the best story track you never heard

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  1. FireMarshal ILL

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    Jun 19, 2009
    100 bars spit in one take on the 1st take tbh


  2. Tha Artful Scrybe

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    Dec 4, 2000
    the lyrics:

    agents raided my place and discovered schematics related
    to blood electrification in my basement.
    i was high as african nation inflation
    when i sensed their angst and fled straight fer my spaceship.
    cause cases where i stay is laced wit information
    exposing alpha draconian enslavement, and masons,
    sound systems that found rhythms ancient and sacred,
    wavelengths meant to aid in transcendin this plane kid.
    i hopped in the cockpit, got the proper wattage
    to operate the inertia blocker locked in.
    i'm still a novice pilot, i just got this
    from a donor who wants to keep his identity private.
    the all-seein-eye's sendin their spies in like if
    i'm high, they might catch my attention divided
    and energy slight, and i sensed 'em in time and
    ascend to the sky in the wink of an eyelid.
    feelin boss in my saucer, so i twist up my spliff
    wonderin why pigs ran into my crib like this.
    i let the doobie burn slow, cruisin the worm hole...
    thinkin there musta been a snitch, but who it the turncoat?
    worse, though, the agents? who do that work fo'?
    can't be government...they hacked the code in that verse yo
    and found the coordinates to my place on this earth's globe.
    they must be ad hoc, black ops, lurkin to murk ton'
    workin for the zeta reticulans...its sickenin
    how greys' genetics have been infected by the reptilians
    and now they send their lackeys to catch me, i'm in the thick of it.
    it musta been the music, too many people were listenin.
    i broke down tuskeegee's experimentin wit syphillis,
    rex-84 and FEMA camps they wanna stick us in,
    deliberately deceptive images, RFID chippin imminence,
    the venus project and it's significance.
    the words stirred up too many political dissodents,
    and the elite can't stand to see anti-indifference.
    but bygone is bygone, and i'm on to my next move.
    zion's relying on my finding some refuge.
    eyes glassy as a test tube
    i decide to try this guy i'm told in a tight spot to jet to.
    you see, the revolution depends on it
    and confiscation of my tapes and crates could put an end to it.
    my craft re-enters our dimension and...
    i'm dispensed within an instant into an arctic winter wind to meet this gentlemen.
    all i know is he's an indigionous inuit,
    spiritually in tune, and similar in sentiment.
    i felt his presence from within the ship,
    peeped a discrete ice cave to leave the whip in it.
    the blizzard is a perfect cover...i move to the mouth of the cave,
    i see smoke and through the snow shroud there's a blazing flame.
    i wish i coulda packed for the weather, even a sweater.
    but fuck it, it's presently or it's never. can't sleep and can't let up.
    i'm on a mission like it's V for Vendetta
    and this guy, he could be the key to forever. eager as ever
    i approach, and by the fire there's an igloo.
    and just then the snow stopped and the fire did too.
    and eerie calm fell on the area, and eerier, the sky was ecru.
    i yelled out for the guy to step through.
    it was quiet as deaf school...then i heard a whisper say,
    "state your name a purpose and step into the entry way"
    i said "i'm Tony Moon and i'm wit the revolution...
    and that there was a problem that could use some retribution.
    see, spiritual music is what i spit to populous.
    my project was part of the 2012 shift of consciousness.
    the greys have taken off with it...the deadlines approachin...
    and i just need a place to get my head right and focus...
    a mutual scrupulous friend said i should go get
    an eskimo who lives here if ever i'm hopeless.
    i hope you can help yo." i stepped through the threshold
    into some sess smoke. i heard him say "my name is echo"
    and there he was in meditation...he said this day was destined divination,
    fated to happen, and that it should be celebrated.
    he said he know my intentions before they were ever stated,
    that i was in danger, and was blessed to make it.
    cause the shapeshiftin...reptiles know where your spaceship is
    and wouldn't hesitate to make this trip.
    so he said he has to make this quick, passed the haze he lit
    and asked me if i'm ready to save this shit.
    i nodded and he paused. he had a pestil and a mortar in his palm...
    said taste the paste and the problem would be solved.
    i swallow it and fall into a trance, glancin at mandalas on the wall
    then in my mind i heard a call.
    it said "the past isn't permanent. dash through the firmament."
    then, remotely, i saw the lab where they burnt my shit.
    then i saw my past self with hash in a burning spliff
    as the agents were planning to snatch up my verbiage.
    i grabbed my attention, i told me to dash and then board the ship.
    i guess thats how i knew that the fascists were lurkin 'n
    the time loop was making sense. my mind could reshape events
    if i could just take the trip to myself in '86.
    or circa '09...wit Tony murkin dope rhymes
    and prevent writin the code in that verses 4th line...
    as i travel back though, visions of a craft hold-in
    lizards in the hatch, show they're fixed on where i'm at so
    time is of the essence. breathless, i inhale.
    gotta focus, can't stress the flesh ingesters with scales.
    then finally i see myself, high and writing
    right at the time i'm penning the line that smites me.
    i urge myself against it, like "this shit'll get you pinched" and
    sent my intuition vivid descriptions of the mission.
    told him to "spit it and make sure that they listen
    cause this shit is dependin on us to fix it", and he gets it.
    now my high is coming down. nobody is around.
    i am on the ground lying in the tundra now.
    next to my ship almost to woozy to stand
    so now i guess it's revolution as planned. the Past Moon understands
    our stanzas are scrutinized by a ruthless clan
    but needed for the evolution of man. he can't
    reveal his secret hiding place to keep the freedom fighters safe
    they gotta find a new rendezvous if they can
    like maybe that peruvian camp...
    but fuck it whatever they did is done, it's back to the future at hand.
    i evaded the raid and my location remains
    secret, and i can get away from this place
    matter of space..and blaze on the way.
    reflecting on the implications of the day with my haze.
    not far and i'm back at my haven and base
    and everything in my basement is safe.
    damn i wish i had another taste of that paste to take me away
    and warn y'all about this alien race...
    but now we're approaching the awakening's date
    i can't afford to make a mistake. these are the greatest of stakes.
    time to say goodbye to the day of the slaves...
    'til next time unless they tap my radio waves...


    Jul 3, 2000
    wish i could unhear it
  4. Twamp

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Big L - Casualties of a Dice Game
  5. J Keeper

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    Jun 3, 2010
    ^Everyone has heard that.

    You want the ACTUAL best storytelling track you've never heard?

    You're fucking welcome.

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