

    Damn it man uhhhhh tie 50% lol sorry fellas
  3. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Interview with D. Omen

    get off the blok (1:49:09 AM): Tell the league who D.Omen is

    Dee Oh Min (1:49:54 AM): basically just a textcee that got bored and decided to enter this league

    Dee Oh Min (1:50:03 AM): I'm pretty well known off RM

    get off the blok (1:50:12 AM): wordage

    get off the blok (1:50:34 AM): Where you from and who inspired you

    Dee Oh Min (1:50:52 AM): from NY & NJ...

    Dee Oh Min (1:51:06 AM): alotta different "inspirations" can't pick one

    get off the blok (1:52:00 AM): word

    get off the blok (1:52:13 AM): Who is your biggest fear in the rbl

    Dee Oh Min (1:52:29 AM): dickriders and people who can't vote for shit.

    get off the blok (1:52:54 AM): Like who

    Dee Oh Min (1:53:02 AM): could be anybody

    get off the blok (1:53:36 AM): word

    get off the blok (1:53:47 AM): who are your favorite people to read

    Dee Oh Min (1:55:01 AM): DIUM, Odin and troublesome

    get off the blok (1:55:41 AM): Word so when did you start texting

    Dee Oh Min (1:55:51 AM): about 2 1/2 years ago

    get off the blok (1:56:09 AM): cool whats your home site

    Dee Oh Min (1:56:29 AM): well my 1st site ever is gone now but my current home site is HF

    get off the blok (1:56:53 AM): dopeness

    get off the blok (1:57:03 AM): how many times have you been champ off of rm

    Dee Oh Min (1:57:52 AM): um, I retired 2 belts on HF, won two tournies...the most recent one for $100 and I am currently the undisputed text champ.

    get off the blok (1:58:17 AM): nice

    get off the blok (1:58:44 AM): I am going to give you names and you give them grades from a - f

    Dee Oh Min (1:58:58 AM): ok

    get off the blok (1:59:43 AM): Odin

    Dee Oh Min (1:59:52 AM): A from what I seen

    get off the blok (1:59:57 AM): DIUM

    Dee Oh Min (2:00:01 AM): B+

    get off the blok (2:00:14 AM): PZ

    get off the blok (2:00:15 AM): wait

    get off the blok (2:00:18 AM): Oz

    Dee Oh Min (2:00:46 AM): B

    get off the blok (2:00:57 AM): Young Philly

    Dee Oh Min (2:01:33 AM): B-

    get off the blok (2:01:37 AM): John Hensley

    Dee Oh Min (2:01:40 AM): B-

    get off the blok (2:01:48 AM): John Nash

    Dee Oh Min (2:02:48 AM): C+

    get off the blok (2:03:15 AM): Spit That

    Dee Oh Min (2:04:08 AM): B-

    get off the blok (2:04:22 AM): anyone in the league u think should be in the south

    Dee Oh Min (2:04:44 AM): illweezy

    get off the blok (2:04:51 AM): LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO

    get off the blok (2:04:56 AM): BWHAHAHA

    get off the blok (2:05:11 AM): anybody you want to beat

    Dee Oh Min (2:05:48 AM): anyone i'm faced with.

    get off the blok (2:06:17 AM): iight fam this is your time too give shouts or talk SHIT!

    Dee Oh Min (2:08:30 AM): iono what that ***** hensley problem is, I posted my verse for drugs then edited when I realized he wasn't showin...but in anycase Hensley saw my verse before I edited out and made some gay ass remark about EZboard? I donno wtf that suppose to mean so I figured he had a problem with my style which is fine, to each his own...but then I hear him gettin loud on AIM with you (jook) about wantin to battle me then I realized he voted against me in my battle and I'm like okay this ***** want a problem

    Dee Oh Min (2:08:35 AM): i'll have to handle him

    Dee Oh Min (2:08:57 AM): but its w/e let em talk, i'll let verses do the talkin

    Dee Oh Min (2:09:03 AM): shout outs to

    Dee Oh Min (2:09:04 AM): Jook

    Dee Oh Min (2:09:06 AM): Eyedill

    Dee Oh Min (2:09:08 AM): DIUM

    Dee Oh Min (2:09:09 AM): Ribo

    Dee Oh Min (2:09:20 AM): Trouble

    Dee Oh Min (2:09:28 AM): Phryme

    get off the blok (2:09:45 AM): lol wordddddd! good lookin out fam

    get off the blok (2:09:50 AM): b e zzzz

  4. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Throw Back Battle of the Week:

    NUMBER ONE CONTENDERSHIP: 3. Dough Jordan 9-0 vs. 4. I. Deal 17-3

    I. Deal

    Lets go, old man....

    Whenever I touch a piece of paper, I combust & beat a hater.
    One shot'll leave Dough splattered in red.. like a fuckin pizzamaker.
    It aint nuthin for me to slay ya. But I blaze too much to think.
    So imma splatter JD on the streets, like I had way too much to drink.
    & talk about depression. The state of this kid is hella scary.
    I asked him "why the long face?"...... He said that shit is hereditary.
    Bitch you could neva tear me. Your hideous, and my hunches are
    You probably wish your fuckin face was as plain as your punches are.
    Now you think ur a fuckin thug? I oughtta son you for jockin
    You can talk about guns all you want... I let my guns do the talkin.
    & while we on topic, i dont really believe you hard neither
    The only person to ever see you draw a gun was your art teacher.
    See, Dough wrestle wit drug addiction. Always walkin crooked.
    Id punch his nose in his brain, but he'd smell what the rock is cookin.
    Tang'll snuff you while cops is lookin, and if you hate me? fine
    Spit whatever you want.... I can handle a badly flipped jay-z line.
    Id blame his parents. Johns's childhood was all fuckin sex
    U'd think his Dad was a baker how Dough got tossed up 'n stretched.
    Im the awesomest left. So you can forget all this text, geek
    & start callin me castaway... Since its just me & an Island next week.


    Dough Jordan

    pics are worth a thousand words and tho winnen this is lovely../
    yours is worth about 40 cuz I ran outta synonyms for ugly/
    ur bars are pussy so ur far from causing linear harm/
    this kid looks like nick cannon, just with skinnier arms/
    I do this for fun but to Tang its clear text is a hustle/
    not sure whats weaker, that verse or u flexin ya muscle/
    we win at about the same rate but u wack, I'm plain great/
    he tried to bite the hand that feeds him, just to gain weight/
    edit ur verse like last week, I'll give u one chance more/
    Tang slacks so much he could open a chain of pants stores/
    now back to ur pic, its about time u get over the lies/
    knows he cant see me so he kept that hat over his eyes/
    look at the crowd's faces in ur pic, it's bug when/
    everyone but u realized ur mic wasn't plugged in/
    I'm dope, dont need lies ta make up or fool ya/
    evidence wise, I got more links than jacob the jeweler/
    thing is Tang's wack, dont gotta doubt the witness/
    I got enuff proof to put cuervo and henny outta business/
    understand fam that there's nobody sick as me/
    and I'll show u a liar if u show me someone who disagree/

    someone call this guy a cab...

    Winner = I. Deal
  5. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Reviews By Dick In Ur Mom

    RBL North Championship: 1. Odin. 5-0 vs. 2. Mathematical 6-0

    well, odin showed, and dropped a real nice verse, and Mathefagical no showed, not much to s ay except math is a huge pussy

    RBL North Contendership: 3. Oz 3-0 vs. 4. Purfeksion 9-3

    aiight, oz is a fag, and purfektion has a gay name, edge=Pufektion, this battle was pretty cool, purfektion came pretty nice, oz came aiight to, but in the end purfektion won, i enjoyed this one

    5. John Nash 7-4 vs. 6. NoShit Sherlock 4-2

    nash showed, dropped a coo verse, and no dick herblock ho showed, AGAIN, u fag

    7. Unexplainable 3-1 vs. 8. Spit That 3-1

    spit that came sick, dropped a nice verse, unex came shitty, first time i've seen him come wack, usually he comes nice, oh well, vote-spit

    Phryme 4-2 vs. 10. Lay Doubt. 3-1

    this was a cool battle, phyrme came aiight, and lay doubt came nice, decent shit ya'll, lay took it

    11. Ribonuclease 12-4 vs. 12. Dick In Ur Mom 2-1

    well, that sexy god-like man beast dick in ur mom dropped a nice verse, and ribon dropped a nice verse to, but i ended up winning

    13. $1.50 7-4vs. 14. D. Omen 1-1

    aiight, this was the best battle of the weak, d omen dropped first and c ame real nice, then buck fiftty came back with another dope verse, coulda gone either way imo, but buck fiffty won by a landslide

    15. User 0-0 vs. 16. Retulen Reactus 0-0

    user ho showed and rectum reactant dropped a no show verse blah

    17. s.pooky tooth 0-0 vs. 18. Sur. 0-0

    another no show, blah

    19. iLLweezy 0-0 vs. 20. .Young Philly. 0-0 21. Imperial 0-0

    imperial no showed, illweezy dropped an aiiiight, kinda weak verse, and young philly came nice, philly takes it

    And ladies and gentleman, that's it. The reviews for the Rbl week 19, if you disagree with any of my completely unbias assesments, you are wrong.


    This week wasn't to bad ladies and gentleman. But in fact it could be a lot better undoubtedly. We had a another travesty in the champ match with a no show by Mathematical. We also had a few other no shows in the league that did damage. We need to vote too fellas. Votes make or break the league remember that. Until next time this J o o k signing out. Peace Love and Happiness.

  6. D1ck In Ur Mom

    D1ck In Ur Mom 95434543548284x Rbl Champ

    May 20, 2005
    woord, dope mag
  7. Phryme

    Phryme lets get it.

    Mar 14, 2005
    thanks for the shout? cant tell if it was a real one or not.

  8. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Oh shit let me clarify something

    MC SOLAR I slept on you. That 1% scratch it out you might do damage.
  9. Young Philly

    Young Philly Broad Street Bully

    May 9, 2005
    Top 10 punches were garbage.
    Other than that, cool mag. :)
  10. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Nigguhs better stop criticizing my top 10 for I merk em .. you hear that young milwaukee
  11. D1ck In Ur Mom

    D1ck In Ur Mom 95434543548284x Rbl Champ

    May 20, 2005
    how bout i do the top ten...

    ...and ill be totally fair, i wont just post my lines, ill post at least one line from someone else, but i cant help it if the top ten is just my verse
  12. Young Philly

    Young Philly Broad Street Bully

    May 9, 2005
    Word, my bad J O O K.
    But on the real son, that

    flippin' lines kid? thats weak, thats like a whole other height
    but aren't you that same niqqa..
    ......that got caught bitin' j.hen's lines on another site?!-

    line is booty.
  13. Lay Doubt.

    Lay Doubt. .

    Feb 16, 2005

    lol. ok man.

    cool mag other than that, though there were a couple of questionable top punches. reviews coulda been a bit lengthier, but there quite a bit of no shows so yeah.. good job fellas and thanks for taking the time to write it.
  14. Lay Doubt.

    Lay Doubt. .

    Feb 16, 2005
    yo jook, i need a big favor please. well, you may not think it matters.. lol.

    i know we're not allowed to edit our verses, but i made a typo on my closer in this week's verse.. i accidentally put "i" after "nullify" and nullify is supposed to = null if i.. so it throws the wording off. yeah, anyway.. if you get the time, can you please edit my verse and take out the "i"? thanks. haha.
  15. Allah.

    Allah. nice with the hands

    Nov 15, 2004
    jookster delivers

    better late than never

    but damn dick's reviews were, he must be chinese [look]
  16. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Lol listen yall for i catch heat from everybody... when I do predictions I am just thinking in my head of the likliness that "I" think will be the outcome of the battle. It has nothing to do with it nahmean fam?

    Lay PM Eyedill because Jeff told me not to Edit ANY post so I don't want to get caught up and your opponent posted already too so I don't know what the procedures are cos ima newbie fam.
  17. Lay Doubt.

    Lay Doubt. .

    Feb 16, 2005
  18. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    haha dick went straight to the point.... thanks for the props fam..!
  19. Lay Doubt.

    Lay Doubt. .

    Feb 16, 2005
    yo, give dick and me some props for having the first battle ready for votes in the north by voting on it. holla.
  20. D1ck In Ur Mom

    D1ck In Ur Mom 95434543548284x Rbl Champ

    May 20, 2005
    dont worry, if i do the reviews next week ill make sure to go into detail about how wack everyone's verses are.
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