" The Emotions Of The Esoteric "

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by SadistiK1, May 2, 2004.

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    Jul 7, 2002
    Actually the first verse of a song im working on,let me know what you think:

    How come everything that i touch is just vanishing?/
    How come everything I love is just vanity?/
    Feeling transparent in an unsafe reality/
    Fakened fantasies embraced in tainted fallicies/
    Music that I love is nothing more then escape/
    From murdered memories and feelings torn away/
    So I turn my back On everything I thought mattered/
    Lamenting lost innocence and halos thathave shatered/
    See my views, through the eyes of a narcissist/
    Cynical perspectives lie where the darkness sits/
    All of this,equates harsh honestness/
    Cant be of worth without birth of accomplishment/
    Watch myself crumble in my own tears reflection/
    From pressure of these doubts and a fear of rejection/
    Intentions of naivity used as a tourniquet/
    Creating a facade to hide all of my worthlessness/
    The worth is this: a love that isnt here/
    Vivid tears personify my lust to disappear/
    Wheres synergy I need to achieve my goals?/
    To finally gain acceptance and evade these xenophobes/
    So say goodbye to love, and end all the fairness/
    and cry to the emotions of the esoteric//
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