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  1. fairydance2000

    fairydance2000 don't wait, Procrastinate

    Mar 10, 2004


    You are debilitated under my seductive control.
    I manipulate your body, mind and soul
    I own you. You twisted little creep,
    You are for my pleasure when you are asleep.
    You vile warped deranged little man
    Do as I say! Or I will beat your skin tan.
    You crawl at my feet, lick my shoes as I pass.
    I will kick you away and whip your bare ass
    Grovel before me! Cower at my command.
    At night in your sleep I am the law of the land
    You rise up to meet me, I throw you back down.
    Tie you up like peak hour traffic down town
    Wear your collar with pride you delusional piece of shit,
    I hate pets, but like mine. I am such a hypocrite
    You crave the acceptance the approval from me,
    But look at you, nothing more than an insignificant flee
    Not an ounce of man hood left to behold.
    This is your night as the story unfolds
    Loves pleasure and pain. Loves Right and wrong.
    Resist if you must but my will is too strong
    I bound you tight in all the right places
    Blind fold your eyes, so you can’t see the faces
    We are not alone in this circus tonight;
    I have friends for you to meet no need to fight.
    Don’t be afraid my raggedy pile of crap.
    They just want to watch and maybe a slap
    You are my bitch to do as I will.
    If I demand it from you, for me you must kill
    I will tighten your chains and stretch your flesh tight.
    Scream if you like, they won’t answer your plaited
    You will enjoy little electros with a bit of a kick,
    Convulsing your body. Now don’t you be sick
    Trapped here with me, until the rising sun.
    I will be back for you every night with a simple rerun.
    Morning is Dawning you open your eyes,
    Beside you in the bed is a woman twice your size
    Groaning and moaning and passing gas.
    Same shit different day, a pain in my ass!
    Kids, work, wife, bills, no speed, no fun, no money, no thrills.
    I wait for the night to silently creep in.
    The time where things are not judged there is no sin
    I willingly obey her every whim
    As she violates me over and over again
    There I look at my abuser with fear and respect.
    She controls the collar that goes round my neck
    The pleasure I feel in the dark of the night is not my reality it’s my sanity’s respite!
  2. ~Eloquent

    ~Eloquent Narcissistic....

    Feb 20, 2003
    truth is i watch people get away with stuff in relationships alot but when i see a girl i really lust for i would nearly do almost anything for just one chance,
    the type of change they could bring in my life is monumental but the power i could end up giving them for being in my life really scares me
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