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Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by Plumber, Apr 15, 2007.

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    RapMusic.com/RBL Presents:

    Text Wars I (Text Tournament)

    Hosted By:
    Plumber (J-Nyce)

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    Janitor and the good people of RapMusic.com



    Alright, to make sure this establishment is kept going properly and everything is accordingly, there must be rules right?

    The thread is at the top of the forum, and stickied, made so everyone can see, so if you don't read or abide by these rules, that's your own fault. You can't say you didn't see them.

    I'm more a rulebreaker myself, so when compiling this list of rules I felt I had to make it user friendly, you know. For those like myself who also hate following rules. So basically, these are some of the easiest rules to go by, and if you can't, you really shouldn't be in this tournament.

    #1 - Every battler in this tourney MUST vote on at least 3 battles, including linking those battles in their thread itself, or you will automatically lose. I see some leagues deducting votes, some leagues taking votes, but no. It's not that hard to give critique and vote on 3 damn battles. If you can't take the initiative to do that and help the tourney go on faster and easier, than you deserve to lose, and you will. I assure you. I'm not joking.

    #2 - Anyone caught or proven to be cheating in this tournament will be banned from the RBL. Your IP will be traced so any type of coming back is unlikely, and we'll try to scorn and put as much dirt on your name as possible. Ways of cheating can be using multiple accounts in this tournament, biting, switching accounts, anything along those lines. So please, better yet pretty please; for your benefit and mines as well, don't break Rule #2.

    #3 - Every verse MUST be at least 14-20 lines. You can agree between that line limit, but anything less is an automatic loss. At first I pondered 12, but I figure 14 lines more legit. Gives every battler the opportunity to at least throw a couple hard hitters in there verse, and 14 is just a much sexier number than 12, or any number before it actually.

    #4 - NO EXTENSIONS will be allowed. The due date is exactly that, the due date. If you can't drop on the day that verses are due, or feel you won't be able to, you'd better make sure you write and post your verse as soon as possible, or send it to me to save and post on the day, or it's a loss. There will be no exceptions, no excuses, and no promises. Everyone is equal on this rule. You post on the day the verse is day, or you take the loss.

    #5 - There is NO freeposting. The only posts that are needed to be made by battlers are that in which they are posting their verse, the links to the 3 battles they voted on, and ONE upping of the thread. Don't worry, I'll make sure your battle gets the exposure it needs. You don't need to post over and over and over doing so. Also, no complaining. I'll delete any excess freeposting and such, but if it continues then the simple result will be a loss. So, as I said, don't freepost.

    #6 - There is NO feeding off your opponent's verse. Anyone who feeds off someone's verse will automatically receive a loss. I'd rather not do the whole ''PM me your verse'' crap because it's a long process, I don't have the time, and I'd just rather not do it. I don't need any other reasons. So, when you write your verse make sure you have no type of reference to your opponent's verse if you did get a chance to sneak peak at it, because it won't help you in this situation.

    #7 - There is no voting limit. Battles will go up on a certain day with the verses due a certain date, and they will also be closed on a certain day. The person with the most amount of votes on that day will be the official winner.

    #8 - There are no pic battles, UNLESS both of you agree to a picture battle. This is a strictly battle orientated tournament, no outside links, pictures, or anything else to stress your verse. If people don't get your lines, they don't get them. We don't need any dictionary terms or anything. Quoting what another person said IS allowed (such as how Pharacane used to do) but that's pretty much the only use of slandering a person's credibility before your verse.

    #9 - Absolutely NO editing your post after putting up a verse. This is to ensure nobody cheats, changing verses, deletes verses, or anything that just pretty much kills a battle. Fix your punctuation, grammar, and anything else needed BEFORE your battle. If you edit your post, you'll be disqualified and will automatically lose. No if's, and's, or but's.

    #10 - NO one line voting. This is to ensure no one is dicked out of a battle due to bullshit votes, and that every battle is given a fair opinion. Anyone who one line votes will have their vote deleted. I'm not asking you to write 5 paragraphs on who you felt won, but at least explain in more than a line who won and why you felt they won.

    There will also be a voting panel of 5 judges, not including myself, which will help voting go faster. No, the voting panel aren't the only people allowed to vote, competitors can too, but a vote from a judge on the panel results as 2 votes rather than one. Members of this panel are:

    1. ResiduaL
    2. DaTrusHurtz
    3. Mic Booth
    4. Inkwell
    5. Oz

    Also, while this isn't a rule or anything I'd consider mandatory, checking in your battles before posting a verse would be a good thing. Just so we know you're still breathing, and may have the opportunity to show.

    And that wraps it up. I like to refer to them as the 10 Commandments.

    Follow these rules, abide by these guidelines, and this tournament will be for the most part one of the best experienced you've encountered.

    Bookmark it, save it, write it down, take a picture, but make sure you remember these rules.
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