The Dandelion.

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    Oct 4, 2010
    Let me just say it's been five years since I last posted here. I'm blessed that we get the chance to interact once more. Hope you enjoy.
    - Kon.

    In a yellow field they spoke of the legend of the dandelion.
    They told us a single breath was key to unlock the magic within.
    That our small lungs contained the power to reproduce each flower tenfold.
    That our imaginations could father wishes immeasurable,
    and that somehow the final seed of this felicitous folklore may determine love.
    So, here I stand.
    I’ve returned to the field of little golden faces and immeasurable imaginations;
    and out of the infinite yellows I have found and plucked the last little silver flower from its roots.
    With just one breath;
    I’ve blown every last seed from its stem.

    {Tu me manques.}
    {You are missing from me.}

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