The Hourney! (thats how you pronounce journey in spanish)

Discussion in '420Lounge' started by Sir Bustalot, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    first hoot: Hash only

    mmmmmm tastes like ...... not bad, no urge to cough, feel like i might have been spinning around in an office chair for a few seconds... nothing spectacular. Still know the time....

    second Hoot: weed only

    mmmmmmm...****licious, made my eyes cross, i can feel my blood vessels bulging in my brain.... ow, now it feels like maybe i have some cotton stuffed in my ears. Dunno what thats about. little difference in my office chair buzz

    Third hoot: weed and hash, half and half

    mmm that kinda tasted creamy. Same bulging brain vessels, slightly hunched over now. Just realized i had a funny face on for who knows how long now. Black moon "war zone" on the radio and its kinda hypnotic...maybe, naw this... yeah it is kinda never mind.

    fourth hoot: Hash solo

    hmmm that one went quick, that or i used too much flame- AAAAAH brain vessels pulsating, must, not, burst!!!! Feelin good, little less like an office chair spin session and more like my brain is now on a different frequency im not supposed to be on. Maybe the feds are watchin?? naw, if anyone is watching its all those dead people up in heaven... pervin

    Fifth hootskie: Gonjas only

    haha forgot what i was doing and spent the last 4 minutes making smiley faces out of some pennies on my desk, new track on tha radio "keep the fame" by percee p, vakill, rhymefest...not a bad song, i have a friend whod love this track... but he makes house and dubstep, anyways my brain feels seperate now, still attatched but by a short string, and its encased in a helium balloon... so it floats and shit still.

    fifth hoot: Gonja Hashassin mix

    packed the hash on the bottom of that one... so it was like a blast of special magic. Finally coughed. Buzz is good. developed a weird muscle twitch in my shoulder... When this happens i usually start thinkin i have a mild case of Tourette syndrom, who knows i prolly could. The pain from the bulging brain vessels is dull now, not so bad anymore... only lasts a few seconds anyhow.

    Sixth Hoot: table scraps

    mostly hash crumbs, some weed...Mm that one was nice, no pain in the pulsating head, eyes crossed once again for a moment... enveloped now in a thick cloud of magical goodtimes, cloud is drifting and now the coast is clear. back of my throat feels numb, feels kinda like im wearing them big ass earmuff style earphones.. Thought i was for a second. Some weakshit on the radio....

    Seventh torque: Hashassin

    Huge cloud...completely smooth now... notice my vision shift as i exhale...its kinda bouncy and i can feel my mouth is dry as your grammas snatch. I thought ahead though and have some drink. Pretty sure my basement smells like i bombed it with dead skunks. Awesome song on the radio "savvy traveller" by Scarub

    infact im gonna post the vid cuz the song is dope as fuck


    eighth Blast on ole' Bonger McBongerston: Weed

    too high to care anymore... contemplated suicide, cut myself, Bleeeding... naw lol, bleeding smoke maybe. Feels like im a lil man inside my head thats working the controls to move the vehicle like my body is a robot suit. I bet my brain has fast legs. good thing i have a drink. Ahhh another great song on the old radio, Krumb snatcha's "closer to god"...forgot the time.

    end transmission with another great track on the radio

    heres the vid

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