!!!Teknikal - Claim For Fame!!! {!!Industry Diss!!}

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  1. Teknikal_45

    Teknikal_45 The Franchize

    May 10, 2006
    This is a track that will be on my upcoming mixtape, The Franchize, which will be droppin on January 1st.

    Claim For Fame



    Yeah, Yeah..
    Yeah, Yeah..
    Yeah, Yeah..
    Let's go...

    Here's my attempt at a publicity stunt, this what you idiots want?
    Then lemme start by dissin industry punks
    50, let me enlighten ya mind
    I rhyme spikes to ya spine just so I could put ya "life on the line"
    Catch Mase in the street, shove the heat to his face
    And put him back where he belongs, he can preach at the gates
    Young Buck?...He don't want it with Tek
    I'll put him under arrest like "drop the fork, dats yo second offense"
    Yung Joc will get cut when I slice
    And Lil Jon can't rap but at LEAST his production is nice
    The South flopped, it ain't a surprise
    They deserve a Guinness Record..."Biggest Region To Be Wastin They Time"
    Hit Joe in a drive-by, he had his fat on his side
    I re-loaded five times before the faggot would die
    I'm the man and the man stays strapped
    Ima pistol whip Nelly so he HAS to put the bandaid back
    Saw Slim and just bent to my knees
    Started talkin like..."just put the mic DOWN dawg..im beggin you...PLEASE"
    Xzibit's an invincible guy
    Pfft.. yeah right, that's why he's washed up and started pimpin ya ride
    Quit with the lies, all fiction aside
    Obie Trice found out that Akon was a snitch in disguise
    The Doc hit him in the head with the hammer
    And shifted the lodged bullet - now O's dead and Dre's in the slammer
    J-Kwon's a good flop, I ain't someone to hate
    But if you MENTION HoodHop, you's a fuckin disgrace
    I caught Luda with the pump to his face
    He said "you can have the number one spot" so I jumped into place
    DMX?..let's instrumentally pause
    He'll get chopped with meat cleavers, then shredded up and fed to his dogs
    Dem Franchize Boys ain't sane, you see?
    Like who in the right state of mind is fuckin with Jermaine Dupri?
    Best believe that the fo fo's lead
    Will leave all of them faggots "leanin and rockin" till they "so so dead"
    Caught "Jay and Nas" with a menacin stop
    And after I "took over", I let the "ether" finish em off
    Chris Brown had a decent surprise
    I said "Gimme Dat" then he just tossed me the keys to his ride
    "Busta" won't settle for less than dick
    While chillen with MJ, "touchin it" on that molester shit
    Now yayo, the fuckin ho cannot rap
    I'll discuss platinum with his ass like "what you know about dat?"
    "Jin" is the next to get popped
    He best quit for good before he gets "sent to the sweatshop"
    By most I'm considered a prick
    It ain't a secret, you keep thoughts concealed like Olivia's dick
    I eat tracks, like carnivores..put meat in they mouth
    I even told Ciara, "bitch..keep ya goodies to yaself"
    R. Kelly isn't this a disgrace
    I gave him a taste of his own medicine and just pissed in his face
    And yo, I'ma slalom the struggle
    Check it out, I put the "heat to Ice Cube", now they callin em "puddles"
    Ran the pockets of Diabolic, it only clicked later
    All he had was the three hundred dollars that Mint gave him
    If you ain't Game, Jada, Fab, Banks or Pap
    Die slow, you shoulda never had the chance at rap

    I TOLD yall I wasn't fuckin around...
    Ayo TreaZon, get at these faggots in part 2 fam...
    Mint45, FlameFlow Records...
  2. FinesseNY

    FinesseNY A.I Gang

    Sep 23, 2005
  3. Teknikal_45

    Teknikal_45 The Franchize

    May 10, 2006
    Thnx a lot for takin the time to listen....I will check ya shit asap...uppin!
  4. KamikazeLyricist

    KamikazeLyricist The Kamikaze Lyricist

    Oct 20, 2004
    this was aight not bad , some of the lines I thought were creative ,

    comin at alotta people , I wouold agree its plaed to attack the industry cause its where we all wanna be lol

    But overall pretty good stuff right here , get at mine for me


    -Kamikaze Lyricist
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