The coalition of the Unwilling

Discussion in 'IntroSpectrum' started by UG MC, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. UG MC

    UG MC Captain Zapp Brannagin

    Jul 26, 2003
    ok... so the British are pulling out of Iraq now, and even when they WERE in Iraq, they didn't let their troops fight in the most dangerous places..

    And NATO is doing the same thing to the US and Canada in afghanastan

    So I have to believe even the hardest core republicans view the neo-con era as a complete failure in almost every way.. from the economy to the war front

    You neo cons need to learn that just because many people want to live/work in America DOESN'T mean that you can force 'America' on them in their own countires( i.e. Iraq)

    Stop looking at the people who inhabit rest of the world as 'Americans in training' and.. think that maybe the so called 'end of history' doesn't end with America( Republican institutions, democracy, capitalism, individualism and individual rights, greed, securalism)
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