The Art of Beef ?

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by CaTchW0n, May 26, 2006.

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  1. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Drop in the Thread who you got beef with and why? eerrbody got beef w/ somebody rather its employers, teachers, gardeners
    explain whats gonna happen if it continues...

    When it comes to beef I dont believe in scare tactics
    I just grab the spray matic and spray at it
    This kid I had beef wit was straight faggit
    calling my cellphone saying static
    I told the boi meet me its eazy
    He declined my offer steadily heating me I said it repeatedily
    instead he reportedily filed, I had to face court and the trial
    cuz he was juvenile, dude was stupid, foul
    I gotta move em now so I broke in house
    took his computer and mouse, timb boots and his couch
    couple pair of jordans and auctioned out
    He had to catch fade now
    I dont care if I had probation from trials
    All I wanted was to knock this niqqah out
    But still he avoided me the boy is boiling me
    He's just a broad to me
    and i still should send shots through his embroidery for reporting me
  2. StillSpeakin

    StillSpeakin So Many Stopped Talkin

    May 21, 2006
    Got beef with teachers that's unqualified
    Social studies, learn how to appear supafly
    To the peers...
    Ears studded in rhine-stones
    My dia-mones don't glisten? You don't listen to the grind...
    Cuz the math don't speak itself in rhyme
    Tryna study the english but the art is lost
    Tryna figure why, equation's gone at all cost
    No consequence...
    No discipline
    n then wonder why half of my friends ain't gonna make it then?
    They owe they failure to themselves but shit...
    But they got the loan from the miscounslin
    It's easy to keep countin, 6.99 plus tax
    And funny, I'm the only muhfucka that canNOT relax
    I'm tryna lead a future that's juss gonna fall back
  3. prophetional

    prophetional hokey muh-fuckin' pokey

    Jan 24, 2002
    stay relaxed, lay back, catch the tact, blaze the tracks
    like my man mos said, beef is bolder then gats
    i'ma keep my mind right, fuck the movie type gimmicks
    i'ma be in it ta win it, seven nine until infinite
    gimme beef, i got the grill, i got the broiler, i can chin it
    got a whole bunch of feins and know it only takes a minute
    couple bucks to them is heaven, i let them do my work
    no torture, quick swift, shift and kid's 'll get merk'd
    find your wives toes tied with barbed wire for a skirt
    and let you live your life wonderin' while i wear a smirk
    drinkin erk and jerk and syzurp, hands free from the dirt
    but if i have to take YOU out, i'll gat you quick as a burp
    never pausin on a trigger, i'll make sure it won't hurt.
  4. Rukus mc *DX*

    Rukus mc *DX* The boy from OZ

    May 26, 2006
    How Do You Know Its Beef? It Might Be Chicken ...or Turkey ... Or Dog(if Your Chinee) Or Eben Maybe Baco...yeh U Get The Point...
  5. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Once again its beef..I travel through each equinox to shadowbox
    paradox shattering blocks and plots thru my voicebox
    I bang spots and styles for crowds for miles
    Collect knots when I rock yall cannot.... cuz im too hot
    so when I rock its in a tank top
    Yall down under...I dont need annoying accents im the analyst
    destroying whose ever at the control panel
    probably rock retro clothes and flannels with sandals chinclettahs
    dare mutha fuckas spark some ruckus
    U know 'ya marks' like Skip to my Lou at the Ruckers
  6. Hat Trick

    Hat Trick New Member

    Jun 13, 2006
    What's Beef?
    Beef is when I roast 'em
    Shit is brief when I smoke 'em
    What's beef?
    Beef is when I leave 'em out in the open
    Flies comin' n out his mouth in the motion
    Say Im cold-hearted... but watch the words u say
    Cause the strays might go off off 'em
    Tuck in ya chain
    You don't want a slug in ya brain
    N fuck with ya mental
    Call transcendental the words that flow out of my dental
    On these intrumentals... Damn
    The kid I had beef with...
    Caught 'em on some sick shit
    Fuckin' his homie in his shit
    Ran upon 'em from behind.... with a bat
    Started hittin' em in his spine... till it cracked
    Shit I must've black out
    His fuckboy pulled his gat out
    And hit me in the leg, shit shocked him
    Till he passed out, when the bat rocked him
    Broke the niqqa's face, left it bloody
    Heard the siren so I left 'em buddies
    One on top of the other
    With his dick in his asshole
    So the cops'd show the pic to they mothers....
  7. Cadet_Karma

    Cadet_Karma I used to give a fuck....

    Feb 6, 2006
    ran up on the bitch she didnt know what I was bout
    back then it was 1 on 1 no guns I str8 stomped the bitch out
    im too old to fight now so if its beef Im bringin the pump
    but beside that dont nobody fuck with Karma
    either they dont want the drama or they aint packin the llama
    shit I be fuckin dudes with kids and still dont deal with baby mamas
    I rid the block of these hoes back when I was runnin wild
    its like now they all tryna be cool with me, they even wave and smile
    cuz Im on the Nextel, hoes front and M gets dialed
    they know Im on that serious Murda Murda shit
    beefless now cuz no hoes wanna fuck with the bitch
    I dont squash shit tho, just in case I bring the banana clip
  8. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    straight off the quick reply...lets go

    wrap dimes up beat nyggaz down than laugh about it
    a broad street bully certified philly nygga rubber handles
    double eagles schemes plot wit a lot of scandles
    not only in it to win it but to straight run shyt
    so wit these nyggaz beef is nothing leave chickens cluckin
    im whats poppin ill dump cause i thump hard causin speakers to jump
    there's nobody fuckin wit me, im that atmosphere vibe u feel to be
    know ya get my drift, cause in the midst of shyt u couldnt stand my wrath
    ill board shyt up to shut shyt down, its hands down like the war in iraq
    why lack on the block, when i bubble out them pans & pots
    all u net heads clowns, ill even show the south than throw u pound *daps*
    cause real nyggaz know yall scare to be, so why hate?
    when u cant really see what u cant really be, just watch picture a nygga
    im doing my thang, how i juggle hoes keep me temped to fil bodies wit holes
    so ruthless im even rough when im spitting, gotta hope i dont become toothless
    this bull linxz is sick, cause it only take a wink for him to get into some
    wrap dimes up beat nyggaz down than laugh about it this broad street philly nygga

    Ayo im dropping that in my sig, cause u nyggaz aint fuckin wit me fam, none of u nyggaz
    real talk, wait until i get my mic.
  9. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Shit I got beef with; religion, the system
    Musicians, tradition, submission, conditions
    ambition, commisions, our mission
    Come to think about it n ask yaself
    Is life worth it? I think you should blast yaself (BOOM!!)
    Cause Im the truth in the booth
    Droppin' bombs like Israel in Beirut
    You Charles Manson? Im as ruthless as you, NukkaH
    I MASTERED the art of beef clappin' these BASTARDS
    So Im sparkin' beef burn em with battery acid
    Turn you fags into ashes...
  10. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    beef, get ya mics put up your cash then
    ya money orders, checks, cash I got penpal status
    listen pal i clutch clashes, Philly dutch dump bastards
    dastardly, withdraw blood like human ignioplasty
    you cant blast me, Im too hip to the game
    you'll get hit for your chain,
    we aint congruent
    nitwit was a lame, I had to forget
    his name and the shit that he claimed
    they wanna see me indicted so many times
    like Barry Bonds and his trainer in chains
    Cant arraign me.... no way.... if its early i'll pay
    the american way...... my lawyer is paid
    heavy background, for ya set
    I got dirty tecks.. dont make me get caught for the prints
    it'll turn dark to the room like pictures developing
    music my rebellion.... for in this shit im a felon
    my Street Record in heavy rotation.....
    yall know im stay sellin.....trauma to his melon
    now he got scratch on his head
    them boys wipe you out like scratchers
    after they get that bread
    boie..... not worried but them feds boie....
    I cop deadly toys for deadly force,
    take off your doors....choke then cough the fourth,
    rocked of course never had or got remorse
    even hit you for your retro cords
    catchw0n wreck the boards
    thoughts to words connect
    like shits you never read before
    this a thread to pour out beef
    Wanna get it in, I'll make you have to pull out teeth
    all reach call out speach yall slouch beat
    wild out sweet, ball out at the beach
    and im in the water on the boat to toss you
    make it look like you fall out suicidally
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