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Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by J o o k, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    The Hype​

    Written By: J o o k

    Welcome to the 23rd week of the Rapmusic North Battle League. We have some dope reviews to check out and also how the championship match this week was a big let down. A lot of people did not post links and it highly affected the outcome of the battles. We didn't have a horrible turnout last week but it didn't turn out how it could have in short words. So anyways on with the No Show Shine which I might add was blazing.

    No Show Shine
    Written By: Odin.

    u're a sheep in wolf's clothin.. it's no secret, this child will lose
    we know u posted second.. cuz u needed a style to use
    asscociate with 50? i got nothin but respect for yall
    but if he's ya pillar of society.. i'm the wreckin ball
    ya neck is small, i been on a mission dissin, while hurtin these fakes
    i'll put the heat to 50 & make 'em lose pounds like euro currency rates
    i run the states, struggled in life.. i've been through thick & thin
    & that includes ya fat ass mother.. & ya chick i'm in
    quit, i win.. fuck what u think, nigguh i'm thoro in this textin dude
    but we can be friends & bury the animosity.... right next to u
    i'm keepin my verse simple.. with suttin for the kids to make 'em wild
    i wanted to keep it plain.. but u did enough of that with ya basic style
    i'm startin to question my credibility, cuz nigguhs in the hood be fakin
    & i really hate to Doubt myself... but that's who i should be facin m
    i'm pacin, i stole ya bitch.. there's nothin to say, the talkin stops
    cuz she stay sleepin on me.. like she ain't givin me props
    i'm lettin off shots, seriously tho kid, u couldnt get a ho if ya tried
    cuz when the sparks fly.. u'll remember its just the 4th of july

    Top 10

    You’re just prey to me, so what do u choose to be sayin when…
    …I’m a predator….wait…that line already made u lose against Alien - The Post Office

    im a vet are you stupid..."Nice"!...this idiots not
    i'll give you my 2 cents, but never will i penny your thoughts- Vern Acular

    As for ya girl, she loves me nigguh, she dont even mention u man
    Its like im reboundin ya shot, the way ya Miss falls into muh hands- Alien

    Never consider him hard..wear you down, past jaded..this ass faded
    Beat Omen? slow down, you Gettin Two Carried Away like Being Castrated- D.Omen

    Got you prayin, scramblin for ya bible... ive yet to see ya skill
    In this battle,
    Lambs blood on ya doorpost wont keep this Son from bein killed- Alien

    hate silence, to seal the deal it often takes violence
    and wait for the coffin to die down into grave silence- Ribonuclease

    I'm a pimp, and since bitches deserved to get smacked...
    U'll be catchin' more backhands than a Wimbledon match- Purfeksion

    Theres no rush, I`ll use 12 lines & leave 'em smashed
    take my time.. N walk thru PE like fat kids do gym class- Worst Enemy

    Scared of P.O.? sorry buttboy seen my parole officer last week
    Lines are known to go over more heads then his ass cheeks- E tha Real

    I`m a blast from the fuckin past, someone loved by all
    so it`s not pool lingo.. when I say English is on my balls- Worst Enemy
  2. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Mod Odds

    RBL North Championship: 1. Odin. 9-0 vs. 2. Purfeksion 12-4

    Odin wins 73%

    RBL North Contendership: 3. D. Omen 4-2 vs. 4. The Post Office 2-0

    The Post Office wins 59%

    5. .Young Philly. 4-1 vs. 6. ALIEN0888 2-1

    Quarter flip 50/50

    7. Vern Acular 2-1 vs. 8. Sonz1 2-1

    Vern Acular wins 75%

    9. Spit That 4-2 vs. 10. Tremendou$ 2-1

    Spit That wins 56%

    11. Castro 1-0 vs. 12. Jacent 1-0

    Castro wins 64%

    13. Headless Verseman 1-0 vs. 14. Worst Enemy 1-0

    Headless wins 52%

    15. E Tha Real 1-2 vs. 16. AlphaOmni 0-1

    Alpha Omni wins 56%

    17. PhairEnglish 0-1 vs. 18. Courtesy 0-0

    Courtesy wins 63%
  3. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Throw Back Match:

    RBL Championship Match: 1. Scientz 20-4 vs 2. Eyedill 14-2


    i'll admit u were dope before, u'd show up tight for battles
    but u havent been nice in ages,
    that are now old enough to buy tobacco
    better grab ya heat, u'll need a new glock kid
    or i'll leave digital, underground...faster than tupac did
    whether guns or tha mouth, what im spittin is damaging
    i'll send so many shots in the male,
    Bobby'll be charged for shipping n handling
    stop sprayin ya wig wit moisturizer, ya hair is not dry
    if i spent that much time on the curls,
    i'd have bigger forearms than Popeye
    his gay voice makes me question the balls on dis niccuh
    it's pitched so high,
    its left the strike zone and purposely walked the hitter
    dill's supposed to be good? yall were so misled
    he was projected ill, but it was my film in the overhead
    my blade game's viscious, dont gotta put tech's to u
    u'll die from a razor's edge,
    then i'll proceed to hit u wit the wrestling move
    all ya peoples obese, taking away ya next meal'd hurt
    hopefully it runs in ya family,
    cuz yall can use some treadmill work
    u dont really need to meet Simon or Paula in person
    if u wanna be the next eyedill,
    just use some weak punches wit horrible wording
    ur mad ugly, u'd make the average broad frown, man
    u've taken enough mase hits,
    to put the preacher on top of soundscan
    u try intimidating crowds, they're gettin bored n wreckless
    n we finally stand up for ourselves,
    then start walking towards the exit
    i knew u were snitching, the jakes tryna stop my flow
    claiming this is pre-meditated murder,
    cuz i thought of these lines a while ago
    dont be comfortable in ya crib, i keep a pound wit me often
    n slugs can turn a living-room, into a house full of corpses
    Dill now wears extensions, to try n get his wrap tighter
    what yall aint know?
    bob-n-weave go together, like the strategies of fast fighters
    i only carry automatics, when i clap yall pricks
    n the bullets go three n out, their like a bad offense


    the war going on is causin stress, let me draw the case
    i thought Iraq had alot of holes, but then i saw ya face
    for real tho, how u get bitches in the clubs?
    when u got more red dots on ya face than 50 does
    wanna understand why i'm known today?
    cuz i'm an inch from being way blown.. & ur an inch from being blown away
    we battled once in the past, so bitch please
    u'll die in the same chair u needed after that incident, like Chris Reeve
    i quit drugs, & made the truth my alliance
    cuz fact is, the only dope worth shooting is scientz
    & i'd rather not talk about ya fashion, i don't wanna expose ya kind
    but i'll put a big enough gap on ya chest, to take over the clothin line
    the people have spoken, they want real flows
    & they never said u're bananas..
    they we're just hintin at what u use for dildos
    u should do some research, u'll prolly find
    that my alias isn't what u think, so there goes ya bobby lines
    da fuck kinda name is scientz?! i'll beat u & laugh between spits
    cuz after this thrashing, u'll be losin under names like maff & englysh
    bitch.. it's time to prove ya grade
    i told scientz to bring his razor to a fight, & he brought the movie blade
    dude is lame.. u ain't shit, i'll kill u guy
    i'll slay u so quick- ppl will think saint nick just flew by
    i can fill up a book with my accomplishments, they're endless
    but if i wrote one about yours, it'd be less than a sentence
    i guess u are finished.. my keyboard game got u spun like propellers
    & just cuz u write ya rhymes in the attic, doesn't make u a top cellar
    that shit will NOT help ya.. plus my flow's tighter
    i don't know whether to diss u for writing that verse, or ya ghostwriter
    so stop actin hard.. u skinny as my sister
    u ain't got muscle tone.. & if u do.. it's between a soft moan or whisper!

    Winner: Scientz
  4. J o o k

    J o o k Guest


    RBL North Contendership: 3. Ribonuclease 13-5 vs. 4. Purfeksion 11-4

    This was definitely one of my favorite battles of the week. The kid ribonuclease dropped first and he came very solid. Second the boy purfeksion came through on some nice shit also. I mean when I read the verses I could pretty much tell that purfeksion was going to walk away with the win just because he had a couple better worded lines then ribo. So all in all Pur wins and gets into the championship while ribo gets his 6 loss but don't sleep because the kid is lethal.

    5. Vern Acular 2-0 vs. 6. D. Omen 3-2

    First off I just want to welcome the RSTL extroidenaire to the league. Whats good vern? Vern back in the league was faced with D omen who is no walk in the park. I honestly thought Vern had this hands down but dam have I been wrong lately. D. Omen dropped a verse that was just hard hitting besides a couple played lines the verse was very solid. Vern got off on the wrong foot using a line that was pretty similar to one that 1.50 used but he was not aware because he has not been around. None the less D.Omen advances to the contendership where he will meet the post office. Don't sleep on vern the kid is dope. Good luck D.Omen.

    7. The Post Office 1-0 vs. 8. E Tha Real 1-1

    This battle was just a travesty in all honesty I read it and was like yeah E just didn't execute his talent in a solid verse. The Post Office which is a gay name like J o o k, so I like it, just demolished his opponent in every category besides flow. He just literally clowned him to an extent that had no get back from. E I know you dope kid but you have to take more time on them verses. All around good battle.

    11. Sonz1 2-0 vs. 12. ALIEN0888 1-1

    This was the most controversial battle this week. A lot of bitching and whining. Sonz1 technically bit and flipped a mike jones verse which should get him banned. Or atleast barred to the south. Alien won with a more creative original verse. So in the end Sonz1 gets his record blemished falling to 2-1. Nonetheless besides that garbage shit Sonz posted this week he is pretty decent. Alien moves up to 2-1 also. Good shit.

    17. Headless Verseman 0-0 vs. 18. AlphaOmni 0-0

    This was actually a pretty close battle. In all honesty a lot of swaying went on here especially in hookups. So the real winner is hard to determine due to the final votes coming out to 4-3 anyway. None the less the kid Headless Verseman came fresh to death no doubt. Alpha came pretty decent too. I mean I honestly read the battle and could not determine a winner that's how close shit was. But all in all votes came down to 4-3 with Headless taking it by 1 vote and signing out the league. Alpha falls early with a 0-1 record be he is no pushover so don't sleep.

    19. Worst Enemy 0-0 vs. 20. PhairEnglish 0-0

    This was another decent battle I was looking forward to. Worst Enemy dropped first with a 12 liner that came out pretty solid actually. Phair English matched Worst with another good 12 but it definitely just wasn't enough to contend. So the outcome of the battle is that Worst Enemy picks up his first victory in the league while Phair English falls to an 0-1 record. Dope battle fellas.


    This concludes this weeks North Hype no doubt. This is J o o k signing out. Good luck to every one in their battles. Peace, Love, and Tranquility! 1

  5. Worst Enemy

    Worst Enemy ex-rbl champ, so?

    Apr 26, 2001
  6. Courtesy

    Courtesy Level With Me

    Oct 17, 2001

    ..well, im hopin on that one,

    the JOOK line should win it though..
  7. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    ^ We have a funny guy on our hands lol
  8. Worst Enemy

    Worst Enemy ex-rbl champ, so?

    Apr 26, 2001
    Jook headless aint showin, go close my match dunny.
  9. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    ^I'll close it @ deadline... But... Don't get hustled kid... You drop a no show verse and he ends up dropping a real one out of no where you CANNOT edit in a real verse... Play ya cards wisely
  10. Worst Enemy

    Worst Enemy ex-rbl champ, so?

    Apr 26, 2001
    He cant drop, he said he aint droppin.

    Then he came in the thread, n said it again.

    So i posted up a no show one.

    Hes a done deal.
  11. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    ^ refer to the last post I made.
  12. Allah.

    Allah. nice with the hands

    Nov 15, 2004
    cool stuff
  13. headless verseman

    headless verseman JERSEY NUCCUH

    Oct 17, 2000
    all my lines were better than that display of garbage
  14. luciano_gotti

    luciano_gotti New Member

    Jun 22, 2005
    what do you have to do in order to be eligible for being in this league? and i aint a " newbie " whoever thought of that word should be shot in the face, i dont know because i've never saw the battle leagues.
  15. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    200 posts that's it.
  16. luciano_gotti

    luciano_gotti New Member

    Jun 22, 2005
    Thank's, when i post 200, I'll probably be back.
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