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  1. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001

    One more down and another to go, this week we are offering more in this issue. More insight, more people, more read. I’ll admit, it’s hard to keep coming up with new things to discuss within the league. But these people who contribute do it nicely and they continue to do it which is why the league is so successful. Because remember without you there is no league,


    Written By: TekNeek

    Before anything else is read in this publication of the RSTL TRIBUNE, I
    would like to declare this announcement to everyone participating in the
    league… that if I am to win or lose this title match… that the moderators
    make this request of action on my personal part… and it is as follows:

    1. If I am to win against my match with AUTHOR NYSE, I will let go of the
    RSTL TITLE and put it up for grabs for whoever it is that wins between both

    And I am directly requesting to OMEN and ILLWEEZ to drop me from the #1 rank
    in the RSTL and to drop me at the LOWEST rank next week. Again… I ask the
    MODS to release me from the #1 rank and to put me at the very very bottom of
    the rankings for next week!

    2. If I am to lose against my match with AUTHOR NYSE, I ask that the
    moderators… ILLWEEZ or OMEN, whichever of you that does rankings, to drop me
    to the very bottom of the rankings.

    This is not a result of any gain or of any personal privileges… I want to
    prove to myself and to those naysayers that my climb to champion is insured
    not to be a fluke or a pushover. I wish to start at the lowest point and
    make my way all the way up.

    This is my request and the announcement I have made concerning the outcome
    of my current match this week.

    That be all.


    Written By: KonviKt

    Looks like I was right. If you remember, my very first Tribune article was
    about the return of the RBL and how it would benefit the growth of the RSTL.
    Well, as you can see, the RSTL is stronger than it has been in a VERY LONG
    time. A lot of new faces are starting to shine, as long as some returning
    RSTL vets. This week, there are an amazing 63 members signed in to compete.
    And I'm pretty sure that I speak for myself, Omen, and everybody else
    involved in the league, when I say that I am very happy about how the league
    is starting to look. I can only assume that the number of sign-in's and
    returning emcee will only continue to grow through out the summer and
    hopefully longer. With new names such as Author Nyse, Shock, and myself
    mixed in with recent returnees like Awedishin, TekneeK, and IllWeeMan, the
    RSTL looks to be on the right road to recovery and without a doubt, strong
    enough to go Head-to-Head with the RBL in the coming times. Good luck
    everybody and God Bless.

  2. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001


    Welcome Ladies and Gents.. To this weeks interview.. ft. your recently defeated RSTL Champ Solution.... PS... if he pinches you ignore it.. it means he likes you.. Welcome Solution!
    sup people..and thankyou omen..
    So here you are a recent RSTL Champ. You had a nice run to the top. What are your thoughts on that?
    Well, I hoped it would of lasted it longer, but Tek wanted it more in the end, the run to the top was nice, i beat a few Rstl Legends and impressed alot of people.
    True. Do you feel you lost the hunger after you won the title. No longer the "Proverbial" Eye Of The Tiger?
    Possibly, before i became champion i was winnin pretty easily, then came Mac flow who i wanted to beat out of respect, then came the title match, and it was more a case of if i dont win i've failed, after becomin champion i faced tek, and i realized that altoh i wanted to win, there's no more determination then when you enter as the challenger..
    Word. Do you feel Tek faces the same challenge this week against his opponent?
    I dont class myself as bein on a lower level than Author, but i do feel that Tek's title reign ends this week, and it will possibly be the beginnin of the Author NYSE era.
    So you think NYSE is going to hold on to the title for a while if he wins this week?
    I honestly cant see anyone challengin him for awhile, unless he loses his hunger or signs out, i think he can have a successful reign as champ..i mean IV is around, but i aint sure he still got what it takes.
    Ahhh. IV has always been a league favorite. You think he has fallen off?
    i dont think its the case of IV fallen off, i think the league is under goin a change, different styles are bein favourited, new emcees are impressin, but if theres one thing i've learnt in my time at RM, never underestimate IV
    True but you should never underestimate any opponent. So you signed out the league. What possesed you to do that?
    I needed a break, i can see that i was becomin unpopular in the league since winnin the title,also i honestly think i can still improve, i havent even reached my prime yet, i will be back soon enough
    Cool we'll always be glad to have you back. So now that you won the title is there any other goals you've set for yourself within the RSTL?
    Thankyou, and yes, I want more titles, and i will get them, i want to be known as one of the greatest storytellers ever on rm, im 16 years old, Tek is 23 and only just beatin me,in 2 years im confident hardly anyone will be able to touch me. Hopefully the Rstl will sitll be here then.
    Tek is 31. But anyways we all hope its still here. Can't much say the MODs will still be here. Anyways though, is there anyone in the league that you would like to personally face?
    Well, thats an interestin question, i wont mention names but there's a few emcees who are startin to get egotistical who i dont tihnk are that good, and i look forward to puttin them all back in there places soon, apart from that i look forward to confrontations with IV, Author, and i heard Mac flow doesnt like me, i will gladly beat him again, and ofcourse, Im comin back for Tek.
    No Doubt. Got to get that title back. So you mentioned that some heads are starting to get egotistical. Care to mention names? lol
    Egotistical is probably the incorrect word, but after recent beef wit Honey Boo she claimed she could see me topically, now she claimin to be a soon-to-be Rstl Great, im sorry, but she isnt even close, if she becomes champ and she beats me if i challenge for it, im gone, lol, also heads like Konvikt, White Eyes, IllWeeman, are all either gettin close to the championship or talkin about it, i honestly dont think they ready yet, and althought i wish them luck, when i return i will show that.
    But with recent success in people showing, signing up, and more of the RSTL vets returning. It will finally allow these people, not only them but everyone else as well, to see if they belong where they are. If they are ready to compete within the "Danger Zone"
    Very true, but my point is, i intend to show thta i am on another level, i cant stress how much i want to be seperated on skill ability from the majority of the league, i want to get to that next level, and im certain that im nearly there, i have impressed with what i've showed previously, and i am improvin
    Word and its good to see that people improve with the help of the league. It helped me our personally. So you want to be associated as being on a higher level. What do you think it takes to get there?
    More championships, more major victories, more hype, but most of all, more progression and more experience, Tek showed me this week that bein the leagues newest phenonemon wasnt enuff for his experience. and as much as i hate to say it, Tek is on that other level.
    So that would put the person who defeats him on a level above him. :-\. But non-the-less, you made a good solid run through the RSTL. Only lossing once before your title defense. Do you think the league has progressed since you signed up?
    Yes, i think in the weeks leadin upto my Championship victory the league strengthened greatly, and now alot of heads are signin back in, and am i correct in seein Vern Acular's name in the rankings this week?
    es Vern is back and has stated that he is going to win the title once more. Personally, I'm liking the growth of the league. Now honestly, holding nothing back, tell me your feelings on certain people in the league?
    good to see Vern back and Who in particular do you mean?
    I'm reffering to anyone who you have in mind. Anyone that you feel negative towards.
    Tekneek - The whole 'I MUST WIN' thing was a shambles, the must obvious and clear pre swayin i have ever seen in my Rstl time, it turned the whole thing into a complete emotional affair / drama / popularity contest, altho i do give him props on his verse and title victory.
    Mac Flow - At his age, with his experience, i thought he would be able to take a loss by now. Obviously not, i see him bitchin n shit, holdin grudges, when my verse was better, and i know that
    Remind me of some other heads who have been loud in recent weeks.
    You mentioned Awedishin not be able to take a loss. He mentioned you in his interview last week. What do you feel about the things he mentioned?
    Basically, he said he 'hates' me...and that im no longer coo, that is solely because he lost, he also said my attitude would be my downfall, maybe that is true, but we will meet again, and i will win..
    Nice. And what are your thoughts on the switch of MOD? Camber to ILLWeeMan!
    Not much, Camber was a coo mod, and i dont think weeman will add or take anythin away from the league, coz i dobut he is a worse or better mod than Demik, all i can say is, it shoulda been me..lol
  3. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001
    Word. But Jeff don't want us to add anymore MODs. Sorry! And also, what were your thoughts on the whole .5 thing? Blah
    Tek should of been shot for that, tryin to muscle his way back in and start changin shit..fuck him
    LoL. O takin ranks over again this week. Now it seems each week topics are posted a majority of people don't like them. What are your thoughts? Because don't get O started on that .
    dont like the topics..post better ones..the topic submission thread isnt there for show

    Ok Ok man were going to have to rap this up. O got some personal issues detaining him for doing a lot. So What are your final thoughts? Remember make them memorable.
    final thoughts, Goodluck to whoeva is mindin my tile for me, keep it nice and shiny, Shock will be back, I will be 2x champion, and i will be known as one of the best heads to ever grace the Rstl. dont doubt me. Its been coo' talkin with you
    Same to you man. Thanks for the interview. Now stop PINCHING RSTL MEMBERS ASSES!
    lmao..pz foo
    TOP 10

    Written By: ILLWeeMan

    9. Dahlohner 26-10 vs. 10. L Dogg 11-4
    Dahlohner, Posting first, used a topic submitted by myself =) Good choice.
    Coming out with a great story containing a solid flow with multies,
    vocabulary, and nice rhymescheme, Imagery to help it along, and alot of
    "References for Educated People," InsaneVillain stated, Dahlohner takes the
    win, but many say it wasn't easy. L Dogg knew he must come iLL in this
    matchup if he wanted the win count against Dahlohner to be 2-0 in his favor.
    Yes, L Dogg had the imagery, the storyline, the flow, everything an RSTL
    verse needs, it just wasn't enough for the 'wrath' of Dah's verse. Great
    battle guys, it was verrrry close!

    7. DeseNuts 7-2 vs. 8. InsaneVillain 23-5
    In many eyes, this was going to be rape in InsaneVillain's favor, and
    without trying to be rude towards Desenuts, it was. IV Came out with his
    tradmark "BOOM!!" to begin a great verse, title and all, with the unstopable
    imagery, great flow, and structure to go with it. He had what it takes to
    make a great RSTL verse. DeseNuts knew you had to come iLL, but posting
    first wasn't too much a smart thing, but he did. He had a nice verse with
    solid flow, good imagery, and a nice storyline to go with it. Overall, this
    wasn't too bad a battle, but InsaneVillain had it before it started. Good
    luck to IV this week, against me. =)

    5. Awedishin 25-10 vs. 6. ILLweeMaN 22-7
    Well, before this battle even started, I knew I was way over my head, and
    beating Mac Flow would be sheer luck, 'til I got the news he may not show
    this week. (w00t!) Well, I posted up first, a fast keyed verse, that wasn't
    really a top par verse, at least not in many eyes. I had the funny twist
    many said tho, but I didn't have that extra "umph!" in my verse. Well,
    without knowing, Mac Flow did show at the last minute, with yet another,
    Keyed Verse. So this match was a keyed matchup, and pretty even. He had
    the decent verse with good imagery, aight flow, and some nice content. That
    would've won the match, but mac Flow didn't post up his Voting Links, which
    gave me the win. So, I must say, beating Mac Flow WAS sheer luck. Thank
    god he was smoking that night! w00t!!!

    #1 Contender's Match: 3. Author NYSE 10-0 vs. 4. Cigma 16-4
    Coming into this battle, both knew they must come top par if they want a
    shot at the title the following week, and it was a great battle. In the
    beginning, the votes were going back and forth, but then Author NYSE broke
    away to win the battle with a great verse, with the great imagery, emaculate
    flow and vocabulary, with an unstopable storyline to go with it. We may see
    a new Champion soon enough. It wasn't an easy win tho, as Cigma came with
    his unorthadox style of writing, with his great imagery, storyline, and flow
    mixed with vocabulary and multies as well, to go with it. This may be of
    the best battles this week. If not, most deffinately an honorable mention.
    GREAT battle guys!

    RSTL Championship: solution! 8-1 vs. TeKneeK 23-4
    For a long time, TeKneeK's dream of being RSTL champion has never come true.
    After leaving RM for a while, he signed back into the league, and moved
    his way up from battling me in the #8 Spot, to going for the title in a
    matter of 3 weeks. Now he knew he had to come his all out best to beat
    Solution, who has come up on a great rise from being no one in the RSTL, to
    the champion in a matter of weeks. Both emcees showed, which was a good
    thing. Solution, with a great storyline, posted first using a topic I
    submitted, wooooord to you, came with sick imagery, flow was pretty
    perfected, with multies and great content to go with it, and telling TeKneeK
    to stop the talking and just battle. What talk is he talking about? Well,
    for the passed 2 weeks, TeKneeK has been going around RM convinced he'll
    win, saying "I MUST WIN, I MUST FOCUS," and he did just that, as he showed
    with one of the greatest, if not THE GREATEST verse he has ever thought up,
    let alone wrote, typed up, and submitted in the RSTL. He went on to win
    this battle, and his dreams of RSTL Champ has come true. Great battle guys,
    you both are great storytellers..

  4. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001
    Written By: TekNeek

    When bringing upon the very best of the RSTL, so many grace the board
    brandishing the coveted gold. But in several individuals, there are those
    who have done it twice, thrice… and well.. can you say quintice?

    Upon that topic… it has been reported and recognized that two of the very
    finest in the RSTL, JOWELZ and PERIL-EYES have shared the pinnacle of being
    the unsung heroes of champions… however, they have a new partner, and his
    name is VERN ACULAR.

    Let me just say that VERN ACULAR is one of the finest, respected cats to be
    a part of the league and always brings the very best of his skills on a week
    by week basis when in match. His continuous devotion and talent is what
    many appreciate seeing and with his numerous participation in the RSTL…
    gracing the championship status for the 5th time is something special, and
    something to talk about. In the past, the other counterparts in JOWELZ and
    PERIL-EYES has shared that spotlight as both have owned the years… PERIL in
    the 1st season… JOWELZ the 2nd… but is VERN ACULAR the 3rd coming of the
    RSTL? --- The league has been proud to share who the very best are each
    year… and now that we’ve come exactly to mid year of 2003, the RSTL’s
    bloodline remain vital and so does the competition. At this time of the
    season… this is where the fun begins. The many unknown talents gracing and
    roaming about in Rapmusic are dwelling… school is out and the internet
    remains 24/7. New faces and talent are expected to arrive… and with that
    comes many upcomers for the remainder of the year as well as the next year.
    But if we were to coronate the man so far for 2003, it would have to be
    VERN. He’s been with the league for awhile now and has been overshadowed by
    many of the other greats of the RSTL. And while so many are so good and
    talented… they have at some point in time dissipated and faded from the
    limelight. Names like TALI, BLACK JESUS, WWIII and others have been
    entitled to be qualified as the next best thing… but in paper and in the
    league… VERN has shown his evidence… and with that he deserves more than
    what the others have not done.

    PERIL, JOWELZ, and now VERN ACULAR. But to leave as these three as the
    finest is hardly the tapping of the plaque. JOWELZ and VERN ACULAR have
    rejoined the league once more. Both are capable of exceeding PERIL’s long
    standing covet of 5x champion. While the rankings right now see JOWELZ as
    the favorite to obtain this award first… the rankings also perfectly set
    what could be one of the greatest matches to lavish the RSTL… and that is ….


    Can it happen? --- Will that moment of seeking these two meet in an all out
    story war go down as one of the best matches ever?? --- It’s not the
    matchups that make this one meaningful but it can take two legendary writers
    in Rapmusic clashing and proving which of the two can withstand the next.
    Two beautiful articulate writers with passion, talent, insight and skill
    duel to see who rightfully owns that championship legendary status with the
    most times gracing the belt. However it turns out whether if it does or
    does not happen… it is still a graceful sight to see both participate and
    present us their personal styles in writing and showcasing their best.

    VERN ACULAR right now is the forefront of 2003 in my opinion. The
    accomplishments and the secrets of his success have FINALLY come into the
    open and very much deservingly so. – With the unveiling of his name amongst
    the 5x RSTL Champions… he has so much he can do for the rest of the 2003
    year as does his counterpart JOWELZ… so with the talent entering this week
    to the RSTL… it only begins to get better.
    Written By: TekNeek

    So now I have finally won the RSTL title, I feel very much proud and happy
    inside of this honor… and I wear it with pride. But the celebration lasts
    not long. Many are looking up to where I am and are already lashing at me.
    My confrontation with a lad… NYSE is a bigtime heavyweight that many in the
    league have been talking about. And rightfully so they do talk…. 11-0
    coming into the title. It is obvious and expected of that he rides with
    confidence and with a good demeanor. I confronted him in AIM and he
    possesses a tremendous humble sense of himself… which in many that take very
    lightly. However, through my eyes and perception of him… NYSE is indeed a
    threat and someone I must keep a third eye on. He has beaten many of the
    finest and utilizes his self composed manner a weapon to his wins. At
    times, I see him to be the similar reflection of the mirror I look at
    within… and that provides a more bigger challenge not against him.. but to

    I respect him as a fellow competitor, but I have no love for him anymore..
    My prize is my title. I have a purpose and a quest in my own journey of
    victory. VERN ACULAR, JOWELZ and PERIL EYES have made their successes felt,
    but now for myself… I’ve come to make one of my own and the very first step
    to that begins right now. NOW. NYSE is nothing but an obstacle to my
    sights and he must be dealt with. My past victory with SOLUTION proved that
    I was not to take lightly anyone that is before me.

    And I will not do that now. I’m the champion.. yes. I’m the greatest.. no.
    Many have been where I have. I am seeking a plateau where nobody can
    reach and now is my first climb to that peak at the top. --- This is my
    journal… the champion…

    And now… this is my time… to protect…


    This week’s final statement is not going to be long. And I apologize for it already. I’m going through some personal problems right now. Cigma and ILLWeeMan you both know. But enough on that, this past week has brought upon many changes. TekNeek winning the title, the sign in of RSTL Veterens, and the ever popular growth of love for the RSTL. Thanks to everyone who contributed and made this possible.
    This has been a:


  5. Resilient.

    Resilient. .. . ..

    Sep 9, 2001
    Read it all. Great mag you guys.. everyone did a bang up job. Special thanks to TeK for covering everything he did tho, good shit . .
  6. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    Vern is as good if not better than Peril and Jowelz.
    and in my mind, Vern is the best in RSTL history when he really puts effort in.
    his flow is soo smooth and his stories are so well plotted and his writers voice can seem effortless.
    glad to see he finally got recognition.
  7. KonviKt

    KonviKt Jonny Punchline

    Jun 21, 2001
    I'm just as ready as you were Shock...and you know I don't have an ego.:)

    Nice mag O and everybody the pitched in.

  8. LeeHarveyOswald

    LeeHarveyOswald I Rape Children

    Apr 25, 2003
    vote= ones to watch section next week
  9. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    lol @ Shock bashing me the whole interview after I showed him at least a slight amount of respect in mine

    and LOL @ weeman's breakdown of our match.....yes, good thing I WAS smoking lol

    Shock, I'm not childish, I'm just pissed off at myself cuz I know I can beat anyone...ANYONE in this league if I Try but I never, EVER try and it pisses me off cuz it costs me a lot of easy wins (in my opinion)

    but I'll get revenge bia
  10. Muti

    Muti I just write

    Dec 23, 2002
    no top verses???

    the interview.. I got respect for anyone... PROPS...

    Keep up the good work..

  11. Calculus

    Calculus New Member

    Oct 10, 2001
  12. Phenom87

    Phenom87 Blackhanders Stand Up

    Apr 23, 2002
    no top 10 verses this week? thats all i'm ever in...god dammit

    great mag again appreciate the effort i dont like it as much w/out top 10 verses (or me) but def ya'll put a lot of effort into this and i got nothin but respect for everyone who contributes...hopefully i can make my way into it eventually
  13. Insanevillian

    Insanevillian STILL in CHARGE

    Aug 19, 2000
    yeah i wanted to see the top 10 verses of the week myself... :-(
  14. Insanevillian

    Insanevillian STILL in CHARGE

    Aug 19, 2000
    but good job playas...
  15. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    quit biatchin about the top 10 verses

    give the guys a break you lazy ungrateful bastids

    this is brought to you by an ex mod who ran a battle league himself for over a year and knows what it's like to have to deal with you fawkers

    word put dem dukes up
  16. FortiFied Killa

    FortiFied Killa New Member

    Aug 8, 2001
    great mag, nice interview.

    dissapointed about the missing top 10 but it's cool
  17. Honey Boo

    Honey Boo ...MIA...

    Sep 1, 2002
    damn shock..u really wanna continue this beef dont u?

    fuck..im not going to be sucked in tho...

    peeps know what i said...i said if i beat jowelz this week i would become an rstl great...and everyone agreed...u see ive been in tha league alot longer than u and ive proved myself many times against tough opposition...u dont actually know what ive done to make that statement true...
    and thats all besides tha fact that if jowelz shows...he'll prolly woop me anyways...i was saying if i can step up, and beat a legend like that, it takes me tha next step...

    i got next to no ego...stop trying to make things of nothing...
  18. Honey Boo

    Honey Boo ...MIA...

    Sep 1, 2002
    btws...that will be a nice way to improve your record tek...=)
  19. T-LoC

    T-LoC The Truth

    Jun 23, 2000
    Tekneek I have some advice..

    Dont move down to the bottom of the rankings if you win.. True champions prove themselves through defending their title.. Not by going up against less talented cats.
  20. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    thanks everyone, for recognizing me...is that a tear coming...no...but i appreciate everything, and if i do get another shot at the title, i will bring my best work, so, thanks again to all who've notice, pz

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