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  1. the omega man

    the omega man so, it goes

    Apr 10, 2003
    I am not famous,

    I have yet to shake hands with the Baphomet\

    I am not shameless,

    if given the chance I’d hop on it\

    and I’m fairly cognizant of what i means to be opulent\

    I mean I’ve watched Real Housewives and spun Cash Money records in the opposite\

    i did my reconnaissance, in Mozambique for antioxidants\

    to stuff down my esophagus,\

    sour sop, cells need hydrolysis\

    approached the populace\

    began with questions of the obvious\

    they pointed me to a jungle of lions and the hippopotamus\

    i got lost with confidence, Mayweather pompousness\

    forgot my goal, forgot my soul and lost consciousness\

    head in the ground like ostriches

    predictions not like nostradamus’s

    just paper worship, interrupted by consciences

    the hiram key to lock em in

    got aquaintances but not a friend

    hatian, true religion, but not again

    check my occular, how popular the pot can get

    when the kettle joins hands and stops his shit

    monsters in the closest kids

    but I know your a strong porotestant

    and I mean that as a complement

    so wake your ass up, I know your somnolent

    lets build us a monument to the poets and novelist

    to the occupiers and occupants

    to the monopolist ideologist

    to the gynecologist, fifth columnist

    the 1 percenters, 5 percenters, and the communists

    the weathermen, the Paulbots and the Romulus

    the senators and the congressmen

    just slaves to his will, ain’t no stoppin him

    bohemian rhapsody, light the grove on fire

    hotel california, would’ve never stopped if I hadn’t blown that tire

    they’ve grown that empire

    through a tainted sapphire on the back of tiger

    we laugh at satire, and make light of lighter

    but petticoats will rip before they retire

    where is the knightrider…the long fanged vampire?

    Venus on a Half shell, and I will always stand by her.
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