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Discussion in 'Game Zone' started by TandJintheZone, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. TandJintheZone

    TandJintheZone New Member

    Aug 13, 2013
    Hey I have made a website and I just can't get it popular i would really appreciate it if you guys could come over and check it out at http://www.tandjinthezone.com it has multiple games and many other features like a login and registration system. I also got a server for it which i have lots of plugins the I.P is thanks I would also love if you could make an account on my website, I will make a blog for it soon on how to set up a server and on updates for the server and Website.

    If there is anything you would like to know or ask you can email me attandjinthezone@hotmail.com or you could leave a comment Thanks.

    P.S- I know it Looks bad but I have little to no experience with webdesign if you can help me send me a message, have any suggestions? Leave a Comment Below.
  2. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    I commend your efforts but I have suggestions:

    be professional and dont take the critique personally

    I like how you took the initiative to build your own site, you read up on some shit, and put it together and were successful at that. BUT...
    the simple fact is nobody will want to join it because it doesnt look good. I suggest you go out and learn how to make a proper site. Anyone can make a site. So you have to make it stand out with features or a cool look or something to draw them in. You want to make a site for people to hang out at? well at the point its at now, why would anyone but your personal friends want to use your site over a big professional snappy looking one that already exists? Im not saying give up, never give up. Im saying you need to improve it vastly.

    In the art community people call it "plussing"
    you make an idea. Then you think of a way to make that idea a tad bit better. So now you have something thats better than your original idea. Now "plus" it up again. Add something else to improve your improvement. Then once thats done, do it some more, keep "plussing" your Idea up. This is why i suggest reading or researching on how to make a proper site. There are tons of online resources for just this very subject. There are also numerous website design applications which make making a site as easy as clicking a button or two and i garauntee using that will give you a far greater result than what you already have. There is also websites out there where you can join and then make your own site using their templates and hosting service. They will make your site look a lot nicer and organized and more professional looking than what you have.

    i know this cuz im smart as fuck and been a professional artist for years. Take it or leave it.

    keep trying though man. Its probably your first site or second attempt or whatever. Nobody was great at anything the first time.
  3. ghada badr

    ghada badr New Member

    Oct 6, 2013
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