Tale's From Tha Hood. pt.2

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    Mar 11, 2007
    street shit...
    street shit...

    street shit...
    street shit...


    My life grim....i was brain washed
    blinded by white walls & nice rims
    hot water couldnt rub tha pain off
    all tha nights spent,
    tryin' to get cocaine off
    a misfit, roam'n tha land of tha lost
    blood on my hands,only tha lord knows!
    had no other choice,couldnt afford clothes
    had to serve grams,while i avoid po's
    kisses detour grams,''are those your friends''(R.I.P)
    had to take a chance,dirty pistol in pants
    life in tha fast lane,nearly pissed in my pants
    bubble guts,everday i took a penitentiary chance
    I had that white,BOY! like tha michelin man
    I was in tha game,didnt sit in tha stands
    freedom was key,couldnt do shit in tha can
    besides beatin' my meat,that wasnt my plan
    my hood attracted heat,i came threw with a fan
    my science unique, capture whoever speak
    then disect his feet,''you feelin froggy leap''
    them birds been chirpin,way before a tweet
    my neighborhood, full of lies & deceit
    thats why WE, OPEN one eye when we sleep
    it was my job to seperate tha pride from tha weak
    they stayed down,REDEYEZ,so proud of his team
    they stayed silent, thats why i blow loud wit' my team
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