The Hour Glass

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by IgloS, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. IgloS

    IgloS Eye Glows

    Dec 29, 2002
    From the ether of the nether - back to desolation;
    our life extends beyond, mathamatical equations.
    Some run free, some are trapped in desperation;
    yet no matter what you have, you lack the preparation.
    The good die young, and all the cowards last;
    it's a crowded mass swarming in a shrouded trap.
    The sweetness of youth dies, and grows sour fast,
    from top to the bottom life is like an hour glass.
    knowing nothing at first, you incubate in a room,
    next is a ray of light and you escape from the womb,
    into a painful strange world, you wait to resume,
    your brand new life, once you intake all its rules.
    From your first step to being awoken in night,
    from noises and pleas, you had spoken in fright.
    Seeking protection from the - unknown, out of sight,
    and being brainwashed into a devotion for Christ.
    Hoping to right, wrongs-die and go into light.
    Getting old so quick, next your floating through life.
    Adulthood - nine to five - we enter it too fast;
    next thing you know your in the center of the glass,
    looking back up to the top, remembering the past.
    Life's like an hour glass - all sand eventually will pass,
    into the bottom half; you drift right through,
    day after day and find the journey crippled you.
    Each grains a pain you couldn’t kill with a drink or two;
    you begin questioning every thing you think you knew.
    Everybody knows they are damned to die and yet,
    whether they go with the flow - plan their life an' stress,
    in those last grains they still will fantasize of breath;
    rays of light/day 'n night - it is an agonizing death.
    And when the final grain falls...all light shall end;
    then it's flipped black over and a new life begins. ​
  2. T.R.C....

    T.R.C.... New Member

    Sep 5, 2010
    yo man thats some ill shit love the multis and imagery you dope for sure an that pic is cool heightens the whole thing
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