The Alliteration Cypher

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by 6ftground, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004

    sicker than sars sad to say i started starin at stars
    wishin my sentence structure sent me that far
    simply the sickest spittin sharp lyrics if i stutter i'm scar'd
    seein the same shit stressin me steadily
    scene in saint louis is sadistic what satan had said to me...
  2. J-Alike

    J-Alike WatZ GOOD

    Feb 5, 2010
    if they want war, we willingly wound our enemies warriors
    wish they would have walked away is what they sofly whimper
  3. OJ

    OJ Parksvegas Sniper

    Jul 21, 2000
    knives wives and wine
    rhymes crime and twine
    my mind inclined to find
    binded by blood and by time
    every bar that I start,
    sparked and start from my heart
    scars play a part
    looking up at stars in the park,
    lets get this interesting,
    you listening? my style is blistering,
    cause allergies and injuries,
    need an antihistimene,
    I mangle, strangle,
    leave you in shambles,
    no doubt you can't handle my agression,
    blow you out like a candle,
    my obsession to ryhme words is unending,
    I come ready,
    guns ready,
    no one betting on you,
    the suns setting your screwed,
    you seem to forget that your through,
    but you let me get to,
    your skin torn thru,
    meet this machete for you

    hmmm, i didn't fully follow the format but i tried and its 1am and ive written 200 bars tonight, but no excuses im happy with that pZ
  4. OJ

    OJ Parksvegas Sniper

    Jul 21, 2000
    I can do better than that^ lolol

    ok lets try this again ...

    I spend and
    send money
    friends pretend
    extend from me
    they blend tend
    to shun me
    the end
    love me
    I start shit
    smart shit
    dark sick
    spark spliffs
    hearts gift
    marks this
    the part skipped
    parked stiff
    in a chair
    darts twist
    going nowhere
    with no care
    no spare
    minute to
    don't dare
    won't ware
    down no fair
    no tares
    just bare down
    and stare down
    demons who
    dare found
    my scheming
    rare sound
    and needing
    I scare clowns
    left realing
    need seeing
    before believieng,
    my being
    bleeding achievieng
    reaching ceilings
    above meanings
    leaning to fiending
    through my reason
    for even breathing
    and mistreating
    fleeing and retriting
    this year
    no fear
    back here
    so clear
    last year
    past steered
    ask me why im fucked
    crushed what?
    dumb luck
    guns tucked?
    funds mucked
    dried up
    fun died
    some stuck
    one mind
    done shut
    one line
    one time
    sure as
    sun shines
    I rhyme
    spun blind
    lie cry sometimes
    i've done fine
    rewind realign
    im redefined
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