The Bush Family History

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    Feb 22, 2002
    Most people don't realize that we have come under monarch rule in this country disguised as democracy.

    Perfect example is the Bush family.

    George W. Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush (or George Bush Sr.'s father) was given a corporation on Wall Street. A large banking corporation. This was during the time of the Rockfeller's, who also run a monarchy themselves, as well as the Ford's and Du Pont's.

    This banking corporation along with GM, Standard Oil (exxon or rockefeller's company), Du Pont,etc. invested much money into the Hitler run "Third Reich."

    In fact, during WWII, GM wouldn't make planes for the US Air force but were making tanks for the Third Reich in the German plants of their subsidary Opel.

    When all was said and done and WWII was "over," they even got reparations for their plants bombed over there.

    George Bush, Sr. enlisted into the military at 18 because of this. He knew his family was looking bad and like a true son standing for his family, wanted to show they were good people. Unfortunately, that was the last good thing he did.

    George Bush stood alongside Richard Nixon during his time as president and by then was a totally different man.

    Richard Nixon was sneaking many former SS and Nazi officials into America. He even went as far as putting them on the Republican Committee.
    George Bush was handling all of this for him.

    Once the watergate scandal surfaced, George Bush told Richard Nixon to resign and the next day he did. This was due to the fact, he knew the dirt was going to come out.

    This is the part of the reasoning for Nixon's making sure CIA business was as confidential as possible.
    This same attitude has been transfered to his son George W. Bush......our current president

    and although the title of president is the title of a figure head, the monarch I speak of is not constitutional, in fact it is fascist. A monarch controlling the country through corporations.

    Why was Bush elected president? Believe it or not we are smarter than we think .. even though much has happened that has been horrid during his campaign, we have learned so much valuable information on these world ty••••s.

    Even if he wasn't elected his family would still run the majority of happenings in our country today, better it's in the open.

    If ya would like any more info on the Bush family, simply ask
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