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  1. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000

    Review 1-20 (by L dogg)

    Championship match
    1. Vern Acular vs. 2. Tha Talent

    Vern, defending the belt as he has done for so many weeks
    dropped a dope verse about how things can seem so upside down in
    life.. relating it to the picture with the upside down tree..
    everything about the verse was hot.. the flow.. the wording..
    the meaning.. it was more of a topical then a story an that is
    more my kind of abstract writing likings.

    Talent countered Verns topical verse by writing one hell of a
    good story. he got deep with his emotion an although the piece
    was so deep, he made it easy to follow along with his word
    usage.. this is a quote from the match...
    "Death is God for that is such a statement. Its like damn, did
    he actually write about all this. I liked the fact that you
    wrote about so much, yet you kept it all collected. things
    weren't bunched up and confusing, cause I followed along very
    easily. This was a masterpiece in all aspects. You are truly
    deserving of the title. Forever" (talent becomes the new champ)

    Contendership Match
    Infinite Truth vs. Richard Corey

    RC brought a great read to the table this week talking about
    some hor house where his character was chillin with his friends
    an all the sudden hella people started getting sic an it ended
    up being from this one chick that was at the hor house who was
    also an alien.. lol very creative story.

    Truth came with some 9/11 related shit and talked about a lost
    letter that was written to osama etc.. the plot was very in-depth
    and the use of words made the story eye catching.. unfortunately
    the people didn’t enjoy it as much as Rc's (RC Winner)

    5. Patriarch vs. 6. Erykah Caine

    Patriarch fails to show up therefore Caine ends up taking the
    easy victory over him.. but didn’t just drop a no show verse..
    wrote a poetic verse and was a good read.. People should go read
    it if they didn’t do so.

    7. Desenuts vs. 8. Stayt of Mynd

    Dese brought a dope verse. u can tell he has been working on his
    flow scheme an it worked for him this week. this was what talent
    had to say.. "I REALLY felt this...I mean REALLY...as in, this
    is the best verse I’ve ever seen from you...as in, your verse
    will almost definitely be top 5...cos this was ridiculous...the
    whole concept and approach of the topic...and the way you
    described everything...its just my type of verse, I guess...I
    loved the hippie verse, that was the highlight of it all...but
    just a great piece of writing"

    Stayt brought a nice little piece that I happened to like as
    well. it ended up being a tragic accident with it involving a
    tree.. a lot of people thought the plot was to basic an that it
    could have been more creative.. but the way he wrote it was def
    original.. the guy has skill.. (desenuts winner)

    9. Jowelz vs. 10. Tekneek

    well.. lets put it like this.. when I asked tek why he no showed
    he said cuz there has been a lot going on with his work an he
    had to work on his assignments, not only that but he father had
    just recently had some health problems so he has been there for
    him as well.. thus, giving Jowelz an easy win with his no show
    verse, moving him up the ranks.

    11. Doc Evil vs. 12. I am Drunk

    A lot of people told Doc this week that his verse wasn’t something
    he normally drops.. people were saying he flow was off and that
    his usual dope plots in stories just wasn’t there this week

    I am drunk came in this week from not being in the league for
    awhile now an really impressed the voters.."Drunk didn’t have the
    plot, but I was feelin this piece, it was almost as if I was
    there on the beach watching the same shit, I could almost taste
    it... This was some effective writing..."(Drunk was the Winner)

    13. Baron god vs. 14 Muti

    Now this was a match meant to happen.. but never ended up taking
    off.. talking to baron god, he had said he had his verse all
    done but since muti never signed in.. he had though that muti
    wasn’t going to show.. so he only posted a sneak peak to his
    verse.. then without warning muti came out of nowhere an posted
    a verse right before deadline laughing in the face of the
    puzzled baron an getting the win over his no show posting.

    15. Anaphora vs. 16. God Extensions

    Trap posted early in the match and brought out some very poetic
    writing into the picture of some foggy trees which later was
    translated in the blood shed of the forest.. trap ended up
    winning this match.

    while Anaphora came at trap in more of a story form using the
    picture of the mountain climbers. I must say I am against all of
    the negative comments that he got in that match.. I happened to
    like the story an felt he used enough detail an description to
    make it a good story.. the ending wasn’t tha best but the story
    itself was a lot better then tha guy was getting credit for..

    17. Atheist vs. 18. Formal Logic

    Atheist dropped a fucking bomb on Logic this week.. maybe that’s why logic didn’t show up lol who knows.. all I know is the story of Alexander the great done by ath was a story im sorry he had to waste on a no show.. it deserves to be read by everyone.. u could tell he is mad about losing to truth so I expect to see him write with heat from here on out. shit was dope. (atheist Wins)

    19. Wise Punchlines vs. 20. Lokternal

    Lokternal promised he would show up.. but guess what, he didn’t lol.. so wise punchlines got the easy win for the week.. the only bad news is that he has to face Atheist this coming week and that man is on a rampage.. wise has his hands full that for sure.. should be a dope match.

  2. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000

    Review 21-40 (by Rapter2k)
    Surface vs Ssensli
    Man this was one screwed battle, seeing that Ssenli won6-2 on votes but then didn’t rock the vote so had 6 taken, ut surface only rocked 2 votes so had 4 taken so the final score was 0-minus 2?!?! Ssenli came with a real nice verse, the emotion was spot on and the vocabulary was nice. Surface came aight, just lacked something which he brought last time

    Harlequin vs Trinidad
    The first no show of the 20 to 40 range, from Trinidad. Harlequin remains unbeaten, though 2 of his wins are no shows so the lucky bastard makes the top 20 with still a lot to prove. A secure verse, though only short about god being a rider and the devil the horse. Weird concept on the picture but carried out nicely.

    Stiffas vs Insanity
    Just view this battle for a second, it might teach you fools something. No offence but insanity totally outclassed stiffas with his verse. BUT HE DIDN’T HAVE HIS VOTES UP, so he lost. His verse was nice with hot flow and imagery. Stifas was just way too simple, but props on him being foreign and still performing nicely.

    Cereal killer vs Fatal words
    Once again another no show from fatal this time, cereal came in dropped a short 4 lines and picked up the win. Not muich more to ssay

    Unavailable vs Macabre
    Another no show. Unavaialable choose the picture of the red forest and had a real nice verse on it, with the occasional stretched line.
    Cuz as far as iknow its the first picture of the seven sins shown threw a Polaroid's lens..
    That his ender, which sums up the verse. Id advising go read this, made a nice relaxing read with a good plot to it.

    Sequel vs Minds eye
    I bet you guys can never guess what happened in this battle. There was another no show, who would have believed it. Well kind of, sequel typed 4 words while Minds did a verse. He p[picks up that needed win to increase his 3-3 score, so g’luck to him soon.

    5 starre vs Tactcs
    We have a battle with both people in it for once. 5 starre got the win even though tactic if he’d just voted on two battles would have won. But even that’s too much for some people. Tactics verse was nice, but ill focus on starre. Had a nice verse though seemed a tad simple and could have been made much more complex. The structure was off but that can be worked on. Overall a solid verse, just not up there with tactics.

    ••••••• vs Drugs
    Another no show. (Im gona have my rant at the end of this). Drugs came with a nice verse, simple but effective in its story. The only problem I have is the red font, pleae, don’t use that because its hard to read. Bad lcuk to ••••••• for no showing and good luck to drugs with a 2-1 record.

    Double No Show

    dont sign up if you cant show up.

    Im not even gonna mention names

    Defcon vs Everkleer
    Apparently defcon had a verse, just didn’t post so lost out on this one. Everkleer came again with a nice verse and though I admit I skimmed through it, it was filled with nice lines and some good imagery. Plus he used my picture, so up’z to him

    Aight that’s done on the 20-40 review. And I aint going no higher cos all I see is a few battles that actually have people in them. Quite frankly, its fucking pathetic. IF you aint gona show don’t fucking sign up. It wastes the mod time, it wastes your competeitors time and it wastes those who help outs time. I did this cos I love the league, but half you fuckers no show cos you cant be bothered. So to any one new signing up, only do it if youre gona show up. Jesus, stick it in a fucking diary if you have to. And for those who no showed, wait 2 weeks and prove yourself. For all those who showed, the mod’s thank you cos youre the one that make the league possible.

    This Concludes this weeks Review.. Hope You Enjoyed.
  3. Wise-Punchlines

    Wise-Punchlines Better THAN the game

    Oct 14, 2000
    good shit..keep up the good work everyone
  4. Khôi NguJin

    Khôi NguJin faith.hope.love

    Jul 29, 2003
    wow...my say from Vern vs. Talent was quoted. Awesome.

    Again, Great matches all around!

    Gl all....
  5. Muti

    Muti I just write

    Dec 23, 2002
    I didnt laugh at anyone..LOL

    I just think u should never drop a no show verse....NEVER..if you goign to show make sure u SHOW UP literrally...

    but good shit...nice breakdowns.. nice read
  6. Og Simmson

    Og Simmson New Member

    Jan 1, 2002
    lol thanx i appricate it.
  7. Oracle3301

    Oracle3301 New Member

    Dec 19, 2003
    i make the league posssible......yeah to me
  8. Atheist

    Atheist Storyteller

    Jul 29, 2002
    Lovely work.
  9. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    not very many people are replying.. maybe i shouldn't do this anymore?
  10. A.S.K

    A.S.K ...

    Mar 11, 2003
    i know what you mean

    youd think every1 would check this and reply

    why should i waster my time for these selfish bastards?
  11. Baron Mynd 2.0

    Baron Mynd 2.0 Topical Writer

    Feb 27, 2004
    Muti, that was hella homo last week. :^(
  12. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    I thought I was rank 31...

    I like reading these sticky's...
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